Tuesday , June 15 2021
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My Software Builds Subscriber List Using Social Media

Social Optin Monster is awesome. I set this post up as a test and it works like gangbusters. Go get it here: Social Optin Monster This is a fully featured wordpress plugin that has the following features: As you can see, this software works really well. It has clean code, bug free, and comes with a full 30 day money …

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How To Make Money on YouTube: Video Monetization Part 1

How To Make Money On Youtube

Video Marketing Monetization Methods have exploded through the roof. Do a Google search and you see Adwords ads everywhere. The same is true for YouTube. You click the play button, and what do you see? A preroll Ad. Or, after 10-15 seconds a banner ad pops up. There is another banner Ad to the right of the video, and more …

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Live Web Video Gear List

On a typical week I just get a dozen emails on my recommendations for live and online video equipment. This topic is huge and there are many varying opinions and debates, including brand loyalty’s and other biased information. I am no different. The best I have done is researched on my own what is the best on the market at …

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Announcement – Video Analytics Game Changer

After a small fortune in investment in both time and resources, I am pleased to announce the release on February 5 of a new video analytics application called G.A.M.E., an abbreviation for Google Analytics and Marketing Events. This application is installed on your server (ie., sub-folder on one of your domains), and once installed it will analyze all of your …

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MemberPlayer – Youtube and Vimeo Advanced Options

Ever watched an embedded Youtube or Vimeo video on a responsive (including mobile) website? Only the left half of the videos show up on the webpage when viewing on a mobile device or if you minimize your browser window. Watch Video Below for my explanation and also a cool tutorial on how I took a 4:3 ratio video at Youtube …

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Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs Flash

For those of you who are new to the web video industry, let me get right to the point. Flash video is out. Web developers and software engineers pay little attention to web flash video when creating new web video players, except for having a light weight auto flash fallback, just in case some people have an old browser that …

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Guide to HTML5 Video Encoding – MP4 to Webm

Nothing is more frustrating to the internet marketer than video encoding. Okay, learning php/html is a bit intimidating, but let me tell you…video encoding is a different animal genre altogether. If you are creating and producing online web videos and self hosting your videos on amazons3 cloud and using a HTML5 video player like my very own Covert Player or …

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Mobile SEO Tips and Google Mobile Traffic

Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming increasingly necessary as website visitors increasingly use mobile devices (including tablets) to visit your sites. In fact, 25% of all search engine traffic comes from mobile devices. The real question is, what should I be doing to increase traffic to my websites for people who are using mobile devices? Here are 5 Mobile …

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