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Comment Contest Winner #2 – Carl Vanderpal

Winner # 2 to the blog Comment Contest for having one of the best ideas to making $1,000 and over in 45 days or less goes to down under local seo consultant “Carl Vanderpal.”

Carl is a full time seo consultant to offline businesses to help them get online and to help local businesses generate leads and customers. He also helps and manages local businesses adwords campaigns. For local businesses that already have a website, Carl is able to make recommendations to help them further their marketing efforts.

What makes Carl Vanderpal unique is that he brings to the table web and blog design, starting from scratch. In other words, Carl is able to look at a business and create a professional website for them, including graphics, videos, and overall design. I have looked at some of Carl’s work, and he is very good at what he does.

Carl Vanderpal’s winning idea is to do a local advertisement in your community where by you hold a free seminar for local businesses on how generate leads on the internet, etc…. Make the advert snazzy. During the seminar, come out with a full menu of your services, and break it down so that there is a small budget, medium, and large budget. Carl has it down to a science.

Listen to my interview with Carl on his system:

What particularly caught my interest in this entire area of local seo for offline businesses when in one conversation with Carl he said, “In the online community you can get about $200 for a website, but in the offline market you can get about $2,000.” My reaction was, “I’m in the wrong business.”

Seriously, this is huge business. Carl will break down his services to offline businesses in detail: Do they want hosting? Extra. Do they want video marketing and video seo? Extra. Do they want autoresponder? Extra. Do they want on-going seo? Extra. The real opportunity is not only the upfront money you make, but the recurring monthly fee you can charge for on-going website costs.

Make a comment: What are you doing for local seo? I have a complete series on how to do this, in my Dominating Google course.

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  1. Mark,

    PRE: Here is a twist to my original post and audio above – you can typically do $1,000 in an afternoon, minus expenses. It will once again get them calling & chasing you, rather than you chasing them.

    The term workshop comes across more of “I’m here to help you, rather than I’m here to pitch fest you”. So, the best thing to do is say to them right up front of the workshop “I want you to relax, as I am not here to sell you ANYTHING, so no $10,000 packages etc..that is why we’re calling it a workshop – as it will be very practical / hands on training that you can take home right now and apply it to your business by the time you leave”.

    SIDE NOTE: The object of the workshop is to help them as much as you can (since they are paying up front). You will notice some things during the workshop, most will be taking notes vigorously, but about 1/2 way through, they will stop, as they will get to the point of overload…then at the end of the workshop DO NOT TRY AND SELL THEM…just say “If any one wants my business cards to help them, just take one, and I will see if I can help you”. Cause what will happen is they will see how much work it is, and they do not have time to do it all, or try and get their head around it (steep learning curve), so they see you as the professional/expert and get you to do it all for them.

    That is when you can then sell them your SEO, SEM, DESIGN, AUTO RESPONDER etc packages.

    So, down the to the twist:

    1) Do the same thing as mentioned on the audio, but convert it into a workshop and charge anywhere from $47 – $297, (to achieve $1,000 in an afternoon all you need is 22+ people at $47 = $1034, 4+ x $297 = $1188, of course you can get more people if you want..haha) 3 hours should allow you to cover your topics with questions and answers and a bit of networking (encourage them to network at the this will produce more value to them).

    2) DO _NOT_ TRY TO SELL ANYTHING at the end of the workshop except for handing out your business card offering help.

    3) When they do call you, offer them a free 15 min consult, where you do a quick audit of their website etc (set up a specific time)

    4) On the 15 min audit check things like on page optimization elements eg. Titles, Meta Data (descriptions, keywords, H1 etc), make sure they are targeting local (niche keyword + suburb) within their pages. Then, if they say I need your help (which most do), then you offer your packages.

    SIDE NOTE: Offer the workshop at a reasonable price (don’t go overkill on this), as you will get all of the backend sales. So, besides the $1,000 you make from the workshop, you will also make quite a bit from all backend sales (most clients will become monthly subscribers to your services).

    So in fact you’re now double dipping (front end and backend sales).

    Hope that helps, now get to it 😉

  2. I’ve known Carl for about 7 or 8 months and have done several project with him. This guy knows what he is talking about. I have to break out the notepad and pen when talking to him because there was no way I could retain all the stuff he has shared with me.

    Congrats Carl on winning this, you deserve it. 🙂


  3. Have known Carl for a little over 4 years. Like Jack above, my brain normally hurts after a conversation with Carl about internet… I swear the guy doesn’t sleep, he is always across the latest tools, apps trends, tricks and strategies for getting more for his clients. His ideas have recently caused me to rebuild my main website, and has given me a platform for my other sites too. Congatulations mate!

    Glen Parker

  4. Brilliant stuff from Carl, I sure would have to go some to set up sites like you done for the fishing lodge, very nice site indeed, learned a lot from your audio, defo something I am looking to set up, have taken lots of notes thanks to Mark and Carl.

    Best wishes.


  5. Jack, Glen & Mike – Thanks for that, appreciate it.

    Just for the benefit of Mark’s readers I’ll let you know some of the results we got with Jacks and some of my own using video SEO. (If you all don’t understand the power of video, then I encourage you to at least look into it as a way of getting some serious traffic to your site)

    I believe I was one of the first to use kick @$$ videos as a way of promoting a launch for an up and coming product and get it ranked on the first page for that particular launch. (It’s even better with Mark’s plugins..)

    1) Jacks campaign at one stage we had about 8 listings on the first page of “video results” for a launch we were doing, currently we have positions 1,2,3,4 & 9. Then on the organic results we had 4 listings on the front page, 2 were videos and 2 were normal listings (2nd was an indented listing)

    2) My own results for video SEO have been amazing to say the least…the fastest I got on the first page for a medium competitive keywords was 6 mins.. That channel has got around 300,000 views so it humming along nicely.

    And for one of my other clients’ keywords we totally owned the first page with up to 9 out of 10 organic listings on the first page, then about 36 out of 50 results on the first 5 pages.. Then, several of his videos got on to the Sports Illustrated video section, and has now been approached by several cable companies in the USA to show his stuff on there..which was cool.

    The funniest one was for another client one of his videos got picked up by a UK news site..and in about 4 days got around 287,000 views..hahaha

    You never know what can that one video do to your site and then traffic.

    So adding video to the mix for your local businesses is a it is darn easy to get it ranked.


  6. Congrats Carl. I’ve known you for over 10 years as the “go to” guy for creating successful Online Businesses, effective SEO and getting the intel for strategic sales campaigns. I know you are a gifted man and probably should put your prices up!?! With only so many hours the day and with your vast experience can you take on more clients, anyway? Well done Carl on winning here … but not very surprising for those who know your talents.


  7. video seo is new for me and some of the stats here are really good thank you for the information i will look inti this further

  8. One of the best ways to do local SEO is community events, have competitions, raffles, hold seminars and arrange group meetings. These things will be talked about by y your community, and you will get links.

  9. The more articles I read here the more I become addicted, its like a book you cant put down…….. keep up the good work mark am loving it….


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