After a small fortune in investment in both time and resources, I am pleased to announce the release on February 5 of a new video analytics application called G.A.M.E., an abbreviation for Google Analytics and Marketing Events.

This application is installed on your server (ie., sub-folder on one of your domains), and once installed it will analyze all of your videos on all of your websites where one of my video players is installed. I am first launching G.A.M.E. using MemberPlayer. This means when you use MemberPlayer to play your web videos, and you have G.A.M.E. installed on your server, you will be able to analyze all of your videos.

The data is a Game Changer. No one in the industry gives the data that G.A.M.E produces. I know, I have looked at them all. Whether you do corporate marketing, video marketing for local businesses, product launches, or video reviews, get ready to take your business to the next level. To take this to the next level, the application also produces a PDF Report…which was no easy task to code…let me tell you.

Click on the Video Below to learn all about it, and the PDF Report Sample.


What makes G.A.M.E. so awesome is that data is only a 15 minute delay from Real Time, and Events are automatically created for you to analyze. Once again, check out the video and pdf for all the data it gives.

We will be launching G.A.M.E. on February 5th.

  • Does your video suck? G.A.M.E will tell you.
  • Where are your viewers clicking Pause and never returning? G.A.M.E will tell you.
  • Are your viewers pausing and fast forwarding an entire section? G.A.M.E. will tell you.
  • What is percentage of people who land on your page actually clicking the Play button? G.A.M.E. will tell you.
  • Is there a heatmap so I can visually see the viewers engagement? G.A.M.E. has heatmaps.
  • What percentage are Mobile viewers? G.A.M.E. will tell you.
  • Can I make money with this by offering this as a service addon to local businesses? G.A.M.E. will make you money.
  • There is so much more….

Get ready for G.A.M.E.

Please write a comment and tell me your thoughts and questions.

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