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Best Idea Comment Contest – Win $100 x 3 Cash

Details Below – Win $100 With One Comment

Comment Contest by Mark Dulisse

Mark Dulisse here, and welcome to my blog….

The Best Teacher Is You…My Readership

I am having a “best idea comment contest.”

What am I up to? Well, you see, I am not an expert in everything and I’m a big believer in “communal knowledge,” meaning that there are great ideas “amongst us.” So….

With this in mind, let me get into the details of this contest.

1. Three (3) $100 Cash Prize Winnings (cannot be the same person)

I am giving away $100 to three separate people who write the best comment idea. That is a total of $300 out of my pocket, paid via paypal or money order cheque.

2. Each Winners Will Be Announced, And Will Get an Introduction On My High Traffic Blog (if wanted)

3. The TOPIC and guidelines of the comment are as follows:

Topic: “For Beginners…The Best Method To Make $1,000+ Online In Under 45 Days Is….”

  • All methods must be whitehat and respectful (no hardcore blackhat)
  • Those who are specific with details will have a better chance in winning
  • Only one comment per entry method, so make it count
  • You can make two entries, but cannot use the same method
  • No links and advertising in your comment. (example, this method has helped me, here is my affiliate link).
  • Originality and uniqueness will certainly get my attention
  • Seek simplicity in presentation. Point form or numbering works best
  • I reserve the right to ask for proof and/or testing if your idea works
  • Contest closes Monday, August 16th at 12 noon EST

I am so excited about this :). Even if you are just reading this, post a “thank you comment please.”

Comment Below….Let the contest begin!


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  1. Hi Mark.

    What a wonderful idea! This will certainly get the creative juices flowing for many people. I will be subscribing to followup comments for sure.

    On the road (actually in airport) and if I can get settled in before it is to late, will try to share a few thoughts.


  2. Each day in my email inbox I get around 50 offers for information about how to make money. I even get a lot on Saturday and Sunday. What I would like to see is someone to put together a company to use the best of these ideas if they are any good and then sell shares in the company. It would work if the ideas are valid. But it appears that these schemes are just ruses to collect the fees to sell the information and make the promoter rich. They have no product of substance to sell.

  3. The simple fact of the matter is that Mark Dulisse is a giving expert. At no time did I feel lost, confused or frustrated that Mark did not go way out of his way to get and answer to my questions. One thing that is missing from many programs and membership sites is that personal touch. It seems that they are all carbon copies of mediocre products. No so with Mark’s stuff, he takes his time to get it right. Thank you Mark for this, and other, products that you give to us to find success!

  4. Ok Mark, how you doing….thanks for all your help to-date and
    continued success.
    Here is an idea for you and everyone else reading.

    Offer a membership site or a training site with different levels….

    And for people to get to the juicy bits the golden nuggets that
    actually work…they have to compete the previous level’s task.

    One of THE biggest problems is people lose focus and are always
    checking out latest ‘new shiny objects’ in their inbox.

    So you have to grab their attention, if they tell you they are
    serious, they have to prove it. Give them 3 strikes and they
    are out to complete the latest tasks…that way you only
    have an up-todate list of members that are actually using
    your quality stuff.

    And you can reward all these committed members because
    you know they are serious and will do what you suggest.

    Hope this makes sense.

    All the Best


  5. You have already demonstrated the best idea.
    I know a guy who runs a Carp fishing website, he asked his members for their top tips on carp fishing, hundreds sent in their best and most effective tips tricks and technics. He collated the ideas and created an ebook from them, and yes you guessed it sold it to his membership.

  6. Offering online marketing services to local businesses for the past 6 months has taught me a few things.

    1. Neighborhood businesses seldom make decisions as quickly as internet businesses do.
    2. Most local businesses won’t spend “$1-$5K a month” for marketing.
    3. By the time our proposals get accepted (or rejected) my partner and I have invested 8 man hours just in research and meetings. So…
    4. We recycle our proposals within the same niche until we get a buyer.
    5. Within larger markets we will work with more than one business within that niche.

    While it’s hard to pry a few thousand dollars at once out of the average local business owner, it’s relatively easy to get them to part with $500 or less. So our new business model is to offer our services a la carte. Here are a few services that a relatively new IM’er should be well equipped to deliver. Remember, you already know way more than they do!

    1. Install a lead capture form on their website or blog. Set up an autoresponder service with 7-10 follow up emails.
    2. Write and distribute a press release and some unique articles.
    3. Do keyword research and rewrite their existing web copy. Charge extra if it requires making those changes on their website.
    4. Use Animoto to produce slick little video ads.
    5. Set up a simple WordPress blog. Takes a few hours if they supply the copy, longer (and more expensive) if we write it.

    Offering prospects a way to get some online exposure without spending a fortune is a great way to get your foot in the door and land a new customer. Just 2 or 3 of these little gigs should add up to $1000, but the actual work involved is only a few days.

  7. Step 1: Put an ad in craigslist,local newspaper and ebay classified,US Free ads for free website for local businesses

    Step 2: When the local businesses start to call-advise you will set up free websites but they must pay for their domain name and hosting. They also must add their own content.

    Step 3: Set up affiliate account with godaddy and host gator(or what ever hosting account you want)

    Step 4: Send affiliate links to clients( hosting and domain name)

    Step 5: Setup wordpress blog(point domain and install wordpress)

    Step 6: Let client choose a free theme(or paid and use affiliate link for theme)

    Step:8: Ask for referrals and get them on a list-check in weekly with auto reponder

    Step 7: give client on page optimization for free(build value) and then back end them on SEO service down the line. (charge residual or large one time fee)

  8. Great idea! Looking forward to the results.

    In the future, how about the SAME idea,
    but adding – “. . . with the smallest possible investment.”

  9. 1 – find a friend who owns a local business, yet doesn’t have much (if any) presence in google – esp google places. (It would actually be better if this person didn’t have a website.)

    2 – contact your buddy and tell them you want to help out their marketing efforts, and that you want to set them up w/a google places listing for free (you need the experience).

    3 – set your friend’s business up w/a new google account, including gmail. Google will call your friend w/a PIN number, so set it up w/him ahead of time, so that he can receive the call.

    4 – after the new account is created in google, add a new business for them in google places

    5 – simply fill out the google places form as completely as possible. Leave NOTHING empty. You want to include business contact info, as many categories that pertain to the business as possible, as many of the “about” questions as you can add, etc.

    5a – obtain roughly 10-30 pictures about from your friend regarding the business. This can be pictures of the place itself, of its products, of happy patrons, of its services being performed – whatever.

    5b – go to, and hire somebody to create 5-10 short (30-90 seconds) videos, using the pics you have. These need not be fancy – nothing much more than an opening screen w/the business name, a series of a few of the pics flowing from one to another set to music, ending w/another screen containing the business name and contact info. Upload all these videos to youtube.

    5c – add 10 of these pics and 5 of these videos to the google places listing.

    6 – time to verify. Once again, contact your buddy and tell him that google will be calling him (the turnaround time is usually almost instantaneous) with another PIN number, so setup a time to do this. Toggle google to verify, get the PIN number from your buddy, then enter it into google.

    7 – after the listing is verified, go in and add a coupon of some sort – doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it’s something your friend’s business will redeem.


    At this point, the google places listing is pretty well complete, and will show up in google shortly. Once the listing is “live”, go back to fiverr, and hire a couple people to go to the listing and add positive reviews.

    All this should be enough to not only get your friend’s business listed in google places, but your listing will likely be more complete than the rest of the listings there, so there’s a good chance that they’ll also rank pretty highly.


    8 – try to be doing all this for at least 2-3 businesses in the local area. If you don’t know that many people that have businesses, simply contact a couple you think that could use your help, explain what you wanna do, and offer your services for free. They’ll likely be more than glad to have your help – especially at that price.

    9 – once you’ve done this 2-3x, and the listings are showing up and ranking well in google, you now have a proven track record you can go to other local businesses with. Obtain a list of local businesses and contact info (you could either simply thumb your way through the phone book or buy a list from someplace like fiverr) and contact many businesses offering your services for $399-$599.

    $599 might seem like a lot, but compare it to what ads cost in the phone book, newspaper (think duration here), and such, and it’s really a bargain to the business. Convince them of that.

    In the end, if the business doesn’t think that your service can make them an extra $50/month over the next year, then it’s likely somebody you don’t want to do business with in the first place.

    When you sell the business on your services, also offer a $27/month “maintenance” program, where you go in each month, rotate the pics and videos on the account (which is why you get so many up front), add new ‘about’ info, and/or change the coupon. Doing all this keeps the content in the listing “fresh”, and increases the chances of the listing staying ranked higher, longer.


    Rinse and repeat as many times as needed.

  10. This is a nice idea Mark and a good place to share a good idea:

    Day 1:
    1. Look out for a helping product that is controversal at clickbank or any other affiliate site. (eg. any of those weight loss wonders)
    2. Make a personal homepage or blog at one the big freesites like,, etc. Write some private things like family, hobby etc. and one article about the problems you have are solved thru this wonderful product you’ve found with a backlink to your affiliate url.
    Day 2:
    Search for forums that talking about the niche your product is within and register an account (without placing your backlink) and just take part in the discussion with a nice welcome to everyone.
    Day 3:
    Add you private Homepage Link to your profile at the forums and make responses to other threads until you have made about 5-10 posts each forum.
    Day 4 or 5:
    Add a signature Link pointing to your article on your private homepage and create a new thread about this topic.
    Day 6 and 7:
    Discuss the responses you get.
    Day 8 to 45:
    Repeat Day 2 to 7 or look for a new product in the same niche and add a new article to your personal blog.

    If you have time left on a day go to faq sites like yahoo answers or search for blogs you can leave a personal comment on or create a facebook account and make friends.

    If you are polite, smart and natural you will have no problem to get enough buyers to earn at least 1000 bucks.

  11. Choose one product to promote (no distractions)
    Choose one keyword phrase to optimize the page for
    Ensure the sales page for the product is likely to convert
    Ensure the keyword is not too high competition but has enough searches
    Create a one salepage index minisite with all legal documents (must convert)
    Create a list & signup form reached through a different url (must convert)
    Create 5 sites with external links to the site and signup using high ranking networks
    Vary the keywords but keep theme close to the original phrase
    Promote these sites aggressively
    Give generously of expertise to list members and remind them of your offer

    That should take a week or so
    Tweak and test, ask for jv support, modify and improve.
    Hope you got it all right
    If you did – bingo
    If not – run screaming to the doghouse and lick your wounds
    Recover your optimism
    Improve your knowledge
    Start again

    There is no proof this will work because there are too many variables.

    But ask yourself these questions…

    Is the product needed and good quality
    Would you buy it from the sales page
    Is your signup offer unique and generous
    If its an affiliate product, have you made a bonus
    Did your promotion strategy work, are you on the page
    Have you contacted your signups 7 times
    Is the price right
    Have you made your prospects feel safe about buying
    Have you included reviews or testimonials about the product
    And lastly…
    If you convert but get little traffic can you try a different keyword
    If you get traffic but not conversions can you try a different product

  12. This is fun 🙂 I’d go for a system based on the newish Google Property Search. I would offer an optimised listing guaranteed to appear in certain defined circumstances or a refund. I would charge around US$100, while pointing out that they could try to do it themselves for nothing. Here lies the problem, if they can fathom out how Google decides to list a property and how high up the list it might appear, they are geniuses. I don’t know how it is working in Canada, but here in the UK I’ve spent many, many hours playing with Property Search. For instance ‘property in pembrokeshire’ will trigger it in the main SERPs, but ‘property in Llangolman’ or ‘house for sale in pembrokeshire’ will not.
    I think 10 local customers shouldn’t be too difficult in 45 days, as a very bare minimum. It’s a good deal for them compared with estate agents’ / realtors’ fees.

  13. Mark – you always have good content on your site. And I usually open all your emails. Thanks for helping me with your training.

    Here is the plan! This will take a bit of work but I think a new person could figure it out.

    Everyone knows local business people in their neighborhood. Have you ever needed to find a dry-waller, plumber or electrician to do some work on your house? Most of the sites/results I see when I type in “subject matter expert in my home town” into Google are lame.

    Do this:
    Ask all your friends and family for names of local business people they know and make a list.

    Contact these people with an offer like this: I will create a lead generation website for you that will show up on the first page of Google and increase you business. Charge $1000 (or more).

    Get their credit card or have them sign up for a hosting plan with your favorite hosting plan affiliate site so you get a $50 bonus. Choose a hosting plan that has “push button” wordpress install like hostgator.

    Install wordpress. Create some relevant content about their business and fill out their contact us page. Make their home page a static page (read for easy to follow instructions). Put their phone number everywhere on the site. Most people looking for skilled trades person want to call and talk to a real person.

    Add plenty of pictures. Maybe create a youtube channel and add some video too. Add an auto responder to capture leads if you want. Offer some free information about their specialty.

    Put some testimonials, picture of your clients on the page, and maybe some before and afters if appropriate.

    Offer to create the Google local listings, a Facebook page and a Twitter account if that makes sense or run some ads on craigslist for them. Heck you could do this and charge a recurring fee for up keep.

    This is a must – create some back-links by writing a series of article and submitting them to article directories for them. Use the right keyword for them – “city name and specialty ”

    Caveat: Before agreeing to take on a particular business, make sure there isn’t too much competition in that niche. Check the page rank and back links for several key search phrases for selected business and city. If page rank is about 2 or less for everything on page 1 of Google and back links are something you can manage (maybe less that 300) go for it. Many of the local sites that show up around me have only about 20-30 backlinks. Yellow pages sites might be high (or 0) for backlinks. Ignore them.

    Stay away from the real estate market if you are new because they have figured out the internet, however, most every other professional is busy with his or her own profession, not the internet.

    Of course you could turn this into a $2000 product but just do it instead.

    PS. I like the auto subscribe to your newsletter in the comment field!

  14. Thank you for translating “Internet Marketing” into English for me. This can all be a bit overwhelming, if one is pressed to generate a fast income from this medium. I appreciate concise directions and not the usual “see how smart I am” stuff one usually gets from the gurus.

    I cannot say thank you enough, Mark.


  15. The only real way to do this is and also the cheapest way to internet wealth is to “CREATE YOUR OWN PRODUCT” find a popular niche with some depth in it that you can over time add quality content too ,
    Search yahoo answers and google ,join forums use Micro niche formula to extract relevant keywords based on your chosen niche, buy a domain using your most relevant keyword in it,create a blog on this and submit useing ezine articles with credits as your initial content, buy PLR with full rights and spin the articles so they are unique adding further content from other sources rebrand it as your own as it now becomes your own product , or E Book, submit to go articles and ezine articles , create a hubpage and use squidio to build backlinks to your blog continue making your own products based on that same niche and selling on your blog ,,,,, rinse and repeat remember being an affiliate your are building a list for some one else BUT YOU NEED TO BUILD YOUR OWN LIST from your own blog with your own products but the GURUS will never tell you that .

  16. Cool idea Mark. I will work on getting my submission sent in.


  17. Hey Mark/Friends

    I have an idea,I’ve been thinking about for quite sometime.But, I haven’t done anything with it,Yet.

    My idea is also for local business, we all know that the yellow pages suck, and almost everyone uses the net to find information or products and service’s.

    My idea is to use WordPress to set-up Local Business Directory Membership Site that offer’s three levels of membership with a Professional Package Upgrade.

    1. Starter Package -Directory Listing + Contextual Ad-space @ $19.00 Per Month – Upgrade Incentive – 1 Month Intermediate Package @ $30.00

    2. Intermediate Package – Directory Listing + Front Page Article + Banner Ad + Contextual Ad @ $49.00 Per Month – Upgrade Incentive – I Month Professional Package @ $50.00

    3. Professional Package – Directory Listing + Full Page Article + Banner Ad + Contextual Ad @ $99.00 Per Month

    4. Professional Package Upgrade @ $1399.00 – Full Worpress site – Installed and set-up with shopping cart – Search Engine Optimized On-Page/Off-Page

    Domain Name – Web Hosting – Auto-Responder – Extra Cost + Affiliate Link = More Money per-month

    As you can see each package represents a different mindset or experience level of the local market. The starter package could be for a new business
    start-up so they can learn the basics of marketing their business and get their feet wet, but, they also have the incentive to upgrade to Intermediate level.

    The Intermediate level could be for a business that’s been around for 4-5yrs and has a little more experience and wants to implement marketing on the web into their marketing plan.

    The professional package would be for a business that’s already well established, and want’s to established it’s standing further by using the full potential of the Directory Membership.

    The professional package – upgrade- would be for an established business, that wants a web presence using a fully optimized wordpress site with a shopping cart service added for their customers.

    I haven’t tried this, but, I think it could work if it was structured properly and with a little tweak here and there you could quite easily make a $1000.00 per month.

    You have three membership levels that give you residual income each month, and if they upgrade to next level your income increases, and if they go one step further and upgrade to a fully optimized website and keep their membership to the directory to promote their new site @ a discount of course your on your way to the bank with a bounce in your step.

    Plus your making money on the hosting, autoresponder etc through your affiliate links.

    I would promote the membership directory using facebook for the said community and kijiji and by visiting local business to do a survey, and by getting links to my directory membership from local sites, and by advertising in the local shopping news, and I would optimize my site to be very high in ranking for this local market.

    That’s my idea, and I don’t know if it would work, because I haven’t tried yet, please let me know if you think this idea is viable and any suggestion on how to tweak it are welcome, and of course constructive criticism is welcome.

    Thanks Brian

  18. Hi Mark,

    Even I’am Newbie, I have successfuly take action on my IM Road,
    I’m somehow do Website Flipping.
    I make Starter site or a brand new site with a unique articles and several added value on it..
    the Miracle happen, I make even $200 from the site that I sell, and I can make 2 site per week
    You can count yourself how much in 45 days 🙂

    This is the best get money quick system ever I do!!!

    Best Regards,

  19. Easy $1000 within 45 days, proven and tested, Service Arbitrage.

    Step 1:
    Go to IM forums and see what service people requests, eg link building, linkwheel, article promotion etc. Find out their market price.

    Step 2:
    Go to freelance website and hire some good ones at a price below that market price.

    Step 3:
    Intelligently package up a deal so your offer is unique

    Step 4:
    Run the service, collect money, outsource the job. Focus on growing the service and reaching more people.

    You should do $1000 in 30 days.

    This was how I started years back. It paved way into my SEO Business and I am now doing $40K a month net profit and is still growing. Best part is, I do not get significantly busier while my business keep doubling, thanks to outsourcing.

    Daniel Tan

  20. Hi Mark
    Using Easy video player and embedding it on your blog is great isn’t it

    It wont drive traffic to your blog. unlike a youtube video.
    Embedding a youtube video , when people click the youtube embedded video on your blog it counts towards your clicks on youtubes own site.
    The more clicks the more it rises up the viewer popularity ratings which counts towards your video getting seen by more people, more people, more traffic back to your site.
    ps I love easy video player and use it all the time except for when I want to drive traffic back to my blog
    cheers Mick

  21. Hey Mark,

    This is how I do it to generate $1000 within 45 days.

    Step 1: Research for expert name in the niche market that have lot of searches, low competition keyword and have a list of his own products which have an affiliate program.

    Step 2: Join the affiliate program.

    Step 3: Purchase the domain name using the keyword that is have the the expert name on the domain.

    Step 4: Create a blog on that domain.

    Step 5: Populate the blog with content related to your niche and SEO that blog with the main keyword. (You should reach top 10 within a week or more)

    Step 6: List the products of the expert on the side bar or dedicated page.

    Step 7: Create a lead capture form to capture lead’s name and email address.

    Step 8: Create an autoresponder sequences that promote the expert product mixing with good content.

    The way you earn money using the above method is to steal traffic leveraging on the expert name. Usually the people who searches for the expert name, are interested to find out more on the expert or their products.

    These people are highly targeted lead who are really to buy the expert products.

    So you are actually giving what they are searching for.

    Using the above method, you can constantly generate leads and commission at the same time. Killing 2 birds with one stone.

    Hope this help. The key here is to scale it.

  22. **True Newbie Idea**

    1. The Truth: As a newb, you don’t know how to build a website, sell to a small business, create a list or get people to join that list, copy-write, etc. Your skills are few but your gumption, confidence, and desire to kill it are high.

    2. The Solution: Leverage the one thing you have that presently successful people do not: TIME. You help them make money using their list. Forget about building your own right now, make money.

    3. The Research: Since you know how to search Google, you’ll use your available time to find non-profit, small business, and hobby email newsletter providers who have yet to realize the value in their list or how to monetize their hobby, passion, etc. Find the long lists/directories of email newsletters organized by an interest you already hold. They need to have 10,000-100,000 people on their list. There are plenty of lists out there with a large subscriber base. Many of these newsletter senders have a main mission, business, or hobby that takes up the majority of their time. They are too busy to develop a product or write a book to sale. If you are unable to find newsletter lists you can relate with, this concept will also work for home-grown list-servs, independent regional/topical forums, and possibly some really micro-niche bloggers.

    4. The Contact: After comprehensive research, you will select and approach 10 of these folks through a highly relational approach (phone, hand written note, Instant Message conversation, Fedex package with professional introduction letter, LinkedIn introduction, etc). You need to make sure that your approach matches the tone and communication preference of the list owner/target.

    5. The Copy/Script: “I love what you are doing with XYZ cause, product/service, or hobby. It’s clear you have fostered a strong community of people with fantastic passion. From my own experience in product development and online community, I know it takes a dedicated person to spend all those hours creating compelling content and moderating all those interesting opinions so people stick together and head in the right direction. The reason I am approaching you is now that I am an aspiring writer and am looking for opportunities to partner with experts as a ghost writer. I don’t know if you are aware, but experts all over the country are taking what they know and putting it into ebooks that can then be delivered to all kinds of mobile devices, tablet computers, and PCs at an affordable cost. I’ve looked at your audience and what you provide so very well as an expert, and I think there is a real opportunity for you to bring additional value and make/raise some money in the process. I’d like to explore with you a scenario where I ghost write an ebook for you, taking very little of your time, and help present that to people through your newsletter. This is something your name would go on and you would have complete control over it. All I would ask is to get your honest feedback on my writing skills, have a set timeline for the project, and for you to split the profit with me when we are successful in selling copies of your ebook. Have I intrigued you enough to continue the conversation?”

    6. The Close: You need to make sure that you build the right relationship with the expert, but remember you don’t have to waste your time keying on one person. You are approaching ten people total. If three work out you will be tickled pink. Don’t take no for an answer, but also don’t waste your time holding out hope. Make sure you draw up a simple agreement that you both sign which defines project timeline, the focus/topic of the ebook (which they will probably give you with some probing about what is needed or what they have always wanted to write a book about), when your revenue split stops, and exactly how and when they will be introducing the ebook download to their audience.

    7. The eBook: You don’t even have to be a great writer. Two approaches to getting the book written: 1) Scour their community for old emails, posts, etc that relate to the agreed on topic, then copy/paste those into a doc in a rough order that matches a reasonable outline for a book. 2) Write a list of questions you can use to interview the expert. Schedule a few calls of an hour each. Go to Radio Shack to buy a digital recorder (the kind that makes MP3s) and a spy store or for one of those suction cup microphones you can stick on your home telephone. Interview the expert, getting as much out of them as possible. Send the files overseas via oDesk or another freelancer site at around $15 per recorded hour of audio.

    After you have the raw product, send it to a good editor overseas. Provide half the book to the expert for review and feedback. If they like it and don’t require many changes, provide the other half to them shortly thereafter. If they want to go back and forth and be picky, then let them do that on the one half of the book and retain the other half of the asset until you can get things resolved.

    8. The Sale: Use or another digital product delivery site that will do checkouts for you and provide code and links for buy buttons. Let your expert see the method/destination for selling, and give them access to the reports or notifications of each sale by email, or daily/weekly/monthly reporting of sales via something the checkout provider offers. Pay them their % of the money promptly and often so they continue to promote the product as cash rolls in.

    9. The Marketing: As the owner of the list, board, etc. they should have influence and credibility in their community already. The closing ratio should be high and the sales copy doesn’t have to be very strong. It is more of a personal appeal than a hard close. Something with this tone: “Hey everyone, I finished my ebook about XYZ. This is full of everything I have learned about this and that other thing. We’ve made this as inexpensive as possible and the profits will be used in part to help keep our community going. Get your copy today for $9.99.”

    10. The Exit: The writing of the book should be able to be done in three weeks, which leaves around 3.5 weeks for selling/promoting. Once you have helped market/deliver the product for those 45 days, you will want to pull back your time investment. Most people who will buy the book will have bought, unless you have been successful enough with the product to put it on Clickbank or go promote it to a different community in the same niche with the authors blessing under a new JV arrangement. Assuming you are done with the main push, ask the partner what experts they know in other niches that they would be willing to introduce you to. Go get another ebook deal and continue paying your bills as you learn more advanced Internet Marketing approaches and hard & soft skills. Remember, your goal is to work three books in those 45 days, so you should be able to make $1k-$3k fairly easily if you execute well and choose the right list owners.

  23. Step 1: Do market then keyword research for 5 different niches. (Making sure each niche is a buyers market (An example of this would be to find best selling products, books etc./multiple reviews from different buyers in that market or if it is a clickbank or paydotcom product, then high gravity and POPULARITY) and each keyword phrase has under 40 or 50k competing pages.

    Step 2: Once you have your 5 niches and 5 best keyword phrases then also have 5 additional keyword phrases, related to each niche that would now be a total of 6 keyword phrase for each niche. Or 30 total.

    Step 3: Register 5 sites (domain names) using your best keyword phrases or a close variation. And DNS to your hosting server and set up wordpress using fantastico.

    Step 4: Onsite seo your blog (most of you marketers know the drill here 🙂 so put those plug-ins to work. The reason I didn’t suggest plugin is because plugin are like politics even one has their opinion which ones work best, so use your best judgment on the ones that work best for optimizing your sites.

    Step 5: Create 5 unique article 350 to 450 should do the job and post then on your blog. Then have a call to action on or in each post. Bold and bright with shiny little objects point and telling someone to click on your offer or affiliate link. I like to use what I call the Paul Harvey “And Now For The Rest Of The Story” Click Here – Access Now… I think you get the idea.

    Step 5-1/2: Get 5 Free or Pay a little and get (the paid can cost as little as 5 to 20 bucks) a good PLR report or Guide related to each niche and use that PLR to create a PDF (This will be your Free Report or Newsletter to get traffic/people to opt into your auto responder) Then go to yahoo.answers and find 15 good answers ( not questions) relating to each of your niches, reword or not and use them as your 15 day auto-responder series. Be sure your call to action link is in each email… side bar widget your opt in box.

    Step 6: Create 5 350-450 unique articles relate to each post using the keywords you found and making sure they are in your title and description. (I personally don’t get into that whole 3 or 5 % thing about keywords in the body and so forth)

    Step 7: Then Submit 1 article to 3 of the top or your fav article directories once a day for five days (having a link in your author section pointing back to your post). If you’re concerned about the whole duplicate article bad voodoo thing. Then I suggest getting an article spinning software to nip that concern in the butt. Now for extra credit you can go ahead and create 5 more articles and submit 1 a day for 10 days.

    Step 71/2: Bookmark your post and off-site articles using your favorite bookmarking tool or software.
    A good guide but not set in stone is after posting each article, go ahead a submit to 5 social bookmarking sites to get things started and for the search engines to spider your sites. Also ping your site and post as well. pingomatic and or feedburner.

    Step 8: create either a voice over PowerPoint using your 5 articles and submit it to youtube and or tubemogul. (If your voice is not an option, then just add a little soothing royalty free music to the background and it will work just find) You can do the same for each of the articles you posted on your site. Now for extra credit, you may want to have an onsite video site map. Hope that doesn’t come across as a plug Mark… ;-D

    Step 9: Do a little Google string research for Blog Commenting; an example of this would be: blog: “keyword phrase” or .gov: “keyword phrase” If you find higher PR sites that allow blog commenting and are also dofollow. Then Score! O do not forget your contextual back-link in the comment post and be sure your adding value to the conversation please.

    Step 10: Get your rss feed from your site and submit to rss feed aggregator site. For extra credit, go to xfruit or yahoo pipe and combine your feeds from your post and your articles and videos and web 2.0 sites to create new feeds and submit. Here is a little trick if you use wordpress blogs just add “/feed/rss/” Without the quotes at the end of each article post URL on your blogs to create an individual feed and then use that feed when creating new meshed or combining feeds.

    Step 11: create 3 to 6 Web 2.0 sites for each of the 5 main sites. You can do even more if your heart desires. Then using your articles you created for submitted to the article directories. (Note: here I do rewrite them some, so they are unique before post then on web 2.0 sites.) Again having a spinning software program makes this process very very quick and painless. Another fast way to get content to post on Web 2.0 site is to go back to yahoo answers and find 6 to 10 good Q&A in that niche and do some rewriting and use that content on squdoo hubpages and weebly and so forth.

    Step 12: Go to twitter and create 5 accounts using your five main keyword phrases. Also try and use your keyword as your username, if taken then keywordphrase123. Then do a search for people that are interested in the same topic for each website. Then add them by following them and be sure to post your URL on the twitter profile that is linking back to each blog. Then tweet each of your post, videos, off-site articles and web 2.0 sites. Do a couple tweets each day for a few days should be just fine.

    Step 13 Go build 5 more site and just repeat the 12 steps.

    P.S. If you’re a Marketer Marketing to Marketers ( ok I just lov that line :-|) then just take my blog comment and use it as a optin free report and create a 13 day boot camp. You can even break it down and sell an in depth report for each step for a few bucks and a full break down of all the steps for the old $27 or $37 price tag. Just a thought, but a free one.

    Thanks for the Post Mark. It was nice to try and come up with an idea.

  24. I want to firstly give you a sincere CONGRATS for your brilliant idea for the topic.


    As soon as I find something that makes me 1k+ in under 45 days, I’ll certainly share it.

    And what a perfect way this is for any beginner to find out WHAT WORKS, and no longer get scewd around!

    Thank-You Mark!!

  25. Start Today by Investing in Mark Dulisse’s IM Niche Formula course Silver or Gold level.
    Go to Level 1 and start building along with the video instructions. Don’t miss anything out.
    When you have completed levels 1,2,3, 4, & 5, You will have a nice site site put together. You will have the best part of 100 hours of expert video instruction and your site should now be getting some traffic.
    If you have not missed anything out you should be converting that traffic into sales, building a valuable list and in 45 days creating over $1000 in PROFIT.
    There are 3 main attributes you need. 1/ Absolute focus. 2/ A sense of urgency and 3/ Trust your trainer.
    Remember you are being trained by one of the Internet’s most successful marketers with immense skill and you are buying into his experience and methods.
    Go for it and enjoy.
    You get nothing for nothing and here you get the best at a silly price!!!
    Some do’s and don’ts.
    Don’t get distracted.
    Don’t think you know better.
    Don’t let others scepticism put you off.
    Don’t spend money that you don’t have to.
    Do follow the sequence of the course.
    Do make sure you follow the security section of level 2.
    Do only sell products that you would buy yourself initially ( You will find them easier to enthuse about)
    Do remember that your website are there to make money. Not to look nice and do nothing.
    It sounds straight forward and it is if you Want to be earning good money online. Is it easy for a new Internet marketer? Well yes depending on your level of commitment and belief in what you are doing.

    Do follow the sequence carefully.

  26. Mark, I am only five months into this business, and want to say that I have so enjoyed working under your tutelage! You have showed me much, and in a way that no one else has. There have been a few bumpy moments along the way, because in this business there can be a lot of smoke and mirrors. Thanks for removing the smoke, and showing me which mirrors are worth looking into!

    • @ Karen, you’re a great inspiration to me as well. Thanks for the encouraging words.

      ps. You wouldn’t be related to Evelyn would you?

  27. Mark
    I have followed you since you started and you have become a true ‘guru’ at what you do. You have great content and tell it like it is.
    Stay tuned folks, this will only get better!

    Thank You

  28. Thanks Mark,
    I am Thankful for your straight forward no BS posts in IM.
    I would start with a keyword I have researched and before getting a domain name.
    I would make sure the keyword was being searched on and could be monetized with what the search results turned up.

    If not trash it and try another. If one is found look for a way to monetize it with CPA offers, adsense, CB, etc.

    Then get a domain name with that keyword, com, org, net, and build a small 4-5 page website based on it with wordpress on your own server, so you have control of it.
    Have 4-5 articles and let it sit for a week and check to see if it will rank in Google. Then if so and you get traffic, you may want to consider PPC.
    If this works, rinse and repeat.

    I am working on something similar to this at this time. But don’t ask to see any websites as I am still researching keywords.

    I still say you do a great job!

    Thanks Again,

    • @ Michael, thank you for the encouraging words and tips

      @ Clyde, thank you, and I look forward to your input

      @ Geoff, that is fantastic, thank you

  29. Mark,
    Great idea and I look forward to particpating and reading all the other members’ suggestions.

    You consistently add value to your membership that, unfortunately, most other memberships fall short of. It makes it easy to include you in my “Keepers” list

  30. Mark

    “WOW” is all I can say look at the submissions, what a great idea for a contest Mark, this is what sets you apart from so many other marketers asking for impute and providing valuable content for your subscribers.

    I can’t wait to read all the submissions they are good and this really brings out the creativity in people.

    Thanks Again Brian

  31. Mark, this is a great concept, cash for ideas. I have to think about something good 😉 Anyway I think everyone will benefit from the ideas people post so thanks!

  32. Pixelpipe looks fantastic! Thanks!

  33. Mark,
    This is a fantastic idea and there have been some great posts already. I have paid out a lot of money for programs and most of them have only half told the story. Now I can follow these systems good luck everyone you all deserve the prize and Mark you are more than a guru you are a Legend

  34. Mark
    What a great thread of ideas. Thanks for bringing this to us.
    I came to this via your email about PixelPipes. Have signed up and am looking forward to using the service a lot. Looks really good so thanks for that as well.
    You just keep bring us info out of the box. Really appreciate the fresh ideas.
    Thanks again.

  35. Hi Mark,

    Just wanted to say a quick Hi and thank you for your helpful articles…
    This is one cool contest, I hope it will be successful for you.
    Great blog, I will keep following you 🙂

    David B
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  36. I have done a similar ‘local’ method of getting $1000 to the above ideas. In actual fact I had to do it (and submit a testimonial) to get my money refunded (plus an extra $100) from Howie Schwartz’s IM Leadership course. I kinda followed his plan but not exactly…here goes…

    I have some friends, Jackson and Emma, who have a company called “The Alpine Transfer Company” – offering ski transfers between various airports and ski resorts in the French Alps. They needed help, so I offered them help, with the main intention of earning $1000 (or the equivalent in EUROS), so that I could submit a testimonial to get the IM Leadership course money refunded (that was Howie’s deal). I did it mainly using Traffic Geyser and Howies ‘Conversation Domination’ techniques (mainly putting the content on many web 2.0 sites and heavily social bookmarking and pinging every RSS feed associated with it). I also used Google Local Business Center to get into Google Local too. I actually did this over the space of 2 months, but it could have easily been done in 45 days.

    Here is the testimonial that Emma sent to Howie:


    To whom it may concern

    My name is Emma Lawrence from the Alpine Transfer Company:
    we are a company from The French
    Alps providing airport transfer services to ski resorts in the
    southern Alps. Our service covers Lyon, Marseille, Grenoble and Nice
    airports in France and Cuneo, Milan and Turin in Italy.

    Our business relies heavily on traffic from the internet, but our site
    wasn’t getting much traffic and traffic we were getting was converting
    poorly. We decided to use Rick Lomas who lives
    locally to help us out. Rick advised us on some changes that needed to
    be made to our web site to help conversions. He then applied his
    ‘Sherman Tank’ techniques to build backlinks to the site and increase
    it’s page rank and to create additional multiple listings in the
    search engines.

    In addition Rick generated email leads from his own sites and other
    web properties that he made.

    In December we paid Rick 500€ for the initial work and also agreed to
    pay 2€/lead.
    We have just sent his payment for 193 leads which was 386€.
    So the total we have paid is 886€ which at todays €/$ rate of 1.36746
    comes out as $1,211.21.

    I believe that Rick needed to prove he had earned more than $1000 in
    his first 6 months. I hope that this email is proof enough but in the
    event you need to contact me, please do not hesitate.
    Kind regards

    Emma Lawrence
    The Alpine Transfer Company
    Phone Number Here

    So there you go … $1000 in 45 days!

  37. You can use this Method to either promote your own
    product, article or offer or go after very competitive
    keywords like “internet marketing” “loss weight” etc.
    or perhaps a IM Product Launch!
    Pretty much you make the call!

    The idea here is to use a source, that not only
    gets your content index very quickly, in some
    cases within hours, but will also get your content
    ranking on the 1st page of Google.

    Just remember that results can vary depending on
    how competitive the keyword phrase your trying to
    rank for is.
    Because with keyword phrases that are this
    competitive like “internet marketing”, the powers
    that be, have an army of people and resources
    working day and night building backlinks and
    gaining authority to their post and pages for these
    keyword terms.

    But we don’t care about that with this method.

    So how this is done, is by getting backlinks
    using sites that already have very high Page Rank
    in most cases above 5 and even as high as 7 or 8
    and by having a few links from PR sites with this kind
    of authority can out do sites that have hundreds of

    But there is a catch and that being these are
    news type sites that we’ll be getting links from
    and with that, the rankings can be short lived,
    yet these highly competitive and highly search
    terms can get hundreds even thousands of searches
    a day. As of this writing I believe the term
    “internet marketing” gets over 9000 searches a
    day. So the idea here is you don’t necessarily
    have to go for a highly competitive, highly searched
    term, but if you do and your content sticks on page
    one for a few days than that traffic (9k a day) is
    more then most long tail, lower competition keywords are
    getting in a month. So in essence you getting more
    bang for you buck.

    The Method that I’m referring too, is submitting
    Press Releases to 20+ of the top Press release sites.
    Like I mentioned before most of these sites carry a
    very high Page Rank and have authority with Google which
    in turn can get your content indexed in the SERP’s
    extremely fast.

    Now the game plan with this method is to have
    several different and unique Press Releases pertaining
    to the same subject, keyword phrase and backlink, but
    will be submitting a new unique PR each day for 20 or 30
    days. By submitting one new press release each day for
    20 or 30 days to the top 20+ PR sites you are
    insuring that you’ll have a chance of consistently
    ranking on page one in the search results for that
    giving time and keyword phrase.

    Here’s the Game Plan for 20 days

    Create 20 Unique PR articles on a given topic
    with your keyword phrase in the title. Be sure
    your title, not only has your keyword phrase, but
    that the title is complying, meaning that It draws
    attention and gets clicked on. Your press releases
    need to be news worthy and not salesy or promotional.

    Submit each press release once a day for 20 days
    to the 20+ PR submission sites.

    You can do a simple Google search for:
    “top press releases sites: You will find great
    resources with list of URL’s and other great
    information on press release sites.

    you can either Manually submit to each one
    of these sites or get a automated software
    tool to submit for you. Either way it’s up to
    you. I’ve seen software tools that will submit
    to PR sites for you, as low as $30.

    As for writing your Press Releases again
    you can either write 20 press releases yourself.
    Outsource it or get a good spinning
    software tool to do this. I highly suggest
    that at some point you spend the money and
    either outsource or get a spinning software tool.
    Just imagine being able to create dozens and dozens of
    these types of articles across several different
    niches or keyword phrases. As well turn this Method
    into a 30 or 40 day campaign instead of a 20 day and
    across multiple markets and keywords.

    OK so there you have it. My intention here is to
    add value and give away what was freely given to
    me. wishing you all, nothing but success and happiness.

  38. Mark ~ As always thanks for providing true value know that I appreciate your efforts and everything you do! Also, a big thanks to those who submitted a contest entry… there were nuggets of gold in each one!

    Thanks! Django

  39. Selling Local Business Services (Online):

    I always say never go to them, let them come to you!! That way you know they are qualifying themselves better.

    ** NOTE TO SELF: Always talk about their site as an “online business” and NOT a website, it will help you raise the bar/perception & price…cause they have to treat it like a business..also, talk in terms of INVESTMENT INTO YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS, otherwise they will see it as SPENDING MONEY!!! **

    ** ANOTHER NOTE: You don’t want to take on every client, so be very selective. Make sure you tell them this “Hey, Mr Dude we may or may not work together, it all depends on a number of criteria, and if you don’t meet that criteria, I’m afraid we cannot work together” this will also help you raise your prices and the bar for working with you and YOUR TEAM (your team can be outsources, but they don’t need to know that). The question they have to answer is “Why Should I/We Invest Time, Resources and Our Expertise Into Your Business?”, then SHUTUP!!….let them talk and convince themselves why they want and need to work with you ** — Once again they will be begging to work with you, after they convice themselves they need you and your services. How hard will it to be to close someone who just convinced themselves they need and want your services? No Brainer!!

    1) Create killer advert to submit to local paper for your up and coming seminar that you will be running (with the purpose of offering your services)

    2) Submit an advert to your local paper – Cost $20-50. Killer headline, and call to action (FREE Seminar)
    “5 Simple Steps To Doubling Your Online Traffic Within 30 Days”
    “10 Ways To Doubling Your Leads Within 30 Days”
    “7 Deadly Sins You Must Not Commit When ”

    2) Book in a room / venue to hold around 20-30+ people – Cost $50-$100

    3) Get some free publicity through local radio (angle is Helping Local Businesses Succeed Online or similar. Remember to keep it non-techncal, so convert the term SEO to getting visitors to your site, and use terms like Lead Generation / Lead Conversion as small / med businesses understand this better. Try to stick away from techie terms like SEO, PPC etc..this only goes over the top of their head)

    4) Get some free publicity with your local newspaper you’re advertising in (similar to #3) or see of you can get an advertorial done.

    5) Create powerpoint slides with how you help local businesses succeed online using your services (as mentioned above come up with 5 simple steps to doubling your online traffic within 30 days). The seminar can go for 1 hour + Q&A time at the end, along with you pithing your offer.

    So you could literally do 2 seminars per week (change of topics, simple to come up with)

    6) Write yourself or outsource a FREE Report, so you have something to give away as a bonus for signing up for the seminar or could be 1 x Audit of their website – valued @ $47//$79/$97/$197)

    or “7 Deadly Sins You Must Not Commit When Building A Local Online Business”

    7) Present your seminar, ask plenty of questions (crowd interaction is best – get them to think for themselves), BUT make sure you have an offer ready for those that want to take you up on your services

    Have no more than 3 packages (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

    – They can include A website / or revamp of website — always keep in mind lead generation for their “online business” and not pretty website, cause pretty websites don’t convert (this will get you out of a desiging frenzy and the client saying I like this and that…you don’t care what he wants, cause typically they do not convert into LEADS / SALES)

    – 2-5 x Lead Conversion pages (aka landing pages),

    – 1/5/10/20 traffic getting videos (animoto)

    – local keyword research (keywords to target for seo and ppc)

    – “local” seo (on page and off page)

    – “local” ppc campaign (these are your terms, so when offering them make sure you tell them “get traffic to your site”, “lead conversion” etc)

    plus what ever else you can help them with (Once you get result for them, they then come back and ask you what else you do?).

    You can outsource the lot of this if you have no idea on how to do it (KEY POINT: don’t be bogged down on the details).

    8) Make your offer time sensitive – eg. For those who take this offer tonight only I will offer you the following…then outline how many offers you have, always start with the highest ticket item first and then to the lowest this tends to weed out the ones that just want to kick tires and are a bit more serious, plus it has been proven that this works better.

    eg. have the highest package at say $997/$997, then the next one down (Silver package) have it at say 30% off, so it’s not much more for the better package, so they will say…”I get more in the Gold Package…so I will go for that”

    9) Offer those ones a fast action bonus and throw in some bonuses for them (be creative – I am sure you can find something online, or bump up the services you are offering, or find something that has a high perceived value to give away.)

    10) Take orders at the end of the seminar (I would get someone to help do this, while you can go and greet people and answer some questions). This differs a lot from the guys just going from businesses to business (time consuming and they said 8 hours per client, then they say no). So what you’re doing here is getting the HOT ones NOW..with NO Quoting, NO revisiting and NO wasting time etc…since they came to the seminar there will surely be some who are rocked and ready to go.

    11) Since you have a captive and much better qualified audience you can get more $$$ for your packages…eg. sell for $1,000 – $2,000 / per month and above (depending on what they get) you’d be surprised (you can even do a market test for your prices). eg. normally these services start at $2,500 per month I am doing a market test, so as you can see I am serious about helping LOCAL BUSINESSES.

    Summary: Out of 20-30 you should be able to close at least 1-5 (or more) so there you have it..more than $1,000 in under 1 day. Plus they will be paying you monthly, so that is $1,000 – $5,000 monthly (or more)? Then, for those who did not take you up on your offer, maybe in a month once you have settled down and managed the current workload then you can go back and offer them a X% off your services (which is not as much as you offered at the seminar), since you can capture their names from the seminar and email them again.

  40. **Idea for Newbies with WordPress and Google Searching Experience**

    This is my second submission to the contest. I am not trying to butt-kiss Mark, but this approach uses the methods and plugins he provides in a really focused way.

    1. The concept is to create a micro-niche video site with thousands of videos from YouTube and other video sites. Make money by placing affiliate micro-niche product ads alongside really great content. When products don’t match the video content closely, Google Image ads will produce a lot of relevant results and a revenue stream as a default. This site should take 9 days to launch and will require 5-6 hours a day of work for the 45 days. If you choose a micro-niche that has a relatively high-price per ticket, the result should be much more than $1,000 in your first 45 days. This approach isn’t dependent on organic search alone, as you will get the majority of your traffic from the the tight-knit communities/tribes that already exist around your chosen micro-niche.

    DAY 1
    2. Choose a micro-niche you have some level of interest in. For this example, I’ll choose RC Airplanes. Do keyword analysis using Google Wonder Wheel, and then go search Youtube to make sure there are enough videos for that niche.

    Here is an example Google search: “rc airplane” OR “rc plane” OR “rc paraglider”

    Be sure to search Videos in Google, not articles or text content. Once you have determined it is the right niche, go register a .TV domain with the main keyword in it. RCPlanes.TV is ideal.

    3. Looking at the Google Wonder Wheel, define what the four-six main top navigation categories are going to be. Examples: RC Plane Construction | RC Plane Flying Lessons | RC Paragliders You’ll need to confirm there are lots of videos on Youtube for the main navigation categories you are choosing.

    4. Using the above search method and search terms that match your main navigation, set a custom time range of the last month. Then copy the RSS links at the bottom of each of the search pages. Put those into Google Reader or another tool wherein you can scan the videos for each feed every day to find new content. You’ll get 10-100 new videos a day to review for each main nav keyword.

    DAY 2
    5. Go to Youtube, execute the same searches as provided above. Look for long playlists by enthusiasts of your niche. Why do your own searching and reviewing when others have already chosen the best content and playlisted it? Create private playlists of your own that match your top navigation and begin adding videos you like to those playlists. Try to start with at-least 25 videos for every main navigation item.

    DAY 3-8
    6. Build a WordPress site with a premium template made for videos, SEO, and advertising. Then, deploy the following:
    a) CR Post to for auto-posting to Bookmarking and Social Sites via Ping.FM,
    b) Mark Dulisse Video Sitemap plugin so Google lists videos on your site in search results,
    c) Sexbookmarks or Sociable plugin so viewers can share,
    d) Viper’s Video Quicktags so you can publish video from most any video community,
    e) Post rating plugin of some sort if your premium template doesn’t already have that in it,
    f) instead of Google Analytics, so you can see who is referring traffic and what is happening on your site in real time.

    7. Create the four-six main categories you want as top navigation in WordPress. Then, using WordPress 3.0 navigation menu builder, put those categories as top nav.

    8. Setup and configure the CR Post to plugin.

    DAY 9
    9. When site is ready and fully tested, publish 25 or so quality videos into each category from each of your matching playlists. You’ll want to do this the day of your launch because each published post will be sent out to the high page rank sites via

    Be sure and provide a keyword focused titled, an original text-based excerpt that sits in the body of the post atop the video, and lots of appropriate tags. Make sure both excerpt and tag contain a keyword that is highly searched and that you also have an affiliate link to a related product for that keyword. Example: “RC Airplane Engine Fire” title could be used for product ad (includes affiliate link) like “Most Reliable RC Airplane Engine”.

    10. Publish your focused advertising for each category or post, though put no ads on your home page. Again, focus on a high volume of quality content with micro-niche advertising preferred and Google Image ads as a backup.

    DAY 10-45
    11. You’ll want to publish 10-20 new videos per top nav category every single day for the first 30 days. Each video and relevant ad should take 15 minutes or so to publish. Show Google consistent growth over time as opposed to a huge start and few additions thereafter. Be sure to monitor your main category/nav RSS feeds for the freshest content every day and post what is good in those feeds first, then move on to the main Youtube search method to hit your daily quota.

    12. Using Woopra, watch for incoming traffic referrals from Google search results to see when your site is finally showing up in Google’s index.
    You will then go and create an RSS feed that you can submit to various sites using what Mark teaches here: This should help with SEO and with bringing in traffic.

    13. Every day, you will want to use Woopra to see if your site is being linked to from enthusiast websites. When you see those mentions, go to that site, create an account, and comment in the thread, thanking them for linking people to the site and giving them a summary of what you are trying to do “I have a passion to collect the best RC Plane, RC Helicopter, and RC Glider video and put it in one place. The hope is people can get right to the greatest videos without having to search and search. If that helps provide a shortcut for new people to learn this fun hobby, that is what I want to do.”

    14. Get involved in the community/tribe of your Micro-niche. Don’t pretend to be an expert if you are not. Just contribute value to people by finding answers to questions, challenging half-hearted explanations politely to gain more clarity, and also by helping people get accustomed to using the technology the site uses (Example: How to I put a photo of my plane in the forum post?). Most micro-niche community sites, whether blog or forum, allow a profile or comment signature in which you can link back to your home page. This helps with SEO, but even more than that it will increase the traffic to your site.

    15. From pretty much the launch day onward you will want to have an email list subscription on your site so that you can run an auto-responder. Also, you will want to engage with people using traditional Internet Marketing techniques you may have picked up for building relationships through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Skype. These are secondary to having great site with quality content, but should be used during any remaining work hours of the day to build relationships with people.

  41. Hi there,

    I think the best way to make money online is CPA and affiliate marketing combined.For eg,Suppose you make a website on acne.You can include a CPA offer on the homepage which will make the people enter their information or something , and then direct them to an affiliate page.This way,you make guaranteed money with the CPA offer,and maybe with an affiliate sale.And how do you get traffic,simple.Use articles related to acne or your niche and then simple submit those articles to article directories.You can use some software to submit your article to many places.And as you know Google loves article directories,your article will be ranked high.


    Article —-> Your Website —–> CPA form($$) —–> Affiliate page($$$$$)

    Sim Aurile

  42. 3 Step Process:

    1. Write a short report (15 pages) with links embedded back to a higher-value product (basically an after-the-purchase upsell).
    2. Find a fellow marketer in your niche with a big list (think “guru”) and let him sell it for whatever price he thinks it warrants ($7? $10? $17?) and let him keep all the profits.
    3. Give him 50 percent of all subsequent sales from Step 1.

  43. Let’s assume – That there are some very enthusiastic newbie out there, willing to invest their passion to create their first online business
    Let’s also assume that you and your team have a technical and marketing knowledge, but don’t have enough time to do all the projects
    The idea is to combine it together:
    Pick up several candidates – make some kind of competition with pre-defined success criteria and create a joint-venture with them. You can also guide them to pick-up a project from your project list.
    After 2 weeks of mutual work – do Go/ No Go decision, based on their performance and continue provide guidelines, while they do all the work. All the profits from the first year of income split between you.
    Working with 4-5 elected partners will bring you 1000$-3000$ in 45 days
    By the way – I am the first in line!

  44. Wow – there are some REALLY good ideas here – so much so that I copied the entire page. This is a great idea Mark – thanks for doing this.

  45. Every business that has a phone number and a physical address can receive free extensive listings from major sites including Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing, SuperPages, YellowPages, and 71+ other sites – but few are.

    Even if they are smart enough to request their free listings, unless they understand keyword research and are at least half-way adept at effective copywriting, they can greatly benefit from engaging someone who knows what they’re doing to get all that free visibility.

    A key selling point is that there is no charge for the listings and there are no recurring fees. On most of the sites once you get listed your information will stay up indefinitely (although it IS better to spend $30 a year to keep them updated centrally.

    I recommend having a flier and/or business cards printed with a link to a Web page that explains this service you are offering and passing them out wherever you go and to everyone you know. Leave them on bulletin boards at your local convenience stores, feed store, hardware store, etc. in addition to advertising online.

    There is a service that costs $30 that allows you to fill in their information once and have it distributed to 76+ local search directory listings. You can become an affiliate and part of that $30 is paid to you.

    I already have a flier created, a questionaire that collects all the information you will need and explains the process, and blog posts that explain everything. I will provide everything needed free of charge to anyone who asks and give you permission to edit everything to show your contact information.

    I suggest charging $200 for basic listings and $400 for upgraded listings (i.e., claiming their Google Maps account so it can not be hijacked and adding additional photos and information on the most important sites).

    I can also provide supporting information and one-on-one training. Every person knows someone personally who could use this service whether that is their mechanic, their favorite restaurant(s), their drycleaner, their local grocery store – any business can benefit.

    Although Local Search is most beneficial for businesses that serve a specific geographic area, the incoming links from major sites with high page rank can not hurt so I recommend doing this even if a business is totally online.

    As I wrote in my post about Local Search Directory Listings, “Not having these listings is like having someone offer your business years of free advertising and saying “no thanks”.”

  46. Gail from GrowMap

    Bloggers would do well to start thinking about serving specific geographic areas they know well either on their existing site(s) or on a site specifically for the geo-metro area(s) near them.

    Major brands don’t need the exposure that but small local and online businesses do. By creating a blog that provides recommendations on high quality businesses you can develop a readership that will be of great interest to the businesses that only sell in your geographic area.

    Most of their advertising opportunities do not result in a positive ROI for them because they can not hit their target audience. Your geo-local blog will be the exception.

    Set up a Twitter account specific to your location. Use Twellow or one of the other methods of finding Twitter users to grow it quickly. Offer to answer questions and provide recommendations.

    By targeting a specific geography you can become the go-to person in your community and those surrounding it. Offer Local Search Directory listings, to set up blogs, to teach businesses how to use Twitter or Facebook, to publish the grocery and auto parts weekly specials, or to share any other skills you already have.

    Businesses needs blogs but many don’t have time to actually do it themselves. Set up categories in your blog and publish posts about their business for him.

    The great thing about this idea is you choose what businesses, products and services you wish to recommend. The better your choices the stronger your reputation will be and the more money you will make in the long run.

    If you’re really good at getting a blog up and running and join a collaboration that can get your Alexa ranking down and your organic listings up you could possibly make $1000 in 45 days but only if you already know businesses that trust your advice or are willing to really work at it.

    There is NO SUCH THING as a get rich quick idea that works. Every business – online or off – is built over time. That said, the better your connections the faster you can grow a business. Relationships are key.

  47. Here are those four steps to make $1000 using affiliate marketing…

    1. Understand your market. You need to know what kinds of people are interested in the products you would like to link them to. Is there a particular age range? Are they generally male or female? Are there related products in which they would be interested?

    Pretend like you are interested in the product. (Likely, you won’t have to pretend since you will probably promote products that grab your interest.) How would you search for the product? What would you type in the search engine?

    2. Spread the word about your promotion. The more people who know about your product, the more there will be who are likely to buy. An affiliate marketing business is like any other business. You want people to come into your brick and mortar business.

    In your online business, you want people to come by and look at your promotions there too.

    3. Communicate with the people who are interested. One of the best ways to do that is to capture the names and email addresses of those who take a look at your website or blog. They are definitely interested in your topic.

    Research has shown that a person has to process information before making a buying decision. They may want to look at your website as many as seven times before they will be ready to purchase the product.

    So, you want to communicate with your prospects.

    4. Build relationships with your prospects. This goes hand in hand with the idea of communicating with your prospects.

    As a person reads your material over and over, he or she begins to feel like he or she knows you. I constantly read emails from one marketer, whom I have never met personally, yet I almost feel like we have met.

    That marketer also has developed a relationship in that I really feel like I can trust him. There is another marketer who writes in a very personal way, and I get the feeling that she really wants to help someone like me. Both of these have also been very helpful by giving a lot of free content to their readers.

    So, if want to be successful with your affiliate marketing business, utilize these four keys and you will be on your way to success.

  48. Hey Mark,
    I just went to pixelpipe and my Norton software said there is Trojan threat on their site just to let you know.


  49. So Mark, when are you going to announce the winners? 🙂

  50. Every Newbie needs to learn the basics of Internet Marketing to set-up any promising business to earn the first dollar let alone the thousandth. So to capture and maintain interest in a blitz info format, the Newbie tracks seven content-rich webinars at only seven minute duration each. Headline-“7minutes x7blogs=$1000”. What equipment to buy and use, website design and hosting plus much more will lead the Newbie to launch their first venture. As the host, you can offer guidance and/or products and/or affiliate links. Motivational encouragement in the form of banner ads will help the Newbie savor the process. Opportunity is everywhere in IM if you want it.

  51. Wow Mark! This is the single best resource I have ever seen on great realistic and working Internet marketing methods. It is like compilation of everything that will work. This is truly a need to know source for anybody in IM right now.

    I also copied the entire page and hand wrote a few of the ideas in my business journal.

    By the way, good idea Mark. This page was a good investment because it will drive tons and tons of traffic to your site when people get word of it.

  52. Dear Mark
    Thanks for a really informative blog, I look forward to you articles every week,

  53. I’m new to blogging, but ideas such as yours Mr. Dulisse is what some of us college students search for during our free time. Think if there were ten more contest similiar to your idea blog contest, I could possibly earn one thousand dollars ciphering though the web looking for other contests.
    1) To prove college paids off(it’s what some of us thrive for)

    After this posting, I’m off to more blogs and hopefully earn some money to pay off a phone bill.

  54. 🙂 Good stuff Mark.. I am looking forward to the pick 🙂

  55. What a great idea. This post with all the wonderful comment showing different ways to make money online is probably worth more than some of the expensive so called “e-books” . Thank you who contributed. I wish I could out line a method as well, but most of the things I know have been mentioned already.

  56. Hi Mark, I see that you have not picked the winner yet, is the competition still open? If so when is the deadline to submit ideas?

    • @ Renish – the competition is closed. I have picked 2 winners already, and soon to be the 3rd. I have not made the announcement yet.

  57. Hey Mark, man I respect you a lot and really like the stuff you put out (even if I haven’t bought yet). I am easing into IM and am learning, but must admit I am pretty disappointed to not see your awarding of winners go faster, etc. I spent some time thinking and writing out what i felt were good ideas, but didn’t get the acknowledgement of either a win or seeing someone else beat me out so I could learn from the experience. Look, I get that you are super busy and are a really money maker… which is why we are here… but would love to see you own what you started a bit more and really allow us to learn from you. No harm, no foul, but I thought it would be fair to put it out here.

  58. Hi Mark i hope all is well with you and you family.

    It seems that I have been following you for about 2 years now and have learned a great deal from you fantastic learnings, so I thought that I would throw a little bit of useful content back, not for you because you taught me this stuff, however a good little read for your readers.

    Using blogs and social networking to brand yourself.
    This is the thing many people miss,the awesome power of branding through your own blog and blog social networks,this is just awesome for personal branding and free publicity,it doesn’t have to take too long,it’s easy to do and there is automation software to help you speed things up. Social networking reviews of you and your business improve search engine rankings.
    Social network exposure seriously assists your blog rise up the search engine rankings and must never be neglected,I often get blog posts on the first page simply by choosing the right keywords but you must take it seriously and be disciplined,set up an excel workbook and keep track of your blog social networks submission process. Do not over do things,if you do too much it will become a chore,there are a great many sites that you can use for blog social networking,don’t push yourself but set out some time every week for web 2.0 social bookmarking.

    Not all Social Networking Sites Are Equal.
    Chose 10-15 of the best social networking sites and concentrate most of the time set aside on these sites only,if you finish before time then it’s a bonus,use some other blog social networking sites with the free time that you just uncovered because as you get better at this you will get faster.

    Use Blogs and Social Networking Articles For Free Publicity.
    These blog business strategies by their very nature need focus and discipline,you will see success quickly if you stick to a plan,and this will give your blog objectives strategy (making more money) greater success and exposure in a much shorter space of time. Don’t forget you have to get customers in and guide them to the product you want them to buy,so keeping that in mind this whole thing and what I have just taught you must be a regular disciplined action,publicising your blog posts with social networking (or blog pages for that matter) is one of the most successful tried and trusted methods there is,it works so make social networking one of your most important tasks.
    and of course despite the Panda shuffles sites like Squidoo, Hub pages and Tumblr still work very well as a part of social bookmarking and building a powerful interlinked link wheel that appears natural to the search engines. however remember that to make it look natural vary the anchor keyword with LSI keywords ie (G suggests) these will give your link wheel far greater power. To sum up an SEO optimized blog post, sprinkled with LSI keywords as well as your main keyword, and then just go bookmark them and build a link wheel.

    There you go SEO tips from John Robbins

    Thanks for all of your help and guidance Mark, you are the Man

    John Robbins

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