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5 Keys To Grow Your Internet Marketing Business In 2010 And Beyond

As the end of another decade approaches it amazes me how time marches on so fast. I can remember when in 1975  calculating how old I would be at the year 2000. At the time, it seemed like eternity. Looking back, life can pass by you quickly, and it is important to savour every moment, live happy, and move forward.

As I look at the internet marketing world in which we do business, it is becoming more competitive, and the landscape is changing greatly. From what I see, here is what it will take if you want to “move forward” and make a full time and significant income online in the 2010 and beyond.

1. You Must Grow Your List AND Connect With Your Subscribers

List building is vitally important to the internet marketer and unquestionably the fastest way to get traffic to your sites.  Nothing beats the value and worth of a responsive list. Admittedly, there are short cuts to building a list, and product launching with JV partnerships certainly seems to be the best method. If you are not a product owner, there are very good secondary method, such as article, video, forum, and blogging marketing.

Connecting with your subscribers turns a lead into a buyer and potentially repeated customer for a long time. Hence, to make the most out of your email marketing efforts to your subscibers you will want to present them with:

(a) free information that is going to help them succeed online

(b) affiliate offers that are tested and are the best.

You do not want to over promote your list with every launch coming out. Only offer the best. Present to them products that you yourself use to make an income online.

2. Focus On “One” Product And/Or Website

One of the dangers when first starting out as an affiliate marketer is the plethora of information that is available, and there is always a “new” thing being promoted. It is easy to become easily distracted with what you are trying to accomplish by chasing the “new idea.” Stick to your business plan. If something comes along that compliments your business, then certainly you will want to take advantage of the opportunity.

You will want to focus on one product or website. If your product is in the weightloss niche, then write articles, make videos, etc., for your ONE weightloss website and product. Don’t be all over the map, trying to enter the weightloss niche, and another competitive niche at the same time. First, dominate and make cash in the niche you are going after before you move to another niche. Focus is the key.

When I first started out I made the mistake of becoming distracted in my marketing efforts, and you can waist a lot of time and money doing this. Hence, learn from my experience, and in 2010 focus on one product/website and completely dominate.

3. Outsourcing To Grow Your Business Will Become Increasingly Essential

Internet marketing is becoming very complex, and you basically have to be a “jack of all trades” to make your first $100 dollars online. However, you simply do not have the “time” to properly do all the work that needs to be done in order to catapult your business to the next level.

Do you want to earn $30,000 a year, or $200,000 net per year online? The difference is outsourcing.

Graphics, website coding, scripts, search engine optimimization, article writing and spinning, video creation and marketing, membership scripts and marketing, all need to be covered and developed to really grow your business. However, you can only do so much. You are limited by time, and time is money in this business. To grow your business to the next level you will have to outsource projects to professionals to maximize your income. Leave the techie and time consuming stuff to outsourcers (ie. graphics, scripts, coding, article writing, seo), and focus your attention on list building and email marketing. That is my advice.

4. Video Marketing Is Essential To Growing Your Business

The written word is powerful, and can convince people to open up their wallets and buy from you. However, video marketing touches other powerful senses to convince your prospect. Videos enable you to “connect” with your audience, especially the homemade Youtube style.

As we move ahead to a new decade you will see the medium of video becoming much more powerful. Already we are seeing “video salespages” wherein the entire salescopy in contained in a video presentation, with a simple order button next to the video.

Take advantage of the power of video in the year ahead to maximize your affiliate marketing efforts.

5. More Offline Businesses Will Continue To Look Online To Generate More Business

We have seen a huge growth spurt of local businesses who are looking online to grow their business. Everything from lawyers to restaurant owners. Internet marketers, and those who take advantage of outsourcing, have a huge opportunity here.

Small business owners have a large portion of the wealth, and as they look online to expand their wealth, they will be willing to pay top dollar to the internet marketer who can help them accomplish their goals.  If you can offer a package that includes website development, traffic, and lead generation, there are countless businesses out there who will pay you top dollar to help get them online.

Be encouraged as a internet marketer. In fact, I believe that the internet marketer, if he/she goes after the offline market, is sitting on a absolute goldmine and positioned to be handsomely rewarded in the year ahead. Develop a business plan, set up a website, get some brochures made up and business cards, attend a local trade show and set up a booth, start connecting with business people, and you will see $200,000 per year is a drop in the bucket for you. Seriously!

I wish everyone a happy holidays, and may the next decade be the best and fun-filled time of your life as you reap the rewards of your internet marketing efforts and business plans.

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  1. Thank you, Mark. I’ve been marketing online for a few years now and things continue to change more and more rapidly. I am just now beginning to understand how things work and how to make them work better. Your comments about outsourcing are especially helpful. I think that most new online marketers (including myself) are tempted to try and do everything themselves to try to save some money. The result, however, is that we end up losing more in the long run both in terms of quality and the amount of return on investment. Thanks for helping up to move forward with a better plan of action for the coming year.


  2. Paul de Foiard-Brown

    Thank you Mark,
    I will second what Tim wrote and add that I fully agree with you about the Offline opportunities. As a matter of fact, I am honing my skills online and trying to learn as much as I can , in order to take my buisness offline in the next six months.
    While I love niche marketing and will continue to build that side of my enterprise, the big money is offline, and the time to get your company branded is now… the competition will be fierce in the coming years and the early bird WILL get the worm.

    Merry X-mas

    Paul in Montreal

  3. Mark,

    You rock. Consistently overdelivering. Very much the guru for the 2010’s.

    Keep up the fantastic work. Money permitting I will probably buy everything you put out.

    Talking about Outsourcing can I give my VA access to your IM Niche Formula or do I have to buy a copy for him?

    • Hi Justin,

      I’m a little bit leary in admitting VA’s inside. In my personal experience, I’ve had VA’s work for me who unsurprisingly was working for another marketer as well. This VA then started sharing passwords and logins of the products of the other marketers he worked with. Very uncool, especially when he learned the other marketer was in my inner circle. 🙂

  4. Hi Mark,

    Good advice reiterating the importance of the core values in any business whether it is Online or Offline. I liked the idea of focusing on one thing at a time and only when after measuring the profitability/loss of that project should one jump onto the next. This is especially important for Newbies(i hate this word!). I figured that having a mentor is almost necessary in Internet Marketing and I am glad to be a student of IM Niche formula. Now my only complaint is lack of communication (from your end). for example. you recently (more than a week ago) sent an email about Automatic Article Submitter and you mentioned that it is a great software. I replied back to you to clarify something on it and didn’t received a response back from you yet. Other than that, IM Niche Formula is truly a comprehensive no holds barred course in every right.

    • Hi Vikrant,

      It is best to write a support ticket to get in touch with me. If you send me a regular email, it will surely get lost among hundreds I receive.

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