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Free Download – Generate Product or Events Buzz (Super Bowl Style)


Without a doubt, watching the NFL Super Bowl every year is spectacular…not only for the caliber of the sport, but more importantly from a marketing standpoint to watch the entertainment and television commercials. There are a lot of lessons to be learned. Television commercials during the Super Bowl is some of the most expensive ad space ever. For a 30 second Super Bowl commercial spot you are looking at paying on average 4 million USD.

What I find really cool are the teaser videos leading up to the Super Bowl that these high priced advertisers produce and release to the world.

Here are some Super Bowl 2013 Teaser Video examples:

What Is Lesson Learned For Us? During a product launch or event, create teaser videos to create anticipation of what is coming…Game Day!  Obviously, it is impossible to compete against the budgets of these high priced film productions, but you’d be surprised how much ‘YouTube Home Video’ style works. Make them short, direct, and give them a taste of what is to come…a teaser.

Does It Work? You bet it does….

Check out the video below. The video contains the video teaser, as well as a special download for you of the source file to this teaser so that you can quickly do the same.

This teaser was my Sales Press Pro during its initial launch. The prelaunch page consisted of this video and a optin form. That’s it. The result? Over 4000 new subscribers and a buzz in the marketplace that helped Sales Press Pro become a 6 figure launch of a wordpress theme in less than 1 week.

Watch video below for tutorial and teaser:


As you can see, creating teaser style videos is really simple and yet very powerful in their results. If you want to generate a buzz in your niche, start creating more teaser videos in your event and/or product launch campaign. All the major marketers do it.

Here is a tip: the higher the price your product, the more teasers and buzz you will need to create. You can’t expect someone to read one salespage on launch day and expect them to pull out their visa and slap down $1000. While the product, no doubt, is great and probably worth 10x that much in value, it simply does not work that way for marketing purposes. You have to wet their appetite with short video teasers.

Tell me what you think. Make a comment. I read them all.

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  1. Thank’s for sharing this is Awsome, going to try it out.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Cool visual! I have your program and I am learning a lot from it ! I LOVE the green screen feature. I’ve had some fun with that. Thanks for sharing this one!

    • Mark,
      Great example…actually that was the reason I purchased your Camtasia Video Secrets Course this morning 🙂


  3. Great tutorial, even though I recently bought video genesis, I still find myself going back to Dominating Video quite often for you tutorials. I am surprised you have not updated that course and re-launched it. Of course the original members would have access:-)

  4. As another tip: You can simply right-click on the first text callout you create (after you have it looking like you want it) and then copy / paste it additional times on the timeline.

    This will avoid having to add the animation and text callout each time. Just modify the text to be different…

    Thanks Mark!

    Lon Naylor

  5. This is super cool stuff Mark. Thanks for the tip, and now I want yet another one of your products. LOL the list just keeps growing and you make them faster than I can purchase. This really will help me in my online marketing and make me look more professional. I have an old version of Camtasia, and need to upgrade. Then I need your course. Good stuff.

  6. Great post Mark. Your free download takes awesomeness to the next level:-)

  7. Great post Mark. Your free download takes awesomeness to the next level:-)

  8. This is awesome post and i really like it.

  9. Hi Mark actually I’m here because of my Friend Lesly she talk to me about that pretty product you have… I like when you say “the higher the price your product, the more teasers and buzz you will need to create” I’m not real good on teasing i need to practice I have a tendency to reveal to early what is all about….
    So thanks I’m one of your secret fan….

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