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Affiliate Marketing Trick To Build Your List Fast

Hello fellow affiliate marketers,

I got a lot of comments asking for a video tutorial on my posting,  “Do Not Make This Affiliate Marketing Mistake.”

This trick is lethally effective. It will not only help you to build up a list fast using THEIR hyped up product launch, but it will also allow you to protect your existing list from those guru’s who want you to send traffic to them that builds their list…but they will never reciprocate to help you build yours.

Of course, if the guru really opposes you taking his marketing material, you cannot do this, but most don’t care if you do this, as so many are using this method.

I have made a “indepth” video showing you the exact steps. Click on the image below. It will pop up to larger viewing.

Resource Used In This Example:

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  1. But it’s theft.

    You can do a lot of things more easily online if you’re happy to be a thief. Until you get caught and sued of course.

    • Theft of what?

      Theft of my own subscriber and website visitor?

      Do a google search on product name, or product name review or bonus, you will see review sites, bonus page sites, etc, using marketing materials.

      If the vendor objects, you cannot do this. But then ask them for a non-optin page to get the prelaunch material for your subscribers.

  2. Great tips Mark. I know that a lot of jvs (including myself) get annoyed when are lists are getting harvested by the hype gurus.

    You exposing this is going to make it difficult for some gurus to do this.

  3. Jonathan: You’re not stealing anything. You are leveraging the work of the gurus hype to build your own list and you are still promoting their product and they are still making money in the end.

  4. Theft of their PDF & their code, graphics, etc.

    You have no legal permission to download their materials and upload it to your web server. And if you asked them, they would tell you you don’t have permission.

    If you don’t want to sell the product under their rules then don’t sell it – nobody’s forcing you to send traffic to their squeeze pages.

  5. @Jason – no, you are *stealing* the work of the gurus

    Really bad idea to build a business on the back of obvious copyright infringement.

    • hmmm…..

      Trust me, as a product owner myself…if I have an affiliate who is making 10-50 sales, I won’t care what marketing material he swipes.

  6. Hey Mark

    I am speechless;Awesome video,and you over-deliver once again.The content you provide is excellent and by far the best I’ve seen on the net to date.
    Who would’ve thought to that this method is that simple to use and implement into your marketing strategy.

    Thanks Again, and keep it coming.

    Brian Roberts

  7. I don’t think it’s theft or unethical, if the Guru’s can do it. Then why can’t everyone else, your promoting their product using their squeeze page and opt-in form etc, and their not losing any money.

    You would think they would be happy your using their squeeze page etc, then they know your not spamming people or giving them the wrong information.

    Nobody looses and everyone gains.

  8. Jonathon – you don’t know what you are talking about so it is a shame you are trying to mess up Mark’s great post with silly comments. Most people during launches encourage you to give away their free material, so you aren’t stealing anything, and they give you images of the product to use in your promotion, they just want you out there promoting their stuff ready for the launch!

  9. Kim Doyal - The WordPress Chick

    Hey Mark,

    I just found your site a few weeks ago and LOVE the content you provide! This was a great video…I had never even thought of doing this (which seems sort of obvious now…)- great tip!
    Loved the post on 3 traits To Look For in an Internet Marketing Mentor…will comment there later too.

  10. @Mark – “trust you” is obviously something you’ve made it hard to do.

    As an actual business owner, and not an affiliate scammer, you can “trust” that I would sue you if you circumvented my registration in this way without permission. Provided, of course, you were worth suing.

    You are also forgetting to mention that the Info Prodigy guys are giving you the OPTION of sending people directly to the report STILL cookied with your affiliate code.

    • @Jonathan – I think I’ve mentioned 3 times that you cannot do this if the vendor objects. 99% will not, as you are promoting their product and putting cash in their pocket. This is just a bit of the affiliate marketing ninja “tricks of the trade.” 🙂

  11. Screw you Jonathan.. All your heroes have been screwiing over real life people with promises of income and success for years. And don’t waste your time with the “they just didn’t implement what they were taught”.. That used to be the case years ago, but now a lot of gurus are releasing products that don’t even work.

    I am happy to see some of these guys starting to be exposed for the scam artists they really are.

  12. @Mark this is great idea… You know there will always be haters… I am an also affiliate marketer and affiliates are getting smarter, some of us are sending paid traffic to these gurus site.

    I also worked with other CPA network and I will NOT send traffic to anybody any landing page that does a pop to collect email addresses.

    @Jonathan I am wondering are you are lawyer ? Do you have affiliates ? Have you ever heard of cease and desist ? That would be the first line of action. Not to sue… I would also like to say good luck and take it easy… if you don’t want to do it DON’T its not like you arm is being twisted.

    @Mark… thanks again for the GREAT TIP…

  13. @Mark…Finally someone who is telling us how to really make money online.

  14. @ Jonathan – that knot in your underwear getting tight, you better loosen it, and realize like Hunter, said the guru’s have been screwing people over for yrs with misinformation and products that promise you the world and don’t deliver nothing but sh*t.

    The content Mark is providing is just that pure (GREAT) content that is not unethical and I’m sure any marketer would be proud to let Mark or anyone use his/her’s promotional material if it meant more sales in the end.

  15. Hi Mark,

    Interesting video. I actually noticed a few affiliate marketers are using this technique that you just described.

    I understand some of the advantages, as controlling the sales process and also as an extra protection against affiliate theft… But I don’t see how this can help in a dramatic way building your list, as 90 % of traffic comes anyway through your own list… Is it worth it for the 10% that may come through reviews in your blog or article marketing or other traffic sources?


    • If the traffic comes from your own list, you are preserving your list. There is a ton of ways to get traffic. My course goes over most of them.

  16. Tim and Steve know who Mark D is and I am sure they know what he does. They also know that he generates a lot of sales of their products which adds to their bottom line and in the process helps Mark too. Mark is almost always on their (Tim and Steve) affiliate leader board in sales. He is not an affiliate scammer. His IMcourses are second to NONE and in many ways better than anything Tim and Steve have put out to date.

  17. @Hunter Mark didn’t mention anything about the gurus being scam artists.

    @Devon I’m not a lawyer but married to one! “Sue” was a generic term for legal action. You *don’t* have to send an LBA/cease & desist before issuing proceedings, it’s just more common. Yes I have affiliates. My businesses are doing nicely thanks..

    P.S. I don’t have a problem with with this tactic at ALL as long as you get permission from the copyright-holder FIRST. If you don’t want to ask because they might say no, then you shouldn’t be doing it.

  18. This info is so cool and helpful Mark. While watching it I was just thinking to myself, OMG he is really laying out some great stuff at no cost at all. If anyone thinks it could get them into any trouble, all they have to do is drop the guru an email and ask them if they would mind. If not, great, do it. If so, don’t do it. No problem either way.

  19. @Jonathan this will be my last post in response to your messed up view.

    First of all who are we scamming … you act as if we are robbing the consumer if anything the gurus are robbing US with the rehash info-products. I can’t imagine Tim or any other GURU with a product worth talking about would be concern about this tactic.

    Unlike you Mr. Laywers Husband, Tim and all the other gurus don’t worry about this stuff because they are focus on getting money…without the affiliates and their J.V partners they have no business.

    Most IM would spend more money with the gurus than they make… so who’s really benefit from it…who do you think is buying most of there product aspiring Internet Marketers duh….

    So do you think they will kill the Goose that lays the golden egg … you are in for a rude awaken…

    I can’t imagine if I was your top affiliate and I told you I was doing this you would have a problem… Dude you are in over your head…

    In my opinion Mark is the only GURU that’s really giving any profitable information and building tools that helps us in our business.

    The older marketers will never ever send traffic directly to an affiliate site…but they don’t tell you that, what they tell you is to build a landing page that converts… Yeah right what converts better than their tested landing page.

    Calling people thieves that is the highest insult I have heard…I have spent over $15,000 on the gurus products!!!

  20. Mark,
    Great Post!
    I never thought of doing this although I have been looking at squeeze pages and promo pages code for a long time.

    It just never occurred to me to use this method to make a promo page, with the work already done.


  21. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

    I think people are jumping on Jonathan a bit much here. Jonathan is simply saying that without the product/copyright holder permission, an affiliate may be asking for trouble.

    Mark ,in the comment above agrees, “you cannot do this if the vendor objects.”

    And i agree. It is up to the product owner.

    Technique wise, this is an awesome video and really opens a lot of eyes. Also, if you are a list owner, it really makes a point. Anytime you mail out for someone, you are really letting them take some part of your list.

  22. Awesome Mark. Just got your video via email. I’m a Online Affiliate Marketer, often marketing other ppls products using their squeeze page system to generate sign-ups. Great advice you gave to subscribe yourself to the squeeze page. On more than one occasion I was able to see someone else’s name and contact information as the referrer when it was supposed to be my replicated site. If the gurus can do it, we can too.

  23. This is a great technique Mark – and what you say is incredibly true.

    The reality is this is something that affiliate marketers must do in order to protect their business and avoid having their list beaten up by every guru who has an offer they want to promote.

    You spend your time, money, and energy on building your list, why would you just give it away? There are so many affiliate marketers that are more protective of everything else except one of their biggest assets: their list.

    Just ignore what Mark suggest, and keep doing it your way, and you’ll keep driving traffic to the gurus list, and when they offer an affiliate bonus bigger than yours, and you can’t figure out why your commissions dried up, then you can revisit this strategy.

    Mark is one of the top affiliates out there, and the ONLY person I take SEO advice from – as I have more faith in him than anything Stomper guys have ever offered and, yes I’ve bought their stuff. I admit that I need to do more with SEO – but when I apply the strategies that Mark suggest I make money – that’s the bottom line.

    My suggestion is the advice Mark offers here is only for people that want to get more money out of their list, build a bigger list, more raving fans, and spend less time pulling their hair out.

  24. very clever, and as long as we dont change the content of the give away ebook or claim it we are the author everything is fine here

    also you can redirect the link of term-services ..etc to the original author page. it wont hurt here cause i dont see many people do click on that small links but even if they do just make sure the link will open in a new window

  25. I’m a bit surprised and disappointed at the flak Jonathan is taking for pointing out reality. Without permission to use someone else’s website materials, it is copyright infringement. Jonathan made the most reasonable statement in this thread:

    “P.S. I don’t have a problem with with this tactic at ALL as long as you get permission from the copyright-holder FIRST. If you don’t want to ask because they might say no, then you shouldn’t be doing it.”

    That’s all it takes. GET PERMISSION. If an affiliate was promoting one of my products, I’m happy for them to use this tactic – as long as they have the decency to ask.

    Remember, the Internet is no longer the Wild West of the 1990s. You can no longer swipe other websites’ materials without risking legal action. That’s why we now have a DMCA. Sure, you can infringe upon copyright until you get a DMCA takedown notice, but do you really want to get the reputation of someone who “steals” other people’s work?

    I agree with those who commented that some “gurus” sell crap (note “some” – let’s not paint all with the same brush), but that still does not condone copyright infringement.

    @Mark Might I suggest that you put a notice under the video, reminding those who want to use this tactic to as the vendor’s permission.

  26. I think if you’re gonna do it build your own squeeze page – at least be original 🙂 Test and see what works for you..

  27. First off, brilliant strategy. But I agree with Jonathan. Get permission first. Then do it. Otherwise, it’s copyright infringement and/or plagiarism. And it doesn’t matter that “gurus screw you over.”

    If you don’t like their business tactics/ethics, don’t do business with them.

    “If you can’t beat them, then join them” is not a good business practice.

    Not trying to start a flame war, but it’s better to ask first.

  28. Great stuff!

    However, 2 things are a bit murky to me:
    1) How are you getting cookied for referral?
    shouldn’t the pdf be re-branded by you?
    2) I don’t think the flash has to be in 2 places, usually they are just in root directory


  29. @ Jonathan – You are right in everything you say if the vendor objects. But when you think about it, why should they object? All you are doing is trying your best to make more sales for them and bring them more money.

    I don’t see any reason why the vendor would object as I am using that material to sell their product, not my product or someone else’s product.

  30. This is actually an old trick. It does work and the reality is that most product owners won’t mind you doing this. I have even taken this a step further to swipe the sales page, create a split test, cookie them, send them to an auto responders opt in from the “Buy Now” button, and then to the vendors payment page. This will create a buyers list that is way more valuable. Now, not all of the optins will be buyers but a good percentage will and you will end up with the real responsive list. But as the “other” Kevin Riley above said, get permission to do this because not only are you swiping their stuff, you are changing it to.


  31. Quick Cash Concept Bonus

    Thanks for the great tip, Mark.

    I never thought about this before, which can really save me tons of time and leverage on the marketing techniques done already.

    Well done!

    Ming Jong

  32. I like this idea. I just learned how to set up a blog and now I know this!

    It’s funny that there are two Kevin Rileys.

  33. This posting is a real eye opener and it made my day in more than one way:

    1. What a peerless video with such an excellent tactic. It is hard to believe that this is for free.

    2. Jonathan’s first comment: “But it’s theft”, and the reaction of the community.

    Thanks to him each and every one – even the greatest ignoramus, me included – knows now that you need the vendor’s permission FIRST.

    3. I learned a few really “interesting” expressions from some guys which answered to Jonathan. I’ll bet no English teacher would have ever dared to teach me those.

    Thank you, this was a fantastic short trip through real life.


  34. Wow, Mark. I didn’t realize you were so black hat. First you’re advocating cloning someone else’s website, and then cookie stuffing. Perhaps you should be putting disclaimers that are a lot stronger on your site; eBay has already sued affiliates for “cookie stuffing” (although the official charge was “conspiracy to commit wire fraud”). The potential penalty is $250,000 fine plus 5 years in the pokie.
    I like the way you think out of the box, but this “tip” is way too risky for my taste.

  35. LOL some great comments here, this may have been too strong for some, Mark!
    You find the traffic, you send them to the offer, the vendor gets a sale deal done.
    Whats more valuable 75% of a $37 product or a buyers email, (no brainer).
    Good stuff Mark, many thanks

  36. Black Hat? How is this Black Hat. Mark said to get their permission…

    So. Get their permission. Remember. They just want the money.


  37. Hey Mark,

    Does this trick also work with aweber. For example if the vendor is using a getresponse opt in page, and myself I am using Aweber. Are there then any special things you need to do.


  38. It’s great to be able to take the power back as an affiliate. The product owner has taken all the benefits for so long. I like the affiliate programs that track back end sales for life. That is great if the marketer does a strong job of building a relationship and adding value.

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