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Dominating Google

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On June 15th, at 12 noon EST, I will begin accepting students for a new course I have assembled called Dominating Google“.

If you’ve read this blog before, you know that only about 2 years ago I knew squat about “making money online.” I was pathetically sour in life, down in the gutter emotionally and financially.

Like a lot of folks out there, life had dealt me some hard knocks and I was on the ropes.  (And if you don’t know anything about life’s ‘hard knocks’ then just keep livin’… your turn will come.

I didn’t even know what a WordPress blog was, let alone wacky acronyms like ‘HTML’ and big words like ‘hosting.’  I bought a few ebooks and courses, and learned a little bit, but still didn’t make a dime.

I tried my hand at ‘online surveys’ for a week.  And was THAT ever a low point. Next, I bought into a online MLM network marketing scheme. I made a few bucks, but spent more and maxed out my Visa on Google Adwords.

I really was full of sour grapes at this point, and I ended up joining a membership run by Alex Goad in April 2008. I couldn’t tell you why I even joined – I was chasing my losses, and harboring a really bad attitude.

This membership had a forum and I went in there and just vented and whined and complained – just being a terrible citizen.  Alex actually kicked me out for a week or two because I was so negative.

So with no place online to whine and pout, I actually had to get to work!  So I got back on the horse and started some keyword campaigns…

And wouldn’t you know it!  During the 2 weeks that I was banned, I actually grabbed some top rankings pages for my website!  I had turned my anger and frustration in to WORK FUEL and actually started to make a few sales!

Jeepers, was I excited!

When the ban was lifted I came back to the forum a new man.  Not only succeeding, but filled with a desire to be the guy who helps instead of pouts – the guy who knows what DOES WORK instead of Mr. “That will NEVER work!”

Some other guys in my position might have whipped up a product and would be selling the same old stuff to this very day.  But that was 2 years ago… and life has evolved for me.

  • The internet has evolved – and adds more users every day!
  • Google has evolved – and tries to give those users what they want!
  • My skill set has evolved – as I adapt to give both Google AND users what THEY want (so they will give me what I want: top rankings, more traffic, and more sales)!

It’s only natural that worked 2 years ago to get top Google ranking to make some money does not work very effectively today.

Many people think Google does not like internet and affiliate marketers doing SEO very much.  But the fact is, Google doesn’t make it personal – what they DON’T like is low quality websites and content.  Google puts the USERS first.

Two years ago the “method du jour” was to post content to a bunch of web 2.0 properties with your backlink, and then bookmark like crazy, and you’ll do great in the search engine.

To see for yourself that the old strategy does not work any more all you have to do is search!  You rarely see a web 2.0 property on Google’s first page.  It can even be hard to get the web 2.0 property indexed unless you spend a lot of time grooming it.

It’s certainly not “post and profit” anymore.  You have to know EXACTLY what Google wants from your site, and you have to give it to them.

And if you want to actually SELL anything with those rankings, you will need to know what your USERS want, too.

I’ve been getting bombarded with questions as to what is included with Dominating Google, and the shroud of secrecy in this launch. Yes, it is correct, I have been completely silent to what I’m about to reveal on June 15th.

You will have to wait until June 15th, noon EST, so see my salespage to find out all about Dominating Google.

But let me just say that Dominating Google is teaching you how to make money online by getting top ranking and Google’s search engine.  But not just for fun – it’s about selling a bunch of stuff, too!

You could call it an evolution of everything I’ve learned over the years about not just conquering Page 1 whenever I want to, but STAYING there, and using that “anchor” ranking to secure MULTIPLE listings on that page.

“Dominating Google” isn’t just a clever name – it’s literally what I will teach you to do!

Here is a sneak peak of some of the tools that are just a small part of the product….

Weapon #1 – SEOPower WordPress Plugin (currently free during prelaunch)

This wordpress plugin will optimize your wordpress blog, and help you to zero in on buyer keywords to get higher rankings on Google. You can currently get this for FREE as part of my prelaunch at Dominating Google.

My Dominating Google product is NOT just about a few plugins, but at the same time, it is NOT just a info product either. I give REAL knowledge, practical and useful tools, to get you TOP ranking in Google’s SERPs.

A couple more tools included are (watch video):

Weapon #2 – Google Video Sitemap WordPress Plugin

I normally sell this for $97 (google video sitemap), and I just opened it to the public 2-3 weeks ago.

Here is what this very cool plugin will do for you….

You have seen a cluster of video thumbnails in the search engine result pages, right? Pretty much all of them are Youtube videos.

Not any more….

  • Now you can get your flash videos on your blogs in Google’s search engines, with the thumbnail of your video, and on Google’s first page.
  • If you already have a first page ranking for one of your blog postings, simply add a flash video to that same blog posting, and your video will also be on page one, giving you a Double Listing: one listing for your blog post, and another for your flash video, with a thumbnail of your video in the search results.
  • No longer will you have to use Youtube to get your videos in the search results, and then hoping web surfers will click on your little link in the description box. Now, your video and thumbnail in the search engines will take them directly to your website.
  • There are a lot more features, but these are just a few of the highlights.

You will not believe how powerful this is. I’ll next email I will give a quick video demo on this to prove it.

There is more…

Weapon #3 – WP RSS Optimizer & Backlink Automator Plugin

This is a bit technical for the beginner, but I can ensure you that if you install this tool, it is completely autopilot.

Google is getting smarter. They tell us plainly that they want natural backlinks, where someone enjoys the content on your site and thus links to it.

The more quality backlinks you have, the higher your rankings, the more traffic to your sites, and the more money in your pocket.

As seo specialists, we try to figure out ways to add quality backlinks to our sites ourselves, because if we wait for others to give us backlinks, it can take forever.

The old school is to create a bunch of web 2.0 properties (like a squidoo lens or hubpage), with your backlink to your site. Then, the old school is to bookmark like crazy all your sites, including your web 2.0 property sites.

Google has picked up on this trend, and that is why today you will rarely see a web 2.0 property on the first page of Google for a competitive keyword (where as one year ago you would).

In my course I show you a completely new way of backlinking, but here I want to state that there is still one area that Google still loves…

RSS Feeds…. Google loves RSS Feeds.

Here is the skinny on what my WP RSS Optimizer does, and if you don’t understand then you’ll just have to trust me as a seo expert that is this REAL GOOD for backlinks and seo ranking on automation…

The beauty of a rss feed is that you can submit your blog rss feed to rss directories and rss aggregator sites for a ton of high page ranking backlinks, and viral traffic and webmasters will put your rss feed on their sites for content.

The rss feed has YOUR content, with your dofollow anchor text links in the feed, and when Google see’s your dofollow links on someone else’s, that counts as a backlink vote, and the more quality votes you have, the higher ranking you will have in the search engines.

Here is the problem – a wordpress blog only has one feed, and you can only submit your feed ONCE to the rss directories.


  • WP RSS Optimizer will turn EVERY blog posting into a unique RSS Feed, with dofollow anchor text backlinks on the feed.
  • WP RSS Optimizer plugin, when you click PUBLISH to post a article on your blog, will automatically submit this rss feed to 13 rss directory sites (over 25 when I’m done with it).
  • WP RSS Optimizer plugin will email you the posting rss feed as soon as you click PUBLISH to post your article to your blog, thus allowing you to have easy access if you want to do additional submissions to other rss aggregator sites and directories.

I assure you, these 3 weapons of Google warfare are simply outstanding.

Google has 86% of the search engine traffic. And, organic traffic is converting traffic.

High Google Ranking = More Traffic = More Money

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Great to read your story. I’m eager to see what’s inside Dominating Google. Great wp plugins!


  2. Excellent the things you have developed. I am new to using WP for sites and blogging… and not sure I can afford your program, but anxious to see what it entails.

    I primarily do freelance for others, so not sure how I would use this for client sites… and would need to recoup the cost in some manner.

    But I like what I’m seeing… and agree the 2.0 thing really puts me off anyway.

    Thanks, Mark…

  3. Hello Mark,
    These three plug-ins sound wonderful and a real game changer. Certainly, all of these tasks could be accomplished by hand using a variety of tools. I know as I have done them, including the video site maps. But what is so incredible is you would have to have some help and or outsource. I see where just these three plug-ins alone will save me countless hours per week.

    Most weeks I spend over 10 hrs a week analyzing my Google Analytics accounts alone. The free POWERSEO plug-in seems like it might eliminate most of that activity. This is all time I will be able to spend building more content and building more profit sites. So I am really excited about the other two plug-ins and the course. I think you have a real winner here. Can’t wait to see more details.

  4. Mark,

    Thanks for the tools. I’m a quick study but your information is catching me up to what I need to know as a new blog owner. I can’t wait for your program to go live!


  5. Thanks Mark. I totally relate to your journey. Your right , life does turn around. Just hang in there.

    Also will this course differ from your Niche course you offer.

    Other than the new plugins of course.

    • Hi Eric,

      Yes, the course is different that IM Niche Formula. This is strictly on Dominating Google. IM Niche Formula is about making money in the IM niche.

  6. Great stuff Mark… are always up or ahead of trend and
    I know that it is always easy to follow..

    Even though this is google domination….will other search
    engines pick up sites.

    Cheers…….please think about pay plan

    • Hi Shaun,

      I go over Google’s search engine, and don’t go into Bing or Yahoo, etc.

      It does include Google’s universal search….if that tells you anything.

  7. Many thanks for sharing this with us… I like this very well. Because I am just starting in the business and need as much information I can get… Great blog to start 🙂 For the cours I’m eager to see what’s inside Dominating Google. Cheers…

  8. Hi Mark,

    Love the free SEOPower WordPress Plugin and have already implimented it on a few of my blogs. The Google Video Sitemap WordPress Plugin looks good but I must confess I havent really gotten into video – yet! The big one I am very excited about it the WP RSS Optimizer & Backlink Automator Plugin – wow I can see the potential especially as I have a few established blogs (and a few hundred still in development in my mind) which this would be great for!

    Really looking forward to Tuesday and finding out what Dominating Google is all about in more detail…

    Only 2 more sleeps to go! 🙂


  9. Mark,

    You seriously over-provide in everything you do. Even the free blog posts provide enough inspiration, fuel, and ideas to get the most unmotivated out of the dumps, and taking action now today. Keep it up, and I’m looking forward to your Dominating Google launch.

  10. Hi Mark, love the Mickey Mouse shirt. As website owner’s we all want the same thing; lots, and lots , and lots of targeted visitors. Thank you for the tools that will help us Dominate Google. I hope its not too expensive. New to RSS feeds, but willing to learn.

  11. Hi Mark. many thanks for your information. I wondered if you have used the SEO power Plug In on Socrates as yet. Is it compatible? Cheers and thanks for your content . Very good

  12. Mark ~ I have always trusted you and your products in this seas of get rich stuff online. I look forward to your new product and what it will do for my business. Thanks for all you do:)

  13. Hi Mark, I have the two plugins and am using them. I have seen a difference. I love anything that has nothing to do with adwords and my goal is to dominate google as much as I can. I am sure Dominating Google will be a quality product like all those you provide.

  14. I like your style of writing Mark, very simple and to the point. I like learning new strategies about dominating google so eagerly await your launch

  15. The comments here are “nofollow”…Heh heh….Marks making sure there’ll be no pageRank getting passed from this tightass pageRank 0 blog!

  16. Hi Mark,

    Sounds like an interesting product. The plug-ins look nice, but I’m already doing really good with other plug-ins I have. For many of my sites, I’m on the second page and just can’t get to that first page.
    So will this course help with that?

    And particularly, will this stuff also apply to regular, static websites?
    (Obviously, not the plug-ins part).

    • Hi Dennis,

      Yes, the product is about getting to page one.

      The material will also apply to static sites, if there is ongoing dynamic content in particular.

  17. Mark,

    I must say that you are really generous to give the SEO Power plugin for free. These tools are really one of a kind! I haven’t seen anything like this before my entire career as an online marketer.

    I have forwarded this news to all of my friends and they all saying a BIG thank you to me for sharing this great tool.

    Anyway, it is awesome! and thank you for sharing this with us…

  18. Wow!! For someone who’s only been in Internet Marketing for such a short time, your achievements are massive. I’m a 71 year-old grandmother who’s also been here for over 2 years & I’m STILL trying to figure it all out! Being a pensioner, I hope your course is not too expensive for me.

  19. These plugins will save me hours of wasted time creating RSS feeds and submitting each one. Anything that saves time like that is well worth the purchase. Thanks Mark.

    P.S. Cool Shirt

  20. Hi Mark,
    First I want to sincerely thank you for notifying me about your new offer regarding dominating Google. Although I am currently unemployed and can’t afford to spend even a small amount of money on any offers until I get another steady income to cover my living expenses alone, I really do appreciate all of the valuable information you provided me with just in your video. I have already installed most of the plugins you recommend in your video on two of my blogs and will be implementing them on the rest very soon. Like you, I too have been trying to create a steady monthly income online which can be very frustrating at times but I have told myself that will succeed at this and I refuse to give up and hopefully I will be successful in the long run.

    Thanks again for all of the valuable information in your video. I only hope that one day I can become as successful as you in the online marketing arena.

    Bryan Hess

  21. Thakns for the SEO plug in, these two additional plug ins look really useful espcially the RSS feed.


  22. “Dominating Google”, what a catchy and ambitious product name. Sounds like a miracle. Or is it only a sales pitch? I don’t know.

    But I know: Only the person who believes in miracles is a realist.

    So let’s be relistic: If a skilled and well-known online marketer gives you such a great self developped SEOPower WordPress Plugin for free, then this called a miracle.

    I downloaded it already and I love it. And I’m sure you will hate yourself for a long time if you are going to miss this out. So download it, let it run on your site and you will love it, and Google will love it as well.

    Another miracle seems to me the biography of the online marketer itself. Only two years ago he was down at the bottom of the pit and now he is successful and leading in his branch.

    Perhaps he knows a secret?

    I’m sure he must. And I’m afraid there must be more than one.

    However I’m a soccer fan. And I do not like to study new stuff at all during the Soccer World Championship. There are other important things to do like watching the games.

    But “Dominating Google” sounds so compelling, that I think I will do it anyway.

    And even if our national soccer team is not able to bring the title home I still will be the winner then. Because I will know the sectrets. The secrets of a salesman that due to his generosity shows us how beautyful and unique a salesman soul can be, when it is more interested in solving the problems of people than worrying about making a quick bug today.


  23. Great summary on how to claim the listing… do you have a post in the works that discusses how to improve the local listing rankings? Google Local / Google map is big business, I remember Google having some issue with locksmiths and other people who where taking advantage of the system. Thank You;).

  24. Hi Mark:

    Quick question – because your new Plug-ins do so much. I wonder about the resource burden. Will your new Plug-ins cause our websites to load slower? I know Google considers load time as a factor in it’s rankings. Appreciate any thoughts you have on this topic.


  25. Hi Mark,
    Wow, you are the answer to my prayers. No just kidding… 🙂
    Your plugins are awesome. I did not know the course was a bonus.


  26. Mark,

    This looks good and I probably will buy it. But, I am wondering if you can tell us if you would have bought this type of program (your program) back when you were starting out? Whom does this program work best for? When can a person normally expect to see some ROI for the investment? Just curious.

    • Hi Jim,

      No, I would not have bought this type of course when I was first starting out.

      I bought into “online surveys” instead. Let us just say I was misguided.

      Regarding how much your ROI will be, is entirely up to you. This is not a mlm money making scheme, but a “how to get top google ranking course.”

  27. Hi Mark,

    Just want to let you know that it seems your google video sitemap link is not working Can you please check it out?

  28. Mark, would your 3 plugins work in any wordpress theme? I am planning to get the Socrates wordpress theme but I’m worried that your plugins might not work in it.

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