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Are JV Parterships Hurting Your Business?

This article may be controversial to some, threatening to others, and refreshing to most.

Are JV Partnerships Hurting Your Business? What do you think?

It has been said many times, “the money is in the list.” While there is a lot of truth in that statement, I would add a qualifier: “the money is in a well treated list.

About 1 month ago I received a email from a well known and respected internet marketers that was clearly a promotional email. I don’t have a problem with a promotion email, as I do that myself. However, I did have a problem with what he was promoting, and “why” he was promoting.

While I don’t want to get into “motivations” of another marketer, I did raise an important issue when I stated to him, “PROTECT YOUR LIST.” The question back to me was, “what do you mean, ‘protect your list?'”

Let me ask you a series of questions: Who are more important to you, JV partnerships or your list subscribers? Are you more concerned about making money from your list, or do you truly want to feed your list with the appropriate knowledge to help them succeed? The answers to these questions are paramount to your philosophy and values of internet marketing.

This is what I see happening, and while I have no easy answers, I certainly do raise the problem :).

Five to ten internet marketers will form a “inner circle” and commit to each other in the promoting of each others stuff to their list. The danger here is that the loyalty is to the jv partner, and not the best interests of the subscribers and customer. In fact, even if your jv partner has lowsy products, you are still committed to doing a mailing and offering these lowsy products to your subscribers/customers. In return, the jv partner emails to thier list when you have a product. Sounds like a good deal, eh?

Here is another danger. If you decide not to promote a jv partners products to your list, the jv partner will not promote for you to their list as well. And if the jv partner has a big list, this potentially means a large loss of income for you. Ouch!

Also, if you do jv partnerships, you likely will gain a lot of subscribers when they send you traffic to your salespage, and you have a optin form. Thus, having good jv partnerships with large lists will build your list fast. Without jv partnerships, it takes a lot longer to build your list.

But this leads me to my main thesis to this article. I would rather have zero jv partners and be a solo marketer, completely independant, treating my list like gold, than to be tied up in a “unhealthy alliance” with jv’s.

Yes, it takes longer to build your list by not being dependant on jv’s, but your list will reward you. Instead of your subscribers being hit with promotion after promotion (like most list owners do), you are feeding them pure knowledge, and then when you send out a email that says “buy this because I recommend it,” there is a flurry of activity towards the order button. Why? Because they respect your advice. You treat them right. They trust your advice. Your subscribers feel as if you are taking care of them…and you are.

If you take care of your list, your list will take care of you!

Every time you do a mailing for a jv partner you are putting your list at risk. Hence, you should be examining the jv partner, examining his/her products, and only promote to your list products that will benefit your list..even at the cost of severing your jv alliance. That is my philosophy.

I have a much smaller list than many internet marketers, but my list is highly responsive. Have I recommended a product in the past that turned out not to be that great? Yes, admittedly I have. Especially in my early days online. Haven’t we all. But, I strive to do better.

The best method to build your list is to naturally build it yourself through article, video, and social media marketing. Then, build trust and loyalty. These will be your best subscribers/customers. Using  jv partners is a fast method, but your list will not be as responsive. Remember, if they are on your list using jv parterships, they are on 30 other lists as well.

To summarize, here are some list building tips:

  • Always put your customers/subscribers first, not the jv partner
  • Be very leary of adswaps with jv partners. Every time you do a adswap, you weaken your list
  • Be leary to do a mailing to your list to promote a product during its pre-launch because you are weakening your list. During prelaunch most product owners are wanting to build their list, and you see a optin form. Wait until launch day to promote, when the optin form is gone, and all you see is a salespage for your customers/subscribers to order.
  • Do build your list naturally by article, video, and social media marketing, using squeeze pages to capture the leads.
  • Do form jv partnerships that are like-minded with your business values and goals

The money is in a well treated list!

Yours in knowledge,


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  1. Well said, and I do notice that about your list. Jeff Johnson also says the same thing.

  2. Hi Mark,

    100% agree too many supposed Gurus more interested in $$$$$$ in the bank.

    Now get out of my in box as I’m listing to your SEnuke video course got to stop Learning and start Earning ?


    Happy New Year Everyone

  3. Hi Mark,

    I agree too that many are just interested in the $$$$ but I think I did come across you through one of those offers so not always bad. 🙂 🙂

    Have a Happy New Year!

    Thanks Mark there is some great info here.


  4. Hey Mark,

    Really interesting take. It’s something I am debating at the moment as I am slowly building up my list. There is a lot of talk about doing adswaps to build my list fast and whilst I find it an interesting idea and obviously love the idea of having a large list sooner rather than later I do receive a number of emails that are adswap after adswap after adswap.

    I shall sleep on it some more!

    • Yes, adswaps can work, but keep in mind that your list that you receive is a weak one, and your list that you are giving to someone else is weakened too.

  5. This is how I treat IM’s that want to jv with me. It is kind of like lets be friends before we date approach. I ask the the person to write a relevant article for my list. On my monthly newsletter I have a guest starring colum and stick him here. Based on the response to the article of my list help determines if I move forward. I like this because when I do his offer I can say Hey, you guy s remember so and so who wrote last months how to get more shows, well he has a new course out and if you liked his article you should check it out. this way I not putting my name on the line say you gotta buy this and also it feels less salesy and more like I am just passing this info along.

    It has worked for me very well. What do you think?

    • Austin, that’s a cool approach. I like it…that’s assuming one has a newsletter, which is another great idea. Thanks.

  6. Hi Mark-

    I couldn’t agree further more. I’ve placed many of promotions in my spam folder because they email to frequently or with to many promotions. All the hard word of building the list can be destroyed instantly.

  7. article submission reviews

    Hey Mark,

    I completely agree. As I mentioned in another comment, I’m on the list of all the big gurus and all they do anymore is promote each others stuff.

    As a result, I’ve lost a lot of respect for some of these guys and will never purchase anything from them as I know that all they care about is making a commission.

    There’s nothing wrong with making a commission if you truly provide value to your list and recommend something that you truly believe in…but that’s not what I’ve been seeing lately.


  8. Nice modification to the statement “The money is in the list”
    I really have started unsubscribing to most peoples lists – it is the same stuff, and just a distraction. You look at the cool new course and just want to use that and switch over to that. Just better to unsubscribe than to get distracted except if the person really sends something of value.

  9. Thats a great idea Austin! Will definitely be incorporating it.

  10. The issue of this post reminds me of an Inaugural Address of a President: It is subject to his core values and his moral. When he promises a lot, he can loose a lot if he is not honest.

    If I want to make fast money in my business with promoting lousy products I will loose my good reputation in the long run.

    So the question is not: Do I want JV and a great list and get rich fast.
    The question is more like: How do I want to sleep at night. Can I sleep better when I have a lot of money on my account because I promote lousy products?

    Or, do I sleep better with low income but with a good conscience till my business is well known?

    This question is a case of conscience and each and every salesman has to answer this question by himself. And the answer is as crucial for his business as the answer is to limus test in normal life: It determines about rise and fall of his credibility.

    There is no easy answer to this issue, there is only an easy decision has to be taken. So first decide and then take action.

    If I decide for JV with lousy products I have to do in Rome as the Romans do.

    If I decide for freedom and independence, I have to fight alone but integrity will pay out one day.

  11. Mark

    Just stumbled across your post and I can say from recent personal experience that what you say is right. For the first time in my business my list has actually decreased in the last couple of weeks because I fell into the trap of promoting lousy adswap partner products, promoting too many in a short space of time and not respecting my list. There was a small mutiny almost straight away because I am sure that some of my subscribers thought I had ‘sold out’ and my emails became just like everyone else’s.

    Part of the problem too is around scheduling too many follow-up messages and then sending adswap broadcasts. Some subscribers would have got 2, maybe 3, messages in a day – result – unsubscribe.

    I’ve recovered now and learnt my lesson – I’ve deleted all follow-up messages, developed a content filled newsletter and restricted adswaps to fewer and higher quality. Result – my list is going up again.

    Anyone reading this should take note of all this before it makes sense. Well done Mark.

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