Monday , November 30 2020
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MemberPlayer – Youtube and Vimeo Advanced Options

Ever watched an embedded Youtube or Vimeo video on a responsive (including mobile) website? Only the left half of the videos show up on the webpage when viewing on a mobile device or if you minimize your browser window.

Watch Video Below for my explanation and also a cool tutorial on how I took a 4:3 ratio video at Youtube (which gives you those black lines on the sides), and added it to MemberPlayer. I also added preloading in HD 720p, using a 4:3 ratio option, and starting at 84 seconds into the video. 🙂 (see the Roller Coaster video below)

By default, Youtube and Vimeo embed code is NOT fluid layout.

Thus, if you place the default Vimeo or Youtube embed/iframe code on a responsive/fluid layout website, you will get a bad viewer experience, especially on a mobile device.

How do you resolve this?

MemberPlayer was built from the ground floor using Responsive and Fluid layout. MemberPlayer includes the ability to play Self Hosted video files in html5 and fluid platform, as well as Youtube and Vimeo Advanced Player options in Fluid Design.

Here are some video demonstrations. Obviously, the video above is using MemberPlayer with a self hosted video url file. It is nicely responsive, and I added a nice shadow border for a cool effect (you can also add a nice shadow border around Youtube and Vimeo).

MemberPlayer  – Youtube 4:3 Ratio HD Fluid Layout


The Youtube video above, using MemberPlayer, is now fully responsive. It plays in 4:3 ratio, thus eliminating the black lines that would occur if you played it in Youtube’s default 16:9 ratio. I also added 720p HD preload, and had the video start at 84 seconds so you can only see the roller coaster. Other options I included are no control bar, no title, and no related videos at end of video.

MemberPlayer  – Youtube 16:9 Ratio HD Fluid Layout


The Youtube video above, using MemberPlayer, plays in 16:9 widescreen ratio. I also added 720p HD preload. Other options I included are no control bar, no title, and no related videos at end of video.

MemberPlayer Demo – Vimeo HD Fluid


The Vimeo video above, using MemberPlayer, is fully responsive and includes options: no title, no byline, no user portrait, no badge.

MemberPlayer – Responsive Grid Style Youtube



The Grid style is also available in Vimeo, and Self Hosted videos. The demo above include options HD preload in 1080p, no title, no related videos, no control bar.

As you can see, MemberPlayer is totally awesome. For the full featured list for Self Hosted, Youtube, and Vimeo, visit the Member Player – Click Here

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  1. Hey Mark,

    You create awesome products but what I appreciate the most about your marketing is that there is never any doubt about what you are delivering. No hype or crap, just videos that completely describe your products and what they can do. I am sure many of my fellow internet friends are pretty fed up with those launches that promise the world but never mention exactly “How” their new blah blah blah actually works or what we have to do.

    Thank you sir.

    A loyal customer.

    Rick Daniel

  2. I thought that traffic player was cool Mark… then I saw this 🙂

    OK… I bought it. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

    cheers Carl

  3. Now this is forward thinking. When the 1 responsive site concept supplanted the 1 desktop device-friendly/1 mobile device-friendly concept in 2012, I asked many responsive site developers: “But what about the videos?” They didn’t have a clue what I meant then and most still don’t today. Mark not only gets it, but creates solutions before most people even know that there is a problem.

    Mark: Does your Google Video Site Map Plugin support MemberPlayer?

  4. Mark,

    What would be a powerful option would be to play two videos, one after the other. So I could play a video and stop it before the call to action, and then seamlessly play a second video with my own call to action.

    A bit naughty but an interesting concept.


  5. Mark,

    Regards pervious suggestion. Having two videos would also be good even if the first video did not have a call to action… but you just wanted to add yours. That way the issue of replacing there Cal for action with yours would not be an issue.


  6. Will you be adding the feature that when the video ends it forwards to a URL I choose?

  7. I really like the bullet list ability of memberplayer. One thing that would be nice is to be able to assign keywords to each video. I’ve got a membership site with over 150 videos. There’re organized now – newbie, intermediate, advanced. I’ve got a plugin that allows me to recommend a course of study based on user input (topic, keywords,etc) but an extra line for keywords would allow me to really deliver a better result for my clients.

  8. The name of the video appears next to bullet. I was thinking a separate line below that could contain keywords describing the video contents, much as you see under posts etc. In my case, my user would enter keywords in the search tool which would be set to look for video with the appropriate keywords.

  9. Hi Mark,

    I’m new to advanced Video marketing so I have a question. I have selected pages on my site with a Google Map and want to have up to 60 grid style videos right under the Google Map on the same page.
    Could I have that many videos in grid style?

    P.S. Your products and services are awesome!

  10. Hey Mark, purchased, like it. I’ll find out soon when I try, but to be sure: I’m assuming that you can use YT videos in a Bullet list with popup display?


    • Youtube and Vimeo is Grid Style Embed and Single video styles only, not bullet or popup. The salespage states this. This is because I want video player to be light weight, and not full of java. Every time you add popups, etc, you add java. The more you have, the more resource heavy your script becomes, causing other issues and conflicts with other scripts, etc….
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…MemberPlayer – Youtube and Vimeo Advanced OptionsMy Profile

      • Yes, after searching, I see where that’s stated in the “note” under the Vimeo video section…..ok fine….been trying to convert video files to webm…. xmedia recode immediately stops every time so far, any ideas? I’ve tried .mov & .wmv files (don’t have .avi files)

      • Hi Mike,

        Yes, XMedia did a recent update but, for me, when I click Encode, it crashes.

        I sent them a email of this.

        What I did was visited their download page and downloaded their previous version. This works fine and is what I am using.
        Mark Dulisse recently posted…MemberPlayer – Youtube and Vimeo Advanced OptionsMy Profile

      • Mark,

        I’ve tried MP with a YT video and seemed to work fine, but no luck with self-hosted videos. Tried 2 different WP themes–one was the Twenty Twelve, so a default WP theme. Not working at all…sure, this isn’t support, but I am hoping I can use this with most WP themes for S3 hosted videos. (I do have the meta configured, etc)

        Are there problems that you guys are working to resolve with this player? Thanks in advance, I am hoping this will work for me the way it appears to work on your membership site.

      • Hi Mike, there are no issues with self hosted videos and MemberPlayer. I would recommend going to my help desk and giving all your website and video url details for fastest help.

        Mark Dulisse recently posted…MemberPlayer – Youtube and Vimeo Advanced OptionsMy Profile

  11. Hey Mark!
    Appreciate your idea. Going to purchase it and will tell you after i utilize it myself. Thanks for informing.

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