Best Idea Comment Contest – Win $100 x 3 Cash

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Details Below – Win $100 With One Comment

wincash Best Idea Comment Contest   Win $100 x 3 Cash

Mark Dulisse here, and welcome to my blog….

The Best Teacher Is You…My Readership

I am having a “best idea comment contest.”

What am I up to? Well, you see, I am not an expert in everything and I’m a big believer in “communal knowledge,” meaning that there are great ideas “amongst us.” So….

With this in mind, let me get into the details of this contest.

1. Three (3) $100 Cash Prize Winnings (cannot be the same person)

I am giving away $100 to three separate people who write the best comment idea. That is a total of $300 out of my pocket, paid via paypal or money order cheque.

2. Each Winners Will Be Announced, And Will Get an Introduction On My High Traffic Blog (if wanted)

3. The TOPIC and guidelines of the comment are as follows:

Topic: “For Beginners…The Best Method To Make $1,000+ Online In Under 45 Days Is….”

  • All methods must be whitehat and respectful (no hardcore blackhat)
  • Those who are specific with details will have a better chance in winning
  • Only one comment per entry method, so make it count
  • You can make two entries, but cannot use the same method
  • No links and advertising in your comment. (example, this method has helped me, here is my affiliate link).
  • Originality and uniqueness will certainly get my attention
  • Seek simplicity in presentation. Point form or numbering works best
  • I reserve the right to ask for proof and/or testing if your idea works
  • Contest closes Monday, August 16th at 12 noon EST

I am so excited about this :). Even if you are just reading this, post a “thank you comment please.”

Comment Below….Let the contest begin!


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Jason August 24, 2010 at 4:57 am

Wow Mark! This is the single best resource I have ever seen on great realistic and working Internet marketing methods. It is like compilation of everything that will work. This is truly a need to know source for anybody in IM right now.

I also copied the entire page and hand wrote a few of the ideas in my business journal.

By the way, good idea Mark. This page was a good investment because it will drive tons and tons of traffic to your site when people get word of it.

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Glenn Meyer August 24, 2010 at 6:42 am

Dear Mark
Thanks for a really informative blog, I look forward to you articles every week,

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Rhulon Hart August 24, 2010 at 11:56 am

I’m new to blogging, but ideas such as yours Mr. Dulisse is what some of us college students search for during our free time. Think if there were ten more contest similiar to your idea blog contest, I could possibly earn one thousand dollars ciphering though the web looking for other contests.
1) To prove college paids off(it’s what some of us thrive for)

After this posting, I’m off to more blogs and hopefully earn some money to pay off a phone bill.

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Kristina August 24, 2010 at 2:18 pm

:) Good stuff Mark.. I am looking forward to the pick :)
Kristina recently posted…Shall We Begin!My Profile

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satrap August 25, 2010 at 12:32 am

What a great idea. This post with all the wonderful comment showing different ways to make money online is probably worth more than some of the expensive so called “e-books” . Thank you who contributed. I wish I could out line a method as well, but most of the things I know have been mentioned already.
satrap recently posted…6 Revenue Sharing Sites to Make Money Sharing Your PhotosMy Profile

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Renish September 1, 2010 at 8:11 am

Hi Mark, I see that you have not picked the winner yet, is the competition still open? If so when is the deadline to submit ideas?

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mark September 1, 2010 at 10:17 pm

@ Renish – the competition is closed. I have picked 2 winners already, and soon to be the 3rd. I have not made the announcement yet.

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Red Reynolds September 28, 2010 at 3:22 am

Hey Mark, man I respect you a lot and really like the stuff you put out (even if I haven’t bought yet). I am easing into IM and am learning, but must admit I am pretty disappointed to not see your awarding of winners go faster, etc. I spent some time thinking and writing out what i felt were good ideas, but didn’t get the acknowledgement of either a win or seeing someone else beat me out so I could learn from the experience. Look, I get that you are super busy and are a really money maker… which is why we are here… but would love to see you own what you started a bit more and really allow us to learn from you. No harm, no foul, but I thought it would be fair to put it out here.

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John Robbins July 18, 2011 at 8:25 pm

Hi Mark i hope all is well with you and you family.

It seems that I have been following you for about 2 years now and have learned a great deal from you fantastic learnings, so I thought that I would throw a little bit of useful content back, not for you because you taught me this stuff, however a good little read for your readers.

Using blogs and social networking to brand yourself.
This is the thing many people miss,the awesome power of branding through your own blog and blog social networks,this is just awesome for personal branding and free publicity,it doesn’t have to take too long,it’s easy to do and there is automation software to help you speed things up. Social networking reviews of you and your business improve search engine rankings.
Social network exposure seriously assists your blog rise up the search engine rankings and must never be neglected,I often get blog posts on the first page simply by choosing the right keywords but you must take it seriously and be disciplined,set up an excel workbook and keep track of your blog social networks submission process. Do not over do things,if you do too much it will become a chore,there are a great many sites that you can use for blog social networking,don’t push yourself but set out some time every week for web 2.0 social bookmarking.

Not all Social Networking Sites Are Equal.
Chose 10-15 of the best social networking sites and concentrate most of the time set aside on these sites only,if you finish before time then it’s a bonus,use some other blog social networking sites with the free time that you just uncovered because as you get better at this you will get faster.

Use Blogs and Social Networking Articles For Free Publicity.
These blog business strategies by their very nature need focus and discipline,you will see success quickly if you stick to a plan,and this will give your blog objectives strategy (making more money) greater success and exposure in a much shorter space of time. Don’t forget you have to get customers in and guide them to the product you want them to buy,so keeping that in mind this whole thing and what I have just taught you must be a regular disciplined action,publicising your blog posts with social networking (or blog pages for that matter) is one of the most successful tried and trusted methods there is,it works so make social networking one of your most important tasks.
and of course despite the Panda shuffles sites like Squidoo, Hub pages and Tumblr still work very well as a part of social bookmarking and building a powerful interlinked link wheel that appears natural to the search engines. however remember that to make it look natural vary the anchor keyword with LSI keywords ie (G suggests) these will give your link wheel far greater power. To sum up an SEO optimized blog post, sprinkled with LSI keywords as well as your main keyword, and then just go bookmark them and build a link wheel.

There you go SEO tips from John Robbins

Thanks for all of your help and guidance Mark, you are the Man

John Robbins

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