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The Covert Player Review – Like CNN.com

The Covert Player is about to take its debut, launching Wednesday, January 16th at 1 am, EST, and in anticipation I’d like to give a review as to its features and benefits.

But first, the question must be asked…why another video player? I already own The Traffic Player and there is already a large number of video players on the market today.

Over the past year there has been an onslaught of new video players that have arisen. All of them are fascinated with adding html overlays on top of the video container, everything from banners to buttons inside the video container. Even more expensive video players being launched, like one being released this week, offer nothing new…but continue to add content inside the video container. Some even attempt to come with a page creator and then charge you $300-$400. Your joking, right?

I have opted to NOT get into the HTML Overlay game for video players. Why? If video helps conversions, why do we want to distract the viewers experience by inserting banners, buttons, etc., inside the video container? For me, I would rather add any Call To Action instructions with Captions and Voice.

This brings me to the Covert Player and why I designed it. Watch the Introductory Video by clicking on the first thumbnail below.

The Covert Player is unlike any other video player on the market. The original idea came to me one day when I was watching some videos on CNN.com’s website. If you click on this CNN.com link you can see on the left sidebar some thumbnails of videos, that when you click on them they open and close…without losing the text. The videos are seamless and fully integrated into the website. This is great for viewers perspective, as well as from a seo perspective since it allows you to put more text on your pages and posts.

Here is a training video on “How To Add Covert Player To Widgets Areas” (ie, sidebars, footer or header widget areas). As you can see, it works like gangbusters. There are many more features and options available. Make sure you video the Covert Player to see all features available to you.

As an incentive to order the Covert Player during launch week I am adding the following Covert Player Bonus. Everyone who orders during launch week will get a complimentary upgrade to the Covert Player, FlowPlayer module, set to be released a week after launch. During the initial launch, Covert Player will have Youtube and Vimeo supports. We are adding Flowplayer 5.2 so that you can play self hosted videos, orย  videos hosted on your amazons3.

After launch week, the price for the FlowPlayer module will be more than double. I am also adding a lot of bells and whistles to the FlowPlayer module, so you want to get in early.

Now, to show off more features…here are the TOP 5 Awe Inspiring Videos Of 2012:

Pretty nifty…eh? The Covert Player has the ability to add Top Lists from Youtube at the click of a buttom: Most popular videos, most watched, most discussed, top rated, top favored. You can set it for the “Most Discussed Videos For Today, or for This Week,” for example. This is awesome! You can add your own playlists in membership sites for training/tutorials and use the Embed Pulldown method.

Covert Player

Get access to the Covert Player – Click Here.

People will naturally ask, why did I develop another video player? Why not just add on more features to your existing Traffic Player? There are reasons for this:

  1. It is practically impossible to have every option available on one script. Each has its strengths.
  2. Traffic Player uses Flowplayer ver 3.2 while Covert Player will be using the newest Flowplayer ver 5.2.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to write a comment and I will try my best to answer. Full features will be revealed on the Salespage at launch. Please, no support questions here. My support desk is here.

Make a Comment. Tell Me What You Think! I Read All Comments!

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  1. Mark I am very impressed this this product, you always producr high quality products that can actually be used. I am first in the line to purchase this one and look forward how it will be helping me with my Website Building Course that I am currently putting together. Thank You and congratulations on an awesome product.

  2. Hey Mark, Will this work with self-hosted S3 videos too?

    • Hi Eric, yes, the Self Hosted module using Flowplayer will be made available to users January 23rd. I am adding a lot of different module supports: Youtube and Vimeo are done.

      Then I am adding Flowplayer for selfhosted. Then I am adding Wistia and Brightcove supports. Why is my font weird looking on these comments. Hmm…

  3. David Gruttadaurio

    I agree completely. Simplicity is cool and the best marketing technique.

  4. Looking forward to this product!

  5. Mark,

    This looks to be a tremendous player.

    I’m in the process of setting up a new website with SalesPress and the Traffic Player.

    How does Covert Player fit in with Traffic Player on the one site?

    Thanks for the great products,


  6. Hi Mark, i am a internet marketer and a videographer and photographer. The latter before learning marketing and expanding my business. I was wondering if you will be utilizing vbrick video solutions in the future along with bright cove. I have a lot of existing clients using vbrick is why i am asking.

    Looks like a great player and can’t wait to implement it into some sites.

    Bruce Carroll

  7. Hi Mark

    You always bring out products that add more value to what a person is doing in there marketing field , and you do it without all the smoke and mirrors just the bare bones and facts.

    Many thanks and all the best with this .


  8. Hi Mark,

    First of all there is a reason for this comment, and that is to thank you for all the things you’ve done for everyone in the internet marketing world.

    You along with Matt Carter are the people I really trust. The best part for me being a subscriber of Matt was when he introduced a guy named Eric Lancheres and his course Panda Breakthrough. I immediately told my employer to get that course because the webinar which he and Matt hosted was great. After that we were able to recover the Panda and Penguin hit sites.

    As for you my friend, I went out and buy one of your products myself. I am a subscriber and a customer too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Usually when there is a great product, I tell my employer to get it for me so that I can use it on his business. However, your Affiliate Video Player was so great that I bought it myself. The account was under my gmail account. I installed it on my website.


    For this new product of yours, I’ll tell my boss about it and maybe get this for myself too.

    Cheers my friend and hopefully I can buy more of your products.

    Happy New Year btw.


  9. Have you tested this against some of the curation plugins out there? WP RSS Curator Pro or PageOne Curator for any conflicts.

  10. Is it possible to embed videos from other sources via iframe code?

  11. I have enjoyed the Traffic Player Pro, will this new player allow me to use other websites other than Utube. I would like to have some active call to action hotspots in my vids, but if I use utube they do not allow. The forwrd URL is great tho. If the viewer stays with the whole vid they are then taken to an order page or in my case Amazon.

    Also, my main work is writing and I have dipped into kid’s books and it would be great to find a way to use video on Kindle that did not have to be hosted on a 3rd party. I would like to find a way to monetize the vid, do you know if any formats available.? Keep up the good work.

    • Yes, for launch it will be Youtube and Vimeo ready. But then I am releasing the ability to use with Self Hosted videos on January 23rd, and then moving to other video streamers to add after this. Those who order during launch week get a free upgrade to Flowplayer, self hosted module. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You can monetize your videos with Calls to Actions
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…The Covert Player Review – Like CNN.comMy Profile

  12. Thought you guys might like this short critique I did about this as a Video Curation Plugin that will let us put videos on our blogs so they look as good as CNN (so they look super pro). I’ve critiqued it in a video and made some comments about it relative to this hoopla over Easy Video Suite launching today. I put this together for several of my private groups where members are pretty serious about rich media curation and getting the content across in the best way possible.
    When your looking to maximize your investments (as we should given all the stuff that is out there) I believe that this plugin (terrible name BTW) is a mega winner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJJkEDWwjIo

    Good show Mark

  13. Hi Mark, looks like another great WordPress plugin as always from yourself, just wondering how this will display on mobile devices? As we know the world is getting mobile, will this work on iDevices etc? Secondly, would I be able to use both your video plugins on 1 website? Thanks.

  14. I am an existing owner of your Traffic Player Pro. Despite your explanation, I (being a non-programmer) am still not sure why you could not include the additional features into it.

    As regards the Covert Player, I would say it has some interesting features. However, aside from that, there is nothing really unique about it either.

    I am not sure I would agree with you that the EVS that is being launched later today is nothing new. From the pre-launch videos, I can see that it has lots of great features that one can only find by putting many of the existing players in the market together. Moreover, it can do screen and camera capture and automatically render them into various formats ready for all types of viewing devices. It also includes a whiteboard function whereby one can do further illustration by drawing onscreen while doing screen capturing. However, I am not sure how much EVS will be priced at and whether it is reasonable given the unique and time-saving features.

    • hmmm… I use Camtasia 8 and Sony Vegas Pro for all my video editing.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…The Covert Player Review – Like CNN.comMy Profile

    • Not bashing EVS – I’m saying that bang for the buck Covert Video Player is good, better, best vs. EVS which will cost even existing customers a min of $197. I believe that plugins like Mark’s Covert Player offers us more end-user impact which is where it counts.

      EVS is a good product indeed – but I believe it hits behind the power curve for value. I see where Mark has been going to be the pragmatic path and if offering superb price-performance for bloggers. That’s all.

      And BTW, my EVS comments were primarily for the eyes of my private groups and so is coming from that strategic perspective. You may think EVS is the best thing since sliced bread for your needs – which is cool! ๐Ÿ™‚ For my money Mark is on a roll here.

  15. Nice idea and plugin; it can be used for several ways, for example to insert into page/post video testimonials ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Looks very, very interesting Mark.
    Provided the price is reasonable, as an existing customer, I will be likely to buy.

  17. Hi There Mark
    we see another video player about to launch , but different with its own unique features at this time and with you adding and refining as always to give the customer the best, I see another Winner here!
    Looking forward to using this one.


  18. Mark,
    Absolutely brilliant. hoping to use it on my massage site!
    Warmest regards

  19. Love this!! Perfect for membership sites.

    Two comments about improvements:
    When watching pop-up video on mobiel devices its very hard to close the pop player window again. Possible to make it larger? Also i am wondering about the wording of “Close” player will be possible to change into whatever language you chose.

    Also it doesnยดt seem that Video Thumbnail Embed Videos work on mobile devices (at least not on iPhone).

    Looks cool and awesaome overall

  20. Hey M! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Covert player looks cool- but it seems like its best use would be on blogs and not so much for sales videos:-)

    BTW, What do you think of the new Video Player Suite?

    Also can you add the option to hide the original source of the video in the TP-pro? Right now people just have to right click to “copy video url”

    ยกGracias! ๐Ÿ˜€


  21. Hi Mark,
    I saw your demo video on this and was very impressed. like everyone else I am wondering to myself whats the price?? Setting up a blog at the moment and would be really interested in using this.

    • It will be a `dimesale` during launch week, meaning the price goes up with each sale. Because of the competition in the marketplace, I am giving a sweet deal on this for launch. It will start at $37 for unlimited personal domains and $67 for developers license to use on client sites. This will include the Flowplayer.js 5.2 upgrade module. After launch week, it will be triple this.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…The Covert Player Review – Like CNN.comMy Profile

  22. Hi Mark,

    Will the videos that Covert Player inserts be able to get picked up on a Video sitemap generator?
    Or even better, perhaps you could add a video sitemap generator to the player?

  23. Fresh approach to showing videos and doing so without eating up valuable real estate.

    Can see this working great on review and how to blogs to name a few. Allows you to get the text in for the search engines and still feature the videos.

    Great job Mark!


  24. Hey Mark,
    Looks like you have created another winner and something our customers might be able to use!
    Will it currently support videos that are self-hosted e.g. on S3 or the likes?
    All Good Wishes,
    michael krisa

  25. Hi, Mark. Does your Covert Player have the ability to stop people going to uTube if you use that as a platform or do you need to add a special skin/player? In the video it looked like the thumbnail didn’t but the series pulled from uTube on puppy dog training allowed it. Thanks

  26. Hey Mark,
    Thanks for being genuine with your products…I appreciate everything you do. With this plugin, can I still add html overlay (where a delayed buy button pops up) using another video editor? I don’t have such video editor yet, just wondering though. Also, I’m noticing every now and then when trying to view videos from my mobile on YouTube it says, not available on mobile view from a PC. Is that something that I can override with the right video editor?
    Thanks for everything bud!!

    • My Traffic Player allows a buy button at end of video.

      I did notice the Flash Player had an upgrade this morning. Perhaps this is the issue? One thing about video players, it is nearly impossible to satisfy every browser, and every device, 100% at the same time. So many changes all the time.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…The Covert Player Review – Like CNN.comMy Profile

  27. David F -PostandSend.com

    Mark, another winner product and plugin. Looking forward to putting this to work for me.

  28. Mark forgot to ask earlier if there are any plans to have a version that will work on HTML sites as well as WP? When is the launch day?

  29. Mark forgot to ask earlier if there will eventually be a version for both WP and HTML sites. Also when is launch day?

  30. having read this now after watching the videos you have ticked all my boxes, we do a lot on amazons3 so using this for them and vimeo videos really ticks all the boxes

  31. Aloha Mark,

    Really looking forward to your new product “Covert Player”! My whole focus is around blog & video. I love your tutorial yesterday! Very informative and very well presented… count me in on launch day!!

    All the best!!

    Franco Joseph

  32. The features that you have in Covert Player sound and look great…very interesting…

    Can you detail other features….ie is there any analytics info tracked or delivered…?
    Or will it be possible to use some features of other players…take their embed…then add them to ‘Convert Player’….I am trying to combine your great features w/analytics if possible…..?

    Can we re-size even the thumbnails….slighly larger or smaller to better fit within the broader page content or side bars…?

    Can we take the “short code”…and place it anywhere in a standard page layout thru the html edits…?

    I am planning to use for a large video membership site w/nearly 400 videos…so the text/video playlist is going to be able to reduce the footprint and make a better client/user experience.

    Thanks for the CP product….

    • Good questions:

      Yes, there is analytics tracking. Youtube has awesome analytics. The self hosting (flowplayer) module will have Google analytics event tracking links. Regarding embed, I am looking into this already. Yes, you can resize the thumbnails to any side. You can add shortcodes to any widget area.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…The Covert Player Review – Like CNN.comMy Profile

  33. Mark,

    Very nice. Hope I can afford it. I do want it.

  34. Structured Takedowns

    Hi Mark

    Could you describe the relationship between the Video effects created using the New Covert Player and
    Sales Press Pro; for example can this type of video/ infill text effect be used on the Blog Page template of SSP ?

  35. This is what I use for quick story board type of recording, and comes with 1 click publishing and uploading/downloading. For $15 a year, can’t beat it.


  36. Hi i like ur pluging but can we remove the click able link on youtube logo we dont want our visitor to go to youtube also will this work with google snippest will my site show video picture on search engine

    • You probably want The Traffic Player for this function. The Covert Player is not afraid of Youtube logo. Why? Monetization of your Youtube channel and videos. ๐Ÿ™‚

      If you want the Covert Player with no branding, then you will be able to do this with self hosted videos.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…The Covert Player Review – Like CNN.comMy Profile

      • wel iam not afraid from youtube logo I just dont want my visitor to click on youtube logo and go to youtube site hence i will lose a chance of clicking on my affiliate link

        also can this player work with google sitemap or will google snippest show a player image on search enging?

  37. Why would you launch at this crazy hour? Guess I’ll miss it…

  38. I’ll have to stick with TP, I can’t afford all the upgrades and new features happening with new video players every week. I like what I have as it opens my webpage faster and when you have a lot of videos on a page this is essential

  39. Structured Takedowns

    Thanks Mark for the PM covering my Question ( happy it will work with SSP )

    In looking at the features I discovered you are offering “Text Link Hover Popup”.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t ever consciously remember seeing such a link ( preview of video just
    by hovering over the link ).

    If you have covered this in your first video apologies – if not you are seriously underselling the engagement
    novelty !!

  40. Cool, I like it!

  41. Hi Mark,

    Looks real interesting, It should keep people on our sites for a longer period of time, and that is a great thing.


  42. This looks really cool! Any hints about the price point? ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Mark,

    Covert Player looks great! Good luck with the launch.


  44. Hey Mark

    Do you have some demo examples for both this and the Traffic Player that I can test on my mobile devices, either on mobile sites or responsive?

    I’d really like to see both players in use on my iOS and Android devices.

    Are the videos themselves responsive to device screen size?


  45. Hey Mark

    When I use Traffic Player, one of the things I do is upload flash images (for the thumbnails) to Amazon S3 and then paste the url into the appropriate field within Traffic Player.

    Will it work the same way with Covert Video Player?

  46. Hello Mark…

    In the last weeks I have thought about You many times.
    Reason… well all these many video players being released and promoted, starting right after your special of Traffic-Player. And I was wondering, what’s going on? Did You released this WSO-special because You knew an avalanche was coming?

    Anyway, I like that You – instead of bowing for the competition and all that overlay crap – You moved ahead and want to show the ‘world’ that other features are better – by creating Covert-Player.
    Instead of others (like Matthew of CVP) even going to promote EVS just for some extra affiliate cash !
    What a poor stand is that?!

    Anyway, I totally agree with You, that all this overlay crap is simply annoying (just look at YouTube doing that more and more – it really sucks! I am not there to watch commercials!). And with all the “Call to’s” popping up over a video which I want to focus on (enjoy or learn), constantly telling me that someone is trying to persuade (manipulate) me to do something THEY want ! That’s truly annoying – and gets me (and others likely too) clicking away faster than they’d like seeing it! So it does just the opposite as they intended.

    If a video gives value… then I see no problem, that people click a link or ‘Like’ that’s beneath the video.
    And the idea of presenting a sharing overlay to get the video shared – during the video is silly! Who is going to ‘like’ or share a video halfway through, if they won’t even finish watching the video themselves?! That’s absurd. So either after or never.

    For me EVS – despite some great features – is tailored for folks who don’t know the difference between
    a footbrake and Handbrake – or/and are just too lazy to put a little sweat and passion into their videos.
    It definitely is too much background automation – I prefer to be in control of every step – and it’s not so much more work doing it in single steps.

    So… I love your strategy, and will stay on the same path like You ! And I look forward to Covert-Player, as these are features, that make sense marketing wise.

    The only wish I have is, to please always incorporate a way, to use your products (if at all possible) also on a non-WordPress site (like the ability to extract the HTML code for embedding elsewere) !!!!!
    I still do, and intend to continue to use XSitePro as my main CMS – and Kompozer for other quickies and mobile sites. (WP as the generating machine for applications is fine though).

    And yes, if no EVS for us… do You think You could come up with a Screen-Recording/basic editing/converting solution ? CamstudioPro has too many hick-ups, Bandicam is quick, but not suitable for zooming during recording, or markers, etc. So a solution also for the producers side, would be great !
    (And if You do, I want to promote it, ok?).

    Let us Canadians stick together… LOL


  47. This looks great!

    I’m a Chiropractor and I think that – while reading a Post/Page – my patients will appreciate having the option of being able to “Learn More” by clicking on a video, while not having to leave the page. The convenience of this cannot be understated. Also, as a newbie, I appreciate that all of your software is powerful yet fairly easy to use – and that you are someone whom I trust.

  48. Thank You Mark, got my plugin and everything works perfectly, I am so excited with all the possibilites with this. I know what I will be doing for the next few days on my site …

  49. Hey Mark

    I bought the Developer version about two minutes after you hit the “launch” button at WSO. Already uploaded it to one of my WP test sites and it looks soooooooooooooo good.

    Quick question: when the Flow Player upgrade is released (for self-hosted videos) will it allow for the inclusion of flash images for the thumbnails that will appear in the SERPs (with a little help from your “equally awesome” Google Video Sitemap plugin of course…lol).

  50. Mark – I am building a WordPress/BuddyPress site for someone and I need a video player that can search the member profiles and generate a playlist on the fly based on the search (each member can have 1 video as part of their profile). I then want to display the player with a thumbnail list that can be clicked on and the selected video played. Since the playlist could potentially get very long, the thumbnails would need to be scrollable. Hopefully, that makes sense.

    Is this something I could do with this player — with some customization?

  51. Mark,
    I can not promote this until I get my license or authorization from you. I registered days ago!

  52. Hi Mark, thank your very much for the insight. Actually, I was not sure to need an other video player. But you arouse my curiosity, I think I’m gonna give it a try. Anyway great review, much appreciated.

    Have a good day.

  53. Jonathan Boettcher

    Hey Mark, pretty cool plugin. One thing I’d love to see in it though is the ability to pull random videos. For instance, I’d like to set it to my Youtube channel, and then tell it to pull X number of videos at random from it, for displaying in the sidebar. Also, would be nice to display a title over the vid in this case I guess too.

    Pretty cool plugin though, seems to work well from the little chance I’ve had to play with it so far.

  54. Hey Mark – can we put the “text link hover” over other text on our blog without showing the title on the video as the anchor text on our blog? Just want to say associate a video with the title “San Francisco Giants Win 2012 World Series” with the term “Giants Win” in the blog instead – if yes – how would we do that? I did not see that could override the title in the short code or pop-up shortcode wizard. Or does this in some way defeat the purpose here.


  55. Hi guys – as a follow up to that other video I did on the Covert Video Player – after usnig it for a half day I discovered that I really needed a quick ref or cheat sheet guide to be fat enough and intuitive enough about it… so I put this set of things together to deliver that to you; AND I used this opportunity to try out some of my other video tools.

    These are demos really of some of those tools by way of using them.

    Hope they are informative. These are a bunch of work to do – but good practice – and tools like Covert Video Player make it worth it – so just enjoy taking a look at some cool tools in action.

    1. First up is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_XWOl8PgxA that is the YouTube version of this CNN like video curation player (what I like to call it). Which does a great job (not perfect) to work for mobile. I’m still working on the mobile demo of that

    2. http://gibr.co/cnn-like-video-player/ that is another cut at that using that Video Review Master product if you’ve seen it. Showing another way to present.

  56. Do you have another SEO plugin installed? Maybe one of your other plugins unrelated to SEO is causing a conflict error. Try disabling all your other plugins and keep that one active and see if it is still greyed out.

  57. I changed from all in one seo to yoast yesterday, all in one seo is a lot easier to handle, but yoast have some great features! I like them both, but i think i stay by yoast seo plugin.

  58. What’s the latest word on the next update Mark? Need some of the bug fixes. Looking forward to it.

  59. Mark:

    Love the look of this Covert Player Pro V4. I want that look on my blog and website.


    Please send me information.

    I have your new easy optin. Love it.

    Stephen Brittain

  60. Mario Stylianides

    Hello Mark,
    is it possible to upgrade from the basic personal license to an unlimited one (personal or developer)?


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