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Youtube Embed Trick For A Sales Presentation

Thank you for visiting my blog. I know it has been a while since I made a posting, but rest assured, it is not because I am setting on my rear end.

You see, I launched a video marketing/seo product last month and in one seek we sold out at 1000 members. I’ve been real busy serving them.

I want to show you a real cool Youtube embed code trick to make your videos stand out from the crowd on your websites. Many of the gurus launch products and use amazon cloudhosting for their videos. The benefit is that it is in HD format, fast server delivery, and you can set the parameters to eliminate the controls, etc….

But, there is a problem. It can be costly if there is a lot of traffic.

Here is a Youtube embed trick to make your videos look just like the pros…and it is FREE.

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

The trick to make it look like the pros is the following strategy:

1. Compress your videos to HD format

For the highest quality, I recommend these settings when compressing your video for YouTube HD.

  • H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format
  • 1280×720 resolution
  • 44.1KHz Stereo MP3 or AAC audio
  • Frame rate as 30p

YouTube does accept a wide range of video file formats such as .WMV, .AVI and .MOV. But again, you may get the best results from converting your file to MPEG4 video with MP3 audio.

2. Change your Playback Setup in your Youtube Channel to always play HD, and click “Save”

3. Using the no-control html Youtube code given to you above, place the video on your website.

4. Change your Youtube Video parameters in the embed code to the following:

  • No related videos at the end- you want people not clicking off of your website at the end.
  • Autostart – not only does it force the visitor to watch, but it also counts as a Youtube view…which means higher rankings for your Youtube video in the search engines.

Visit Google’s website which lists all the Youtube embed parameters that you can control.

When you are all done, you will have a professional looking video on your website that is HD, the player controls are not showing, is on autostart and has no related videos at the end of the video.

5. I used the powerful OptimizePress wordpress theme as a squeeze/salespage.

**Tell me about your Youtube Tricks. Make a Comment Below**

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  1. increase search engine positioning

    Thanks Mark,

    I have been trying to figure out how to get my videos to auto replay so this blog post definitely helped me out. Blocking the bottom part of the video does give the video a more professional look…I will be implementing these tips asap!

  2. Hey Mark, thanks for the tip and the handy set of YouTube embed instructions. This has been a great year for a lot of us. You are one of the good guys who is helping to keep the standards high in internet marketing. Thanks for all that you do and all that you share with all of us.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Rock On Mark

    That was a really cool “trick”

    Many thanks and Wish you and your family a fantastic Christmas


  4. Thanks for that neat little trick Mark, you always over deliver.

    All the best for Christmas to you and yours from me and mine.


  5. Great Youtube embed trick Mark – saves me from paying for Amazon hosting for the few Squeeze pages I may do from time to time.

    You remain one of the few people who still provide great free value without hammering sales pitches incessantly.

    Wishing you and your family all the best for Christmas and the New Year.


  6. What a trick! And I have wondered how some marketers do that. Thank you for sharing it. I will try it.

  7. making money online

    Excellent Youtube tip Mark!

    I have a tip to share. This may or may not be news to you but did you know that you can direct your viewers to any part of your Youtube video you want?

    Here’s an example:


    Notice that your video started at the 6:12 because that’s exactly the point in the video where I wanted the viewer to get involved.

    I think this is a good technique especially for videos over 2 – 3 minutes long because it allows you to highlight your “call to action” or it can even be an extension of your presell page linking to or from it.

    Meaning in your copy you could add a link like this to emphasize or validate a point that you are trying to make, use it for affiliate products, reviews, etc.

    To apply this techniques is simple.

    1.) Play video and RIGHT CLICK on it just before the part you want your viewers to begin watching.

    2.) Select “COPY VIDEO URL AT CURRENT TIME” by clicking on that option

    3.) Whatever time is currently displayed on your video when you copy the timed url will be the start time when someone else clicks your link for that video.

    Have fun with it and see how else this technique can be used… and please share the results.

    This is newbie friendly! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for all that you do Mark and Happy Holidays!

  8. As usual Mark you deliver small pieces of “gold” that are innovative and useful. Bring on more of these “tricks”. Thanks.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family from all us Down Under having a very hot one. Over 100 scheduled for tomorrow!


  9. Wishing you a Merry Christmas Mark and Family from another down under fan! Here we are in rowboats and canoes to get about North Queensland and missing the golden sunshine for Santa day. A bit wet, but it’s Fun of course. I reduce to actual screen size from YouTube and that gives better quality video viewing too. Thank you for showing another good tip!
    Cheers and beers and a smile for you,
    Freda and Family

  10. Thanks for the tip. It will be very useful for me. God bless you and your family this Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and have a blessed new year which draws you ever closer to our heavenly father!

  11. That is SO cool. Thank You. And Happy Holidays!!!

  12. This is really cool and innovative. I really appreciate the recent tips on your blog.

  13. Wow, very of you to share this great tip with us all! Thanks again Mark and all the best to you and your family this upcoming New Year!

  14. Hi Mark,

    Happy New Year to you. πŸ™‚ Just finished reading through your post.

    Thanks for the cool tip. Will come in handy…


  15. Very nice and clear info, thanks. But to the best of my knowledge, Youtube compresses it even more. I have seen the HD videos in Youtube, they are not as good as the HD you see on TV (although they are better than the regular Youtube videos…).

  16. Thats an excellent tip for youtube. I am just starting to get involved with video marketing on my website, and going to use both youtube and vimeo. Any recommendations on video editing software?

    • Hi Mike, if you have a PC, Windows Live Movie Maker is fine. If you have a Mac, iMovie is fine too. If you want more features, because you are doing more advanced editing, then you’ll need to get something like Sony Vegas for PC or Adobe Premier for Mac

  17. Backyard Fire Pit

    Thanks for this tip. I haven’t used videos very much at all, but this will be very handy.

  18. Mark, thanks for this enlightening post…I got it!I got how to get the videos for autoreply.

  19. This is a really great tip! I will try this and that auto play feature is definitely something I haven’t thought about and sure sounds like great advice.

  20. Very nice tip indeed! Too bad the guy on my video (me) looks as boring as always – even after applying your tip πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks for the share Mark – I try to make a point of using video for every offer that I make to my clients, so this will definately help.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. Hey Mark
    I know you released TubeFool. When are you going to start blogging again?

  23. You’ve got awesome advise here Mark! I love the step by step visuals, that’s always huge for me. I like to incorporate videos into my blog and I think youtube is a great way to get out there, for free! Thanks for the instructions!

  24. Excellent info, I always enjoy reading your blog posts. Youtube is definitely a great marketing resource for any SEO efforts.

  25. Great post Mark, as always.
    i will try this in my niche blogs

  26. Commercial Energy Broker

    thanks for this super tip- i applied it on my site here:
    but i have a question- is there a way to click on the video with the control bar hidden and have it pop up to full screen size?

    Also, another question, what plugin are you using that puts a commenter on your subscriber list? (THAT is cool!)

  27. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the great tip. I stumbled into it through a reference to your blog. I got your Dominating Video package a month or two ago and have been diligently wading through all the modules. I could never have imagined being able to make the videos that I can now, and it’s a result of that package. I just became aware of you and your associates over the last few months and you can believe I’ll be paying more attention. This tip is some more icing on the cake. Thanks much.

  28. Hello Mark, thanks for the video tips. Do you find that submitting the videos in HD actually gives a better quality playback for embedded videos? I have not seen much difference for screen capture type videos. I will certainly check again, if you had better experiences.

  29. laser printer scanner

    Thanks for this great tips on embedding video into our webpages. Video is something I have wanted to put on my site and these tips should assist me with the process.

  30. Hey Mark – great tips on embedding youtube videos… been trying to find how it’s being done and now you solved that problem for me. I also have to say, I love your newsletter and have bought some of your kick butt products in the past. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks again

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