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January 2010 Hottest Internet Marketing Products

January is typically a hot month in the internet marketing industry. Cool new products, new and advanced marketing scripts released, a lot of energy to make money after the holidays. I personally see three products that are worth taking a look at.

There are so many ways to make money online, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to either creating your own product, or selling someone else’s as an affiliate. From experience, I can tell you that selling someone else’s product as an affiliate is a heck of a lot less trouble, and can be very lucrative.

Not everyone enjoys the Internet Marketing Niche..which I am involved in. For one, it is highly competitive. Secondly, there is a lot of “inner circle” stuff happening which can drive you mad :). Thirdly, there are a lot of newbie-experts that ruin it for many good marketers. What I mean is, there is nothing worse than someone claiming to be a internet marketing expert who is not. And fourth, the internet marketing niche is not very lucrative unless you’re a super affiliate and you have a large list. Yes, you can make a decent dollar by busting your rear-end, but other niches are much more lucrative (ie. health, sports, etc.).

Here is a case in point…

In the month of January, I am mainly promoting 4 products. The first three are affiliate products, and the fourth will be my own product launch (which will not be announced today). Here they are the three affiliate products:

1. Easy Video Player – I consider this to be the “must have” out of the three products thus far, and it goes live on launch day January 12th. No, it is not a “make money” course per se, but it will make you money.

This is a software script that you put on your own server that allows you to embed flash video and audio onto your website with the push of one button.

What is more, you can put your optin form, or a paypal button, or any other html code, at the end of your video screen – right in the video frame. Additionally, it will auto-redirect at the end of the video to any site you tell it to. Plus, you can add “download, embed, and share,” buttons under the control bar if you wish.

Watch my video for demonstration:

Isn’t that the coolest video software script? There is nothing on the market that will do this. And, it links up to Amazon S3 for all your video hostings..which is dirt cheap :).

I really recommend this, and it can be found by click on the link here: Easy Video Player.

2. The Magic Bullet System – First off, this product is ALL over the internet. All the big guru’s are promoting it and there is a ton of hype, energy, and pre-launch video proofs.

The Magic Bullet System product teaches you how to make money online using CPA offers, or what is known as Cost Per Action. For example, and insurance company will pay you a nice junk of change if you drive traffic to their CPA offer to fill out an insurance quote questionaire, and will even pay you more for an application (assuming you are an affiliate).

What is cool about The Magic Bullet System is the software that Amish Shah is revealing to the general public on January 11th. This auto-blogging software will create a blog, with content, and filled with a CPA offer. Very cool!

You can click on this link to see my “The Magic Bullet System Bonus.”

3. Niche Blueprint 2.0 – Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton are, for the third time, launching Niche Blueprint. This is an entirely different product from The Magic Bullet System.

Niche Blueprint 2.0 will teach you how to set up e-commerce sites. One example they give is making thousands selling “Bird Cages.” Go figure! Again, e-commerce is a very lucrative market.

You can click on this link to see my “Niche Blueprint 2.0 Bonus.”

Those are it…the main affiliate promotions that I am doing for January.

Stay tuned as I start to spill my beans on future posts of what my own product will be.

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  1. Sounds exciting Mark! I am promoting the easyvideo player and I hope I signed up as a sub affiliate to you although I had signed up earlier so you may not get the credit. Using your VIP section course on Product Launch Formula for this so be interested to see how I get on.

    I fear I might have left it slightly late though as I am now without internet access, still it has been a great experience and I know the next time I use the system, to do a product launch I will do much better.

  2. What is a IM-Newbie doing at night? He is sitting at the computer and is waiting for a good comment about a new article because he feels unsure, if he really did get the picture.

    I was sitting, I was waiting. Noting happened. So I decided to write one by myself.

    And guys these three announcement are awesome. I read the articles, listened to the videos and was thrilled about the cutting edge technology of the new tools. I can hardly wait till they are on the marked.

    But was really swept me off my feet was not the announced stuff, it was the article of the bonus page of the Magic Bullett System. It is so brilliantly written, without any hype, easily, logically, and succinctly, that only a wonder will keep the reader from punching the order button at the end of the page.

    But there is nothing to buy right now. And I’m glad, so I have enough time to learn this sales page by heart. Because I intend to make a lot of money one day with these kind of sales pages.

  3. That easy video player looks like a great internet marketing tool, I am sure going to check it out.

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