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3 Wicked Article Resource Box Tricks To Increase CTR

Hello my friends! I want to share three article writing tricks of the trade to increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your articles.

One of the main purposes of article writing is for people to click on your anchor text link in the resource box section. If people do not click on your resource box link, they are not visiting your site, and you are not making any money. And that is our agenda – to make money online by increasing value in people’s lives.

After you have created a very simple article, preferably with a 2-3 bullet points that people can scan, you move on to creating your resource box text and link.

Hint: Don’t add a bunch of links in your resource section. One link is good (unless you do trick #1 below). Why? Because publishers are not looking for over zealous self-serving article writers. One of the benefits of writing good articles and having a great resource box is the viral nature of webmasters taking your article from the directory and adding it to their site.

There has been much written about how to write a good resource box. What you do not want is a boring resource box like the following:

“Paul Jones is a forex trading expert and has 20 years of experience. To find out more about Paul visit his website at”

That is simply not going to get you many clicks. You have to stand out from the crowd. Be bold! Make a statement!

For example, your resource box could look like this:

Talk about a scam! ‘Product Name’ is incredibly scandalous. Check out my candid experience and explanation here:

–> Product Name Review <–

You get my point here. Get people’s attention.

Try out these 3 little resource box tricks. You will see your CTR greatly increase.

1.  The Double Resource Box Method

This is highly effective. If you are getting 10%-15% CTR on a great resource box, is you add a second, you will double your clicks. How do you do this? You simply make two paragraphs in the resource section, like this:

Talk about a scam! ‘Product Name’ is a incredibly scandalous. Check out my candid experience and explanation here:

–> Product Name Review <–

Honestly, ‘Product Name’ is about as good as it gets to helping you succeed, and it has helped me immensely. Find out more here:

–> Product Name Review <–

You see, by putting two paragraphs, it looks like two resources boxes. This is highly effective, and you will want to use this method. Let’s move on to trick 2.

2. Resource Box Integration Method

This method is accomplished by making your resource box appear as though it is a part of the main body of the article, and the easiest way to do this is by using bullet points. Let me demonstrate:

* Bullet 1 – blah, blah, blah
* Bullet 2 – blah, blah, blah
* Bullet 3 – blah, blah, blah

— Resource Box Starts Here—

* Bullet 4 – blah, LINK, blah

With the last bullet point as your resource box, this is where you add your website or product anchor text for people to click. Once again, be intriguing and  bold. This method is so subtle and yet wickedly effective.

Hint: use “*” (star) as your bullet points, as many directories don’t allow the bullet html code.

3. “Secrets Disclosed If You Click” Resource Box Method

Many successful article writers use this with absolute precision, and see thier clicks be as high as 30% or more. The idea behind it is to state a problem, and that the answer to their problem is a secret that only you can resolve….and they can find out what it is if they click on your resource box link.

Here is an example:

Did you know that 95% of people fail at “Problem XYZ,” and I’ve found a way to resolve this in 10 minutes. It has never before been publicly revealed. To find out what it is visit:

–>Fixing Your Problem Anchor Text Link Here <–

As you can see, you cannot state the product name in the resource box. This would be a dead giveaway. State the problem-solution that the reader is looking and searching for.

Put these three resource box tricks into action to increase your CTR for your articles, and get your landing pages ready for increased sales.

Yours in knowledge,


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  1. Mark
    A nice little gem of material you have passed along. I like it when an email contains stuff and not just fluff. Your getting good at sending stuff. When I open up my in box
    and I see you name the email definitely gets opened.


  2. These tips will help alot of people punch up their articles. I really like the last tip about “Problem XYZ’ Its like “unwrapping a christmas gift” Consider yourself followed.

  3. Hey Mark,

    Another great tip! You put out some nice content. Keep it coming.


  4. I third that. At first, I thought you were being a little bit aggressive with the email marketing but after reading this I am more inclined to regularly read your autoresponder stuff.

    Very good indeed.

    I’m actually gonna retweet this it was so good.

  5. awesome advice!

  6. article submission review

    Hey Mark,

    Really good tips. When I first started article marketing, I used the boring resource box as all I was concerned about was getting the back link to my site.

    Then I realized that people were actually reading my articles and I started to spice up the resource box to get more clicks…but a couple of the tips you give here are things I hadn’t even thought of. I’ll definitely be giving them a try.


  7. A really wonderful article with 3 great tips.

    Alas, I would rather have read the word “tip” instead of “trick”.

    It may depend on my leak of speech comprehension, but the word “trick” seems to me, to be the little brother of scam. Do we really want to scam our customers a little? Or do we want to give them a second chance to get the point?

    Perhaps somebody is out there to help me to get that straightened out.

  8. Hi Mark,

    Thanks, I found your tips really useful for teaching me something new, as well as reminding me to be bold, which is a “trick” I’m still learning.

    Looking forward to more tips.


  9. Mark,

    My resource boxes have definitely been boring. No wonder I don’t get any clicks. I will be using some of these tricks in future articles. Thank You.

  10. Susan Owen-Thursfield

    Great ideas, Mark. I’ll definitely try them. Cheers!

  11. Articles Directory Online

    Very impressive and helpful article. Great tip for all authors from newbies to masters.

  12. Mark, I loved your post on Resource Boxes. I tried to use your contact form but got a 404 error.

    I would like to include it in my next newsletter. You would be given full credit and a resource box at the end if you agree. Let me know.


  13. Sure thing Jim, go for it. And thanks for the tip on my Contact settings. All fixed up now.

  14. The boring resource box sounds familiar to me. I will start to change some of my boring resource boxes using one of the tricks !

  15. Thanks for your advice. I’ve just written my first article and I’m struggling with the resource box.

  16. I’ve just wrote my first article, and I’m going back to edit my resource box after reading your blog.

  17. Instant Article Wizard

    Hi Mark,

    Writing a good resource box that gets people to click through to your sites is an art in itself. I love the suggestions you have made here, all three sound like they will create good results. I will certainly give them all a try.


  18. Hi Mark,
    Great tips for article writing. Especially for Author(Resource) Box.
    and Double Resource Box method is good idea.
    I Follow you

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