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IM Victim Services: Beware Of Scandal

 Warning! Disturbing Video!

Greetings valued blog readers,

There is a disease that is happening in the internet marketing community that needs to be exposed, rooted out, and destroyed.

What is currently going on by some big name clickbank guru’s is so sad to me. They have lost all credibility and trust in the internet marketing community. Most of them will never be able to recover. And they should not be allowed to.

This breed of internet marketers need to be confronted and exposed for what they are: IM Criminals. And they need to be investigated for being misleading, making false claims with the intent to financially injure innocent people, and sent to Alcatraz…along with their inner circle co-conspirators who promote for them.

For these real life IM Criminals, it is all about making as much money, as fast as you can, and who cares what victims are left behind. And, the people writing the salescopy (what are their names?) are just as much at fault as the people selling this b.s..

And what is more…people are falling into their trap!

Or perhaps they are not.

  • You do realize that there is no easy button to making thousands online, right?
  • You are aware that to make a full time income online requires an enormous amount of hard work, correct?
  • You are of the belief that there is no product that you can buy for $37 (or $370,000 for that matter) that will get you making hundreds of thousands overnight, true?

Make A Stand

I am calling everyone of you, if you are on any lists that promote this type of garbage product, to do the following:

  • Unsubscribe from their list
  • Never purchase another product from this person again, no matter how strong the salespitch is
  • Write something on your blog exposing their deception
  • If you have a list, speak out. Yes, don’t be a wimp. Lead your people. Don’t be a follower.
  • Never to a JV with these people. You will lose a ton of credibility with your list for feeding them such garbage.


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  1. I totally agree with you Mark. I have had to pull out of two of the biggest launches recently as soon as I got the review copy.

    How are people expected to be able to make money online if they are being exposed to so many lies and cr*p products?

    Lets hope the Internet marketing scene sorts out its act fast……..

  2. Thanks for the excellent video Mark.

    It is a shame that people like that can even get away with such claims. Sad thing is newbies end up finding trash like the products before real products such as yours.

    These types of false claims make it hard on honest people. Best way I have found is very simple: Do not make false claims! Your business online will be short lived and all one really has is their name.

    Thanks again,


  3. I have already unsubscribe to a bunch of so called GURUS. I am sick of the hype lately and the fact that they don’t care how much they can skim off you.

    In the last couple weeks, I have spent more time requesting for refunds than working on my projects. I told myself, anybody who promoted any of these garbage launches is guilty by association and therefore lost any credibility with me.

    The sad thing is, there are only a FEW GOOD MEN left in the IM world. You, Mark, Andrew and Oz. These are the only people I subscribe to currently. Even though I buy their product every now and then, they don’t employ any of those aggressive and snake oil salesmen tactics.

    Thanks for looking out for all the up and coming internet marketers.

    Hello Kitty Fan

  4. Hi Mark,

    Funny I had just got an email from a “guru” about the Mass Traffic product. I unsubscribed before the end of your video together with a few others. As for Traffic Siphon, I got a refund a few days ago because it was not what it claimed to be. Imagine telling people to go and get a WP plugin developed to get traffic! Yes, thank you, That is SO useful – not!

    Good thing they are on Clickbank because they have a pretty efficient refund policy. That’s about the only “good” thing.

  5. Hey Mark,
    Just like in the real world where Rubbish is? recycled, it is no different on the net when it comes to selling digital products. Everything on the net is recycled even faster with a new packaging.

  6. Susan Owen-Thursfield

    Hi Mark –

    Thanks for this – no less than I have come to expect from you. I laughed out loud at the 10 exit pop screens! I agree they’re really getting out of control on some products.

    And I agree too about the “gurus” who are looking out for their JVs and treating their customers as an ATM. One guy, whose product I love and which is very well regarded by loads of folks online, seems to be sending out “Buy this”, “no, buy THIS” emails daily. I don’t want to unsub in case I miss out on any upgrades for the product… but I don’t read his emails anymore.

    And the ones who get burnt in all this are the new folks online. I think you do have to buy a certain amount of rubbish in order to progress up the learning curve – but it is criminal to shatter people’s hopes of bettering their lives with an online income.

    Good you’ve got our backs. Thanks.

  7. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the heads up. I just unsubscribe from 2
    supposed gurus list and they both had had fairly
    products too.

    Appreciate the heads up!!

    Keith ‘ThaMovieGuy’ Bates

  8. I actually bought traffic siphon and it is backlink strategies. I believe they want $67 a month. I don’t know how they justify that, but I got to try it for 7 days for $4 and it is worth $4. There are a lot of scams out there. Thanks for the warning.

  9. Mark,

    I agree 100%. The good news out of all of this is that you have taught me and countless others what to look for and how to accomplish your goals. In other words how to root out the BS that’s out there.

    On the other hand I still feel it is up to the potential customer to check the background of the company, BBB, comments/reviews, etc. before dishing over any money on these so called fast money makers. I do that in anytime I go to purchase something.

    I work hard for my money and I’m not about to give it away.

    As the saying goes If it sounds to good to be true it probably is

  10. Mark

    Well done Sir.

    I salute you and it just demonstrates your integrity. I too have been emailed about all this material and thankfully didn’t fall for them. By the way, when these so called deals are say $37 – the real costs are disgraceful because as you rightly say the buyer only gets a filler filled ebook and must pay up to $69 per month just for the first up-sell in some cases.

    You are right to bring this to our attention. How can we STOP this from happening? I would have thought that ClickBank would have vetted any product before letting it onto their system, but apparently not. It will damage the reputation of Internet Marketing and make it become a total sleazy business if this activity is not dealt with.

    Also, I am certain the refund rates will be sky high.

    Best regards to you


  11. Thanks Mark. Yes, Auto Mass Traffic was the icing on the cake for me. Anybody that sent me that offer got a quick unsubscribe. In fact, I even opened a support ticket with one of the ones I used to respect and told them why I was leaving. Blind Sales copy is just plain deceptive. The worse thing is that this hurts all of us who’ve been in the industry for years and have taught and coached others with legitimate marketing methods. Now it will be that much harder, to convince someone who’s been taken by one of these scams, to do business with me.

    By the way, I think you missed one really important element. A good number of the marketing emails talk about a $500 guarantee and how you’ll get paid $500 if this doesn’t work. Anybody who would offer that for a $37 product is either lying, or lying. There’s no way that you’ll ever see that $500. The “catch” is that you have to do “everything they said” and sometimes twice… this can me thousands of dollars in expenses.

    Finally, the product teaches about PPV otherwise known as CPV. The vast majority of the “targeted” traffic comes from spyware and adware. Do you really think that traffic from people who are either tricked into seeing your ad or are downloading ad supported freeware are going to want to buy your product or service? Not likely.

    This is my rant of the month!

  12. How many upsells does your product have in it?

    The reason why guru’s price their products at $27-$37 bucks is so they can sell upsells. If you buy all of the upsells and total everything up, you just spent $200-250 for everything… Plus they probably had a residual upsell. So now you pay every month.

    So again, how many upsells do you have? and are you using the ‘tactic’ don’t buy from them, they are bad. Buy from me, I am good???

    • @ Andre – I have ONE upsell, and it is NOT an info. product, but I actually design a customized blog for them, with custom header, all my custom plugins, theme, etc….

      Do you need my service?

  13. Even some previously respected IMers were promoting the product. I do think that some were unaware that their names were being associated with the promotion, but I do have to ask everytime I get an affiliate promotion from someone whose list I am on – “What have you done for me lately? Other than send me affiliate offers?”

    Even Gurus who talk about list-building, etc… dont take care of their email list like they preach.

  14. I’m glad you put this up. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing.

    It’s all about the sales. You have to admit the copy is compelling, but don’t get sucked it.

  15. Hi Mark, You are so right I counted that many exit screens also, who in there right mind would wish to sell us something for £37 or $27 dollars when they can make hundreds of thousands of dollars themselves. They want us to think they are doing us a favour !! you only have to search for the JV product launch sites to see the deals these Gurus are setting up between themselves with there upsells and downsells . I am as sick of this as you are so I unsubscibed to two of the big name gurus in my inbox because of late they have been jv ing this rubbish themselves I only want quality content and good advise and products that work .. keep up the good work mark

  16. Mark, its refreshing to see another internet marketer call someone to the carpet. I have always been skeptical on such claims and always have been aprehensive to buy into them. However, I have been duped on more than once.

    I recomend everyone watch the video.

  17. Mark it is disgusting but those guys can’t last long doing it … It is even sad to see some good product owners promoting this junk.

    It is one thing to buy an expensive $2000 product with good information but over price vs rubbish (Bulll#@##) products.

    Is this is what the internet is coming to ??

  18. Cool, Thanks for the info

    I would purchase your program, but I just spent a lot of money on a program that builds me a social network. Hopefully they haven’t scammed me. Once I get that site built. I will check out your program.

  19. I went back to my in-box and unsubscribed all those who sent me those rubbish offers before I finished watching your video. Thank you, Mark. I wish I watched your video months earlier and it could have saved me hundreds of dollars and tons and tons of time.


  20. This is an Interesting twist in the modern marketing field. Most guru’s are only making money by promoting other guru products. there are usually a whole bunch spread throughout the year. The vast majority of the huge sellers are reputable. You don’t find their products selling for $37, they are more $500 and up.

    Its the little up and comers that you have to be aware of. Its these that use inflated sales garbage to try and convince that a $37 eBook is the Nirvana book of marketing. Anyone with 5 minutes experience knows that and they move on.

    However, everyone who EVER started in this business knows that they have bought crap from people with no integrity before they realised the futility. Its only by learning that we actually understand.

    Mark, this is a noble cause and one I shall share with my own readers.

    Thanks for taking the stand.


  21. Thank you Mark. It is truly ridiculous what is happening. I actually emailed Mark Ling and some other people who were promoting Traffic Siphon to make doubly sure they recommended the product and he replied back that yes, he thought that it was a good course on traffic generation.

    I am disappointed in him. I did have respect for him.


  22. Good on ya Mark
    That needed to be said…

    It is visible to anyone with half a brain…..just a pity they place no value in the consumers of their own goods….to feed their customers fodder is lamentable

  23. Mark I couldn’t agree more!!!!!
    I wish all those Idiots would stop doing that!
    It gives IM a bad name.
    All your stuff is AWESOME!!!!!!!
    I wish we had more IM’s like you!
    Rock On!
    Tim Hood

  24. Mark,

    Great video. I once wrote a “screw-ru” complaining about the 7 clicks it took to exit his site (for charity btw). He justified it by saying conversion rates went up. I unsubscribed. What if a fatal car crash video increased conversions, I guess all these screw-rus would use it on every salespage.
    Whenever I order a product & have to wade through page after upsell page before being allowed to download my purchase, I immediately ask for a refund. It ticks me off to no end when the “complete” product or system I’ve ordered isn’t really “complete” until I order all the upsells too.
    I have also followed your advice in the past by unsubscribing to a list & telling the owner my reasons why; promoting scam products or dubious sales tactics.
    One last pet peeve of mine is when marketers use videos that don’t show the length of time or can’t be fast forwarded. My time is valuable & I’d like to know how much time I need to view your content. Perhaps if I don’t want to hear your life story at the beginning, I’d like the opportunity to skip ahead. I actually received an email from a guru putting people like me down for complaining about this type of video!
    Keep exposing these bastards, Mark!

  25. Mark, I’m so glad to see true IM gurus like yourself speaking out about this kind of garbage. I actually bought Auto Mass Traffic Software simply so I could comment about it when I requested a refund from ClickBank. I loved the part where you have to pay an additional $67/month to use the software which by the way is just a url scraper script. I would think if you call your product software it should actually be software. The ebook you get for $27 is just rehashed info you can get for free all over the Internet and their big traffic secret is just a CPV site which has been around since 2008. Anyway the two good things I got out of this product was that I could vent about how it is just a scam when I requested my refund plus I cleaned up the number of email lists that I’m on.
    Thanks to gurus like you Mark hopefully the garbage will get cleaned up but unfortunately people who are new to IM will get suckered out of a lot of money.

  26. The one that really pissed me off recently was “Affiliate Movie Profits”. After watching an interesting webinar about how they made $700 in 7 days on youtube, the promoters say they are starting an apprentice program for only 25 people. This was the pilot run and they were not releasing the program until October (it was in Aug) You had to fill out an extensive application to be “accepted”. I did it and lucky me was accepted into this “exclusive” program which was $997- a whole lot for me. The course did have some value to it- I can’t say it was all garbage, however not $997 worth. BUT the part that really killed me was a week later I got another promotion for the initial webinar from another “guru”, then a week later from another. When I confronted the promoter about 25 participants etc… his response was “there are over 60 billion searches on youtube, you don’t have to be threatened”! He also told me that they were partnering with just a few other marketers who may have a different student base so they could gather more data. Fortunately I was able to get my money back. But geez- how dishonest can you get. Up until that, I used to think these guys had good information to share and were on the up and up. It really was an ingenious sales tactic though. Although there are many scams, there are some valuable products as well. It’s just getting harder to find them.
    Great post. I am enjoying this blog.

  27. Hi Mark,

    Your not the only one lately to discuss these “Bad Apple Marketers.” It is good to know that there are some ethical marketers out there still, like yourself.

    I can’t stand ClickBank, they back this non sense. I promoted some products last year, not in the IM field and have never been paid by ClickBank (about $209.00). They have rules that say you must have so many credit card purchases. Unfortunately for all my advertising efforts and costs, the vendor was paid and I was not. All of my sales were through customers using PayPal.

    I got so disgusted with ClickBank, I stopped promoting through them, so they just take the money I earned away dollar by dollar on a monthly basis until my earnings are gone. They are just as bad as the so-called Gurus they allow to get away with these scams on their site.

    Someone needs to open an ethical marketing clickbank clone, where internet buyers can be sure the products being promoted are in deed good. Maybe they could require the product promoter to offer a free review in order to insure quality, prior to representing them in their marketplace. That would weed out places like ClickBank and some of their Bad Apple vendors.

    Just a thought. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Yes it’s pathetic what all of these guys are doing!You’d think they thought we were a bunch of cattle being hearded into the stockyard.

    OK cows, now GO GO GO they say!!! It’s LIVE! buy our stuff! But you better hurry because the grain we’re giving you is ONLY good for the next 3 hours , then we’re YANKING it off the stockyard! OH and if this water is already gone by the time you try to drink it, well,we’re sorry we warned you 🙂 GO GO GO! Whip out your credit cards you pushovers —I mean cows………………….

    There are people out there who are desperate to get some much needed traffic to their blogs/websites and these vampires suck every last nickel out of unsuspecting people. These scammers are giving us legit marketers a bad name.

    Mark, I totally commend you for standing up for the marketers who don’t yet have enough experience to see that most of the crap products are a waste. This business of forking over yet another $27-$67 or $97 and getting a terrible product is bad enough, but you can also forget about communicating with these people as well! No phone numbers…no email communications, no blog commenting…no support tickets…zip nada zilch.

    I wonder how they can sleep at night? The BASICS haven’t changed but you’d think they have and now it’s called the “easy” button! NOPE, it’s work…it’s doing white hat SEO with proper meta tags, alt tags, robots etc. It’s about great content…backlinks that stay around etc.

    I wish there were an easy button that worked, I’d buy stock in the company. Thanks for keeping it REAL Mark! I will be looking to buy some of your stuff soon..

    Craig Wilson

  29. hey mark.

    out of the 4 examples you went through i have actually purchased 3 each promising loads of income and tons of traffic, i should know better at this stage but to review the products i need to purchase i do not hang on to them unless they work but i can safely say buyer beware as the initial sale price is only a lure and for any of the mentioned you need to spend hundreds more on the rest of the packages out of my 60 sites 8 are review sites and i am seeing the same rubbish constantly new secret methods all lies so folks always research before you purchase and please do not be taken in by all these false claims and massive figures been shown as a lot of these are just scams.

  30. Hi Mark and fellow internet marketers,

    From the last month i have unsusbscribed from so many lists,
    that my email inbox is so sad because there is just a couple
    of mails to read everyday!!!

    But what it makes me sad is that there are so many people that are
    desperately to have an extra income and end up buying that kind
    of garbage.

    The real absolute truth, is that make money online requires training,
    hard work and commitment, there are no easy push button solutions.

    Best wishes to all
    Joel Rodriguez

  31. Hello Mark.
    What I have just watched is something that I have believed for months……I have spent a fortune on IM product [including my ready-made website which to date hasn’t made a dime] so it doesn’t surprise me about all the so-called Guru’s selling nothing less than bullshit. I still class myself as a newbie even though I have been trying to make an income from the internet for over a year now
    It’s great that someone like you can stand up and speak your mind, well done, and keep letting us know what is right and more of what is not right. I will soon be able to buy your Dominating Google. I have your SEO Power on my site even though I don’t have a clue how to use it.
    All the best……Dai

  32. Hey Mark,

    Right on man! I’ve been deleting myself from these lists for the last two months.

    As I have purchased dominating G I can vouch for the worthwhile content and the size and depth and detail of the course is the best I’ve ever known.

    @andre if you never buy another traffic course I would recomment Marks dominating google course withouit reservation


  33. Great video Mark I hope they watch it, I am only on the list of a few marketers now as I am fed up with this crap,

    On the subject of customized blogs I ordered one recently from a blogging Guru, it seemed a good investment as they have made a fortune from blogging, I thought at least I could learn a lot from how they set things up,

    After ordering I was hit with a $197 upsell of a complete course which I did not take as I just wanted the blog,

    I recieved instructions on where to send my chioce of domain and a promise that everything would be set up and ready to make money within 48 hours,

    I never heard from them again, I emailed support for days and got no reply, clickbank offered me a refund and I refused because I just wanted my blog but still no reply,

    In the end I had to take the refund, do you think it was because I did not take the upsell?, so I will use your service next time Mark, send me the url,

    I wont mention who the Guru was but they wont be blogging to the bank with any more of my money,

  34. Yeah, Mark, say it like it is! These scams are a pain and especially for those still learning IM. I’m out of the buying crappy courses learning curve now and ready for the good stuff – any special subscriber rates for your Dominating G course? 🙂 Di

  35. Thank goodness someone will speak up! I for one am getting really fed up with all the garbage coming into my inbox. Not only all the ‘scammy’ products, but also the misleading subject lines on email.

    “you have just made a sale” or “ClickBank Notifications: CB Sale: Item-1 #S9X4RRER” (this last one just happens to be promoting Auto Mass Traffic; obviously email text supplied to their affiliates).

    To me… anyone who sends out any sort of misleading headline JUST to get an open is flushing their credibility down the toilet.

    And you can multiply that X 10 if you are using the marketing tactics you have described in the video. Clearly, they will do ANYTHING including all the exit pops and upsells to get their cash.

    I think all this is doing is training customers to refund Clickbank products and that is really going to ruin it for genuine marketers. I don’t see how this will be good for Clickbank either because it is going to reflect back on their reputation as well at some point.

    Products and promotions like these are playing on the desperation of people who are already in bad situations and really give the whole IM gig a bad name.

    Greed… it’s an ugly thing.

    Thank you for being prepared to expose these scams, Mark.

  36. Hi Mark,

    Just wanted to add my 2 pence worth, I think the video is great It’s a sad fact about certain members of the IM Community, but there is a lot of substandard products out there. I had a couple of Interesting experiences with these types of products, last month there was a product released called “Turbo Profit Sniper” which again was suposed to be an all singing all dancing bit of software that made you millions on autopilot, I looked around for a review and found a video from a guy who had purchased the product and within 20 mins had put out a video warning people not to buy it, in the video he showed you what the software did and the keyword research part just took you to google’s own keyword tool,

    I also bought Traffic Siphon (not for $67 but for $1, 5 day trial) partly because it was being promoted by George Brown and I had previously bought Google Sniper and Found it a good product, But Traffic Siphon, Not so much, The first “siphon” is about using ezine articles to drive traffic to your website(Hardly Underground), their secret tactic was to pay to get visitors to your article to boost its ranking within ezine articles it’sself, remember the sales letter said “You don’t need ANY money whatsoever – It’s all 100% FREE traffic”..(lie) Another “Siphon” was how to Comment Spam ( I Kid You Not!) It’s all basically how to use “Greyhat” and “Blackhat” Tactics. At least I only wasted a buck!

    Keep up the good work Mark.

  37. Hey Guys…

    I had money 6 years ago and now im broke after getting into the marketing trap, new products claiming to be better than the rest “targeting the weak” people like myself, im so gullible.

  38. The most important part of this post is the ending.

    They can only keep pulling this crap if WE keep buying it.

    Everyone of us can do something to attack this cancer that exists in our industry. If you have a blog, tell your audience about it. If you have a twitter account, tweet it. If you know other people in the industry, warn them. If you subscribe to a list that promotes this obvious BS, unsubscribe.

    WE can prevent the people who don’t know any better from wasting their money on this junk.

    What are we going to do about it?


  39. Hi All.
    I fully agree however, unfortunately most newbies fall for the trap simply because they are newbies and haven’t yet gained the experience to make the distinction between the garbage and the flowers. (Thanks Leonard)
    If all newbies were to discovery blogs like this right of the bat, there would be far less of this crap around because it would not survive without buyers. The morons who prey on these people by creating these products would soon be forced to make honest products as well or go down the shute.
    Occasionally I do come across a product I can use however, but usually not from lists although there are exceptions. Like this blog for example and the occasional WSO.
    Such was the case recently when I bought a WSO on backlinking strategies. The reason I bought it was because for the $15 I paid, it provided me with over 30 Press Release sites which allow anchor text within the article. (Most of them don’t)
    It would have taken me ages to research and find those sites so it was well worth the money.
    I also signed up to the authors list and so far he has only been promoting his own products which is fair enough.

  40. eFormula Strategies

    Hey Mark,

    As always, you are a stand up guy!

    You won’t believe this – but I was about to buy this.
    I figured, what the heck – it’s $37.
    I literally had it up on my screen when your email came through with this post.

    So what was it anyway? How do they expect more traffic with URL scrapers?

    Well, saved me once more! You are the man.

    You’re right, there’s no shortcuts. Honest, dedicated work and a little elbow grease will make money in the long run.
    I was already good at SEO, but my methods weren’t as structured as your course.
    Your “Dominating Google” is without a doubt the smartest investment I ever made (I was there on day one). I’ve watched it grow, and I can’t believe your dedication to your customers. Not only are you making an already amazing product more “godlike” every week, you send out stuff like this.
    Seriously, though – great course. Love the case studies. I followed along with one from start to finish, just to see if it works and viola – page 1.
    Guess that’s why I love it – it just simply works. No hype, filler, or junk.
    Much appreciated. I wish you even more continued success – you truly deserve it!

    – Dennis

  41. Romy, the adsense guy

    great video Mark!

    I wish i would’ve seen this a few days earlier, before I bought 2 of the products you mentioned in the video. Yeeah.. I know… big L on my forehead. 😀

    I knew that they were rubbish, but the curiosity made me click that “Add to cart button”.

    I bought Traffic Siphon, which from the first minute I realized how BS of a product it was. I actually tried their first method a few months ago, and it doesn’t work anymore. I got my money back from that one.

    And yesterday I bought Auto Mass Traffic, again, by pure curiosity. I don’t know why does it call it “a software” cause all you get is pdf files, and you have to sign up with a ppv network to advertise your site. I am getting my money back from this one too 🙂

    Thanks for all the info, and you really are one of the few guys out there, in the IM world, who is honest and one can trust.

    Thanks for taking care of us!


  42. Hi Mark great Video,

    I am also on loads of marketers List’s and I have been getting constant emails about all these “great” products being launched, but the one that made me laugh the most was an email I got from one Marketer trying to get me to buy Auto Mass Traffic via his affiliate link, He offered my his “amazing bonuses” one of which was lifetime membership to his “no.1 clickbank product CB Predators” – what he failed to mention was that he is currently trying to offload CB predators by selling it along with the 4000 odd subscribers and members of the website to anyone willing to pay $110,000 on flippa – so far no one has taken him up on his offer, wonder why?

  43. Hello and thank you Mark. It is about time someone exposed these people and the scams! It blows my mind how Clickbank continues to let these people sell the crappy, deceptive and outright scam products on their network.

  44. ‘Bout time! Actually, I’ve seen some other posts along these lines – most arent brave enough to call out specific products and ‘gurus’ however…

    One thing though, dont you and Alex Goad promote each others’ stuff? I find Alex fits into that boat: It seems like I get a dozen emails a week from him promoting this or that as the ‘must have, or you’ll be left in the dust’ product…He seems like a smart guy, so I wonder why he doesnt realize that pumping out emails heralding every single product he promotes as an absolute must have just causes his list to lose faith…

    He’s certainly not the worst as far as this goes, but he’s up there!!


    • @ Buy a Telescope Yes, I do promote Alex’s stuff if I like it. He also knows I ask the tough questions and won’t promote a product if it is not in the interests of my subscribers/customers. Regarding Alex’s email marketing, you’d have to ask him about that. Email marketing certainly can be improved my many marketers, including myself.

  45. I actually wrote a post almost the same as this in January, 2009. Just goes
    to show that this didn’t start yesterday! Here it is; .
    Basically if you sell garbage you will not survive very long. Better invest
    the quick cash wisely!

  46. Well Done Mark,

    Judging by the number of comments you really struck a nerve. I purchased two of those products you used as examples and within two days requested a refund. Both were total garbage and were misrepresented in their sales copy.

  47. People should understand that you can earn a lot of money online , if you are willing to learn and work hard . You can be rich by buying all product (the next big thing or secret) . You only make the guru more richer.

  48. Hey everyone you need to listen to Mark… I have been online for many years and when I saw this product I just had to take a bigger look at Zero Cost Commissions…

    Regardless to say I was very disappointed in what I got and when asking for a refund no response from them…

  49. Hi Mark,

    I agree with you 100% on the garbage that is being sold online today. In the last eight weeks something like 25 promotions/launches have been made using this sort of cookie cutter sales pitch on how to make thousands of dollars a day. Is smells like a group of online marketers got together and decided to just rob people, people who are desperately looking for ways to make money.

    The amount of rubbish that these guys are pumping out and the garbage they are selling is insane. The sad part is that people are so desperate to find ways of making money fast that they will try anything.

    The real ugly part is not people spending $37 on garbage products, because they can always get that back. The sad part is all the time resources they waste trying to follow a plan that is doomed from day one. You can never recover that lost time or the monetary value attached to all that good energy that was lost. In most cases people buying these courses are learning bad online marketing habits from people who are just “snake oil” gurus.

    I am extremely pleased that you made this video and that you basically said what a lot of people are scared to say in public.


    PureClean2Go –

  50. yes Mark, i agree with you….
    as the newbie we are only the cash machine for them…

  51. This is the best real truth they dont want to tell us about his graphical super clickbank launches…Just rubbish like you told us. What I wonder by now is…How Clickbank can accept in his program this scammers?. It is supposed that CB looks the product first and just after review the quality about his products they approve it. Hey Mark did you test one of those get rich quick softwares? Told us something about one of these…I would be happy to spread the world about it :).
    Thanks for your sincerity you´re nothing but true!!

  52. Hi all,

    I’ve been reading through the comments here and I’m somewhat disturbed by the underlying trend. It appears that most of the people commenting are not prepared to do any “due diligence” before pulling out their plastic.

    Bad news for them. Good news for the peddlers of CR*P that’ve pocketed another tidy sum that they will brag about at some time in the future.

    And the JV’ers?

    Well, my current opinion of them is that they’re no better than vultures feeding on carion. Why am I saying this? Because I received emails from no less than 4 people that I hitherto respected as serious Internet Marketers that had (what I considered to be) a high degree of integrity!

    But alas they failed me. All the emails were rendered in the exact same format. No prizes for originality here.

    Never-the-less, I visited the product’s salespage and lo and behold, the writing was on the wall and plain for all to see. The exact same format as several hyped-up sales pages presently making the rounds!! Have you noticed that most of them originate from “Rochdale Road, Manchester, UK? The actual house number is different but… same road, same town, same country…

    I wanted to check this thing out a little deeper so I surfed over to ClickBank and did a search using the product name. Sure enough, the purveyors of trash were soliciting affiliates and JV’ers. I signed up so that I could get to the “affiliates page”. And there, laid out in all it’s glory… Is the exact way the scoundrels intend to fleece the poor unsuspecting buyer of his/her hard-earned money – THEY TELL YOU how you will earn money as an affiliate from their up-sells, down-sells, OTOs and numereous carefully laid “traps” that prevent the prospective buyer from exiting.

    Mark, I know that this comment is already pretty long, so I’ll cut it here…

    Bottom line is: Don’t blame others. Do your due dilligence. Visit the forums and put your ear to the ground – you’ll be amazed at what you could learn in a matter of hours!! Check things out before you pull out your plastic. Unsubscribe from the list of anyone that sends you un-edited emails from the products’ “affiliates” tools’ page. (There’s more you can do – if you think about it!)

    Now this is where “We The People” should take action and put a stop to all this CR*P.
    1. If you buy a product and it does’nt come up to scratch according to the promises made on the sales page – demand a refund.
    2. Spread the word on Forums, Twitter, Facebook and any social network that you’re a member of.
    3. Got a blog? Well, let your readers know what’s going on.

    Get active. This is “neighbour-hood” watch time.

    Be of good cheer.
    Sam D. Mann

  53. Thanks for your post. I’ve been getting promos for products like these lately and have wondered why they don’t really tell what the “software” is or does. It’s a sure sign that they are hiding something.

    Do you have any info on article spinners?

  54. Go get em Cowboy !

    Wish more people who are supposed to have some integrity would do the same as you but are too much of poops to go stand up for themselves and say how it really is

    And to top it all here is the latest Poop !
    can anyone see any differences !!
    You get $10 Million Dollars if you spot the difference between what Mark showed us in the Videos and the link below

    and that is from marketer I thought was fairly decent

    Oh yes – and there are only 100 packages left if you want to win the $10 Million !
    and did you notice the For your eyes only as well.

    Take care and keep up the March –
    Although I don’t think these scammers will disapear overnight.

    I think they have figured out 2 things
    Lots of newbies desperate
    and numbers game – Sticj enough “^^&&**” on the wall and some will stick..

    ie – a certain percentage will not ask for a refund or never get around to it and bingo windfall launch.

    Thanks Mark – You – Jason and a few others – I salute you guys

    Take care

  55. Oh yes I forgot Mark –

    Only 300 Beta Testers !

  56. Got this through your Email list Mark, I fell for one of the scams, ATA to be exact. Funny thing is they all seem to promote eachother within their little membership sites. Why, if their product is the sh*t do they promote something very similar once they milk you for their product? Odd huh?

    Clickbank seems to be allowing a lot of dishonesty on their site these days.

  57. Mark
    yes seen these crazy products, was raging myself
    with the 10 clicks to get off the page, read the content
    on them for about 10 seconds, and unsubscribed.
    question is why does clickbank let them away with this
    garbage ? Hard to believe also that 2000 plus people
    bought this junk.
    Best Mike.

  58. Thanks Mark your valuable advise. We see lots of scam digital products (especially make money online products ) in the market and I really appreciate you for giving us some great advise on those products. I have tried lots of make money online products and I found lots of scam products as well as good quality products. Mark has already mentioned some scam products in ClickBank.

  59. Mark,

    Thanks for this video post. It is truly refreshing to hear from a marketer who is cutting through the BS and is taking a stand to tell it like it is. So many are quick to jump on the gravy train with no regard for their list, let alone integrity or conscience. They prey on the newbies, and because it is being pitched by a “guru” they capitalize on their authority to make the sale. Truly sad!

  60. Mark
    I so appreciate your honesty and integrity. I have duped more than once and was sucked in here to at least take a look at the product…knowing that clickbank has an easy refund policy… or I would not have even gone that far…
    Wasted money…that thankfully I will recover…
    Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to be able to get the real deal from you… hadn’t even opened the product yet and refunded the second I finished your video.

    Thanks Much!

  61. Hi Mark,

    This was a fantastic and well-timed video coverng the scam artists with irrefutable detail. Its ironic, several of your examples I bought and immediately returned. Pissed off at the long promises and short realistic content, I’ve Been unsubscribing many of these scam artists over the past 3 weeks. Facebook product scams have become the new frontier and content you provide helps budding marketers justifiably pause b4 buying this junk!
    Thanks alot for posting

  62. Hi Mark,

    Mark Hodgetts just gave the link to your article and video here. It confirms something I was seeing. This week, when I received the first email about Auto mass traffic, I posted to friends that I was wondering if there was a competition for a Guiness world record of the number of clicks it takes to get out of a sales page. And I unsubscribed to that guru’s list, and to every list where I saw AMT or Auto Mass Traffic. Now you get the credit for seeing that tendency. Well, better luck for me next time. 🙂

    And thanks for encouraging us to not be afraid to mention these awful offers. I’ve been until recently afraid to talk about these practices, for fear of repelling people. Then, I decided if I stayed in the closet, I wouldn’t be true to myself.

    Have a wonderful day !

    Philippe Moisan

  63. Hi Mark,

    I informed people of this blog post and video here at IMfaceplate, Kooiii and Eric Gaudin’s forum. It is must see info.

    Philippe Moisan

  64. every day we see more and more people burned by unscrupulous operators claiming to have the next big money maker delivering overnight success, I can tell you from 15 years experience as an Internet marketer theres no such animal, any venture is going to take time and effort to establish in some cases it can take years just to start pulling in a small profit and even then unless you work at your venture consistently it will soon lapse back into the red zone.
    Don’t fall for hype and the excitement (buzz) being generated about some of these ventures kicking around at the moment do some research especially about the company behind the venture,

  65. Call the Consumer Affairs Division of your state Attorney General’s office. Many if not all states have rescission periods some of which are as long as one year. Also those periods do not start until the merchant gives you notice of them. You can also file a complaint with FTC is fraud or misrepresentation is involved.

  66. That is one hell of an effective video. Should be compulsorily viewing for every Internet Marketing Newbie (and not-so-newbie-how-should-know-better)

  67. JJ Remington at My Online Business Strategy

    Mark, Thank you for having the cajones to help expose these guys. Efforts like yours and others have already made an impact on sales of these ripoffs. Do a Google search for on of the products you mention and you will find this video, which is effectively informing would-be targets to STAY AWAY from these scams. Great video.

  68. Did you then logically inform FTC about these scammers at least then or do you only try to establish a good reputation???

  69. Due diligence is required when buying anything. What i find funny about these types of sales copies is they say you do not need a website, yet they show you google analytics screenshots of Of the traffic they got using the software ???? I mean that just screams bullsh**t you tell me i do not need a website yet you show me stats of how you profit from a website by using the software?? That to me screams SCAM.

  70. Lol, I love the way you presented this video. It’s been almost a year since I stopped trusting Clickbank products and I think the products you mentioned in your video should be banned by clickbank or something because they are really B.S. For 37 bucks you get the biggest pile of shit on the planet!

    I believe that every year, thousands of newbies get ripped by these scammers and they eventually give up on IM, thanks to these guys!

    Not only are they misleading people but are also ruining our reputation-us legit marketers…

    Anyway, you did good by making this video and I hope that people learn from it and stop buying these scam products.


  71. Hi all,
    Here is a trick to stop seeing so many exit pages when you are trying to close the sales page.

    If you decide not to take their offer… (wise decision in most cases!) Simply click the order button then close your web browser. That’s the end of all those annoying exit popups.

    Be of good cheer,
    Sam D. Mann

  72. Did you even buy Traffic Siphon Mark? You have no idea what on EARTH you’re talking about. It’s a great product and does exactly what it says on the tin. People are seeing incredible results.

    And you.. an SEO expert? PLEASE. Who’s the real scammer here Mark, tell the people, the only thing you’ve ever ranked for are other peoples product launches.


    • @ George Brown – Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, I’m a seo expert and consultant. Is anyone even buying Traffic Siphon? It says on the salepage there is only 78 copies left (see here), and this has been on your page for weeks. But according to Clickbank, there’s been a heck of a lot more than 78 sales in the last few weeks. So, someone is lying.

  73. THANKS for an “honest breath of fresh air” in the IM world!! Just amazing how much fraud and garbage there is thrown at us every day!

  74. One guru conned me into buying a book about striking rich ebay. The damn book was a revised version of ebay policies, procedures and faqs. On writing to him, I got a reply from some other person abusing me. Similarly, I had purchased an article submitter but without any warning they snapped the licence within a year. After all these I started looking out only for free stuff. Mark’s warning should be sounded as an alert on Twitter, FaceBook and all social networks to protect the innocent.

  75. Graham-the German Shepherd Guy

    Hi Mark
    Well I guess I just have to take my hat off to you once again!
    ‘Beware Of Scandal’ video that opens the Newbie’s eyes.
    Came too late for me because I’ve been scammed, had my credit cards ‘maxed out’ from all the lies and deceit that goes on in the I.M. niche on the internet. I suppose it’s labeled as ‘getting experience’ when your starting out trying to make a living online in an honest, ethical manner.
    I spent 2 wasted years messing about in the I.M. niche before deciding to walk away and set up a website that was in a niche that I knew a lot about and provided good content that would help people.
    I have read the comments and couldn’t agree more – especially with what Sam D. Mann had to say. (BTW – great monica LOL).
    An honest appraisal Mark which I hope newbies will take note of – WELL DONE
    Graham in UK
    P.S. Another little thing I’ve started doing out of idle curiosity – is checking out the Guru homes on Google Road maps – very enlightning!
    Millionaire guru living in ‘shack’ hardly goes with the image does it?
    I did this with the guys in Manchester – UK who were supposed to be making millions (check out their house…. did I laugh or what?)

  76. These are always helpful and well needed blog posts. It’s always refreshing to hear the truth and to learn about IM tactics. Thanks a bunch…I hope to learn more from you.

  77. Mark,

    One of the authors of the “reviewed” products has defensively responded to this thread: Out of professional respect I will refrain from naming his product. But I will recite his quote that his buyers are seeing great results! The overarching question of this thread George is, “have your buyers made a half million dollars this month as you claimed?” Good results is a far cry from $514,000 a month… Oh, and BTW, Launch Siphoning is a legitimate subset of the IM business.

  78. The main reason for newbie become a money machine for those “Garbage Seller” bcoz there’re being OVERWHELM with so many ideas making money online and looking for short cut with one single button system which is doesn’t exist at all. FOCUS on what are doing step by step; the best pharase is “Mind Your Own Business”.

  79. Right on Mark!
    This is really sad to see and all of the ones in this type of scam should be shut down permanently.
    But people will fall for this type of B.S. every day.
    The next big thing is just around the corner.

  80. I checked out Auto Mass Traffic to see what the scam was. They are basically driving traffic to their affiliate link for a CPV advertising company. The software product is just a URL scraper that “suggests” some websites where you can try to target your CPV offers.

  81. Thanks for posting this, there is a huge amount of garbage for sale everywhere you look even on the Warrior Forum, which used to be pretty good is now full of junk, garbage, and you know what really makes it worse, is the fact, that people over there allow these garbage programs to run for weeks and weeks, I agree,

    stop promoting them,
    stop jv,
    expose the rats.

  82. I have to 100% agree with you there.. there all SCAMS and so many people by them..

    Every one needs to watch this because its the 1005 truths.


  83. Great stuff Mark… Glad someone has stood up and called these out. I’m sure any newbie would be fair game for most of these types of promotions, wasting their time and money. What really gets me is the fact that some of the people I ‘trusted’ have been promoting this kind of stuff claiming to be friends with the authors… I guess they are just in the business of selling whatever comes along… sad really. Keep up the great work and thanks.

  84. I’ll be sure to post something new on Vita’s forum next week so that you have content to re-post on your blog Hahahaha.

  85. Another marketer (Jason F) spoke out the same as you about these type of offers. Good for both of you.

    The guru smashing one was a total ruse for maybe pseudo names the actual guru type behind it made up.

    I’ll admit I am learning the hard way.

    At least with Clickbank products you can get a refund. Not so with some other marketers.

  86. Publishers of content don’t create the opportunities they just seize them. When people stop buying into push button methods there will be no need to make and promote them.

    Most people are so dissatiifed with what they do on a daily basis and are looking for an easy way out. They believe there are shortcuts to success and some IM’s profit off of this by turning out rubbish.

    No matter how many times you tell the “buyer to beware” there will still be another of people who believe they are not that buyer. Sometimes you’ve just got to get burned a couple of times before you realize the stove is hot. It’s not a comfortable feeling but it may lead you back to the doing the basics.

    Thanks Mark for hopefully helping out at least one newbie.

  87. Hi Mark,

    thanks a lot for this helpful information! Its time to name this scammers to stop their “fooling the people”.

  88. Excellent expose Mark!

    It’s ridiculous that – when you clicked on the button to continue leaving the site (rather than the button that allowed you to stay on the site) – that it took 10 clicks to actually get away… the website actually holds you hostage!

    What’s even more ridiculous is that, whenever you purchase any of these types of products (where the selling price is ridiculously low in comparison with the earnings claims), you are then slammed with no less than 3 upsells (often more)… for items you supposedly need in order to use the system you already purchased.

    It’s nice to see that many honest marketers are finally taking a stand and outing the dishonest IMers who give everyone a bad name.

    I’ve been online since 1998. These scammers have always been around, but it seems this past year, it seems to have gotten more blatant and more prevalent (probably because they’re desperate to make a living in this economy… do NOT believe them when they say they are making all that money, screenshots can be edited).

    Take it from someone who HAS been successful in their internet-based business and has access to a lot of the inside scoop on IMers:

    -> EVERYONE is feeling the pinch in this recession… even the A-list gurus who would have you believe they are making as much money as ever.

    -> NOBODY who made the type of income claimed in any of the websites exposed by Mark would share their secrets for less than a few thousand dollars.

    It is unfortunate, but right now, the internet is a “buyer beware” environment. Do your due diligence before purchasing anything!

  89. Bravo Mark!
    Finally someone reveals all these shady marketers who do not care about helping you and I, just filling their pockets with our hard earned cash. I am getting these offers left and right as well and am doing exactly the same thing you mentioned, unsubscribe from these bums and dump them now!

    Another one that is really popular now is the emails that tell you that the person sending the email has “reserved” or “purchased for you” this latest greatest product for free. Many have subject lines of hurry, won’t last long, your order confirmation, etc.

    People wake up and unsubscribe from all of these crap internet marketers and stop giving them your money and opting in to list after list for crap free products and then being barraged with all these junk offers.

    I commend you for standing up for those who do not know better and I new to the industry. We need more honest people such as yourself in the internet marketing arena.

  90. Thanks for the great post Mark. I have been doing IM for a while now, but not yet been able to make it my full time gig. I, too, had always fallen for these new “great” products or trainings that came out but were usually not worth anything at all. The thing is…just find one or two guru-types that are successful and genuine, follow what they do, and actually put the work in. Being distracted by every new shiny object that comes out gets you nowhere. Buckle down and do the work.
    Some of these guys may really be offering a decent product or course, but you still have to do the work.

  91. I think we should have a platform to check the scam product..
    Because we can see now, there are a lot of people promote and review about the profit-pulling of the scam product. Sometimes, they bribe with the valuable bonus pack.

  92. Hey Mark you are the second guy that i have seen staring to stand up against these snakes in the grass. I have been posting about this same issue for months . Thanks it’s about time a few people start exposing this crap. also another tip stay away from the british guys. they seem to have taken acting classes. You could tell within the first 30 seconds on traffic syphon that this was a scam. to bad for george brown because he had a decent reputation for google sniper.

  93. Many newbies read the forums or clickbank offers thinking there is real “magic system” easy way to making money online. They prey on desperation, this is nothing new and there were classifieds in newspapers for decades offering similar pitches. Firstly, Would people really give away something for $47 if it were making them 350K every month? Sure as hell I wouldn’t! Or if I was a crook I would release years later it when I know the method is dead and and almost impossible to succeed. (and I personally wouldn’t be able to sleep at night).

    Many of the offers fail to disclose that it may take 12 hours a day of work, require expensive outsourcing, or wallet draining PPC.

    If you do these 7 steps, install my scripts, sit back and call a real estate agent in Hawaii. Yeah right. When ever I see a large number promised I just click it off or unsubscribe.

    I Really wonder what the success ratio is for people who do IM. Like how many people actually even make $50 a day who start. How long does it take? I’m not saying you can’t get lucky (you can play the lottery too!). But the people who make huge sums of money online can succeed offline and would probably do well even if there was no internet. Look at Michael Dell, he started a computer company out of a Dorm room, and the internet didn’t even exist as we know it in 1985. Nothing beats business sense, ambition, technical know how or the ability to leverage others, and having a sense for the market. People who lack in any of those three are going to flounder in ANY business venture.

    Many of the formulas sold today may have worked a few years ago. But now they are more difficult or impossible to implement. IMHO, The real entrepreneurs and moneymakers are not following someones canned system, but they are taking bit and pieces of many systems and putting their own spin on things. This is true ON AND OFF the internet. Again, seriously, there is no free windfall of money online.

    lg 42ld520

  94. Ken from Advanced Market Training

    It’s great to alert people of these things, but it’ll continue as long as newbies have the notion they can come online and “get rich quick.” What they need is to educate themselves about the actual hard work it really takes to make money online.

    Unfortunately, these jokers usually have ways to dominate the search engines for keywords pertaining to the education needed to do it right, so newbies find them before they find the proper information.

    On the other hand, having people like you who have the guts to bring this stuff to everyone else should at least help keep seasoned affiliates from promoting it.

    Thanks 🙂

  95. All I can say is “It’s about time!!!”

    I just hope you’re for real about it. I’ve noticed an awful lot of people complaining about the gooroo tricks and then promoting this type of crap. You know, the email says something like “Are you tired of being told you can make thousands of dollars and build a list of hundreds of thousands in a month or 90 days? Well, usually that’s BS but this time you’ve discovered the real thing…yadda, yadda, yadda…”

    It seems to have become the thing to do. Bash the gooroos…all of the gooroos…except yourself. You are going to reveal the real deal.

    While we’re at it, let’stalk about another of the current hot spots…local offline marketing. Does it seem that suddenly the Web is full of local offline marketing experts and they all seem to want $997 or $1997 to take their courses. Give me a break. You are not going to magically sign-up five clients at 5K per month.

    Can you make money at local offline marketing? Yep. But you’ll work your ass off. You will not fall into 25K a month by selling your services…regardless if you pay $1997 for an eight week course or sign-up for a $19.95 a month continuity program.

    Oh, and how about all of the “instant website” programs that are popping up. The ones that say they’re complete, all you have to do is post them. They’ll tell you there’s no such thing as “duplicate content,” that you don’t need to worry because they’re only selling 20 copies. The only problem is that you can’t limit sales to 20 copies and sell it for $17. There isn’t enough money in doing something like that to make it worth posting the website. I love the one that comes with PLR. So, 20 people sell the product to 20 people, who sell the byproduct to 20 people. Before long that’s quite a crowd and that’s if no one sells to more than 20 customers. Geesh.

    I’ve developed a strategy. If someone promises I can do something on “autopilot” I go the other way. I ignore words like “secrets” and
    “revealed.” I don’t believe scarcity claims or time limits. They’re all a bunch of crap intended to take my money.

    There’s one gooroo who has taken time and made quite the effort to develop his “I’m here to help the little newbie” persona. But I notice he’s recently into the scams… mainly he’s selling the “instant websites.” Kind of sad.

    I got caught by some of the programs that aren’t quite so blatant and I’ve developed the belief that most of the gooroos are scheming liars.

  96. Hi Mark,

    Great post. I’ve been following you for a while on FB & email since I bought your advanced SEnuke course um…ages ago? LOL

    I agree with most of what you said – however, I did the $1 trial for Traffic Siphon. Granted, I canceled within the 5 days, but still worth the buck.

    I personally click away from every sales page I land on – simply b/c I know it will be cheaper when I do! And sometimes, especially with the $1 trials, you can get in cheap, get some bits of gold out of it, and get back out – without losing an arm and a leg or having to go through a tedious refund process. Use PP to sign up for the trial, get what you need, then cancel. Easy cheesy. And of course, if the item IS actually one of the few worth anything these days – stay on and pay for it:)

    Anyway, thank you for your refreshing honesty!

  97. Thanks Mark.

    I think it’s time for us to say enough is enough to those thieves and all those affiliates that are promoting them. I do see a lot of big names affiliates/gurus promoting them products. After seeing all that nonsense going around I just went to all my emails and unsubscribed to all those gurus.
    thanks MARK


  98. Hi Mark, salute for standing against these scammers. It’s good to know there are still a few “good guys” left in the IM world.

    And can’t believe George Brown is willing to stoop so low to make money by scamming newbies and desperate people in this desperate economy. What a selfish guy. Please think about the people you are selling to, the single mum or dad trying to make money to feed their family.

    I would rather donate money to the Red Cross than giving a single cent to these scammers.

    Thanks again Mark, well done and hope to will continue to stand up against these “gurus”

  99. Hey Mark,

    I take my hat off to you. Well done!

    I’ve had so much of this crap sent to me too lately. It’s funny when you’ve been in internet marketing for some time you start to se the trends. A new idea comes along and soon enough all the scammers jump on it. As well as some of the so called legit guys too.

    This latest wave that you’ve written about got me really worked up too and I was intending to do a similar expose but I’ve been filming recently and have a tough editing schedule ahead so I just didn’t have the time.

    I agree with your whole take on these idiots who prey on the hungry newbies. It’s scandalous and needs to be challenged!

    I have an idea that I’d like to run by you but I’ll do it when I have more time and in private. It could go a long way to helping get rid of these vultures.

    Again thank you for a really great post and video.

    Best wishes


  100. love the video hate all the junk products coming out these days.
    just do the basics and work. if you do not want to work then learn how it is done and hire someone else to do it. but in the end lots and lots of work must be done.

    thanks Mark

  101. You are making a point that everybody knew already but nobody wanted to talk about…Why? I think because as long as you are making money with your own product or others products…who cares right?

    Good job Mark and i support your words….I have so much to say about this subject, but i will just say that you have to be wise what product you will buy, at the end, nobody is pointing a gun to you to make the purchase.

    Remember people, knowledge is power…

  102. Peter - Auto Traffic Avalanche Blog

    Hi Mark,
    Well, this post did what you wanted. It gets a lot of attention to you, your blog, your products, and it is great. Congratulations.

    However, unlike most of the marketers here I do not agree with you at all. It just sounds like Warrior Forum where everybody is complaining all day long and don’t lift a finger to make money.

    Here are my reasons:

    1. As my mentor Brian Tracy said: “You cannot cheat an honest man”. This means that people who are intelligent and who is not looking for shortcuts, but understand the price for an ability to make money online, will never buy the product with believe that it will make them money automatically.

    They buy product to get some more knowledge, and they completely ignore the style of the sales page. For example, I bought Traffic Siphon and Zero Down Traffic Blueprint (I am promoting them on my site), and I find some very cool ideas, which brings me traffic already.

    2. If people who are complaining here would be able to put together programs like these, they would do that. Usually those who are complaining and saying bad things about others are struggling themselves.

    3. You, Mark, promoted RankBuilder (it has two exit blocks), which promised to get high rankings and so on. I also purchased this software, but I am sure you know already that this is garbage and if a newbie would buy it, he would struggle with it all day long and will never get rankings. Am I right? Check out its sales page – “with a push of the button automation”. Yeah, common, it never works as it should.

    4. Can you tell me that in your programs you never teach your students to make money via Clickbank products? I bet you have promoted them when you just started out.

    5. In one of the last posts, you endorsed one of your students, which used Ryan Deiss name to build his business. It sounds like a scam to me, but you were very proud of him.

    Attention to this post is fantastic. You actually used the same strategy, which guys use in their sales pages – just another tactic.

    Best regards,

    Peter Garety
    A Guy Who Stands Behind His Recommendations

    • @ Peter – Auto Traffic Avalance: Thanks for comments. I see you are promoting Auto Traffic Avalanche. This is another scam. See my point #3 here on my blog post.

      I would not put down the Warrior Forum, like you have.

      Yes, I promoted Rank Builder. I can certainly call myself a SEO Tool expert. I have stated on the record to my list that SEnuke is the best link building tool in this class of tools, but Rank Builder is good for half the price. If you do choose SEnuke instead, I have SEnuke SEO Training to help you out. For those newbies who purchased Rank Builder and are having any issues, it is most likely in the area of trying to understand proxies and how to properly do a submission. It sounds like you tried to spam in your link building efforts, which I do not endorse with any tool.

      Yes, you can make great money selling Clickbank products. I do very well with Clickbank, but I do not sell products like I mention in this blog post.

      Yes, I endorsed a student who created a website called and sells a lot of Deiss’ stuff passively with this one site. It is a spectacular idea. The salespage is simple and gives a true representation of Ryan Diess’ products. Regarding Ryan Diess himself, just in the last 2-3 weeks he has lost credibility as a email marketer to his list by promoting some of these criminals, and I doubt if Ryan will be able to recover.

  103. I see that George Brown is mad with the post here. I remember that he was the first person promoting the Traffic Siphon. If you go to the wf all the people there that did buy the product said it’s pure crapppppp. DON’T FREAKING COME HERE AND TALKING TO Mark LIKE THAT.

  104. Mark,
    I agree that too often these “products” are just garbage. And if you get more than 1 email promoting something, then it is probably a good idea to stay away from.

    I heard one IM’er that I trust say to unsubscribe from every one you are getting email from if they have not provided you something useful in the last month.

    Too often newbies are distracted by these info products. I have received a lot of good info & tips from many of these lower priced ebooks, however, it cost me in terms of focus & time.

    Best to pick a path, and stick to it. If you can find someone online that is honest & trustworthy to follow, then that is great. Once you are profitable, you can expand your knowledge base.

    But don’t break yourself buying ebooks. It is the work that makes you successful. No amount of ebooks sitting on your hard drive will make you successful.

  105. Good stuff, Mark.

    Normally, my first stop is the Warrior Forum product review section to see what other folks have to say. And it’s saved me quite a few bad purchases.

    I did buy the Zero Down Traffic product (for $27) and it’s all about Twitter marketing.

    Can’t comment on the rest, but you are absolutely right. There is entirely too much of this crap going on and it’s heinous even in a good economy. In THIS economy, these guys more closely resemble opportunistic parasites who prey on the weakest victims they can find. And by weak, I mean desperate.

    Question is, how to stop it?… Pierre has a good point, though – we CAN vote with our mouses and unsubscribe from all the crap pushers and their affiliates!

    Thanks and be well.

  106. Mark,

    Kudos to guys like you and Jason that’s taking an active stand against these deceptive crooks. You have my support!

    It really upsets to see how many thousands of people are being scammed on a daily basis with the product launches.

    Is there a place or organization where we can go to report the acts of the THIEVES? I would love to know.

    I bought traffic siphon and it’s complete GARBAGE!! First off, their product has everything to do with seo, some of which are black hat. And, interestingly enough they claim it has nothing to do with web2.0 (twitter, etc) and the very software they offer is a way of spamming people blogs on autopilot. Plus, you better have a LOT of time to WASTE if you plan to follow their teachings!

    Here’s the kicker – I requested a refund on 9/22/2010, due to the bunch of garbage they deliver, and to this date 10/1/2010 I still have not received my money back.

    I’ll do everything I can to help stop these ….. uuuuugghhhhh!!!! bloody thieves and scam artists.

    There, now I have to go and cool off a bit.


  107. I personally feel this type of marketing has been going on for some time and not just with this new rash of programs. I have also started going through my list and I’m leaving the crud behind.

    Mark’s still safe :-),


  108. Nice share Mark, I agree things have definitely gone way outta hand and ya know IM is becoming like so many other good things that have became rotten from that 10% of corrupt, greedy, scoundrel bast@rds that try to cash in on innocent people whom are just getting started out with making their first buck online. The crooks will get what’s coming to them even if their living it up right now on the beach – I’m a firm believer in “Ya reap what ya sew” And further more I absolutely love Justice so It’s always cool seeing these roody poos exposed for what they truly are ~Snakes~ Building a legit long term online business the right way will always pay off in the long run and I look forward to hearing more from you on shedding light on the losers who are trying to ruin things for new and upcoming honest IMers.

  109. I appreciate you being honest about the gurus and the fact that they trick a lot of people into buying their products only to find out later that it doesn’t deliver what is promised.

    I too have purchased some of these so called money making products and then realized that it didn’t deliver and requested a refund. Unfortunately, sometimes getting a refund is very hard to do, if not completely impossible. One time it took me over a month to get a refund for something I didn’t even realize I had purchased until I got my bank statement and was charged overdraft fees due to the purchase.

    After calling my bank at least three times and finally threatening the seller with the BBB and FTC, I was able to get the money credited back to my bank account. However, it did cost me over $80.00 in bank fees to get back $99.00 so what did I really gain except a little satisfaction?

    Anyway, I wish you could post some of the names of the gurus you are talking about so I could remove myself from their lists ( like the other user said he did ) if I am on any of their lists.

    I realize this could open you up to some humiliation, but how are people supposed to remove themselves from these guru’s lists if they don’t know who they are?

    Thanks again for your honesty and the informative post.


  110. Mark from 2GSM.Biz

    Hey Mark,
    I agree it is high time to start calling out the scammers and bring some integrity back to our business. There are so many of those “Only XXX Available” sites online it is hard to tell what is real anymore.
    At least when I use the Script I have to manage my sales, it tells the exact number of sales and number of positions left.

  111. Cheryl MacNaughton

    Mark.. Congratulations on pulling the curtain back. As a ethical internet marketer I am so sick and tired of the scams that I had thought about doing something like this video that you created.

    Unfortunately there are people who want to get rich quick and are buying the scams.

    You are correct to be successful online marketing, SEO, PPC, Social media are all required along with legitimate products

  112. LOL, yeah these guys sure know how to write a sales letter Mark!
    I loved the way you presented that. I really have to swallow the frog and do video.
    I like to take advantage back from these guys, by signing up and get whatever I can from them, bonuses etc. and then cancel. After all if they really had a good product I wouldn’t cancel correct? I love clickbank for that [scam me, I scam you back]. I have found that what they do is launch a product, before it’s software is even functioning correctly. And the proceeds from that Launch go towards fixing the software and bundling it into the next launch.
    I will continue to sell clickbank products,because of the ease.
    Peace out!,

  113. Mark, Great Video. I was recently bombarded with offers for the Auto Mass Traffic product (scam), and surprisingly from three or four marketers that I respect and consider to be legitimate. When I saw the 37 dollar price point I immediately knew there must be a lucrative upsell lurking in the background, probably a continuity deal or why else would the big guys be getting involved. So I did some research and sure enough, along with all the other upsells is a 67.00 monthly subscriptions offer. Here are all the upsells that you will will be presented with:

    10 dollar discount on Main Product – $27.00
    Lifetime access to automated software – $67.00 a month
    10 campaigns with coaching – $197.00
    10 campaigns without coaching – $97.00
    Confidential Underground inner circle DVD – $77.00
    1 week test drive of automated software – $1.00 ($67 a month thereafter)

    So you can begin to see to potential profit motive for promoting this offer. I absolutely loathe the scarcity tactic that so many marketers are using today. These are nothing more than bald face lies and I’m really surprised to see so much of this considering the new FTC regulations, especially from the brits because the EU regulations on truth in advertising are much stricter than here in the states. Anyway, thanks for taking a stand on this. It’s long overdue!

  114. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the video.
    1st question: Do you know that all these Professional Internet Scammers have been train at the same school? (Mister X, Mo Lattif, Andrew X, Michael Jones, Chris and so on…)

    2nd question: Where do most of them live? (UK)

    3rd question: Is the FTC doing its Job? (not sure)

    4th question: Who are their JV Partners? (They all promote each other products)

    5th question: Where do they get their FAKE cb account screenshots? (Some of them use the same figures, screenshots…)

    In my opinion, most of them know each other for a while and all what they offer are stupid cheap ineffective softwares or “courses” build from the same mold or idea and why not by the same team!

    Just don’t hesitate to talk about all these scammers, tell the world about their disgusting strategies, tell their names and post REAL reviews about their products and tactics.

    What is really sad:
    Some good honest marketers and/or affiliates promote these products because these are easy to sell and also because they don’t realize they are helping these bad marketers to make money.
    Before promoting anything you should always buy the product first to be able to publish an HONEST review based on your results using the product.
    I found great products to promote but unfortunately the IM niche is full of rubbish (90% at least).

    Open your eyes and test first.

    All the best you all.


  115. Here is why this is a valid and healthy discussion.

    The People starting out online or who have been banging their heads trying online are easily swayed by Sales Copy, and emotional hot buttons.
    Your product should “outdo” your sales copy, not the other way around.

    * So I agree that in many ways these products kinda are like leading sheep to the slaughter. They’re just gonna make peeps more confused and frustrated.

    Your Sales Copy has to be congruent with your product. If you’re going to thru the trouble of creating a product, why not shoot for lifetime customer value ?

    Thoughts: The IM niche has been dominated and lead by ‘gurus’ who don’t set the right example when it comes to building “real” businesses. Many of them were schooled in highly advanced NLP and Hypnosis influence techniques. These are the “gurus” leading the up and coming “mini-me” gurus.

    Take Great care determining who you choose to be lead by. You will become like them.

  116. Thank You Mark. It is because of these so Called marketers who spread these “RUBBISH” that Google is getting hard on Affiliate marketers.

    If there is no pain there is no gain. If you are in any online business you have to depend on SEO. Anyone who says otherwise is smoking pot or is the BIGGEST IDIOT who only has 1/3rd knowledge of what it takes to do a business online.

    Mark and Darron I am with you in taking action to prevent these scammers from affecting the honest Internet marketers in a negative way.

    I recently had a experience with one of the marketers whom I thought was honest and truly had the well being of others. So the e-mail sounded like it was program that she was involved with and was releasing it. I wanted to test it before I recommended it to my readers. So I ordered it and there was about 4 back end sales attached to it. I just wanted the program. The only thing is that they force you to sign up for the trial, there is no way out of it. So in the end $29 become $300 from your pocket. Talk about ABUSE. I am sure she made a mistake of partnering with the wrong person and she lost the credibility.

    We also have to realize that it is our responsibility to protect the list – meaning that protect our readers from people like these SCAM ARTIST. Mark you are doing a great job. Thank you. You have your values and priorities in the right place.

    Personally I have only found 2 internet marketers, including Mark, who is trust worthy and reliable. Say who has conscience, most of them go after the money. So Hats off to you Mark.

  117. Mark,

    Thanks for the heads-up on this and for having the guts to speak out about it! What’s surprising is all the so called guru’s that promote these products! Doesn’t say much for them! Thanks again!

  118. @ George Brown

    RE: Traffic Siphon
    What’ s going on George?? Has the greed got the better of you already?
    You used to provide some real value to your customers and gained your trust from the IM community! So, What’s up with repackaging the old TS product and trying to fabricate the whole BS story behind it?

    What happens when people that bought the exact material a few months before hand, order only to receive the SAME material?? Sure, you probably made some quick cash, but on the other hand you lost a lot of points in the IM community making this move.

    @Mark D
    Keep up the good work Buddy. Ill be checking out your Dominating G package as soon as I finish my current design project for a client.

  119. @ Peter Garety
    It sounds as though you are doing what you caused Mark to be doing. I don’t feel that Mark was doing this at all. (trying to get attention)

    I didn’t read the article feeling that anyone had been cheated. I believe Mark was simply trying to bring awareness to something that few people want to talk about.

    Since you bought the products I can see why you would defend them because you don’t want to seem like you fell for the okie doke.

    It good that you found some good ideas that are getting you some traffic but that is not the case for most newbies. Why don’t you compare apples to apples and don’t attack the messenger?

    Look at the claims in the sale copy and you know without a doubt they are bogus. If you believe otherwise my heart goes out to you. I challenge to find anyone who has purchased any of those products to prove that they’ve made 1/10 of the income they claim you can make.

    Mark is not trying to discredit all CB products, just the ones that are BS. The very fact that you are defending it makes me very suspect of you. Consumers are simply not going to tolerate these false and bold claims any longer.

    Hats off to Mark. I believe Mark to be a credible marketer and that is why I’m on his list. If you believe he is in the same caliber as the guys he exposed why are you still on his list?


  120. Im surprised that anyone is really surprised at this!
    I have reported this on my blog for a long time (And gotten sh*t from internet guru’s for it)
    Part of the Problem is the Guru Promotion Circle-J*rks that are JV.
    Its worse then you think. Even if you are decent and honest. Once involved with most JV circles. You HAVE TO promote the others. Since, they promoted you.
    So, even the clean become dirty or they die off (try profitable promoting a real product on your own honestly and see how much it costs you in time and money before you reach positive ROI?!)
    The 2nd part of the problem is the customers.
    We all know “something for nothing” is not real and that an “overnight” success in anything from Hollywood to Internet has some background of hard-work, sacrifice and time doing the ‘cr*p” that never makes a good movie or story. And yet many still gobble up the copy that suggests to them that in a “magic moment” they can be lifted from their desperation and misery to millionaire status.
    Ahhh, if it was only that easy for everyone all the time.
    So, I ask.
    What is worse the people that are parasite-ing the populace or the populace that continues to “beg” to be mislead and then expect the Government to protect them from their own folly?
    Yes, the “gurus” need to stop “skimming” the populace and the populace need to “grow up” and realize what is real vs. fantasy.

  121. I refer to them all as Pinocchio Marketing Tactics. They promise you will make a ridiculous amount of money, all on autopilot. People think they do not need to do anything but setup these products in order to make that kind of money. I get so angry when I see these. Lies and liars.

  122. Thanks Mark!

    Not much I can add to your post and video other than… even before reading it I noticed I’m developing a gag reflex to guru ‘product announcements’.

    Although I have noticed it coming full circle with product announcements about product launches that teach you how to conduct killer product launches. Sheeezzzzeeee!

    Seriously, I have unsubscribed from at least a dozen lists in the wake of the recent AutoMassTraffic push alone.

    By the way, as I write this is available.

  123. Great post, Mark. You hit the nail on the head.

    The real issue I have with products that you displayed in the video is that they are using emotional manipulation to separate people from their money.

    We’re in a global recession and there are loads of “smart people” out of work that are desperately trying to find something that will help them pay the bills, and support their family. Then, they try one of these “just add water” products and they are left disappointed.

    If you are selling a product in the IM Niche – people are not just spending their money for your product, but they are spending money with you and investing their hopes, dreams, and future in what you are offering them to enhance their lives.

    We see scumbag moves by politicians, sales people, and especially the IM product launch crowd that will do anything for a buck – and they don’t care who they hurt in the process as long as they get what they want.

    Instead, if you genuinely do create a product and way over deliver when people purchase, then good things will come. Karma at work, and for some of the people in this niche it will be a rude awakening for them some day.

    With that in mind I’d just like to say that the Dominating Google course is killer, Mark. I have first page rankings, and I’m more of a PPC guy than I am an SEO guy – but what you offer is better than the guys over at Stomper and more user-friendly than SEOMoz.

    It’s not rehashed garbage like most of the products out there, that explain to me what links are, and how to open a youtube account. (Like I’m an 11th century Viking that just got beamed to the year 2010).

    Plus…you’re stuff isn’t “theory”. You’re real-life working examples of what you do, and how you do it is a great “case study” – that shows how to really get results, and make money. It’s dynamite – and this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for SEO – and rather just do PPC.

    I’ve bought all of your products – and just let me know when your next one is due out – as I want to be the first to buy it. Keep up the great work Mark.

  124. Hey Mark first off I want to say that I commend you on motivating others to stand up against shiz products so that we can preserve the IM industry. But also quick side note, I kinda have to agree with George Brown and say you are NOT an SEO expert at all actually. First your on page optimization is hap hazard (especially about page and contact page not being used properly), no follow links form no spider path, most of your pages are not indexed, and no real internal linking structure is currently present. Now please do not take offense to what I said, it just seems hypocritical to call someone out when they are claiming to be an expert, then you yourself claiming to be an SEO expert and your website reflects differently. Unless I am missing something here but again back on topic good points, seems that the same guy is doing graphics and sales copy for these guys.

    • @ Jameson – I have done absolutely NO seo on this site, and I have an Alexa ranking of under 30k world wide.

      This site is for my customers/subscribers, not for product placement in Google rankings.

      Thanks for your efforts.

  125. Well I am one of those people who bought AUTO MASS TRAFFIC

    First all – FYI these promoters offer this product for only $37 —

    Oh by the way, there are FIVE UPSALES – you can not get out off.

    And if you do not buy the second upsale you are a loser and you will have to do this “auto” traffic manually.

    I did get some good ideas – and I got two great bonuses.

    But, the pounding and heavy selling hype was unnecessary.

    Quite frankly, I was over all of these hyped sales pitches – but for some reason I said what the heck – $37 seems ok… Big mistake.

    It would be nice to find someone that was honest and straight forward, someone that I would take pride in modeling their success.

    That is all for now.


  126. There are many out there who launch a new product on CB every few months that show screenshots of their payment details but never give links to the sites that they supposedly made that money from… If they truly made money from developing a particular type of site, wouldn’t a link to the actual site serve as better proof than a payment screen that anyone can easily manipulate in Photoshop?

    There are tons of products out there that sound great in the sales copy but are actually crap! Its good to vent about these scammers… Not only does it help others who may be falling for the scams, but it also gives the writer a little therapeutic relief. 😉

    Here is a post I did in August on the subject:

    I agree with your point about the exit screens, too. It seems that they are just trying to wear you down and its annoying as H##L!

    • @ Gary Calvert – I agree with you about screen shots. In the case of one of the criminals in my video, the commission shots are from his previous launches done by affiliates, and his email marketing list, not from a new secret traffic method. It is called JV’s. Nothing less. Nothing more. And the masses lose.

  127. Well said Mark,

    I’m sick and tired of all these too.

    I’ve been marketing for 14 years, and this has to be probably the worse I’ve seen yet.

    What happened to good ole people? Oh, they got rich, fried their brains in the sun spending all that money, and forgot about being passionate about their customers.

    Best wishes,


  128. Hi Mark,
    I know you received a slew of comments here “thanking you” for having the testicular fortitude so to come out and be the IM scam product “whistleblower”. It has obviously struck the nerves of a couple of so called “gurus” when they have to come on here and defend themselves. And when the products themselves are crap, that only makes them look even worse.
    2010 has been the year of the IM Product Scams. As the economy is taking it’s awfully slow time recovering, there are still thousands of people out of work trying to feed their families. And, I believe a lot of them are turning to seeing how to make money online. But the gurus know that so their strategy is actually quite good. But it is NOT ethical nor is it morally right.
    The guys who market make money online products that do follow the basic rules of making money using white hat SEO tactics should be the ones who benefit. There is no magic pill and there is no ‘autopilot’ until you put in the hard work, just like in any other business to get that business off the ground and running.
    It’s funny how these IM clowns do themselves “exactly” what they are selling to the masses…..And that is how to make the most money in the world with the least little effort possible…….We see that as fellow IM’ers but the poor people down on their luck, most at no fault of their own, don’t see that. And that is sad!

    Keep spreading the word that there is good in the IM community. We just need to make it the majority message through great grassroot efforts.



  129. Hi Mark,
    WOW! What a great video. You know, I think lots of people know deep down that what they are being told in those sales pitches is not true and is just all hype, but sometimes you just get lured in. I went and bought Zero Cost Commissions but asked for a refund just a few short days later. Never even looked properly into it as I could see after I got the product that it was not anything new or especially exciting.
    I guess I am one of the easy targets….

  130. Mark,
    Congrats on raising this issue. I have tried to stay away from most of these scammy products but occasionally get sucked in. I now only buy anything sold through Clickbank to guarantee my refund which I know 90% I will be asking for; I suppose next I will be branded a “serial refunder” 🙁 I even had one marketer tried to decline my refund by messaging back through CB and only when I pointed out to CB that the refund was guaranteed by them did I get it; this all took about 12 days instead of the usual 2-3 days (money making interest in the bank??)

    What really gets me are the sales pages that tell you everything the product is NOT but nothing about what it IS. Less than 2 years ago this would not have been the case, we would know if we were being sold a blogging product, or a Facebook product or whatever. I have outlayed money to find that the product is nothing more than another way of using Craigslist, or banner ads, or ad exchanges (or even worse selling you upto another service which has a monthly fee having sold you on a “no more to pay, one single payment only” claim) etc. etc.
    I have been scammed by some of these UK based Gurus and took several months to to almost $1500USD back last year for a product that was blatantly pirated, so much for integrity!

    Keep up the vigilance,
    Cheers from downunder, Keith

  131. Mark, thanks for posting this. I tell my clients all the time – buy nothing. I am guilty of buying all the crap and I tell them I will let you know if it is worthwhile. My latest gripe: Products whose sales letter do not tell you what they are selling. This was the case with a product that promised *&(()* traffic. They never said the product was PPV. I am further tired of sales letters that tell you this is all you need and then the oto that tells you it is not. I should write a macro to automatically request my refund for people who do this.
    I used to take the policy – I was dumb enough to buy it – my fault – I will eat it. No more. And to the Guru’s who are doing this – I am not going to wait the 30 days – be forewarned – I will request my refund now. (No chance I am going to let the 30 days expire on me.)

    All we are asking for is a little bit of truth in advertising. Do not tell me in your sales letter that I will have tons of traffic and then tell me after I buy that I need to buy that traffic from a network you are an affiliate of.
    And no I do not need your advanced tool for $67 a month that scrapebox does for a one time $57

    Ok. I feel better now.

  132. Everyone should report these scams to the FTC.

    Go here to file complaints:

  133. Hey Mark, I just scrubbed my email. I took two of the products that you mention (one that I bought) searched all the people promoting them and hit the unsubscribe button.

    Note to all marketers: Be Careful what you put your endorsement behind.

    These marketers have lost me from their lists today:
    Paul and Antonio
    Rob Benwell
    Steven Lee Jones
    Affiliate X
    Mass PPV Traffic Newsletter
    Mass PPV Traffic Members Only Newsletter
    Affiliate Marketing Group
    Chris & Jerome
    Matt Bacak
    Mo Latif

  134. @Peter – identifying yourself as an Auto Traffic Avalanche marketer immediately identifies your post as useless. ATA’s promotion is full of lies, the product is black-hat and will get people banned from its major advertising source, and it is the course or more comment spam on my blog than anything else.

    @Mark – well said. My relatively new blogging venture is devoted to triying to teach newbies how to recognise and avoid all this scamming, the information overload, and all the other “steal their last dollar” things that are happening in IM. Your post is one I wish I’d written 🙂


  135. What needs to be said has been said and it doesn’t matter how you look at it, these claims,i.e. made in the video about the sales pages are hard to deny.

    Quarter of a million or half a million without lifting a finger? Even if people think you’re stupid, you shouldn’t prove them right.

    I tell people that you need systems and you need to work hard and smart to be successful. Doesn’t get me many friends or subscribers (and does get some unsubscribes whenever I remind people about this) but it’s just the plain ‘evergreen’ truth.

    Good job and well done.

  136. Ugh. Typing too fast, look at those spelling errors! Where’s the edit button?

    Mark, I just linked to your post from the latest in my series of tips for beginners – problem is, we have to get to them first and get the message out, before they fall for these things. The internet is too easy for scam artists and you’ll only ever succeed in embarrassing a tiny percentage of them into behaving ethically.

  137. Hey Mark I think you deleted my comments about buying one of these programs

    And still even after 2 attempts now no refund…. Why isn’t that a surprise

    And just to make it clear to all, I do use the the name AffiliateX and no this is not associated to any of the Gurus such as Alex Goad who I believe initially had this name..

    I do have his old domain however which has been my site for nearly a year and a half..

  138. This video should watch every IM community member .People should make themselves aware that there is no push button software that make them rich and The people who have big list , please stop promoting this crap .

  139. Erik von Werlhof

    Interesting that I came across this site when I did. I have recently had an experience with a WordPress plugin related to Clickbank where it seemed that no one could answer my questions about how to get the thing to work. The only honest answer I got from someone was “I am clueless!” So it’s good to see that there is a watchdog out there who is lifting the lid on some of this shady marketing activity.

  140. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the insight into these so called GURU’s. Take the Auto Mass Traffic by Mo Latiff. He says he has been away for 4 years. Now let me see so he has been away spending all his money that he has sucked out from mainly newbie marketers and probably the odd veteran marketer.

    The high lifestyle that he probably leads is needing a quick boost to keep him in the high life. So he is back to suck so more newbies dry. If it was so easy to spend $27 to $97 and be making that sort of cash each month why is not every marketer a millionaire???????

    It is a marathon not a sprint this IM world. It is also a business and not a hobby. It is so easy to get sucked into these sale copy as they probably paid a copy writer thousands as they know how much they will get in return.


    Keep to your own plans which I hope are ethical and don’t get side tracked by these crappy sites.

    Cheers Mark


  141. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your sharing and its good that you let people like us who is just starting out on internet marketing to be aware of such scam products.
    Just after watching your video, I received the exact same offering as shown in your video.

    I always believe, that is no such thing as overnight or instant success.
    We need to learn the fundamentals and work smart and not get sucked into offerings that offers instant success with a push of a button or automated software. We need to guard our ” treasures from loss” from our attempt to get rich overnight.


  142. Mark… I’ve have been self employed 26 years. Online, fulltime, over 14 years. I raised my child (single mom) with online income. Business is driven by supply & demand. As long as there are gullible people who’ll pay for “secrets” of success, there will continue to be jokers selling that crap. The joke is on the buyers. Those programs DO make someone rich — just not the buyer. Once people realize that, they’re standing at an ethical crossroads… walk… or emulate? We don’t all have the same ethics. As is obvious. Do you subscribe to JV pro? Most of these dudes are handing out cash prizes for most sales and lots of back-patting going around. I have unsubscribed from so many newsletters the last few months, it’s not even funny.

  143. Hey Mark, I agree with you. It is ridiculous. I had already started unsubscribing from all of the IMers who promote these products. It is pure scam!
    The other one that irritates me to no end is the email that has as the subject line Re:download, suggesting that you are already subscribed and now they are sending you your download. I unsubscribe from those also.

  144. Thank you for your video and comments. I bought two out of three of
    these products, but had already asked for a refund. Auto Mass Traffic
    would not even work, and after numerous emails, I finally decided it was
    just another hyped up scam, that the software did not do what it said.
    I also bought Traffic Siphon, but it looked like just another twitter product.
    I have asked for a refund also. I am so tired of being scammed.

    I hope you will post your review as new products come out, a lot of
    marketers who promoted these products, have lost all credibility with
    me, and I have removed myself from their list.

    I am a honest person, and only want to deal with honest people.

    When looking at the sales page, if you don’t need a website, product,
    no seo,ppv,ppc, etc. I ask, What’s left? How in the world would you
    ever make money without some of these?

    Again, thanks.

  145. I believe it’s better to give a review of something you have actually used, and show the pros and cos of that particular product rather than just trusting the crap that some of these gurus spin you on their affiliate pages.

    I have already _MASS_ unsubscribed from 90% of the gurus email lists, since they never seem to offer much value outside of peddling scamming products like the ones mentioned above and others that are now known as pure TRASH that have been surfacing in the last few months.

    ATTENTION: Guru’s wanting to defend their products:

    If your product is SOOOOO GREAT and FANTASTIC (and how we all can’t do without it cause we DON’T seem to have this hidden source of knowledge that you have…haha maybe you are all from a secret society and have a secret guru handshake cause you’re all more enlightened than all of us!!)

    Then if you are SO confident give me the names of 20 people that are not in your little “unholy inner-circle” that have made more than the $500,000 you so mentioned on your sites and I will be happy for you to give me FREE access to your product to test the claims for myself in order to write a decent review.


    @JoelinPDX – Funny you should mention offline marketing — Check out Mark’s previous post where he interviews me on how to make $1,000 in 45 days, and check out the extra comments below the post (it was a contest that he was running a few weeks ago) — And Hey, I give this info for FREE (all with _NO_ 25 exit popups, o.t.o, upsells or downsells).

    So yes _as you say_ you CAN make money doing offline marketing for local businesses, in fact I’ve been doing it for close to 15 years now…way before any self-proclaimed and self-promoted guru came out with a product, and no you don’t have to buy their $2000k product. But you need the “RIGHT” help if you are just getting started.


    ps. Hey!! self-proclaimed & self-appointed gurus: I will be waiting for your response for those 20 names that are making over the $500,000 from your products and services.

  146. As Carl rightly says above, you can make money from helping local businesses market online, I’ve been doing so for as long as Carl so I can certainly back him up there.

    But I want to add some important caveats.

    If you are not an expert don’t sell yourself as one. Carl is right, most offline businesses know squat about IM but that’s no reason for anyone to take advantage of them. I see way too many people trying to sell their services to local businesses who follow the old saying “you just need to know 5% more than someone else to be an expert” Wrong, waaay wrong. You’ve got to know your craft and that means a lot more than just doing a gooroo-course and hanging out your shingle.

    If you want to earn the big bucks you’ve got to be able to deliver big time so if you’re new and ‘wet behind the ears’ start small and build your experience, your credibility and your reputation. As you do this the recommendations will come in and eventually so will the bigger jobs from the better off clients.

    Don’t forget the little guys, the mom and pop businesses who haven’t got five or ten grand to throw at you. I do a lot of work in the few hundreds that lead on to more and more work as my clients become more successful.

    This way you will build a sustainable business with a reputation which will cut your own marketing budget to almost zero as your reptation spreads. But it only takes a few disgruntled customers to kill your business stone dead as we have seen from the mass unsubscribes above.

    To your success (as the gurus say) but I mean it!


  147. Kamran Chowdhury

    I salute you Mark for standing up against these scammers. They are increasing day by day. It is disturbing

    One funny thing I will point out. In one of the recent launch, the guy showed his clickbank stats, and his refund for a period of two weeks was greater than what he earned, still he got away with it because clickbank now shows debits in a bracket, and not with a negative (-) sign like it used to do before, and many people did not catch that. My guess is, even the screenshots were from promoting one of friends product which all have a high refund rate.

  148. Allan Leadbetter

    I Saw george brown on here defending his product so here’s an Idea why not put his money where his mouth is , why doesn’t george and the other guy’s whos products have been mentioned go up against Mark in the upcoming Internet Marketing World Cup and then we will all really know who’s systems for making money work?

    How’s about it guy’s care to go Toe to Toe with each other?

    I know I would be Interested in the outcome of that contest!

    • @ Allan – Nice thought. My purpose of writing this in the first place was not to have a competition with someone else, but to alert my customers/subscribers to criminal activity happening in the IM world.

      My posting is not “anti-marketing.” There are a lot of great ways to do marketing.

      My posting is about criminal behavior – misleading and false information meant to being harm to innocent people, and my customers and subscribers are some of the victims. It is them that I am aiming to protect here.

  149. Here’s an interesting way to find out if you’re being scammed. When you get a hyped up email, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find an address. Copy and paste the address into Google Maps search and perform a ‘street view’. If you see the mansion that they claim to have then maybe sit up and listen to them but 9/10 times the search shows up a grotty little house that Joe Average would live in, no sign of the mansion that’s pictured in the sales copy.

    I did one of these searches on one of the ‘Guru’s’ mentioned above in Allan’s post……what an eye opener!!!

    Have a go, it’s enlightening to say the least 🙂

  150. I feel something is getting lost is the shuffle here! The primary goal of most inet-marketers is to build their lists so as to be able to provide value for their subscribers and by providing such value, gain subscriber purchase trust and loyalty while making a bit of cash to boot.

    The fact is this: The majority of these really shite, sell-the-moon if you can kind of products are coming from a very specific circle of friends.The consistency in sales letters and pitch is no coincidence! It would be very easy to name as well as correlate the coordinated release of crappy products from this “evil cabal” over the past 14 months! But it looks like they’re getting the point!

    It’s just too bad that many are electing to take offense to what are salient points raised here that cite the misuse of our trust as IM product subscribers.

    But its no good for us to just post a load of comments ad-infinitum. I’m not fatalist on this and believe we can coordinate a more pro-active solution. Mark has been insightful enough to start the conversation and the real question will we take a stake in how it proceeds?

    I’d like to suggest is that we put together a group and establish a sort of or series of watchdog site(s) where we will post the names of the marketers (product to person, date and why) that simply pimp everything out of the JV notification list. This should include as well as list of the the folks that are continuing to offer meaningful products and enhance customer value to the IM community.

    It won’t take long before a site like this can become the goto place for inet marketers of all shades. Then perhaps the playing field can become leveled a bit with good product offerings instead of the string of ridiculous lies and often rehashed garbage.

    I am happy to contribute however I can. But lets begin the discussion!

  151. I also have opted out of lists that I have been on for quite a while.

    Ever since they started using the ‘ad-swap-track’ (?) program that just came out the emails turned into daily and twice daily filled with ‘buy this guys stuff’ ad swaps.

    When you sign up for a newsletter don’t they all say “we will never sell or trade your info” (we will just hammer you with emails giving you up to every marketer we can to make a buck off you)

    Might be a quick buck for some but the problem with this sort of marketing is that you have to constantly beat yourself up everyday with new work for the next ad swap.

    I like my way:
    build quality sites,
    create quality products,
    make customers happy,
    never sell or ‘trade’ my list,
    rinse and repeat!

    Brian Ankner (non-guru)

  152. I like Nicola’s idea of googling to see where they live. Great. I know of 2 affiliates using the same backdrop, telling people they’re sitting outside in their beautiful backyard. Ha! I am so relieved. I just unsubscribed to over 20 lists. That should cut down on the number of junk emails I get daily.

  153. Mark,
    This is the most perfect post i have ever read in my life. You are completely true, i got all those GURUS in just one bulk email, i there is much more than just the products you name.

    The truth is simple…NEVER buy products that tell you can earn 1000´s with just one click,
    I know you can earn money online even without spending a dime with SEO, but it requieres a lot of work, and it is not for newbies.


  154. Hmmm, now if the affiliates are claiming to have the big house, that’s one thing. But if an affiliate sends you an email promoting his or her affiliate link to someone’s program, the affiliate himself isn’t necessarily making all that money.

    For instance, let’s say I want to promote someone’s program (believing that it’s a truly valuable product.) I send the promotion out to my list and my address is at the bottom of the email. When someone clicks my affiliate link, they might go to a website that tells of all the money the product developer is earning and it might have a picture of a big house.

    But then if the person who got my email looks up my address, they will NOT see a big house, because it’s not my house being talked about!

  155. Great work Mark, i agree!!!

  156. Mark,

    All I want to say is “Thank You.” The truth is the light. Thanks for shining this light on this corrupt practice in our industry. I am new to internet marketing and am appalled at how often I see the kind of gimmicks of which you speak. It is rarely expressed how much hard work is required. Again, thanks.

  157. Hi everyone, I agree with Karen, lets becareful before we all go running to the email and find out if they all got big houses,because as Karen said, If we send emails to clients promoting a product, they would be looking at are houses, not the person we are affiliating for. I do agree with Mark, there are hundreds of Scams going on by the Gurus, maybe we need a forum or a blog site where both Marketeers and buyers could go to for honesty In Im, that should Stop these socalled Gurus from ripping people off

    • @ Malcolm @ Karen

      I always ask myself, “Do these criminals all live in the same house and drive the same car?”

      I live in and rent a duplex…for the record.

  158. Hey Mark – You really have stirred up a hornets nest and I just read Andy’s Newsletter he’s just published a video of Shane –
    on his blog –

    -Looks like the people are standing up to this rubbish – Now all we need is Clickbank to shut these scammers down once and for all.

  159. Mark,

    It’s good to see that there are a select few that have the balls to tell people how it is. Knowing that they will get some type of crap from the product owners.

    Thanks for being honest!

  160. Thanks for the warning on these scams. As a matter of fact, I received one of these emails about a week ago. I just deleted it.

  161. Well said Marc.

    There may be a disease but there is also a growing number of people who are reacting against this kind of rubbish. It does beg the question why Clickbank put up with it and why do other seemingly respectable marketers promote this crap.

    Keep up the fight

  162. Good on you for exposing these scams Mark.

    Anyone who knows anything about business will know that the only way to make money, whether online or offline, is hard work and investment!
    These so called “products” are designed to rip off newbies and people that can least afford to lose the money. The only ones making money are the people selling them.

    After buying a few dud products that were recommended by some of these self-styed “Gurus”, it is obvious that they have never even looked at the products before they started selling them.

    Over the past few months I have unsubscribed from dozens of lists and in the process I have saved myself many hours of reading and listening to crap.

    Keep it up.

  163. received more emails from ‘gurus’, and came across 2 other newly launched products that has the same format, copy elements, and earning claims – and

    incidentally, the creator of Backlink Battleplan, Shane, also came up with a video bashing Auto Mass Traffic. what a scam!

    • @ Andy at Web Design –

      Thanks for the comment. It certainly appears to be a inner circle group of UK marketers who are loading this crap and doing it with false claims, misleading information, and super hype. The salescopy all looks the same, including layout and graphics. What is even more strange is that one of the worse email marketers who promotes all this crap just sent out a email saying, “You tired of the hypey salesletters?” and then he takes you to another pitch.

      Regarding your link that you provide on another Clickbank offer, this guy is a part of the UK inner circle. Same layout, same salescopy, etc.. What is even more interesting, is that this guy has not made a dime outside of doing JV inner circle mailings. Hence, any teachings on ‘in the trenches’ internet marketing would only be copied from someone else.

      My purpose in writing this article is not to bash marketers, but to point out lies, false claims, and to protect my subscribers/customers from being led down a false path of deception.

  164. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for addressing the problem rampant in the IM community. Most of these “gurus” you’re talking about are merely the “slap chop” type of hucksters who prey on the newbie’s inexperience and gullibility. They make their money on volume of sales.

    Again, thanks Mark.


  165. Mark, Andy beat me to it – I looked at that Stealth Profit Machines today and laughed, it looked exactly as you had described. Oh, it has secret software you just have to click 7 times and go to sleep while you become a millionaire!

    When I heard the English accent on the video I really did crack up. And then it took more than 5 clicks to close the page. Are you training these guys? 🙂

    Didn’t Auto traffic Avalanche’s well-spoken Brit promise 7 clicks too?

    Maybe it’s time to launch a very anonymous “WikiScams” site and really start to out these people on a grand scale.


  166. you said “all these sites look the same and are following the same format.

    Well for the past 10 + years all other websites selling stuff like ebooks have been following the same format of a sales letter

    This is just a NEW version of a sales letter that works.

    And also why are you complaining that the products are $37 ?

    isnt it better that its $37 and not $997!

    at least its only $37 so you are not losing that much money anyway…

    and did you try all the products ?

    you cant call them a scam unless you test them out anyway

    i bet you make no money lol

  167. It’s a shame (coming from the uk myself – Scotland to be exact) – that these guys are giving us Uk Marketers a bad name ( we’re not all bad – honest)

    On a slightly other note I had a email come thru from Frank Kern that I think loosly appies it’s entitled “You: The Best Guru EVER.” – he lay’s out a simple formula to geting people to stop buying all the latest products and start taking action, he says:

    My Challenge To You

    1. Don’t buy any advice this month. Go back and re-read whatever you’ve bought in the past. It’s still good.

    2. Turn off the damn computer and write down all the good stuff you learn. On a legal pad. (OLD SCHOOL!).

    3. Review those notes and write down every possible action you could take to start making money immediately. Do whatever actions jump out at you. Don’t over think this. Just do it. Life is short.

    4. Write a new offer for your products. You’ve probably bought a ton of stuff on writing offers and copy …so dig it out of the closet and put it to use. Nothing happens until something gets sold. So start selling (and quit buying).

    5. Take the money you would have spent on whatever new marketing product you were thinking about buying this month (but didn’t) and use that money to drive traffic to your offer.

    That’s right! Invest in business instead of buying more stuff about business. Revolutionary concept!

    6. Measure the results of your activity (note the word ACTIVITY!) and tweak accordingly.

    7. Repeat 1-6.

    Oh – and if you’ve ever looked for a magic formula, that’s pretty much it.

    I know because I’ve been at this now for 11 years and I’ve tried everything.

    It’s simple:

    1. See what worked for other people.

    2. Try it for yourself.

    3. Adjust according to results.

    4. Repeat.

    Now Let’s Kick Some Ass

    We’re heading into the 4th quarter and ’tis the season to SELL THE HELL OUT OF YOUR STUFF.

    This is the time of year when people love to buy things more than ever …and that means your odds of success are even greater!

    • @ Allan Leadbetter

      I WILL be buying products this month, as I do buy products that are good and add to my business. Moving forward, not backwards.

      On Frank’s advice in his article, “don’t buy any products this month,” would only be true for Frank only because he does not have any product launches this month. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be preaching that.

      Sorry Frank…yes, you’re probably reading this. 🙂

      And, the fact is, Frank does a lot of coaching and mentoring to many people, and charges a hefty price for it too. So, his article is a bit conflicting to his business structure, but I think the main idea he was trying to get across is that people need to take responsibility for their own success.

      Usually, when someone writes a article like that, it usually means that person is getting a lot of feedback from their students or pupils. Perhaps many of Frank’s pupils are complaining about their lack of success, and so he sends out this ‘take responsibility’ article. I have no idea really. Just a guess.

      You have to be careful in how you shepherd a flock of pupils. Preachers are famous for getting in the pulpit and hammering their congregation when they are upset at them….and it always leads to the departure of their flock and the demise of the preachers job.

  168. sc online marketing

    Hi Mark, thanks for this heads up. I will pass the word. I actually know a guy who bought those products. Can you please tell me what software you use to have your videos play on your site like you do. I am currently using youtube, but I would like to use the video I make with Camstudio to be played from my server. by the way they are avi files. Thanks again

  169. Mark is using a service call Amazon S3 (storage), and has used several different plugins for embedding the vids on his site, you can use 1) Flash Video Player (Plugin), which is a freeby or 2) Easy Video Player, which is a paid solution.

    You’ll also want to convert them into mp4 files, you can do this by downloading a free program called handbrake (windows, mac, & unix/linux).



  170. Hey Mark,

    Great video! It’s always nice to see you have our backs online. Too many newbie’s (and old stubborn marketers) fall for these. But as you said, they all seem to start to look the same and you can tell which circle of influence they are all in.

  171. Hi mark.I see In the last few sentances a very Anti Uk shouts, well I would like to say this yes there are bad ones promoting from the UK but I have been conned by many American marketeers, actually more than from the UK, I have Just been busted by mentors, of other $5,000, so lets cut the crap and go all anti UK, you should be exposing the UK, USA and from where ever they come from, or is it because they are take a big bite out of the USA’S share of scams and not enough suckers to go round so the money pot Is less??

    • @ Malcolm

      Thank you for your comment. You make a good point. This has certainly been problem coming from all geographical locations.

      However, in the last 2 months there certainly is a UK school that is putting this crap before us…and the salespages all look the same.

  172. The 3 b.s.ers, Stealth Profit Machines, Auto traffic Avalanche and Auto Mass Traffic quite happily boast about the amazing upsells $37.00 turns into $197.00 with ends up as a mothly fee of $39.00. All of them seem to focus on selling more clickbank sh…. Not only that having numerous blogs the comment spam that you recieve from these promotions is astounding. Many a time I have contacted clickback about unscrupulous affiliates and reported them for spam. Clickbanks ToS “All ClickBank clients are prohibited from using our services in conjunction with any form of network abuse, spamming, spyware, denial of service, or other illegal activity. Sending any email to purchased lists or lists obtained by any other method (such as harvesting) is not acceptable. Clients may only send email to recipients who have joined mailing lists directly from their own website.” One thing in favour for clickbank is they do teminate affiliate accounts, not that this means much, they just set up another account.

  173. make money online

    I’m sure most of you have noticed in Clickbank Auto Mass Traffic is #1 and the gravity is 1225. This is outrageous that all these affiliates are promoting these sites probably without even using the product.. The other 2 sites Mark shows in the video are in the top 5 as well. Guess they like giving money away and as long as they do they will keep selling this trash. I did noticed they removed 6 of the pop-exits. Only 3 now. Thanks Mark for posting this and shedding some light.

  174. Thanks Mark, and succinctly put. I am currently creating a blog which is based on my own experiences and purchases. It will only recommend people and products that I either have personal experience of, or enough data to support with confidence recommendations.

    However, one of the problems I’m experiencing is with a “name ‘n’ shame” list.

    There are some great comments above, but few of them actually name the villains (some do give a hint though).
    If anyone has ideas how I can expressly do it without incurring legal implications, I’d be very very grateful – and I can then offer a very honest and much needed service.

    It’s not just the gurus either!

    Only last night I came across a blog which has built up some history, so I assume has following. BUT . . .

    On closer inspection, the whole blog is selling affiliate products (good, bad, who cares), while giving the appearance of being a helpful information provider.

    I checked a lot of posts, and discovered that almost without exception, he had merely taken the product’s sales page, removed the excess ‘broke to bounty’ guff, and produced a post from it (very cleverly, I might ad). His summary was non committal, (ie said nothing) and of course there was a link to garb this great opportunity. I’m sure he’s making affiliate money in there, but I recognised some of the products – and they’re garbage.

    Being of unsound mind, and totally p****d off, I wrote a not very complimentary comment on his latest post, (which showed no comments so far).

    Guess what – Comments closed!

    So, I’ll email him – No contact, about me, or any other way of contacting!!

    A newbie will find him; read the great review (written by the vendor); see it as a recommendation by a trusted blogger; and buy!


    He doesn’t care that he’s promoting cr*p either. Grab the money and run, there’ll be another one around soon.

    Sorry – soapbox.

    PS. Can I use your video in some way? Please let me know.


  175. Lani Kee, Mind Mapping Techniques

    Aloha Mark, appreciate you pointing those things out. Not many talk about these things and many online gurus pushing this stuff, hard. Were do you turn to? Your post, clued me what to look for now. Glad I came by. Thanks for sharing!

    PS..come by and visit me and leave me a sweet comment. The benefits are sharing is caring! Mahalo! 🙂

  176. This is really becoming a big problem lately and to many marketers are promoting real crappy products that are clearly lying on the sales page.

    It is very disappointing to see that and to know that many people fall for that trap and waste their time and money on such products.

  177. Hi again Mark and everyone else on here,I did some emails last night from the UK, and emailed some of the people who are promoting the 7clicks, I had only one reply so far, and there was a lot of Information in the product he saids for the money, the affiliate sent me a copy of the product, his reply was you haven’t got much to lose for the price, so that means as far as I am concerened, we can scam people as long as we dont charge to much money, I asked him if thats what he is saying, awaiting his reply, I am also going to check for the details of this UK guy over here

  178. Now, for some light humor, 2 sites that mock this kind of thing..worth the read. (cracker)
    Snippet: One of my promotions, for a nutritional supplement, was so convincing that 100% of the people who read my copy were cured of their illness – before they took the pills! (This was one of his bullet points)

    Then there was my mailing for XYZ Collectibles, which made consumers so eager to own the product, orders started coming in before the piece was even printed and mailed! (bwahaha)
    Snippet: Once you send us your entire life’s savings, we have set up support groups and numerous teleseminars, newsletters, ezines and auto-responder series to help you understand and cope with the volume of cash that you’ll be receiving.

    You’ll also be enrolled in our free CLUB that will continue to barage you with entirely useless offers that further enrich us and do absolutely nothing to help you.

    Don’t wait! Order NOW!

  179. I totally agree with where this article is pointed. I would also remind folks that the ClickBank refund policy is pretty solid. If you’re not happy with what you have been sold, make sure you get your money back.

  180. Just when we thought the UK guys were scamming and milking people. I just had a friend send me this link Very interesting..I wonder where the ethics in IM is headed if guys like this are saying stuff like that?

    My thoughts are — there should be a mass exodus from all guru lists, and product launches..then where would they all be? Crying home to mama!!!

  181. I just viewed the youtube vid in Carl’s post re: unedited exchange between Jeff Walker and Andy Jenkins and it’s very interesting to say the least.
    It’s to be expected that marketing tactics are employed to get the best price for a product, especially if it is a product that truly delivers. However, it’s apparent that they are milking it for all it’s worth with little regard for their prospects.

    Again, very sad. I will now unsubscribe from their lists as trustworthy no longer equates with these two.

  182. You guys don’t understand…!

    You ACTUALLY CAN make money on the internet.

    You don’t have to work at all
    You don’t need a website, a list, a product
    This software is so powerful that you don’t even need a internet connection.
    In fact, you don’t need to be alive and you will make $250,000 a month LOL

    Thanks for the great post!

  183. Just to clarify the Google maps search suggestion. Most of these flashy ‘get rich quick’ schemes get you to opt in, it would be the address at the bottom of that opt in that you would search.

    Naturally, you wouldn’t search the person who refered you as they would live in a mansion themselves as they would have tried and tested the product before trying to sell it to their loyal subscribers wouldn’t they?!?

    Hope that’s clarified the theory 😉

  184. @Nicola

    There is a slight problem with your Google Maps theory in that they are not really that accurate. If you look up my primary address, for example, it shows my neighbors house. While I do not live in a mansion, there is a considerable difference between my newer brick home and the neighbor’s 60 year old wood frame house.
    Also, Google maps do not cover all addresses. If I were to list the address for my other home you wouldn’t see anything as the street (mountain road) it sits on has not been mapped by Google.
    BTW, I also never make outlandish claims as to the money I am making, so maybe there is no reason why people would look up my address. 😉

  185. Hi Everyone, check out this email I got from a Miss X. I responded by stating she needs to quit her job. She answered back saying that she can’t do that because she thinks she is helping all the people get refunds (behind the IM criminal backs).

    Here is it….

    Subject line: Mark, Can I Trust You?

    “Hello Mark

    I’m contacting you today after reading your blog post about unethical marketers.

    I too am sick of the rot that has set in around the IM arena lately and want to do something about it and I am trying to reach out and allign myself with other ethical marketers in the business but there is a problem.

    I am contacting you under a pseudonym today as I cannot reveal my true identity for the following reasons.

    I am a freelance VA and handle the customer support for a number of Internet Marketers, some of whom are well known. Some – not all – of my clients have started to employ very underhand and unethical ways of marketing just to make a quick buck and this has put me in a serious moral dilemma.

    Do I carry on having these clients on my books or should I cut them loose?

    I have struggled with the fact that I handle their customer support desks and have found it increasingly difficult to provide support for some of their products.

    I was faced with a tough decison to quit working for them so after contacting a few people in the business and marketers who I could trust I explained the situation to them.

    Eventually I came to the decision that it would be better to continue to work for these clients with the reasoning that at least I could be there to make sure that their unfortunate customers got all their money refunded for the rubbish they purchased and I even go as far as redirecting them to marketers I can trust. The marketers I work for are in some cases not aware that I do this for obvious reasons.

    I was worried that if I stopped doing the support for them the clients would just hire someone else who didn’t care about the moral side of things and that would be worse for the customers in the long run.

    Another reason I cannot reveal my identity is that quite frankly I don’t know if I can trust you yet. I admired the fact that you made that blog post but as you well know, many marketers use the tactic now of donning the ‘ethical marketers’ mask to make a point and gain support when in fact they have just the same mentality as the unethical marketers – in fact they are worse in my book because they are telling people they are the real deal when they’re nothing of the kind.

    Sorry if I sound accusitory but this is the sad state that IM is in now unfortunetely, I should also add at this point that I am a marketer in my own right and have my own products out there and I often have to justify my honesty and integrity to my new subscribers, this is a knock on effect of all the lying scumbags out there giving IM a bad rep.

    So, I hope you can understand why I have had to contact you under an assumed name.

    Let me know your thoughts

    Miss X”

  186. Hey Mark, This is very simple actually. For years we have been told (and correctly so) “the money is in the list”. Take the money off of the table. If someone promotes garbage to you – unsubscribe. I promise you that very soon these people will be very particular about what products they promote. The worthwhile products will still find their way to your door through those who have not abused the privilege of sending you email. I have already seen a significant decrease in the garbage I have to sort through on a daily basis. To those who have my name on their list: I dropped a beautiful girlfriend for lying to me once. What chance do you have if you lie to me.

  187. Thank you for posting Miss X’s letter. This is a tough situation and I wish her the best. Your blog post has struck a nerve – this is the most comments I have seen on your posts – 205 and counting.

  188. Hi Again Mark

    A very quick question is about a product released by Chris Freville, I think you know him.

    This product makes a lot of claims about having new stealth software made by Russians that allows you to rake in big commissions. It is called Stealth Profit Machine and the landing page states that a millionaire affiliate secretly with Stealth Software rakes in $45,833.37 every month.

    Again a lot of screen shots of clickbank commissions as well as no website, no technical experience, no money to start, don’t need to learn SEO or link building and you don’t have to spend hours each day to make money…

    I have followed Chris for a while and he releases quality products is this the real deal.

  189. As per experience, I think there is really no get rich quick scheme. It takes time to build credibility, to build a certain following that’s loyal to what you suggest and to your products. So, I support what you have started, let’s remove the crap out of IM.

  190. Hi Mark, as I said earlier, I have checked up on this Chris from here in the UK, and honestly I have found out he as a good reputation so far, I haven’t found anyone who as a bad word for him, Is it the real deal In the 7 Clicks?? I don’t know, Time will tell

    • @ Malcolm –

      I assume you are referring to the stealthwealth product?

      Here is the scam:

      – Secret Software
      – Fake proof
      – Identical Salescopy
      – The same inner circle UK guys emailing for each other
      – All income proof is from previous product launches commissions, not their new stealth tactic

      Regarding Chris, the question is, has he ever made any money apart from launching IM products and getting his inner circle buddies to email for him to sell and build his list? I would say not. I would say he has not made any ‘in the trenches’ internet marketing income apart from his inner circle….

  191. Hi Mark, ok you have more proof than me, Maybe he is a con man,but most of the imers I have contacted who are affiliates for him are from the USA, and only one of them replied to me, and I received one from the UK who affliate from him, and he said It is well worth the money, except the videos where he said it virtually makes you a cup of tea, but apart from that he recons the soft ware is good, and the other UK marketeers who I contacted said he as a good reputation and they are not involved with affiliating for him.

    • @ Malcolm

      Then why don’t you buy it if you are so confident it is your way to internet riches. It’s only $37 plus upsells

  192. Hi Mark, there was nowhere In my last two coments where I said I was confident about Chris’s product,please at least read the comments as written, lets be honest here, i thought we were here to get the all truth on scams?? I am not the sort of person who will believe a person is a conman on hearsy, I am tring to find the truth and that applies to every affiliate

    • @ Malcolm – You asked for my evaluation of a salespage. I looked at it. It is the exact same salespage as I outline in my video. It even has the 3 step system – “Configure, Push a Button, Watch Money Roll In” graphical. He states 50k for a wordpress installer that does some keywords. Do you realize that you can hire some of the best coders in the world for an entire year for $50K? I wordpress installer I suspect would take about 1 days work for a half decent coder.

      I could rip apart the other claims, but I’ll leave that to you….

      Thank you for your comments on my blog.

  193. Another one bites the dust.

    A young guy – I’ll just call him A.S. just lost me from his list for stealth profit machine. That makes 11 so far. My inbox is getting cleaner everyday. Anyone else want to be dropped – Please market this crap to me.


  194. Hi Mark,

    I have been flooded today with emails on something I think is very similar to
    the ones in the video. Covert Cash Conspiracy is the name. I am no
    expert, but it is another one of those $37, then next $27, so on.

    If you have looked at it, please tell us about it. It does not make sense to


  195. @Carolyn

    Thanks for posting about this latest ‘get rich quick’ program. I guess I got off enough lists that I didn’t hear about this. I did a search in Google and found an article (if you can call it that) about this latest ‘deal’.

    I just about lost my lunch. About four years ago I wrote a couple of Hubpages articles about some things that were going on in the IM world and didn’t do anything but tell the truth.

    Hubpages let me know after they had been posted for a couple of months that the articles didn’t ‘meet their standards’ and I would have to modify them or take them down. The reason, I had a link to my website and ONE affiliate link in the article.

    I guess Hubpages has really let their standards slip into the sewer. The article I found on Hubpages for CCC was nothing but affiliate links.

    I’m glad Mark started this with his video and I hope this sends a message through the IM community that we won’t buy this crap anymore.

    Are there ANY honest people left in the IM niche anywhere? Mark and one or two others excluded.

    Ernie Hodge

  196. Ah – Ernie – don’t lose faith – there are plenty of Mark’s around. Interesting that a number of similar posts have popped up recently following this. John Thornhill, Dan Thompson and Jason Fladlien have been out there with the message too.

    Good onya fellas

  197. As has been said, this topic is hitting a nerve.

    Ultimately, we have to take responsibility for what we decide to purchase. Really if it acts like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck…. well it probably is a duck!!
    (code cracker: replace ‘duck’ with ‘scam’)

    Also, Clickbank is really easy to refund, you don’t need to contact the vendor, you can just click on the support link that came in your purchase receipt email and follow the directions.

    Just don’t refund products that ARE good value… That’s not cool!

    Thing is, the sites that Mark has brought to our attention are not the only ones. They just look like the new ‘cookie cutter’ versions. Here is another interesting online mystery…. not quite following the same formula!

    Michael Jones…
    Most recent promotion: Single Blog Cash – $97 (or $67 if you try to leave twice)
    In the emails, the address at the bottom of the email is Dublin, Ireland…. however, with a bit of research, just searching in my email inbox, apparently he used to live in Geneva, Switzerland… and maybe Israel…. interesting.

    It looks like these guys have been releasing products for some time, including The Affiliate Code, The Clickbank Code, The eBay Code….

    The voice in the earlier videos who claims to be Michael Jones, (sorry… he just sounds like a scam) definitely sounds like the same guy as the recent ‘give aways’ by Adeel Chowdry and Bobby Walker, in Google Bomb 2. The guy they have used in the videos for GB2, gives his name as Jared….

    You have a listen and see if you don’t think it is the same guy, as the vids on these sites:

    In those above he claims to be Michael Jones, so you can compare with with the so called, Jared in the vids below:

    Hey… Wazup! (don’t like that either… trying to sound cool…. seriously!)

    If it isn’t the same guy… well, I would be very surprised.

    I am not saying there is nothing of value in these things, and Google Bomb 1 and 2 are free, so you can’t complain about that price point, but often times, even if there is value, they market them in such a way that they sound like scams.

    The latest Michael Jones promo is Single Blog Cash, uses a different ‘front man’ in the video.

    I am not saying it IS a scam, I have not bought it, but just interesting when you start tracking some of the products, promos and marketing tactics this ‘Michael Jones’ has used.

    Buyer beware is the thing… and if you purchase something that turns out not to be what you thought, or that you are not happy with, then get the refund. That is the good thing about Clickbank… If it is not clickbank well you might not find it as easy to get your cash back, so be extra cautious!

    These guys will stop or change their approach if their tactics stop working…. so vote with your wallet! And hopefully discussions like this will at least make the ‘genuine’ guys stop and take a look at themselves and their promotions and maybe do some soul searching.

    Well…. we hope!

  198. Here’s another marketing scam you need to look out for… People offering you a free download of some kind usually a PLR ebook where you have to enter a coupon code…

    So what happens is that you have to click on the buy now button which takes you to the payment processor usually paypal. This is when you enter the coupon code but if you are not paying attention you will not notice that you have just set yourself up to be paying $97 a month for an PLR ebook or software.

    The latest one I have seen is called Facebook Fanpage Dollars and these are always sent by the same person to me anyway, who apparently has a very good name in the IM circles. But not with me that’s for sure.

    Oh and if you know who I am taking about and want to get off there list you will have to scroll down a long way on the email to find the unsubscribe button this is another trick from these shonky marketers.

  199. I posted already, but when we take a stand, there are consequences.. I was banned from a forum (will remain nameless) until I removed an offending post (was true, just not something they wanted people to see and it was ranking top 10 for the search term of the product)…which is how they found it anyway…

    Just be prepared to stand up for the truth.

    Also, just in case you get some marketing material about Mobile Text Advertising… it’s not hype…. I just tried it out and in my first 30 minutes I made over $300! ($375 to be precise)…


  200. Hi gals and guys,

    It’s really nice to see such a strong community spirit. Keep it up. As the saying goes “Look after my back and I’ll look after yours”.

    Coming to a place near you… Sometime in the very near future. Guaranteed!

    Check this out.

    Recognise the face?

    Recognise the voice?

    Recognise the sales patter?

    Fall for it at your peril.

    If you’ve got a blog or website, take a stand and tell all your visitors/readers what’s going on and what to watch out for.

    Sam D. Mann

  201. I am fascinated by this blog and all these comments. I am a total beginner – for nine month now and still earned nothing at all – not a dime. I know, I know, all of you will be laughing about this statement, but that`s how it is.
    I bought AutoMassTraffic with all the Upsells and I bougt membershipsites called “memberspring” from Gary Ambrose. Gary sounded so honest and true. The same with Adeele, Adam Horwitz, etc. BUT all, really all of them are promoting aggressivly products like zero cost, automasstraffic, clickbank code (and other codes)..and even more and now I am in dept and can not even pay my autoresponder – which is still empty. Maybe it`s just because of me or “karma” 😉 or whatever. I am at the very end. I am sad and angry at the same time!

    I don`t know anymore. Who lies? Who is telling the truth? I mean I even bought HyperFBtraffic and Mobile Monopoly, Traffic Avalanche, but all the installation and technical and installing issues are handicapping me, making me crazy and weak.

  202. I’m wondering if Chris Freville’s stuff is less of a scam than the “UK boiler-plate” sales page makes it out to be, from what I’ve seen from a friend the stuff (including upsells) looks reasonable as long as you say no each time and get the discounted pricing. 🙂

    But on another note, anyone have some knowledge of G Sneak? It too looks like the others – but it takes a massive 11 clicks, so it must be more comprehensive, no? I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried it, the Brit accent and the wild claims scare the hell out of me.

    And Mark, as you said under “Make A Stand” above – absolutely YES to your “Deal?”


  203. @Joerg

    Don’t lose faith, you are in good company in that a majority of successful people who are making their living online share the same history and sentiments. It is trial and error and honing in on the marketers and products that you can trust to deliver. Also it is only a natural inclination to buy from the “gurus” because after all haven’t they mastered their craft. Unfortunately many have sacrificed ethics for the dollar. So buyer beware.

    You need to find an instructor that resonates with your learning style and where you are on your journey. Not everyone can teach. It is an art unto itself. Also don’t be afraid to refund. If after getting into the product you find it’s too technical, or support is lacking, or simply it’s not for you, get your money back.

    Finally your struggle is “classic” going in too many different directions at once with information overload and burn out as the result. No matter how great the offer is, to succeed you have to find and master one set of tutorials at a time before moving on to the next.

    I have found the best instructors are those that are in the trenches doing it themselves, who gives tons of value to their visitors without pitching them left and right to buy, buy, buy. Mark is one such instructor and I also personally favor Brian G. Johnson, as I made my first $500 online with his instruction.

    Hope this is helpful and Good Luck to You!

  204. I bought Stealth Profit Machine, before it went public, but, until this day, the software will not work. I have exchanged numerous emails with them, and Hostgator assured me it is not me, it is the software, the installation of wordpress does not work, not yet anyway, so, if you cannot get past the installation of this, you cannot use the software. The concept is great, but like I said, I cannot get it to install. In my last email to support, I told them, the software has a glitch, but no solution yet.

    I really think Chris is an OK guy, the concept of this software is good,
    but it has to work to make use of it. I am still trying. I know how to
    manually install wordpress, but you can’t with this software, it does.

    They keep saying we are all doing something wrong on the ftp. The ftp
    does not occur until you load the plugins. So, if wordpress does not
    install, you cannot get to the next step, which is uploading the plugins.
    I simply cannot get through the first step. I try every day. But, as of
    yet, no luck with it.

    I sent another email last night, and the forums are full of comments on
    this, this is the only time I have publicly stated my situation. I bought
    the software, I want to make it work, but I am not a programmer, and
    do not what else to do.

    Just my thoughts.


  205. Can’t help myself . . . I got an email from the Auto Traffic Avalanche people promoting G Sneak. This was my reply:

    > Mike doesn’t normally go as far as to recommend something
    > personally…

    Mike who? The “truth-bender” in the ATA video?

    > “killer software… I saw results in under 45 minutes – send this
    > to our customers now!!”

    So is this another piece of blackhat scam rubbish? Getting your recommendation scares the hell out of me as I consider myself “ethical” in marketing.

    Skeptically Yours,


  206. Thanks for your article. I have been plugging away at affiliate marketing for nearly 4 months now. I have received umpteen emails promising all kinds of money if I use their system. It is reassuring to read that I have been correct in not falling for any of them. It has not been easy as they many are extremely persuasive.

  207. No comments on G Sneak? 🙁

    Anyone? Bought it and kept it, bought it and refunded?

    Would love to hear if it fits Mark’s model, or is worth looking at????


  208. Hi Mark and victims all.
    I’ve bought Chris Frevilles Stealth profit machine program,.

    Putting ones mouth where ones money should be is not best way to evaluate something… so I parted with 29 bucks (Yes I know $10 off 37 don’t equal 29 and nor is it 29% discount but I think he’s fixed that up now.

    But Hey…. I got the software with full vids and manuals plus heaps of other info on various ways to use blogs (any sites probably) to make money online.

    Total instruction includes templates, PDF guides with screen shots to do almost every step of setting up on various income streams using blogs.
    List building, affiliate marketing, own products, Joint venturing, outsourcing and launches are all covered in detail. My purchase includes a total of 70 instructional vids.

    I don’t know whether the software works or not yet as time has not allowed me to use it but it sure is rather comprehensive. And yes it comes with a clickbank 60 days refund.

    I’ll post back in a few days when I’ve set it up.

    But I’m rapt with the product… I’ve already got my 29 bucks worth.

    Hey I gotta go right now… victim thinking scares me.

    But try and cheer up guys… Marketers will be marketers… thats what marketers do!

    • @ John Reid

      Hi John, you’ve missed my point entirely I believe. This is not about ‘marketers being marketers,’ but about marketers giving false proofs, false tesimonials, and a slew of other deceptive tactics that puts them in the category of IM Criminals. I’m glad you are enjoying your rehashed video material you can get for free in any forum/website.

  209. I bought some coaching from Chris on the basis of your recommendation and am glad I did as I got more value from the bonus that you offered than from Chris’ coaching and your product was similarly priced. I remember at one stage you were going to be doing a joint product with him, but then it never materialised and you went on to release your own product.

    Since then you have begin to make a really strong stand as one of the ethical marketers out there and I thank you for it. You are one of the people I trust online and there aren’t many!

    Keep up the great work.

  210. If people want a trusted inside peak at G Sneak then search for Ben Shaffer’s blog.

  211. @Carolyn

    I decided to try both Stealth Profit and G Sneak on the basis that I can answer my own questions and refund if I like.

    Like you, SPM doesn’t work very well for me (I am a technophobe and run my own web hosting company, I know for sure my end of the setup is correct). The “auto-setup” of a blog never gets past “Logging in to cPanel”. However, if I set the blog up manually then its content gathering and scheduling component works okay – even if that is a lot of hype about a pair of WordPress plugins that you can get from other people/places. Yet to try the “auto-affiliate linking” part, but if this really cost him $50K I’d say he doesn’t know a lot about software development, my son could have written it for maybe $5K

    @Peter – I’ll be back with my own review, but thanks for the link. No matter what, the sales video and figures are exactly what Mark is talking about. 11 clicks, gee, this one is hard work for we overnight millionaires. 🙂

    Mark, you’re right about rehashed video material, but for someone who doesn’t have it and buys the product at the cheap price, it’s *almost* worthwhile (but, as you say, well short of the hype and marketing tactics).

    Maybe I talk too much, but I can’t resist this page and the classy “outing” of the deceptive clowns.

  212. Hi Mark… Thanks for your kind wishes with my purchase. If I get the same result as Matt and Caroline I’ll certainly consider a refund.

    Actually I do get your point and I’m right with you on exposing and nuting (same as you do to cats and dogs to stop them proliferating) unethical marketers in order to reduce the number of victims conned by them.

    Maybe you (or someone else trustworthy), could start a membership site where we (victims now becoming smart buyers) all pay a fee to have new products purchased and trialled on our behalf so we get an honest evaluation before we buy.

    Anyway, Cheers

  213. Hi
    I saw the comment by Joerg, and found it distressing – but familiar, sadly. I don’t know of any way to stop these life destroyers easily. This is in fact the subject of a post I am writing, for my current blog, and a new one which is still under construction. It’s proving tricky, but I have very nearly completed a Buyer Beware Checklist. It will save a few people, but I know that sometimes people are so desperate to find the ultimate solution. If any of us can catch newbies early enough, we can at least help them avoid the land mines out there.
    Would anybody out there who hasn’t ever bought a pup, please stand up. I said Stand Up. Oh c’mon, there must be someone?

    So – how do we direct/guide people the truly helpful blogs and sites?
    Any ideas?

  214. Hi Everyone,

    Today I have been flooded with emails on a new launch “Traffic Media
    Meltdown”. I watched the video, it starts out like it is software, but
    I really think it is just another course. It is $37. It goes on to say it
    is about setting up campaigns and he spent $50. It is probably something
    about buying traffic.
    I did not order, anyone out there know anything about it. It sounds like
    some of the others I have watched and heard. Believe me, I have tried

    Just my thoughts,


  215. @Carolyn

    I hope you don’t mind if I offer some insight as I do a lot with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and media traffic. These are the areas I’m an expert in, and I don’t encourage anyone to do them. It’s not because I’m curled up in the corner deathly afraid that someone might run ads in my market, they all already do – and I’m fine. It helps actually.

    It takes a certain thinking pattern and a certain type of boring analytics, and luckily I can deal with it – and have for quite some time. There’s too many variables for the average person to succeed with it to get off to a rocking start. Plus, most that are doing it with affiliate links, and CPA offers are not building a “real business”.

    I’m not sure what you’ve tried in internet marketing, so far but if you are really wanting to learn to build a real business, then I would suggest getting Mark’s Dominating-G course.

    Most of these guru products out there are priced so you will buy, and then they upgrade you to the price they want you at because of the fear of loss that you will miss out on some kind of “super secret ingredient” they you won’t get if you don’t.

    They all remind me of the adage that “the grass is greener on the other side..” and the reason is because “…they use more bull$#!+”.

    I’m not an SEO guy, but I can tell you I’ll get whatever Mark has because it’s one of the things that you don’t want to get – but NEED to get to build a “real business” online. I bought his first course when he came out with it, applied a couple of techniques and made about $500 the first time I used it.

    He shows you real step-by-step, what he does, and how he does it and leaves no stone unturned. Any one looking to build an internet marketing business can benefit from it…and you’ll takes tons away, make money, and create a list of buyers and raving fans.

    Then, with cash in hand – you can move on to things such as media buying or Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, or others and buy traffic without having to worry about your ad budgets dipping into your families well being.

    I hope this helps.


  216. Wow thanks for the heads up. I know some people who have bought those. I think they got their money back though.

  217. Buy Here Pay Here

    The people who write this copy are good. The problem is their are a lot of people out there who really need something to make money and they will try just about anything. It takes more people like you Mark to get the word out. Thanks for the post.

  218. Mark, what is the best way to make money? I am not looking for shortcuts,
    or easy, I am looking for the right way, whatever it is. I don’t care how
    much work it takes, I am willing.

    But, I am sick of trying this and that, and nothings seems to really work. It is like a piece of the puzzle is missing. A vital part is missing. Can you help
    me and others like me?


  219. Yeah, I’ve seen al lot of hypes from IM “gurus” . some of their products were PLR and they rebranded ’em as if they were the ones who created the products based on their own experience. the only thing we can learn from them is their marketing technique……

  220. Hi Carolyn, I read this earlier today as a simplified formula for success in a great book by a guy called David Taylor “The Naked Leader”.

    Formula for guaranteed Success:

    1: Know where you want to go.
    2: Know where you are now.
    3. Know what you have to do, to get to where you want to go.
    4: Do it.

    Pretty simple really. I would also say that if you want to make money online you have to really FOCUS (Follow one course until succesful). The trouble with online marketing is that we are always being bombarded with so called “Magic Bullets”. There is no such thing. Find one thing, stick with it and keep on doing it.

    Mark is without a doubt one of the best teachers out there, and better than that he is ethical, which is more than can be said for most marketers. I cannot remember the last time I got sent information about junk by Mark, which is why he is one of the few people I am still subscribed to. Look at the courses he has to offer if he has any live at the moment, pick one and stick with it.

    Alternatively look at one of the other courses you might have bought and the one that resonates with you just follow that and nothing else.

  221. Good Evening Mark,

    I was emailed another version of one of these “just add water and watch it grow” to limitless profits/traffic offers (media traffic meltdown) today from a person I used to respect.

    I also read a review today that was not so kind to that kuja-whatever thing that was being advertised stating parts of this new revolutionary software package doesn’t work (Note this is just something I read, not from actual experience) …

    Live and learn …

    Thanks for sharing

    Jim H.

  222. Good video. I am happy to have found something like this. It’s time Clickbank should rise start doing something about these internet thieves. I think Clickbank is only interested in what it will make from payment processing fees. We blame website hackers for all sorts of internet crime. What do we call these people – MONEY HACKERS. They want to enrich themselves at the expense of the internet novice.

  223. @Daniel
    I think Clickbank does what it should. They require a 60 day money back Guarantee on all products. While I would like to see market forces put these people out of business – I would not want Clickbank deciding what I should and should not see. Imagine you have a valid product and some clerk does not understand it. Now you are locked out of the largest market place for digital products. No. Lets stay the course and stop buying from anyone who promotes garbage. I have bought some high end products recently, and not one of them was purchased from one of the 15 people I have already unsubscribed to. The power of the economic vote is our loudest vote.

    My 2 cents.

  224. Mark,

    I don’t know if you’ve seen some of the latest Guru blogs…. but another “guru” must have seen the massive amount of comments this post generated and so used the same idea to PROMOTE a product… Unbelievable… using the topic of victimization, getting people engaged via blog post and then selling them a product ….it’s pure evil genius and it’s sad.


  225. Names, where are the names? I keep seeing comments about “the guru” this, and “another” that, but no names to faces! It’s all meaningless ranting that will have no effect if people don’t name names; just empty whining.
    OK, money where mouth is.
    This one’s just come back on the scene – My Online Income System by Kimberley Hoffman. You get a pretty hefty tome full of hints and tips . . . and padding – lot’s of padding. When you’ve taken the useless stuff and fluff out, the book is fragmented information you could find almost anywhere – but it’s not complete!!
    After the expiry of the refund period r54r5r5r55555 rrr4-054

  226. Names, where are the names? I keep seeing comments about “the guru” this, and “another” that, but no names to faces! It’s all meaningless ranting that will have no effect if people don’t name names; just empty whining.
    OK, money where mouth is.
    This one’s just come back on the scene – My Online Income System by Kimberley Hoffman. You get a pretty hefty tome full of hints and tips . . . and padding – lot’s of padding. When you’ve taken the useless stuff and fluff out, the book is fragmented information you could find almost anywhere – but it’s not complete!!
    After the expiry of the refund period I got a phone call from, in my experience, a very aggressive, arrogant woman. Apparently I had been selected for shortlisting to see if ‘her manager’ would be prepared to mentor me, TO MAKE THE SYSTEM WORK. She carefully avoided my questions about why it wouldn’t work anyway, what it would cost, and then proceeded to quiz me about my financial details!!!!! Well, I decided to go along with it, and gave her a load of nonsense, indicating that I had plenty left on credit cards, but I would only pay when they could prove I would earn some good money. To cut a long story short, the call ended with me saying I would make it work on my own thank you.
    After a lapse of 3/4 weeks I received another call from an equally aggressive woman prepared to “do me a favour”. I could now get 90% discount (on a figure they never revealed). WOW – I was Soooo excited! basically the same conversation as before, but when pushed for costs, she said “between $2000 – $20,000”. I can hardly wait.
    30 minutes later I received a call from her ‘manager’, who, after a lot of blather, said I’d been shortlisted to receive their dedicated mentoring. Oh, I feel so honoured I could faint. He said they could easily do it by using “OPM’, other people’s money, meaning we could hit the credit cards for their fees. Amazing – I thought that would be MY money, unless they intended to pay the bills – most magnanimous indeed.
    Apparently this was not the case, and all they required was a deposit to ensure the LAST PLACE available. All I had to do was use my black VISA card for the initial $5000 (a card I don’t have, by the way, but I said still had $25,000 on it), and we could start immediately.
    I asked if he was feeling hot. He said, “why do you ask?”
    I responded, “Coz it must be roasting in that Boiler Room you work in.”
    I put the phone down.
    My warning is, beware of ‘follow up’ calls offering mentoring. They are often not even the original company; will not supply written guarantees; will not give final costs; are basically crooks – yes I said it – crooks. I have received similar calls after buying other information, but the calls almost always come from a separate company.
    Has anyone else had similar experiences, or worse, bought into it?
    Come on, step up to the plate. If not here, leave a contact at my new blog above, and let me take up the torch.
    Help each other to help each other, and slow, if not stop, the villains.
    By the way – none of the above is libellous, slanderous etc., as it’s all recorded and dated, in some part, witnessed (phone extensions), and factual.

  227. I can certainly relate and understand Alan’s comment on “who are these
    gurus”. I have often asked myself this question many times.

    There are no quick and precise answers to this question. This is my definition of “What is a Guru?”.

    A guru is someone who makes a lot of money doing and saying things they are not able to deliver on. They are constantly launching one product after another, but always leaving out important elements a person needs to actually make it work. They have lousy support teams, make promises that are unrealistic, flash pictures of fancy cars and houses, talk about ridiculous vacations, thinking this motivates people. This just makes me mad and I quite frankly, don’t believe them. Anyone can buy a car and a house if they really want to. They are the ones that you get the most emails from daily, sometimes two or three times a day, promoting the next thing on the horizon. If everyone would send an email back to that person telling them they should be ashamed to deceive people, on a regular basis, this might help. Then unsubscribe from their list.

    In short, it is not good to be a so-called “guru”. What is important is to be a “hero”. This is my definition of a “hero”:

    A “hero” is someone who gives honest reviews and information to the people who have bestowed their trust and time, yes time, something that is in short demand of, especially, if you work full time and try to do all the things you need to do to make it online. Mark is a “hero” in my book, because he calls it like it is. I am a no-nonsense type of person, and I don’t like hype, or all the “bs” put out by these so-called “gurus”. I ask you, have you ever seen so many teenage “gurus”? That’s bull, and any self-respecting adult knows this. So, I ask you, would you rather be a “guru” or a “hero”? And, most importantly, wouldn’t you rather rub shoulders and thoughts with a “hero” rather than a “guru” ?

    When I ask a question in a forum, I expect an answer, not some flippant answer, if I knew the answer, I wouldn’t be asking the question. I am in the internet marketing world, #1 because I want and #2 to learn as much as I can, but the right way , and from honest people.

    Sorry, for such a long comment, but I needed to say this to confirm my frustrations about this subject.

    By, the way, I took Mark’s advise and opinion and got Blog Blueprint. It is the real deal, loaded with information, I desperately needed to understand and put the pieces of the internet puzzle all together. So, thank you Mark,not only for this honest review and recommendation, but all your input that new people like me need to hear and read.


  228. Here is the typical b.s. that we see online today:

    It tells you absolutely NOTHING about what the product actually is and does.

    I find the income claims scandalous, and if the guy made 1 million in 90 days with it, why the heck is he telling us about it and putting together another criminally hyped up salesletter from the UK? You’d think he’d just retire.

    What you’ll face is this entry product, and then Rob’s upsell which is on everyone of his blog products he launches practically every month.

  229. Hi, as mark said In his remark about rob, It Is true he is a scammer as far as i am concerned,I bought a product off him,couldn’t get a reply from him and as for his support team it was rubbish, I cancelled and got my money back, and cancelled his emails as well, I am surprised so many affilites still sell his total rubbish Products, Is there anyone out there ever made any money from his products??

  230. Hi everyone,

    Well, there is another so-called teenage “guru” on the scene. Same thing
    Mark was talking about.


  231. Hi Folks, me again.
    I’ve just spent two hours unsubscribing from garbage emailers. I managed to delete 14 sending me the same ‘Teenage Guru’s’ fantastic product, and I have made a special effort to unsubscribe from anything sent Rob and his brother, including all the people who have sent me links to them. My two hours have been well spent, as I often spend more time than this looking for the good among the bad every night.
    Tomorrow’s task. ANYBODY who tells me that the product they’re promoting is either TIME LIMITED, or ONLY 14/25/7 LEFT – Gone, gone, gone.
    It’s a bit like busses, there’ll be another one along in a minute. What makes some of these ‘gurus’? Massive mailing lists.
    Make your stand, and start unsubscribing from them – now! As their lists get smaller, so does their power.
    I know there is some good, even great stuff out there, and these people deserve to succeed. But the bad guys are treating you like suckers – don’t become a victim, fight back.

  232. Mark,

    Spot on re Blogger’s Payday. Actually a somewhat useful and reasonably complete report, but given the subject matter – buying, renovating, getting traffic, and flipping aged sites – it’s absolutely impossible for anyone to have made large sums of money in a short time. Yes, the income claims are scandalous, or worse (the complete newbie earning $37K is as absurd as the $23.6 million “raid”, while the opening line -“Underground Automated Method” – must be a leftover from a previous sales page, because there’s nothing automated in this system.

    I even tried one of the OTOs – a “magic WordPress plugin” which the video made all sorts of wonderful claims for. Nowhere was there any mention of what it did (“can’t let this secret out in public”), nor any mention of price. The price, as it turned out if you went as far as clicking the buy button, was huge ($195) and the plugin is comical – not at all related to the original product, and no use at all to anyone who sells globally (or even across US timezones). I’d call it a waste at $19.50.

    More refunds, more unsubscribes, and as my latest blog post (the second in support of this thread) says, VOTE WITH YOUR FEET! (And with the Refund Button, and with the Unsubscribe Link – and write to these people and their affiliates telling them exactly why, maybe they’ll eventually get the message).



  233. Incidentally, I do actually have a reason for buying these things – I want to know how outrageous the claims might be, and I want to be able to provide honest answers to my readers when they ask. Out of interest regarding earlier comments, these are things I have refunded since this discussion started:

    Auto Traffic Avalanche (I’m still giggling over that ridiculous claim they would only sell 400-ish copies when they sold thousands, and have continued promoting it right up to last week at least. For a while it was the biggest subject of spam comments on my blog).

    GSneak (Curiously enough, the day I was refunding this I got an email from them promoting Auto Traffic Avalanche – I replied to that email with “If you’re prepared to promote that crap-load of lies and dangerous blackhat techniques, I don’t want to hear from you again. Yes, I can find the unsubscribe link – just wanted you to know there are an increasing number of people who believe there should be some ethics in marketing.”)

    Crazy ClickBank Cash

    Today: Blogger’s Payday

    (I know there are several others I would have refunded if I had bought them 🙂 but these were ones I specifically needed to check.

  234. Hey folks, wanted to say thanks and give you a heads up. I was able to remove my name from two more peoples lists because of the great information being put out here. It turns out that I had not even read the emails promoting the c-rap but doing a search identified two more people who violated my trust. Email getting cleaner every week. That makes about 20 so far. Now for the heads up:

    This could be a legit error or a glitch in the system but some of you may want to check your credit cards.

    I took the 14 day free trial from Kajabi. After 3 days I found Fusion HQ and canceled Kajabi. No fuss no muss. Today I received two emails. One telling me I had just been charged for Kajabi and that a second charge was coming for the setup fee. The second was from American Express fraud alert.

    Amex had already declined the $97 charge and then after talking with me removed the $297 charge. Normally I will contact a vendor to let them correct their mistake. And I had in fact just sent out an email to Kajabi – hoping it was just a mistake. But since Amex was on the phone and I explained what happened I did not stop them from pulling the charge. Now this will probably result in a $35 charge back fee. Word to the wise – always make sure that things you cancel do in fact stop charging you. And Kudos to American Express for catching this before I did.

  235. Really unbelievable. The crap that these guys are pumping out is atrocious. I vowed never to buy this sort of stuff again but I have sinned and have done it again. I’m not a newbie either I’ve been in the game for 4 years or so and have bought an awful lot of stuff like most people in IM.

    They are screwing over future prospects with this garbage. The only thing that saved me was the fact that I know all about the sneaky upsells and I’m glad I left the page even if it was the last time this particular fantastic and one-off opportunity was presented to me!

    I wish more Internet marketers were like you Mark – thanks for showing us you care.

  236. The unfortunate part of sending mail to these companies support system is that the “Gurus” NEVER see the mail.

    Everyone insulates themselves from unwanted criticism and simply works towards the next big seller they can promote.

    Read nasty email. No way! We don’t care that we ripped you off. We just need more money to maintain our lifestyles. We were foolish enough to have spent what we did get, believing that the bubble would never break.

    Sorry guys, its about t happen.

  237. Hi Mark,

    I have been doing online stuff now for 2 years and I should say “tears” as I have had my share of being mislead or allowing myself to be sucked into IM rubbish. You know as a babyboomers well I got used to the bells and whistles of all these sales pages and luckily was quick to recognize the pattern happening. Ive been following you now for just over 4 months and I really enjoy your SEO material and THANK YOU I believe exception James Schramko who I absolutely trust, well done to you for bringing this important subject up. It refelcts your own sincere integrity.

  238. Hi Mark,

    I bought Dominating Google from you when it first launched and have followed you ever since. We need more people to do what you are suggesting and over recent months I have written many articles under various author names and distributed them online. I am just about to spin and submit one about “Internet Marketing – What’s Gone Wrong?”
    It discusses the rediculous bonuses I’ve seen like a $37 product with a $4170 bonus. The bonuses are all out dated programs that are just not useless but are also a security risk where hackers get into computers and steal confidential data.

    Keep up the good work – I’m with you.

    Best regards,

  239. We’ve all heard the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is,” but we keep hoping…

    I remember, back when I was about nine, my grandaddy was trying to reason with a friend who was all excited about a real estate deal. It was “the deal of a lifetime,” the friend kept saying.

    My grandad’s advice – “Don’t let yourself get too frantic-ized. A new deal of a lifetime’ll come along about once every two weeks.”

    Of course that was back in the early fifties, long before the Internet made ’em available ten-a-day.

    Cheers from warm and smiling Thailand,

  240. This is the best video I’ve seen in some time. I think you may have lost a couple of IM friends. I fell into two of the traps you featured. Fortunately they are Click Bank so I did make a successful back-out and got refunded. Click Bank may just be their downfall. ;^>


  241. Been blog hopping today, and this subject pops up everywhere.

    I added a few posts to my blog to help newbies avoid buying junk, and telling them not to forget to, and how to get their money back. there’s also a quickie about cleaning up your inbox, in step by step pieces.

    May help bodies save some money – and time. Hope so.

  242. I have just started to catch up with my email so I hadn’t seen this before. Mark you did a tremendous job with this information. I am afraid I’ve fallen for some of these offers. I think I eventually got wise so when I am tired at night and want some amusement, (and I have gotten on some mailing lists that do what you are talking about), I’d get a link to this type of site which ended up being amusing. As you say they all say basically the same thing. I didn’t realize that they really are saying the same thing with the same format. It gave me a laugh because it seemed as tho what all the “gurus” are doing is trying to sell stuff to each other; I didn’t realize what kinds of scams they were. Thank you very much for alerting us to this problem. For those who have been scammed by these activies, your video is terrific and also for those who finally didn’t fall for them.

    One thing I have noticed and a question. Almost all of the prices for this stuff has 7 in it, as $37, $27, $97, etc. Is there some reason why they are all something 7?

  243. Nice video Mark, For the past couple of months I’ve been stuck in items to promote because of all the crap that’s been shooing out. I feel if you really want to sustain a business in anyway. You need to build it, there is no short cut. Being smart, work diligently and the fruits of your labor will show.

    I will post this as well

  244. i bought this product and found nothing in it

  245. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on internet marketing of late and I’m apalled at what these scam merchants can get away with. However, it’s easy to see how people get sucked in. As Charles said, we keep hoping even though we know it’s too good to be true, but there is no subsitute for hard work. Nice post Mark, thank you.

  246. Oh how I’ve had numerous conversations on this subject with friends lol. I have a soapbox 10 feet tall and I can talk all day on this one. I think the BIGGEST problem with all these me too wham bam thank ya maam “products” is number one —GREED.

    Second, it’s the anonymity of the Internet brings out the scallywags. Like others have said and especially Liz above, these so called guru’s want to shield themselves and insulate themselves from the criticism.

    They KNOW that most of the drivel they release is rehashed garbage. They hire the same webmaster guy/gal to slap their ad copy into a similar template and call it a new “blueprint” or “system”.

    I’m not saying ALL marketers are like this, but I think many just want to see how big they can get their Clickbank checks with little to no thought or concern for their customers. They know traffic isn’t easy to get and people want “push button easy” and they are preying like rabid wolves.

    I was glad when I first saw Mark start this discussion because I knew it would bring to light an issue which has bugged me for a LONG time. Trying to be an honest marketer in a very dishonest Internet is tough, but it CAN be done.

    I’ll stop here 🙂

  247. Some great information here on those scandals Mark. I have definitely seen so many scams being run it’s disturbing, a lot of people just don’t want to put in the time and effort to do it right..

  248. I just read the last comment about Intermet scams. Thanks again for posting it. Actually in some ways, these “offers” can get rather funny. Unfortunately until I figured out what was going on with the loss to me of some dollars, I did fall for some. Eventually, thank whomever I finally figured it out. Sometimes I’ll go through just for laughs (altho it really is a serious problem and I shouldn’t think they are funny). It is just so obvious after a while what is happening. However, newbies (like me still) don’t know what is happening so Mark’s comments and posts are very important. But I still can’t keep from laughing a little; these pages are little (big?) clones of each other.

  249. Comment got lost when I changed my website. I just want to thank Mark for bringing these scams to everyone’s attention. I do find them funny sometimes altho the problem really isn’t funny.

  250. Hi everyone, another scam by IMers.

    If you’re thinking about buying or promoting “Get Facebook Ads for Free”,


    “FB Ads for Free” has nothing to do with Facebook ads at all…it’s
    about Facebook Fanpages. And, the “magic” software simply generates FBML code that will be obsolete on March 10th. That’s right. You will not be able to create FBML pages after March 10th, which means the product is already obsolete.

    Watch this video on YouTube:

    What is interesting is that when you visit the JV page, the grand prize winnings is a $100k car. What a joke.

  251. well done mark, once again you have sniffed another scam with this face book free ad’s, Jani g, I could understand to a degree If It was newbies promoting this thing in Ignorance, but people like Phil M, I wont say his full name, some of you will know him, I was a fan of his, not no more bye Phil and Jani G

  252. Thanks for that..that is scandalous, I think..Phillip Mansour was promoting it and I bought it, I am again the dushbag. A newbie for over one year earning nothing but headshaking from anybody…Now, I think, some people honestly should do something about that..Starting more blogs like this one…Jani G. is one of Greg Jacobs tips…I just can`t believe it..I so much believed in the Pillip Mansour (just have no money to make CPA, etc,…but the guy rocks, is giving away high quality freebies..) and ohh myy…I am dissapointed..

  253. Just read the latest comment on IM scams. I’ve been trying to make money with IM for almost 2 years. No money but I have learned a lot and had some fun because what I really like to do is be creative with my web pages. I am sure I am doing everything wrong but that is ok.

    Now to the point: as I got on various lists, I got more and more pitches for stuff that is being discussed. I finally figured out what was going on and actually read some of the pitches for relaxation and fun because they are all so crazy and almost identicle. What do these “gurus” do; copy each other’s format with diffeent words? It is a very serious problem especially newbies like me and blogs and comments such as on this blog need the facts. Some of the “gurus” are very good sales people. For me, before I even consider purchasing any of the products, I go to the WarrierForum. They have a section that contains comments and reviews about most of the advertised products. Most of the comments are pretty negative and, I hope accurate with a “stay away”. Before I started checking with the Warrier forum, I wasted a lot of money; checking with the Warrier forum has saved me a lot of money and grief.

    So thanks to everyone for your comments and thanks especially to Mark.

    PS changed website again; I have to settle down and make up my mind about what niche(s) I want to promote. I like biology and science and medical stuff so maybe will go that way.

  254. Thanks for this simply awesome video. I started with internet marketing 8 years ago and only made money from the beginning because I started at a time with little competition. It’s not THAT different from a brick and mortar offline business: You need knowledge and you have to work. In fact, I work longer than in a regular 9 to 5 job, sure, it’s more fun, but it requires discipline, constant learning and you have to invest money in your business to keep up with the competition.

    In PPC for example, margins are becoming lower every year. A 50% ROI is already more than excellent, but this means to make $2000 profit, you need to invest $4000. For Amazon which pays 60 days after the pay period closes this means you have to invest money for 3 full months ($12000 in this example) before seeing any return. Others may pay faster, but liquidity is always a major problem with PPC.

    For SEO, it simply requires time, constant updating with good content, constant link building. Noone will rank for competitive terms in a month, not even in 3 months. Small niches maybe an exception, but the smaller the niche, the less traffic volume, the more sites are needed.

    I don’t tell this to scare away anyone, it’s great to sit in your home office and don’t have some boss you don’t like, but you need motivation, discipline and shouldn’t depend on fast results to pay your bills.

    There are no secrets, no loopholes, no superior underground tools. No shortcut. It’s really refreshing to see someone telling the truth like Mark, the only people making money on all this “guru” stuff are the self proclaimed guru’s who cash in by selling a very tempting dream of fast wealth.

  255. I have bought Dominating Google from you when it first launched and have followed you ever since. We need more people to do what you are suggesting and over recent months I have written many articles under various author names and distributed them online. I am just about to spin and submit one about “Internet Marketing – What’s Gone Wrong?”
    It discusses the rediculous bonuses I’ve seen like a $37 product with a $4170 bonus. The bonuses are all out dated programs that are just not useless but are also a security risk where hackers get into computers and steal confidential data.

  256. I just purchased the new CB product, called CashBullets, on the recommendation by a IM marketer (bigger name guy). It has a awesome sales video. Well, the product is just a crappy review wordpress theme, and very crappy…and I mean downright ugly looking. I recommend that you not buy this, it is a sheer stupid rip off.

  257. Hello Mark,

    Keep telling it as it is.

    I frequently advise my subscribers and other people who visit some of my websites about how dangerous the internet can be and this example is just one more so-called guru who needs to be brought down to size. Just take a look at the website you have linked to and then read about the site owner, Rob Benwell. His information about his relationship with his market place is simply a boast about how good he is; how great is his sun tan; how much money he is taking from innocent people and so on.

    Fortunately there are some good guys online. They tend not to boast but do manage to communicate effectively about what they have to offer. Frequently these marketers are way ahead of the crooks but keep quiet about what should be kept as personal information. As an example I can tell you that I have never published in any way details about what I make online but I have a successful business. I do not tell anybody how many websites I have. I prefer to remain private. I do not want the publicity that can so easily backfire as it now has for Rob Benwell. And I do not want to set myself up as a potential target for the bad guys around the world. Let them find Rob Benwell and others like him.

    I am happy with my business position when I know I am selling something to a customer that will give benefit to that person. I often wonder about the moral standing of those who just want to take, take and take again from people who have trusted them.

    Best regards,


  258. I’m all for this – it is annoying to hear all these shiny new products that are going to change your life forever. The reality is that there are few that can actually be trusted to produce the results as they are stated.

    I will only recommend products that I have tried and worked, for this very reason.

    I think the problem with bonuses for example, human nature always goes for the most free stuff you can get, so you will get all this software, that might be a complete waste of space on your hard drive, misleading even. It rings alarm bells for me when someone is selling one product with 20 or 30 bonuses packages with it. That means one of two things, they’re either complete rubbish and not worth any money, or they have limited value today, or in the rare situation actually offer genuine value. I try not to take any notice of things with bonus offers unless I know the internet marketer.

    I hope all goes well with your ‘clean up internet marketing’ drive!


  259. I cancelled Benwells a long time ago, and lately I see them coming into my spam Box.I don’t know who promoted them, Hard to get rid of them because they have so many affiliates

  260. Hi Mark,
    great, great video. I have fallen for some of these guys. I just watched the video (again) and had the thought that I would really like to share it with Internet Marketers on my blog. Would you allow that, with a prominent link pointing back to your blog/post? Or would you prefer to just put a post up about it and then point to your site, where people can watch it then?

  261. Here is what rubs me wrong with so many of these “offers”. First and foremost the initial pitch product is and of itself incomplete or of less than stellar value. Ergo the all too sudden up selling to some other super duper shiny PRO version of the very much crippled non-product you just got finished paying for. Now on top of that there is now no longer any discussion on the part of the pitchman to talk about what they’d just lied you into purchasing, that no longer exists, because now they’re onto step two and so on and so forth. Here is my challenge: If your initial offer were so wonderful and works then prove it to me, pay for my hosting and set up all my email lists etc. etc. etc. yada yada yada ALL based off of that first offer. Keep your yapper shut about any other offers until there is verifiable and undeniable PROOF in my bank account. I’m not asking them to wipe my behind but DAMN!… It’s obscene. This is why I create individualized email sign-up addresses for each offer or product I test out. Why? Because this is how I ferret out the rats who dole my addresses out and betray me to whomever they wish. Especially when I’ve long ago, and repeatedly, opted out and continue to get spammed by them.

  262. I too have bought few products and the products did not lived the talk claims made on the videos & testimonials. I am sure all the testimonials are faked one and might have offered cash for given positive reviews.

  263. Mark Dulisse,

    You are right! No one can make a lot of money on the internet overnight even if the magic button. Like other businesses, whoever want to be success with the online business and make a lot of money daily, must work hard in building an online business and be persistent in accomplishing the targeted goal.

  264. Lot of primises around the web, too many liars.. luckily there are some serious people like Mark 😉

  265. you’d need to be nuts to fall for any of that crap in the first place

  266. Robert Perrier

    Mark, your products are the “Best Bad Ass” of all software and greatly appreciate the great tips you deliver to your honest internet marketers. Always look forward to your next posts 🙂

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