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What’s Needed for SEO Success in 2013 and Beyond!

At the bottom of this article, you will receive a FREE SEO Google+ Authorship WP Plugin. Please read and watch why you need it.

The 3 day conference at SMX has a panel discussion entitled: “What’s Needed for SEO Success in 2013 and Beyond.Danny Sullivan of headed the panel which included Google’s Matt Cutts, Bing’s Duane Forrester,and well-known SEO’s Annie CushingJanet Driscoll MillerRae Hoffman and Greg Boser.

What I find interesting is a discussion around what it takes to rank a website in 2013 moving forward. The common agreement among top industry SEO’ers is clear: Marketing is first, SEO is second. In other words, the amount of Branding, User Engagement, and Community Connect across the internet is more important than SEO.

Danny Sullivan opened the discussion on Google+ Authorship…

Is authorship the new page rank?

Matt Cutts Response: Over time, Google will care more about identity and social reputation. Plus, authorship gives you a picture next to your content and we know people click more when they see images.

Matt Cutts then goes on to talk about the need for personal brand building, the importance to avoid deceptive practices. Indeed, if you want higher search engine rank, content authors need to come out of anonymity.

The message, at least to me, is crystal clear: Google Authorship and Social Branding. Yes, quality backlinks still count as a powerful vote and will be around for a long time to come…but the emphasis is on ‘quality’ backlink. Any type of blog network, buy links, spammy content links, etc, have basically been nullified by Matt Cutt’s and his spam control team.

By Social Branding, I am not referring to getting a million people to “Like” your page. Even this can be ‘manipulated’ by buying a $5 gig at for 1000 Likes, etc… By Social Branding, I am referring to setting up, as Matt Cutt’s puts it, a “Social Identity.” You are actively engaging the big social media sites. You have profiles in Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, and you are actively communicate your brand to a community that engages you. You are talked about, chatted about, quoted, linked to, shared, and even Liked.

By Google Authorship, I am referring to becoming an approved Google+ Author and when you do this, your Google+ profile image is in the search engines, like my example below:

Google+ Rel Author plugin

Thankfully, Google makes this easy to do now, and with my free Google+ Rel=Author wordpress plugin below, it will make it even easier.

Watch this video where I show you “How To Set Up My Free Google+ Rel Author Plugin.”

Let me recap on the process:

  1. Install, Activate and set up the free GPlus Rel Author wp plugin (big download link below)
  2. On your Google+ profile, you need to add your website to your profile, thus linking back to the site that GPlus Rel Author plugin is installed on.
  3. Make sure your +1’s are public on your Google+ profile or it won’t work.
  4. If you want to ensure that it is set up properly, use the rich snippet testing tool to confirm it works. (see image below)
  5. WP Custom Theme Tip: If you are using a custom wp theme, make sure your byline “Name” on your page/posts is active.

Rich Data Testing Tool

Here is the link to the wp plugin. Please watch my video above for activating and setting up the settings. Very easy!


Thank you for reading this post, and please make a comment, as I read them all. I’d appreciate any LUV to the site.

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  1. Great article and share!

    Thanks Mark.

  2. Great article Mark, does your plugin work together with Authorsure or replace that plugin? Also will you be keeping your plugin lite or making it have the social aspect like this article references? In my opinion I think it would be great to have my own personal “tribe” that gets notified that I have a new blog post and then they come and like and share for points that can be used to buy stuff. Tribepro is expensive and I do not think they have it fully figured out.

    • That is a good question. Authorsure looks like a memory hog, as I did look at it, but looked too big for me. As to your other question, I never thought about it…but I will look into in now. Thanks for the input. 🙂
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…What’s Needed for SEO Success in 2013 and Beyond!My Profile

      • Hey Mark that is a good article and great plugin. I too think it would be great to add a social aspect to it and also could you give us the ability to choose which posts we want to have the authorship to show up on so that I can still post excerpts of others articles or curated stuff without it showing up as me being the author. Just a thought. You do code great stuff.

      • Hi Sandy, plugin will work with every article you author on your wp blog.
        Mark Dulisse recently posted…What’s Needed for SEO Success in 2013 and Beyond!My Profile

  3. Thanks for the free download ( seo power & Google+ )
    But is it really helpful for a newbie in autoblogging
    should we use this plugin with curated content from rss feed
    Branding is a good idea but how can we rank high with this plugin since the content is not really unique. is there a solution to avoid spinning content and penalty

  4. Hi Mark – already on your list so no need to subscribe again, good info and a great free plugin – fully agree with your conclusion SEO is now going social and has been for longer than most realize, however good old Matt I have studied for a long time and when viewing his videos it is very easy to read what he is not saying, which is good 🙂

    Anyway thanks again and still a big fan of yours Mark and for anyone new here – Marks stuff simply works – best regards

    John Robbins

  5. Hi Mark, Nice post and a nice freebie, I will be using it for sure. I’m a big fan of your products (salespresspro is awesome). Keep up the great work.

  6. Simon Kensington-Fellows

    Interesting post Mark, I liked the way Mr Cutts describes the benefits of authorship, “Google will care more about identity and social reputation”. Whilst this is fairly straight forward for an individual to do it seems less so for business with multiple content authors. It seems that careful planning and perhaps some more guidance is needed so that the brand itself benefits from the ‘sum of the whole’ rather than just its individual authors. What do think businesses should do to make sure that they benefit from the cumulative effort of their authors?

    • Hi Simon, yes…Google Authorship and Business is still and issue for them that is unresolved. If you start a new site as a blogger, your authority as a Google+ Author will help give trust to that new site or domain. Large brand sites are struggling with how to implement authorship due to legal questions and who owns content etc.. But for the “small guys” out there, there is an advantage to move quickly with G+ authorship.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…What’s Needed for SEO Success in 2013 and Beyond!My Profile

  7. GREAT post! Thank you for this plugin-so simple!

  8. Thanks Mark. I’ve been banging on about Google authorship to anyone that will listen for a while now. Good to know What they’re talking about at SMX. Thanks for a great article!

  9. Thanks for the freebie :). I have tried a few plugins to achieve this and had no success !. Here’s hoping !

    How long would you say it takes to show up the images ?



  10. Thanks for the freebies Mark… got Traffic Meme too. I haven’t paid much attention to authorship up until now so it looks like I better get with the programme. Hey can you tell by my spelling I am a fellow Canadian?

  11. Thanks Mark, I’m using author sure successfully across multiple sites so I’m interested in your memory hog comments! Does your plugin provide an automatic author bio box with G+ link like author sure.? Looking forward to giving it a try

  12. Thanks for the post Mark and the plugin. Like the old saying ‘Quality Counts’. As Google steps up the pressure lets hope it helps to reduce the amount of rubbish we see. I firmly believe that Marketers giving quality will win in the end.
    From one of your happy customers,
    All the best,

  13. Thanks Mark for the plugin and the information…as always!!
    I am trying to make my mark as an author of certain distinction for our product and the branding of it. I am sure this will definitely help me along the corridors of Google.


  14. Thanks again Mark. You’re making a name for yourself as the most generous & truly helpful software developer in the IM space, in terms of blog content, software updates and relevant, quality freebies for your subscribers.

    Could you please post an example or screenshot illustrating your tip: “If you are using a custom wp theme, make sure your byline “Name” on your page/posts is active”. I don’t understand where the byline function is located.

  15. Thanks Mark, you are always helping others and when you sell one of your products, I know it is always top notch. Quality products and giving a little back is always a good plan. God Bless…

  16. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the free plugin. I’ll definitely be implementing the plugin on a lot of my old websites I have. For my newer websites I have another plugin which adds google plus authorship but it only works for brand new sites. This will definitely help for my older sites. Thanks a lot!

  17. Thank you for your generosity. It’s a rare and very nice quality.

    Sean Sullivan

  18. Well I unplugged the plugin and deleted it. In my opinion, what should be simple is far from it. After an hour of tweaking my post and using their testing tool I still get a lot of warnings. It seems WP and certain themes cause issues.

    This should be dead easy. Google is no help either. They are as bad as Microsoft “You are going to have to re-install your operating system.”

    Sorry for the negative post. But Two Thumbs down.

  19. Hi Mark,

    Have you considered including the option to link to an organization’s Google+ Page (complimenting or replacing the personal authorship markup) using the rel=”publisher” tag.

    I think it makes more sense linking business to G+ pages and articles to the author’s profile. Don’t you agree?


    • Hi Diego, there are different options. All I was wanting is to add rel=author to my name tagline as Google instructs us to, and to get my G+ profile in the serps by my articles, which my plugin does for me. If it does not suit your purposes, you can do a plugin search for others at Yoast SEO has rel=author as part of his SEO Pack plugin here: . I don’t need any SEO Packs because I use a custom theme that has SEO built into it, and it is always better to have less plugins as possible.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…What’s Needed for SEO Success in 2013 and Beyond!My Profile

  20. Am kind of a private person, is e.g company logo allowed instead of a head shot?


  21. Great article. SEO is a changing beast. It’s interesting that
    Google is wanting to see credible social participation. I shared your article on LinkedIn. Thanks for the great info and the helpful plugin/instructions.

  22. Great plugin!! Way to help us out bro!

  23. Great article Mark!
    Just a quick question, I have 6 websites targeting different regions for my clients business – house removals.
    Would it be ok to set up G+ authorship on all sites or could this flash a red flag at Google, letting G know that they are all connected?

  24. Thank you for this plugin Mark. I just can’t seem to make this work by myself.


  25. Well this is not something that we should be scared of. For as long as we are following the do’s of Google then we are good.

  26. Jean-Francois Trin

    Hi Mark,

    Good to know that marketing is still # 1 over SEO. And Google Authorship and Social Branding make perfect sense to me. Quality content has always been and always be king.
    Thanks for your quality content and the free plugin.

    JF Trin

  27. This is regarding the question by @dang about autoblogging.

    I think the question is the wrong way to look at it. In other words, saying “I am an autoblogger (or re-publisher or whatever term you might use)… can I somehow fool Google into thinking I have a brand” is backward. However, saying “I am a publisher, I have a brand – can I get away with autoblogging or re-publishing”, I think, is perfectly legitimate. Your brand can add value to the web whether it is using unique content or not.

    Cutt’s is essentially saying that Google wants to promote brands that people find useful or helpful or engaging (entertaining). The emphasis is supposed to be on building the brand. As far as the “curating” plugin is concerned – try actually curating it. Add your own unique content to whatever the curating plugin adds.

    The big problem with most of those autoblogging plugins is how they are sold. The plugin sellers tell you, “Look, ‘so-and-so is’ using duplicated content, and he/she ranks really high”. What they don’t tell you is that ‘so-and-so’ has built a recognizable brand (which is, of course, why they use a reference to ‘so-and-so’ to hawk their product in the first place :).

  28. Mark, love your tools and tips. I’ve been using authorship successfully for a while now. Your plugin should make it easier to implement on new blogs.


  29. Mark,

    A lot of my success is due to your products and helpful tutorials. I am in the process of setting up my blog at and even though it is not an IM site, most of your products and training will be very useful. Perhaps you should think about marketing to bloggers.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  30. I kind of wish there were some FB likes and Google+ plus buttons on some of the comments above. Thanks for the article and for putting the plugin out there for download. Great gift.

  31. Hey Mark, thanks for the free plugin!

  32. Hi,Mark,Thank you so much for the nice freebies, I just installed the Google Authorship Plugin and it works great. I love the TraficMeMe too,but still not work very well on my computer(windows8), when I tried to share the pictures on Pinterest,the pin boards don’t show up even I refresh it.By the way I’m a big fan of your SEO Blogs,your articles about SEO are very helpful and useful for me. A question about the SEO, I just have a website newly launched and I’m thinking to use SEO service,but it’ll cost me $1200 to start it and then have to pay $99 every month.Do you think it’s worth?or do you have any advices?Thanks Mark

    • I would not order, or buy any SEO backlinking service or tool that is meant to spam the internet with backlinks to your websites. This is old school seo. I think I was clear in my article here on what you need to do for 2013 and beyond. You actually need very little backlinks to rank high. Stay away from WSO’s or any other type of hyped up software or plugin that promises 1st page ranking for $27.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…How To Be Number One On GoogleMy Profile

  33. Hi Mark

    As a WordPress web designer I have been using your plugin for a while. Even though we all agree that authorship is now going to play a huge part in how you rank a site it still astounds me how many small businesses still shy away from any from of social media.

    Hopefully your plugin will make it easier for these business owners to see the the benefit and actually start to use social media.

  34. What a very generous gift Mark, thanks so much.
    I don’t think much of the rich snippet testing tool however. I have been trying to test my URL for 3 days now and keep gettting an error message
    “We are sorry. The service you requested is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

    Any other way of testing this?

    Thanks again

  35. Thank you Mark for your article and the free download.

    Do you have some experience with it, how long Google takes to make it to see clearly the text in the search results?

  36. Hi Mark, I did not mean my articles, but my photo after I’ve used the plugin 😉
    Sorry I expressed myself as not so good, I use the Google Translator

  37. Hi Mark

    Great article, thanks for sharing this useful info. It’s good to know what google has in mind for the future, to prevent poor use of our time in the present.

    Best regards


  38. Jez-Emprendedores

    Thank you for the video. Very useful for SEO

  39. Perfect timing Mark everything goes viral but this one is clean I like G+ a lot it has more decency and professionalism.

  40. Hi Mark, It’s good to see that you are doing so well, you started around about the same time as me, but I have not had the same success as you have, but I’m working on it.

    Thank you for the plugin, and I look forward to seeing it work.


  41. Hi Mark,
    Great plugin, but I can’t get it to work!
    I don’t see anyone else here that has had this problem, but every time I “Update User”, I get “ERROR: Please enter an e-mail address.”
    I am stumped. Of course, I enter the email, along with the other required info, but it comes back with this error every time.
    BTW, already a subscriber.
    Thanks, Jay

  42. Really really amazing plugin.. I am stuck in Authorship since past month. Lets hope this plugin works for me

    fingers crossed

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