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Covert Player 2.0 – New Features

Want to see the soon-to-be-released and coolest upgrade for the Covert Player, the video marketer’s delight for bloggers? Enter your email address to watch this video.


By entering your email, you are registering to be on my Getresponse email list for Covert Player Pro version Optin Edition. All features can be viewed by clicking here.

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  1. Any plans of adding a timer to the optin?

  2. Hey Mark. Is there any way I can place Covert Player videos on external websites? This will be incredibly cool. I am looking for an embed code that will work on external websites like is the case with traffic player. Perhaps it is already possible, but I am just not aware. Will be great if you can clarify this for me. Kind regards Schalk Zeeman

    • Yes, it will have an embed code function. 🙂
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Covert Player 2.0 – New FeaturesMy Profile

      • Absolutely Amazing! I like you more and more as I see the next improvement and then another improvement. You are making it better and better when most developers out there are making stuff and moving on to the next thing, leaving the first product with no updates.

        This update that you speak of with an embed code is huge. I have a site that is non wordpress and I have been trying to apply that. So glad it is coming out!!

  3. bug fixes please mark. Also as someone who has a background in the software development business it would be really great if with each release you might publish what is called a KBR (known bug report). It will save us all time. Else, features on my list would be more filtering criteria from youtube as they allow you to do when you do a search. For example videos of a minimum length etc. There also does seem to be a conflict between the covert player and the Premise landing page plug in developed by the folks over at Studio Press.

  4. I only see that you’ll collect millions of fake emails and make Getresponse and others richer.

    • That comes with the emailing marketing territory. If you put in fake email address, you don’t get my emails…which people normally open. But I don’t see how it makes Getresponse richer. It does not, especially if you manage your lists.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Covert Player 2.0 – New FeaturesMy Profile

  5. Laurence Chilcott

    Hi Mark,
    I’m a real nerd RE techie stuff,so this question might seem odd,OK?

    Does CovertPlayer enable me to borrow a Utube video,add it to my channel and apply
    proper SEO and then overlay CovertPlayer features,so that visitors seeking information
    on say health issues will want to enter their email address,enabling me to send them further
    information(via an autoresponder) and decide to BUY what I’m offering,somewhere between
    email #1 and 7?
    Laurence Chilcott
    PS I purchased both AutoWelcome and CovertPlayer a few days ago

  6. Hi Mark,

    I have the multi-site license – not the developers version. Do I have to purchase 2.0 or pay the difference between the two licenses?


    • Yes, you will.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Covert Player 2.0 – New FeaturesMy Profile

      • I will… what? Pay full price? OR Pay the difference?

      • I have not decided all that yet. You will be paying for an upgrade if you have the non-developers version.
        Mark Dulisse recently posted…Covert Player 2.0 – New FeaturesMy Profile

      • Oh ok so perhaps then I will have to pay if I want these features. mmm can’t remember now which package I bought – will have to check. Think I only have multi-site license. Mark it will be great however if you can make sure the multisite license guys can embed their covert video press videos on external sites. That will be awesome.

        Oh an Mark don’t worry about my previous comment. I have it sorted out now. There was an error with comment luv.

  7. Hope fully you will get this as it is a comment on a soon to be released launch. I have the Covert Player Pro plugin. Did you recently purchase the right to this plugin? If not, then you ahve a REAL BIG problem with support. You don’t respond. I have submitted at least 3 support tickets. Plus, people make terrible comments on the sales thread since they cannot get a response from support, and no one responds to that either. And I remember your recent thread on WSO’s and how bad they are, and the vendors abandon their product. Yet, you, or the previous owner of this plugin have done the exact same thing.
    What gives?

  8. Structured Takedowns

    Mark – As far as Q u a l i t y of Optin – take a leaf from Marcus Lim and create a Facebook overlay and Facebook lightbox / overlay. That would really raise the bar. Embed is however helpful to use on commercial ad sites. Best Wishes.

  9. the player does not work properly when you embed it into a facebook tabbed website…it extends all the way down the page and does not look very good at all. Itd be good if you fixed this, as it makes it unusable within the facebook platform , which as we know has the most amount of traffic

  10. Mark,

    I like the email required screen, I am with ListAnimal (or whatever the new name might be) and would like to know if their FB checkin HTML autoresponder code could be used in place of the normal autoresponder code, if so this would be a killer upgrade. It would also be really cool if someone could also either tweet, like, or share in order to see the video as well. I could see a strategy of some videos being used for email addresses, and some videos being used for tweets, likes, or shares. Going forward all four processes will become very important. Having a video player that helps in the process would be awsome…!!!

    • Ditto on this Mark, I use List Animal also, and id like to be able to add the html for the one click facebook, G+ etc sign up as well as harvest tweets, shares, likes…DITTO, PLEASE Buddy!

  11. the email I got today said … “PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT” so I am going to do that. First, I don’t give a crap about this Covert Player 2.0, second i got the email as a customer to a WP plugin of yours … optin pro .

    At this point I am very pissed of that I get an email EVERY DAY with you spamming me about crap like this. It is spamming when you force someone to sign up for “plugin updates” and then daily send ’em JUNK to sell

    shame on you. I know you will not approve this comment and I do not care

    people that get your plugins should be able to go to a site and check for updates so they are not forced to put up with this crap

    I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING from you again just for that reason … l love the plugin, too bad you have left such a sour taste in my mouth from all the spam that goes along with it

    you asked for a comment in my daily spam, you got it!

    PS : LOL to the checkbox below to confirm “I” am not a spammer ROFL HAHAHA LOL … good one

    PPS I also would NEVER subscribe to your newsletter, is there any news in it? I bet it’s just spam like your plugin update optin list

    PPPS learn to GIVE some value to your customers

    • @ Chris – if you don’t buy from me, you don’t get my awesome stuff. It is that simple.

      This upgrade to Covert Player is added value to my customers.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Covert Player 2.0 – New FeaturesMy Profile

    • Chris,

      Your comment is what is so funny. You don’t know what you’re missing out on! Mark has some of the best products I’ve ever purchased as WSOs, and the Covert Player is one of ’em! I think the Traffic Player is great also! Sour puss.

  12. Hi Mark,

    1. Is it possible to insert the op-tin at the end of the video?
    2. I also like the idea of social sharing buttons overlay to see the videos or to vote at the end (same as point 1).
    3. Have you considered including a panel to easily/quickly upload/publish the videos on several video sharing networks? It could be included in the pro version or sold apart as an add-on.


  13. Hi Mark:

    LOVE Covert Player! It is one of my favorite plugins and it has totally enhanced my site. I do not have the Pro version, and I really like what you’ve done for enhancements for Covert Player 2.0. Do you know how much we will have to pay for an upgrade?


    • I have not decided this yet on upgrade pricing if you do not have Pro version. I am focused on development right now. Thanks for the question though. I can tell you that we have been working on this one upgrade for 2 months full time, and there is about 2 weeks left.

    • Would also like to know a price for the upgrade. Hopefully a special price for those having the multisite license and bought during the launch. 🙂

  14. Looking forward to the upgrade. A great enhancement to a killer procduct.

  15. Hi Mark,

    Not the same Joe as above and am with ListAnimal as well. Interested in the answers.

    My main reason for this is…Can’t Wait For It To Be Responsive! Glad you are looking
    to make this a one site, all platform product.



  16. I learned awhile ago Mark is a talented developer. He keeps improving his already awesome products. Customer support and training are not strong points. So what? My physician has no personality but he does his ‘doctor’ job perfectly. You get to choose, people! I choose talent. That’s where the value is.

    • Thank you Kimberly for the kind words. We try and do it all, but then I almost lose my mind and never get to spend time with my kids, when that happens. LOL

  17. Awe video, I can’t wait for the changes. I always look forward to your messages, programs and guidance. I do have a question though, it’s about traffic player pro, haven’t got a response yet…

  18. @Cris, it’s not spamming when you sign up and confirm, and its not wrong for him to market his other awesome products. I don’t buy them all, but have received constant updates on what he’s working on.

    You can unsubscribe, there will be an update button on your plugin, but traffic pro and covert pro work great…if you don’t need them, don’t buy them, promote them, your list might enjoy them

  19. @Chris I do understand that it might sometimes be a bit much the opt ins etc. but one thing I can say is that I personally think that Mark’s products are awesome and although it is always product related in most cases the products are so awesome that it does bring value to the table. Also I never pay for upgrades to the software as this is upgrades we receive for free. There are loads of other guys out there that can provide tips on social media etc.

    Also Chris I don’t think it is a problem to unsubscribe as from your WordPress admin panel you are free to update Mark’s software there without having to opt in to anything as far as I am aware.

    @Mark I have a question though in regards to people having to fill out email before able to watch the video. With so many videos out there for free will people really provide their email address in order to watch a video? Ok I take on board the fact that you mentioned the skip button and I guess a chance of an opt in is better than no chance. Every little bit helps.

  20. Mark it says at the bottom of the page This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.

    I have typed my name and then @magicstorebuilder and not sure if this is what you are supposed to do. I have comment luv and not a clue how it works right here as it does not seem as if comment luv did me any favours here. Perhaps not the place but I would love if you could email me and explain to me how I should utilise this feature for example here. Perhaps you should have it installed on the particular wordpress blog related to the keyword for it to work. Don’t know? When hovered with my mouse below I saw the script related to the above but that is it.

  21. Hey Mark.
    Great looking update.

    Feature Request:
    Occasionally on some of my blogs I will have videos that are behind the basic “enter the password to view the content” type plugins.
    I send the password to those on my list and also provide an optin on the same post for those that are not, so they may also get the password.
    Is it possible to have something like that on the overlay.
    ie: enter the password OR enter your email address to view the content


    • Hmm..I will need to think about this. Thanks for the suggestion. I suspect at first, it will just have autoresponder ability, but this can be possible in future upgrades.

  22. Hi Mark,
    I’ve been buying number of your products as a developer, hope I can get better deal from you.

    Dickie Lim

  23. Mmm,this is a bit strange to me because if i’d known that the multisite license holders (me) were gonna be left to rot i’d have purchased the developers version, the reason i didn’t was because i wasn’t going to put Covert Player on any clients sites.I think what your doing here is a bit cheeky and underhanded you should’ve just had one license.Now it seems if i want the added bells and whistles i to pay you again by upgrading.Maybe i missesd it, but i don’t remember you saying anything like this on your salespage…

    • Covert Player has been enhanced and has gotten a lot better, if you have not noticed. You probably picked up Covert Player at a very reasonable cost if you got it in January. I have delivered on everything that was promised thus far, with flowplayer, and even went beyond the call of duty with extra playlist enhancements and skins, etc..

      But this is not the usual enhancement, but over the top enhancement.

      Then there is the cost….

      If people think I’m going to pay a coder full time for 3 months, which is $10k out of my pocket, and not expect customers to pay a little bit so my coders can eat and put food on their tables, then I may as well quit and do something else. 🙂

      With that being said, I have not determined the upgrade cost.

  24. Great Stuff!

    Keeps getting better – like most of your products!

    The One click for FB and Google Plus would be a Great add-on.

    Pretty sure that you were clear about Developers version recieved “lifetime upgrades” when I bought. That is how it is with most products that are sold now days. That is why I bit the bullit and went with the Pro version.

    Glad I did!

    Mark is the kinda of guy you either like or don’t, but you always know where he stands! That says a-lot in an industry where so many just flat out lie to you!

    So Kuddos to Mark and his products!

    Now if you would just finish out the tubetraffic- edu :- course 🙂

  25. .

    Can the player with the video optin be exported and embedded into any html page?
    I rarely use WordPress – most my sites are XSitePro.

    How does it work on mobile sites (also not WP but html or html5) ?


  26. Let´s all thank Mark for TrafficMemepro! 🙂

    Any chance of an upgrade to the TP-Pro with a html5 player like the C-player has now?

    I´d for sure be willing to pay for the upgrade:-)

    Love your stuff, bro 🙂

  27. I’m already on your list. I hope that by putting in my email address to watch the video, I do not get duplicate emails to me. thanks

  28. Mark, I agree with the comments about upgrades that Paul made earlier. I bought CovertPlayer -Personal Licence in January.
    I also did not go for the Developers License upgrade at the time, as I don’t work on clients websites.

    I have always been a little confused about the classification of CovertPlayer Pro, I don’t know how this new name happened unless I missed something along the way, because on your original sales page in January, your TWO versions were classified as ‘Covert Player Version 1- Single License’ and ‘Covert Player Version- 2 Developers Licence’

    What does seem now even more confusing is in your recent email announcing Covert Player 2.0 and this new upgrade, is that you are saying it will only ‘be complimentary’ to those who bought the developers version which you are calling Covert Player Pro. So presumably, many people like me will be SOL if we don’t upgrade to something we are not ready for yet (i.e developing clients websites) In other words, to get this great new upgrade we will have to buy something we don’t need -developers Licence version 2 AND it is 50 bucks
    to upgrade to that currently!!
    I bought your Covert Player 1 -Single License in all good faith assuming you would stick to your sales pitch on your sales page which stated the following above the sales button:
    Option 1 Unlimited Version
    -Access to Covert player WP plugin
    -Access to Lifetime upgrades
    -Licence to Install on Unlimited Personal Domains Only
    -License with GuardSoft Script

    I guess there should have been a qualification that ‘Access to Lifetime Upgrades’ really meant ALL will have to paid for at
    a price you see fit and fair but, having to buy the Developer Version 2 that I personally could not use yet at 50 bucks to
    get this new upgrade seems a little aggressive to say the least.

    Mark, if you really have to cover your coders cost on this new upgrade, I hope it will be at a very reasonable and separate
    fair cost, without having to buy the developers version.

    • Hi Les, thank you. You convinced me to not have this feature a part of covert player and its other functions at all.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Covert Player 2.0 – New FeaturesMy Profile

      • Mark, it sounds that you may have taken offense with my comments. If you invite comments I assume you expect people to be
        honest which is all I was doing. I think the wording in your email announcing your Covert Player 2.0 was the problem here and I think people may have misread your intentions when you stated at the end:
        ‘ YES…it will be a complimentary
        upgrade for those who have the
        developers version only, called
        Covert Player Pro. ‘

        You wet everyone’s appetite showing the new upgrade and presented the great features then, without mentioning any clue of a separate price for the Covert Player 2.0, the wording on your email seemed to close the door on all the Covert Player – Single License
        Multi-Site people, making it sound like it would only be available to those who had upgraded or will upgrade to the Developer Version.

        I think some of the negative response here was only because of interpretation difficulties from your original announcement email.
        If you are now going to take it away from the original Covert player buyers and not make it available to them and instead, make into an entirely separate and new stand-alone product then this will do two things:
        1. You will lose credibility for the statement and the meaning of what you said originally about -Access to Lifetime upgrades-
        People will wonder what, if any, future upgrades there will be for Covert Player -Single license buyers if, you don’t even give us access to this one to compliment the existing features and,
        2. You will create further confusion if you develop it as a new and third separate video product to add to your Covert player and Traffic Player.

      • Thanks Les,

        Now you have convinced me that I will sell it, but you will have to pay between $10,000-$20,000 for it, the same it cost to develop. In fact, I really don’t care if you get it at all.

        Mark Dulisse recently posted…Covert Player 2.0 – New FeaturesMy Profile

      • What a sad response Mark, there is no need to take that position.
        I simply was being respectful taking the trouble to explain why there may have been some misunderstanding from existing Covert Player buyers who bought only version 1. If your announcement email for CP 2.0 had simply explained that the upgrade you were introducing to us will ‘be complimentary to the CP Version 2 Developer buyers’ AND for an extra fee (as yet to be determined) would also be available to the ‘CP Version I buyers’ who DON’T want to upgrade to the Developer version.
        That would have been clear and not have caused any misunderstanding in some of the responses you have received.

        I am sure, keeping your thousands of existing CP V1 buyers happy by offering the upgrade for a reasonable amount would have easily
        covered your $10k coders fees and then for profit, simply re-introduce Covert Player 2.0 to brand new buyers for any amount you see fit.

        Shame that you have now taken this attitude towards me and any other current customers who may be feeling the same way. Completely uncalled for. You reach out to your customer base for comments and opinions but, you shoot them down if they go to the trouble to explain why there might have been some misunderstanding. I am sure there is a ‘marketing’ solution to all this to keep everyone happy
        because as you know, keeping EXISTING customers satisfied is always a prudent way to go first to maintain your strong base of followers.

        But whatever Mark, I guess it’s your sandbox.

  29. @ Les Burgess
    I agree with every word you said i could not have written it any better 🙂
    @Mark Dulisse
    Dude come on i don’t think Les or i were being vindictive or nasty, but Saying “I really don’t care if you get it at all.” tells me you are no longer hungry and doing very well because if this was your first product i bet you would care.
    I’m a customer who bought both TP and CP when i could’ve purchased your competitor’s video player’s
    for this reason alone you should be a bit more humble as i bet there were thousands of other people like me that chose your product over those others.
    So tell me Mark should i buy your Auto Welcome Cash? or have you sold enough not to care?

    • @ Paul –

      1. I am humble
      2. Yes, you and Les grumbled. I don’t mind grumblers. I do enough myself. What I don’t like is people taking me for granted thinking that I ought to give them anything for free. I don’t owe you both anything. If you got CP and TP, you got $50k worth of coding, plus our time to develop, for the price of a steak dinner for two.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Covert Player 2.0 – New FeaturesMy Profile

      • Mark, tell me where I said I expected anything for FREE in ANY of my messages. I think my last message ( March 24, 2013 at 5:00 pm) explains EXACTLY where I am coming from in all this. And I am NOT a grumbler, I very diplomatically take trouble to explain both sides and always hope for a satisfactory and fair conclusion for both sides. I take the trouble because I DO care, and good business on or off-line, has always been about taking care of customers which usually gets reciprocated with loyalty.

      • Thanks for this Les. I do have customer loyalty. I can’t please everyone, nor would I want to try to. In fact, I’ve probably fired about 200 customers in my life time, turned off another 1000 I am sure. But I have also gained a lot more who have learned to put up with me I guess. 🙂
        Mark Dulisse recently posted…What’s Needed for SEO Success in 2013 and Beyond!My Profile

  30. Jez-Emprendedores

    Thank you very much Mark. you Have a blog very updated. It is worth to follow.

    A greeting.

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