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Video Ads, The Awakened Giant in Marketing | Video Monetization Part 2

Internet Video is fast becoming the pillar content piece and marketing strategy for businesses as consumers worldwide have shifted their consumption patterns in favor of video over text.

It is safe to say that video is no longer a niche form of marketing. In fact, among teenagers, today’s celebrities are no longer Hollywood TV actors but are top YouTube creators. (Variety)


Just look at these video stats from YouTube:

  • Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views
  • The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year

Last years video statistics report from Cisco said that:

  • Internet video consumption to TV doubled in 2013 and will continue to rise rapidly increasing fourfold by 2018.
  • Globally, IP video traffic will be 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018. And the total of all forms of video (TV, video on demand [VoD], Internet, and P2P) will be in the range of 80 to 90 percent of global consumer traffic by 2018.

It even gets better. If people are inclined to watch video over text, it is no surprise that small and big businesses alike are lining up to dominate your viewing experience with Video Ads in 2015.

Yes, there are non-ad streaming services like Netfix, or YouTube’s new announcement to roll out a Subscription service (some estimate for $10 a month), but make no mistake about it:

People are addicted to online video and marketers and agencies will increasingly buy Video Ads (skippable and non-skippable) in 2015 and beyond for Branding, Lead Generation,  launching of New Product Announcements, and Direct Sales.

In Part 1 of our Video Monetization series, we went over the use of Preroll Video Ads, and the use of In-Display Text and Banner Ad formats inside the video. We also showed you the art of placing a Companion Ad somewhere near the video.

Add Retargeting to the mix so you see ads that you are already interested in and/or from sites you have already visited in the past, and you are a sitting duck when your wallet is open.

The opportunity is huge for…SEO’ers, Webmasters, Small Business Owners, Product Launchers looking for hype, video marketing agencies, ppc campaign management companies, and basically anyone with a website business.

The 5 Easy Steps to Making Money with Video Ads:

how to make money with video ads

I can assure you that if you fully grasp these 5 points and implement, you will increase your business.

Step 1: What Are Your Goals? Be Super Targeted

You may be competing against big brands in some niches and so you will want to zero in on your video ad goals.

  • Are you wanting to ‘Get Your Brand Out There?’ If so, create a short 1-3 minute “This is who we are and this is how we help our customers…,” type of video with your logo and contact information inside the video.
  • Are you wanting Lead Generation? If so, then create a highly targeted and short 1-3 minute video based on a keyword that your user is interested in. Create a different video for each keyword.
  • Are you wanting Direct Sales? If so, then create a short 1-3 minute video with that is very keyword specific with an Amazing Offer that one would be crazy to turn down.
  • Do you have an upcoming Product Launch you wish to Promote? If so, then create a short 1-3 minute and highly targeted video on why this launch will make them money.

Know your goals. Be very specific. Do not generalize like the big brands. Make sure you use commercial intent keywords.

Step 2: Create a Targeted Landing Page to Match Your Targeted Goals

Your landing page needs to be highly targeted around your keyword and should contain these 5 elements. All these elements should be “Above the Fold” on your browser screen on desktops. Make your website Mobile Responsive:

  • Must Have a Clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP): This is done by a Captivating Main Headline, with supporting sub-headline.
  • The Visual Hero Shot (images/video showing context of use): Create a product image or video showing your offer. Be highly targeted.
  • The Benefits, Benefits, Benefits of your offering: This is done by a bullet list and summary of benefits.
  • Social Proof (I want what she is having): customer testimonials, social media comments, etc….
  • Your Call-To-Action (CTA): This is done by a Form or Order Button, or Next Step.


While big brands will often use corporate company pages and their landing pages that has no call to action nor any real goal other than getting brand marketing, make sure as a small business or digital marketer to zero in on your goals and landing pages.

Step 3: Create a Targeted Video, and Make the First 5 Seconds Count

You have literally about 5 seconds to grab the viewers attention. If the ad is not compelling in the first 5 seconds, and targeted to the viewers needs, viewers will bounce off, or skip your ad (if video ad is skippable).

Here are some tips in creating your targeted video ad:

  • Shorter is better. Keep your video 2-3 minutes.
  • Make your video match your goals, keywords, and landing page.
  • Video Testimonials work great for Video Ads.
  • Don’t Sell but Inform and Enlighten. Showcase the Real Value.
  • Preview Videos of Product and What They Get work great. Digital Marketer does this.
  • Use Humor and Controversy with Tactfulness
  • Put your Logo and Company Website URL and Contact Info in Video

There are numerous places where you get a professionally designed video make.

Purchase a $5 Gig. Go to and search for a video testimonial or commercial.

People will do amazing stuff for you.

Step 4: Promote your Video Using Video Ads On These Sites to Start:

There are other places where you can place your video ads, such as Yahoo Video or AOL, but I would start with the Facebook and Youtube who get the most traffic to start.

For example, to do a YouTube video ad, you simply upload your video that you had created to YouTube. Then, you go into your Google Adwords account and create an ad campaign, and select online video. Choose your YouTube video. What is cool is that can target other people’s YouTube videos (called Placement target inside Adwords) to place your preroll video ad.

With Facebook, they have retargeting methods that are simply incredible. Study this topic on Facebook and you are sure to win.

Step 5: Analyze and Split Test Your Campaigns

Like everything, Video Ads need to be monitored, analyzed, and split tested to increase results. Split test different videos. Split test different landing pages. Split test headines, images, call to actions. Test and refine and your results will improve.

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  1. hi Mark,

    Great article that finally gives me some new ideas for my website .You’ve summed up the basic tenets of YouTube monetization and maximizing YouTube earnings, really well.

    Excellent article!

  2. Great post. I agree that videos are the next big thing in marketing. It is easier to some up all about your product in five lines and also easier for someone to listen to it rather than read it.

  3. I was really planning on getting a video for my site. Thank you for giving me an insight on what a Video could do to my business.

  4. Thanks for the awesome tips on video marketing! This information is just what I need to start a YouTube channel to promote my site and my services.

  5. Thanks for the useful tips on video marketing. I plan in the future to put videos on my site and on YouTube.

  6. Really nice share, Yes video can do a lot to grow our business, like content marketing video marketing is also going to boom in online sphere.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    – Vikram

  7. Hi,
    I am totally agreed that videos are very great for your business.Because videos attracts and by this attraction your business will get a boost.Thanks for you article i really enjoyed while reading it.You are doing a great job keep it up.

  8. Thanks for very useful tips on video submission marketing. I plan in the future to put videos on my site and on YouTube. and their are many others video uploaded site is available in the internet world. thanks for sharing these information.

  9. For video marketing the content of video will be the most effective section in here.

  10. Nice share, Videos can surely be an addon factor which are very efficient too.

    Viewers like to watch a video than reading the content and this can help us catch their attention and earn big.

    Thanks for sharing…

  11. Hello,

    Nice Post about the Video Marketing. Yes, The video gets more attention as compared to text, The tips you provide for the video marketing is really very good for boosting the business website.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  12. Hi there Mark, Nice video marketing insights there. There is no doubt that video marketing is the future of the web and we as marketers need to also move with the wave. I have been trying some videos from Fiverr, and although it may take some time before one gets a good video producer, it is well worth the pennies. thanks a lot for sharing the tips.


  13. Video is seriously the truth! I watch all my colleagues spent countless hours on their mobile devices watching whatever video pops up on their screen, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook! Video content is seriously taking over. Wise companies are implementing even basic youtube channels and video siloing.

  14. Impressive. I’m learning about video marketing because I see the trend now in marketing online is video marketing. People prefer to watching videos than reading texts. Thanks for your good tips. These steps are really easy to follow

  15. Bishop chakraborty

    Nice post cover all regarding video marketing.Thanks.

  16. Decent share, Videos can most likely be an addon element which are extremely effective as well.

    Viewers like to watch a video than perusing the substance and this can help us get their consideration and win huge.

    A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing…

  17. Great tips you have shared. We have to follow all the methods which are you have shared.


  18. That’s really great thing. Video Marketing has become essential for the current Marketing trends.

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