Monday , April 12 2021
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Announcing Comment Contest Winner #1

Without any further delay, I am pleased to announce the first $100 Cash “Comment Content” winner that I ran last month with my blog contest and announced here.

With over 60 entries and comments with ideas on how to make $1,000 in 45 days or less, I must say that there are nuggets of true gold in that posting. Many of them caught my attention, and in fact, I’m still going through them.

There is one that in particular was good by a young man by the name of John Tan.

John lives in Singapore and has a wonderful wife and newborn son (about 1 year old now). I have known John for about 2 years now, and we have worked on setting up sniper product launch sites in the past. John is a student of both my IM Niche Formula and Dominating Google course. John’s main strengths are seo, setting up websites, and a strong work ethic.

Last month, I interviewed John on how he is averaging over $2,000 per month with one website that is only 6 months old, and he has been making this since the first month the site was established. What is even cooler, is that all of John’s traffic is free. Meaning, it is all ‘organic traffic’ from the search engines.

John has implemented my Dominating Google strategies to get a lot of traffic to his site and make a lot of cash. What I found particularly interest in John’s strategy is the “underground” subtlety of this entire concept.

I would call John’s strategy the “Guru Product Doubler” method. This strategy is very easy to understand, and when I first heard that John was making all this automated income every month, my first thought was, “I wish I had more time to implement this.” What a great idea.

Here is an audio interview I did last month with John which spells out the entire thing.


Make sure you TURN UP BOTH (left and right) SPEAKERS. The audio on this video is not that great as I did this on my son’s laptop. But it works…

Isn’t that cool? Additionally, I have created a video of the entire thing. Simply click the play button:

Get the Flash Player to see this content.


The possibilities are endless to take this method and apply it to other niches, not just the IM niche. There is sports, famous people, brands, etc….

Of course, you want to be careful not to buy a domain that may potentially put you into a legal battle (ie, Nevertheless, there are many products you can sell where the vendor is more than happy for you to do this (I mean, who wouldn’t want an affiliate to make a lot of money for them).

Give me your comments please…

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  1. I’ve gotta go out and do a gig now (I’m a bass player when I’m not an IM guy) – I’d love to listen to this now, but I’ll be late! Damn…I’ll listen/watch when I get home. Well done John, can’t wait to hear your interview.

  2. Hi Mark

    Thanks for sharing.

    There is so much garbage floating around in the IM world at this stage including some new product launches over the past week or two, that a great idea like this is worth its weight in gold. Simple and from what I saw in the video, very effective.

    I suppose it might be a good idea to get permission in writing before you use a persons name in your domain name.

    Thanks again


  3. What a Brilliant Idea!I couldn’t wait for it to finish to implement it Mark! why don’t I ever come up with these Ideas!?
    Peace out!

  4. oh…oh….oh…..Mark Deluise, just registering it now….hahahaha.

    Seriously, that is a really great idea Mark. Thanks for sharing.


  5. . Darn, already taken!

  6. This is a brilliant idea. I will try it with my next website. I am working through Dominating Google at the moment and am sooo glad to have come across Mark Dulisse and this blog.

  7. Wow! this is great.. very creative. I will try this. Thanks!!!

  8. Pretty cool strategy…

    Too bad everyone is buying all of the big IM gurus domain…

  9. YIKES! What a concept. Blows me away.
    Great Idea!

  10. Thanks Mark & John
    powerfull but simple & proof that we do not need the so called push button over hyped crap that is constantly being launched,

  11. Pretty Sneaky stuff and I love it even though it’s verging on blackhat.
    Interestingly, when I googled Ryan Deiss down here in the land of Ozz, the site came up in the first 2 positions meaning it actually ranks higher than Ryan’s site itself. lol.

  12. Graham-the German Shepherd Guy

    Hi Mark
    Well I watched your video about this and unlike the other peoples comments I was not impressed!
    Would I want to be known as the ‘great deceiver’ – I think not. Copying the Gurus to some degree I think may be acceptable, but to clone(?) and climb all over someone else’s work – I don’t think so, although Ryan Deiss obviously has no objection because John Tan is an affiliate of his – so what does he care? he’s shifting Ryan’s products!
    I prefer to make my own way with good unique content – but each to their own I guess.
    Graham in UK

  13. Peter-Auto Traffic Avalanche Guy

    Hi Mark,

    Well, the success of the website is obvious as he puts his website in front of the guaranteed audience, as Ryan Deiss was a high topic because of his product launch.

    Evidently, Ryan didn’t do a good job to secure all the spots in first page of Google for his name. Besides, I don’t know whether in his emails, there is a copyright notice – because if there was, then your friend could be in trouble by publishing his newsletters. (this is also my tip for all people who builds a list).

    Anyway, a bit of tricky thing to do – but good job!

    Best regards,

  14. Hi Guys,

    Great that you all enjoy this idea. Hope you all make good money with this idea.

  15. Zygor Guides Review


    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what John Tan has done. It’s not copying Diess’s work, far from it. If you think about it, it’s no different from creating a website around Samsung’s products and then making money as an affiliate. As mentioned in the video, the only problem one might encounter is the domain name and intellectual property rights.

    Aside from that, it’s all gold!

    Keep doing what you are doing though, if it works for you then I am happy for you.


  16. Out of curiosity I’ve been running a domain name search with the word “products” tacked on the end of many of the most popular guru’s names with interesting results.
    All the big names with the dot com extension appear to be gone as are most of the dot nets which could indicate that Mark and John have set a snowball running. However, in checking some of the domains through “” I found that many of them have been registered for quite some time which obviously could mean several things.
    The first thing which pops to mind is that the idea has been around for a while and the second is that the gurus have registered the domains themselves possibly under fictitious names or their real names keeping in mind that many of the gurus use alias’s online.
    Of course this doesn’t mean that the domains can’t be altered slightly with the use of hyphens etc but it was an interesting exercise anyway and might save some of the readers a bit of time.

  17. Well done to you John on winning the comp, and your initiative, needless to say Ive been looking for a good guru to piggy bank on your method, but they`re all gone.

    well done


  18. First of all congratulations John on beeing the winner of the contest, and your awesome idea and tactics. I still do not know if I’m more stunned about the cool concept or more thrilled that you are sharing this idea with us. Thank you so much.

    I would like to call it a masterstroke, but this may be not quite right. Because the reality is: We have two strokes of genius here:

    1. The idea of arranging a comment contest on a blog and announce the winner of a hot topic like: $1000 in 45 Days or Less

    2. John Tan’s ninja tactic and concept.

    However I’m not quite sure if it is that easy to convince a guru of the “Guru Product Doubler” method in order to become his affiliate partner.

    Whatever, what do I really know?

    So, let’s try:

    “Dear Maestro Mark,

    as far as I’m concerned I think you have the best products on the internet market.

    Therefore I would like to promote them as an affiliate partner.

    Don’t be afraid of my halting English, because I would set up a site which looks the same like yours – called: Mark Dulisse Products -, put your products in a sitebar, and I would only take your promotion emails and put them on my site, so that you never have to worry about a content that is written in bad English.

    Rest assured that I will only exchange the links so that the money ends up in my account.

    If you deem my application worth considering, please let me know at your earliest convinience.



  19. Mark
    was wondering about the free theme Jon Tan used for his site ryandeissproducts, did you say in the video cutline ? only I don`t see a free theme there.

    Best Mike

  20. Hi All
    Would you really have to contact a product owner and ask for permission to use his/her name in a domain ? Surely they would be only to happy to bank all the big checks….

  21. Hi Mark!

    Thanks for sharing. It seems a little risky to hijack another persons name without permission. But a great idea.

  22. Clever method, though you do want to make sure appropriate permissions are taken as needed. The site does have 789 backlinks – so a good SEO effort is required.

  23. thank you sharing for like that idea.What a Brilliant Idea!I couldn’t wait for it to finish to implement it Mark! why don’t I ever come up with these Ideas!

    If I say in one word above design than “ superb”.

  24. Jawad from G Headshot

    Its great to know about John and the power he has to drive free traffic to the site. I am also using different ways but not successful yet.

  25. Mithun/Forex Signal

    Hi Mark,Thanks for sharing.There is so much content floating around in the IM mankind at this leg including whatever new quantity launches over the yesteryear week or two, that a high strain like this is worth its weight in metallic. Naif and from what I saw in the video, very strong.
    I assume it mightiness be a obedient content to get permission in authorship before you use a persons appoint in your land establish

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