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Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs Flash

For those of you who are new to the web video industry, let me get right to the point. Flash video is out. Web developers and software engineers pay little attention to web flash video when creating new web video players, except for having a light weight auto flash fallback, just in case some people have an old browser that does not support HTML5.

HTML5 is in favor, and both website developers and software engineers, together with browser and operating systems combined, are all focused on HTML5 video now and in the future. Sure, next will be HTML6, but we certainly are not going back to Adobe Flash Video. Heck, even Adobe itself is moving aggressively to HTML5 video.

What does this mean for you?

  1. If your video player’s engine is Flash, then you want to carefully consider switching to a HTML5 Video Player with Fluid Design.
  2. There are some players that are HTML5, but still do not support responsive/fluid design, so you want to make sure your video player has both (see Responsive & HTML5 MemberPlayer)

Unfortunately, there are some antique premium video players that are still operating in Flash engine. Included in this is Easy Video Suite and my very own Traffic Player.

Watch this video to see the difference between HTML5 Video vs Flash Video.


Even the huge video sharing sites Youtube and Vimeo are now HTML5 Supported Players. Some of the top premium HTML5 Video Players are my very own MemberPlayer, which I recently developed and launched and open source projects FlowPlayer, JWPlayer,Β Kultura, and Video.JS.

How to determine if your web video player is Flash or HTML5? Follow these steps (as shown in my video above):

  1. Install Firefox Add-on – Flash OnOff
  2. Turn Off Flash using the Addon (see video above)
  3. Visit a webpage that has a video and click the play button. If you get a message that says, ‘Must download Adobe Flash Player,’ to watch the video, then you can be certain that it is not HTML5 video. If the video plays, then it is HTML5 video supported.

If your video gets the message like on the one below, like it does when you visit EasyVideoSuite with flash disabled, then you know that it is Flash technology, that is on its way out. You’d think that a player that sells for $300 would at least be HTML5.


There are other reasons why you do not want to use a Flash Player engine. Namely…

  • Flash is not supported on Apple devices.
  • Browsers, Google, etc, are all moving rapidly to full html5 video support
  • Flash is heavy in resources. It is heavy on your CPU and consumes a lot of battery.

Not only do you want a HTML5 Player, but you want one that has a Fluid & Responsive Design for mobile devices, like MemberPlayer.


Well, how do you know if your video player is fluid with responsive design?

Good question. This one is easy. Simply reduce your browser window and you will find out a few things:

  • If your website is fluid design, it will also reduce or expand as your browser has different sizes. FireFox has a Web Developer Responsive Design view if you go to Firefox> Web Development > Responsive Design View.
  • If your video is NOT responsive design, the video will stick out and will not reduce or expand with your browser window in different responsive design views. If your video IS responsive & fluid design, it will reduce or expand with your webpage view in different sizes.
  • My Covert Player is HTML5, but it is NOT responsive design except for single video option. I build this player when responsive design was in its infancy. I added responsive design to it after-the-fact, and to single video only. It took me a long time to add this feature to single video, but did so for my customers.Β  Hence, single video is responsive design, but not the CNN style, playlist styles, etc.. With MemberPlayer, it is Fluid Design from the ground up from start to finish, with all playing styles included.

If there are any questions at all, please feel free to make a comment below, and please share my page on social media.

Thank you, Mark


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  1. Mark,
    I’m sorry – but as a long time purchaser of your products you are wrong. You are comparing your video player to EVP version 1. Version 2 is HTML5 compliant, has quite a boat load of features and is fully responsive.

    While I appreciate your marketing powers, I feel that doing an unfair comparison is just bad marketing. Just for the record, version 2 of EVP (which was a free upgrade), is 100% responsive and is 100% HTML5 and works 100% on android and iOS devices.

    Best of luck on your launch.

  2. Hey Mark – I just wanted to say “thanks!” for solving the two biggest problems in video today:

    1. HTML5 player
    2. Mobile/Responsive

    Combining these two solutions into one package makes your MemberPlayer stand head-and-shoulders above all other players out there.


  3. Dumbass EVS is mobile responsible

  4. Isn’t the JW player responsive?

  5. Great post. So the question is moving forward is the Covert Player going to be made fully responsive or is MemberPlayer going to have the “marketing” features added?

    • Fair question Arthur.

      To move a player from non-responsive to responsive, is basically to rewrite the script from scratch and start over again. This is not an easy task. Covert Player took 6 months to develop. It is easy to start new, especially as web design and browser architecture changes. There is a new CP version coming out this week, as I added the splash image and Optin titles to also be responsive with single video. It is only the CNN style, and all the other styles that are not responsive with Covert Player.

      MemberPlayer was started with responsive design from the start. This is the difference.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

  6. Hi Mark, Great tips re the Responsive Design View in Firefox and the Flash on/off plugin!

    I have a site with a couple of hundred single videos in different posts but the player I’ve been using (Simple Video Pro – not at all simple, by the way!) is only what I’d call semi-responsive. I’ve bought MemberPlayer and would like to switch all the existing videos over. However, I don’t fancy going through each post one-by one. Do you have any suggestions for an efficient way to do it?

  7. Another Covert Player related question. I bought that soon after it was launched, along with some (maybe all) of the upgrades/ add ons. I’m considering Member Player developers version, given the launch week discount, just concerned about mounting costs of any more additional options, given that I could end up paying for top end versions of two premium video players.

    • Hi Steven,

      Thank you for your question. I like it.

      If only browsers and architects would all stay stagnant. πŸ™‚

      I tried to be sensitive in price point for my existing customers to get MemberPlayer. It is a bargain really, compared to what it takes to create and the expertize going into it. I have had the benefit of this not being my first video player I have developed. You learn each time and get better and better at it, as you think of all situations that come up, or may come up.

      With that being said, I am sure that if I added other advanced options to MemberPlayer in the future, it would be at a reasonable price level. Right now, I want to stay away from adding social buttons, and all that stuff inside the video player. Most websites and blog pages already have social buttons, so this is just over doing it. Plus, if you run a browser speedtest, you will see that these social buttons add a lot of http requests and slows down your sites. For example, on this blog, I think my social buttons are nicely placed, and they are outside the video player.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

      • Hi Mark
        I totally agree with your statement about the social buttons embedded in a player resulting in slowing down my web sites.

        I was wondering if there is a “downside” or negative seo impact to having the MemberPlayer plugin (or any video plugin for that matter) loaded onto its own separate wp installation and solely using it to generate shortcodes or embed codes that would be placed on my other main web site(s)?


      • Hi Michael, thank you for this question.

        If you have a video sitemap, it will pick up on the embed code for the domain it is placed on. As for speed, from my testing, this page comes up really fast which is all embed code: http://www.markdulisse.com/test/
        Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

      • Mark…

        Great news about supporting YouTube and Vimeo vids! That makes it a very easy decision for me. Also, is there a good video sitemap plugin that you recommend? I think I’m going to just have the MP player installed on it’s own wp installation.


  8. Hi Mark,
    this product is awesome !
    I have purchased the option 2 BUT I have a problem since it does not appear in the list of my purchases on JvZoo.com. So I have no way to access the product.
    What’s wrong ?
    Please help.

  9. Hey Mark..if a YT video is inserted into a blog post won’t it be responsive because it will be viewed on YouTube?

    Second question…how do you securely host your non YT hosted videos so people don’t steal your bandwidth?

  10. Hi Mark…
    Just a clarification. On my web site I have self-hosted and YouTube hosted videos. So Member Player can handle both of these right? I won’t need a separate player for my YouTube vids.

    Just wanted to make sure because you don’t really talk much about YouTube vids in the MemberPlayer sales copy.


    • Hi Michael, thank you for this question.

      It is for Self Hosted only, either hosted on your own server or using AmazonS3, etc…. I may add Youtube/Vimeo support in the future, but this is about 1 month of full time coding. A lot of work.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

      • Thanks Mark….Can you make adding support for YouTube/Vimeos a definite add-on for the future?

        That would sure make my decision a lot easier. I really want to get to the point where only one great video player is needed for my sites. Plus I suspect it won’t be long before other HTML5/6 compliant players will hit the market.


      • Hi Michael, the script is what it is right now. I don’t promise on-going enhancements, and if I did, customers would be paying for it in one way or another. Coders are not free, but expensive.
        Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

  11. I just watched a Video created with EVS inside my iphone. How is that possible if iphone doesn’t display flash?

    • Hi Jeff, all these great questions.

      Apple clearly has stated that it does not support flash.

      Easy Video Suite uses the Flash Flowplayer.org 3.2, which is surprising, since Flowplayer themselves, as stated in their forums, has stated that they are focused on their HTML5 player, which is 5.4.4 with their latest release. [Edit – I have been informed by EVS that they switched to JWPlayer flash).

      MemberPlayer uses Flowplayer 5.4.4 as its engine.

      Easy Video Player, to get around the iphone issue, has to install a Flowplayer Flash plugin. See their list here:

      You’d need to have a mpeg 4 video file, and not a flash flv for this to work.

  12. Hi Mark,

    So with members player, do I have to encode each video to play nice with each browser? mp4, webm, and ogv, or will Member player take any url and format it auto-magically?

    Does the player stream from Amazon’s cloudfront, or just s3?

    Do you plan on adding overlays/annotations with click-able fill-able optin forms?

    Will this player jive with easy optin builder?

    I want to make sure before I buy yet another video player plugin (too many to list).

    BTW – I have all of yours, but really only need one!!

    Thanks Mark.

    • EasyVideoSuite is fully compatible with HTML5 and the iPad, iPhone and android devices. This gives you immediate access to millions of mobile and tablet viewers! Using the firefox add on stated above, videos at easyvideosuite.com play fine with or without the add on enabled.

      • Hi Anthony,

        Actually you are incorrect.

        EasyVideoSuite is a flash player and if your flash is disabled it will not play.

    • I recommend a MP4 and WebM, which covers 99.5% of all browsers and devices. The player streams from self hosted videos, either on your own server of using amazons3, etc….

      I do not plan on adding annotations and overlays, and fillable optins.

      I want this to be a clean video player, lightweight, and little java and js hacks as possible.

      Easy Optin Builder is a plugin for email subscribing. Unrelated.

      Hope that clarifies.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

  13. I have several videos that are related to each other (e.g. exercise videos). Does your product have a multi video option with a scroller like players on Huffington Post or is it just a single video player?

  14. Hi Mark, I have purchased Member Player and my initial thoughts were that it was perfect to rationalize the multiple platforms and players available. Currently I have Traffic Player Pro on my sites to handle both self hosted and YouTube videos and that has worked fine until now, albeit the videos do not play on all devices. However I have a few concerns:

    I was hoping that Member Player would replace TPP but apparently that is not the case. I still need TPP for YouTube?

    I have tried activating MP on several sites but find it generates a Fatal Error if TPP is installed. I need both players to coexist to be able to play YouTube videos and a give me time to move my S3 videos to MP.

    How does Google see a MP video? Also is it an issue that there is no provision for an “alt” tag as there is in TPP?

    Looking forward to answers for my concerns.


    • Hi Murray,

      MemberPlayer is for self hosted videos only, not for Youtube, etc…. I built it for mainly my membership sites and adding grid style and bullet style to my blog posts, etc….

      The conflict with MemberPlayer and TrafficPlayer has been identified. It is the autoupdating line of code. They use same function name. We are updating MemberPlayer this evening to version 1.2 and this will be resolved. We have also added a couple more features for embed code, etc.

      Google see’s the MP4 file. You can create a video sitemap for it. My GoogleVideoSitemap.com would need to be updated to bring support to it.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

  15. From your latest email regarding CP the single video IS responsive:

    “With V4, we added Responsive video. So, if you
    reduce your browser window, the video will also
    automatically resize.

    This Responsive feature is ONLY for single videos
    created on the Add/Edit Video page”

    -So if I want to ad 3- 4 videos below eachother with text in between -theyΒ΄ll all be responsive, right? πŸ˜€

  16. EVS Videos Play When Flash OnOff Disabled in Firefox

    Gee Mark

    I followed your steps. Installed Flash OnOff 0.3.1 in Firefox 25, disabled it and then went to the easyvideosuite home page and clicked that video there.

    And the EVS video played smoothly. I restarted Firefox with the same settings and the same result–the damn EVS video played.

    So wth?

    Your product looks absolutely great. But for me one of the biggest benefits of EVS is the centralising of all my videos (over 872 to date) in one place with the ability to deploy them to wherever and the ability to reprofile one video any number of times for deployment to any number of different platforms.

    As far as I can see, it does look easier to do Grid Style Popups with Member Player. But maybe this is one feature of EVS I haven’t explored yet.

    Good luck with Member Player. If I didn’t own EVS I’d grab this.

  17. Hey Mark, love you products and would definitely pick up MP if it supported youtube videos. I currently have TPP and love it. Look forward to youtube support with MP!

  18. Okay everyone,

    I just gave the okay for MemberPlayer upgrade to include Youtube and Vimeo.

    This will be a free upgrade, because I really appreciate all my customers. You help many people, including me, put food on our tables.

    Thank you.

  19. I own http://www.googlevideositemap.com, but I still have to add support to MP. I will do this after this launch. Doing it manually works too.

  20. Thanks for creating a straight-forward, non bells and whistles HTML5 player. I asked you if I could do the following with Covert Player and you said “no”. Hopefully with MP I can finally create a video landing page on an HTML-based .mobi mobile website and be sure that the video player will resize to fit on the page properly. I assume I can accomplish this by simply pasting the MP embed code onto the HTML page. If so, will I have to change any parameters in the embed code following the paste (specifically the player dimensions), or will the video player automatically resize to properly fit the screen of whichever mobile device is accessing the page?

    • Hi Stan,

      Yes, the video will resize. However, as you know, if you want videos to be for mobile it is best to have smaller resolutions, compared to what I have on the salespage currently. Resizing, or downsizing, will work, but for best results, it is always best to create/convert video to mobile resolutions. Obviously, having a 640/360 on your website that is reduced, will be a lot better than a 854/480, for mobile.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

      • Your advice is dead-on accurate, although it makes me want to bang my head against the wall in desperation. Here’s why: 2013 is the year you and many others – Google included – have recommended abandoning the dual site concept; ie. separate mobile-optimized and desktop optimized sites and URLs, in favour of one responsive site/one URL. The responsive site concept works just fine in the absence of significant video content (and video splash image content). However, lots of videos and images (particularly on a WP site as opposed to an HTML-based site), increase loading time dramatically on a mobile device. To make matters worse, the valid advice to render the videos in the size they’ll be displayed in, means that for a responsive page, you’ll always be rendering for the size of the player as displayed on a desktop device, which, as you point out, is much larger than the size of the player as displayed on a mobile device. As a result, the load time of the video becomes even greater.
        I see no solution to this conundrum for blogs/authority websites, but at least for squeeze pages and sales pages, it makes sense to me have separate desktop-optimized and mobile-optimized sites, with a mobile redirect script on the desktop-optimized AND with the video(s) rendered in one size for desktop-optimized site and in a smaller size for mobile-optimized site. After all, there’s no point creating a landing page for a mobile viewer if it loads so slowly that he’s clicked off of it before the video even appears. What do you think?

      • Hi Stan,

        As stated before, I think the only reason to have a mobile site is if you have a local business, like a restaurant, and simply want to give directions and a phone number, with perhaps a map. When I am on my iphone and doing a search, it is 99.9% for a phone number or address, from my experience. I suspect others are the same. As for videos on a desktop site, that also plays well on mobile, I would go with 640/360, or somewhere in that range. I personally need to convert my videos smaller for the mobile viewer in mind…as old habits are hard to break. πŸ™‚
        Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

  21. Mark;

    I currently have both TP and CP. I get that MP would take the place of TP…but can you comment on best practices use of having both CP and MP?


    • Hi Charles,

      They clearly have different functions.

      With CovertPlayer, for example, I have one customer who creates client sites. All he uses is the CNN style on all of his websites. I have others who use CovertPlayer for the Youtube search by keyword and thumbnails. For myself, I use CovertPlayer for its Optin and Call to Actions functions, which are also responsive..fyi, as long as they have no skin.

      With MemberPlayer, it obviously is Responsive in all its styles (not just single video like CP), and is easy for putting two or three videos side by side, or even a few rows of them. The bullet style is probably the most useful for me because I so a lot of series and tutorial series.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

  22. We at EVS do currently force the use of Flash on desktop, due to it’s high market penetration for desktop browsers and consistent support for HD video codecs without the requirement of a WebM component as well.

    We are already working on making use of HTML5 on the desktop where appropriate, given that in the last couple of months it has become mature enough in Firefox and Chrome to support this.

    This will be changing in the near future once we ensure that things are consistent and fully tested, and of course will be part of our free upgrades to EVS.


  23. Hello Mark,
    I have several of your products and was just wondering if since I have covert player dev, would it be to my advantage to buy memberplayer. Covert player is wordpress app. I take it memberplayer is not and can be use as stand alone. please let me know..thanks

    • Hello Mark,
      I have several of your products and was just wondering if since I have covert player dev, would it be to my advantage to buy memberplayer. Covert player is wordpress app. I take it memberplayer is not and can be use as stand alone. please let me know..thanks
      You can cancel this question..I found the answers in these comments. I understand it all now..thanks

  24. I’d like to just go back over what I said before, which I wrote whilst in a rush, and clarify some points.

    EasyVideoPlayer, our old software to which Mark is largely referencing in this post, was released over 2 years ago. It hasn’t been sold for almost a full year as it was already superseded by EasyVideoSuite.

    And, because we understand customer service and supporting our products, if our EVP2 customers who did not upgrade to EVS need responsive videos, we have a patch ready and waiting in support which will make EVP2 responsive and as always, we’re happy to help with any questions or problems.

    EVS, our latest product, was released in January and has responsive videos already fully baked in. Therefore, both EVP2 and EVS have responsive video support and this article is misleading.

    The situation of HTML5 versus Flash is not quite as clear-cut as this.Flash penetration is huge on desktop browsers (something between 92% and higher), and whilst it certainly isn’t the future of video delivery, it is the present. It has features that HTML5 does not right now – RTMP streaming, most notably, which can be used with EVS with Amazon CloudFront for very fast video delivery and instant seeking.

    Both EVP2 and EVS fall back to HTML5 on mobile devices. THIS is where most people are now accustomed to hearing about the importance of HTML5 and NOT on the desktop, where nearly everyone has Flash enabled.

    EVS is FULLY mobile compatible and videos uploaded with our desktop application are even converted perfectly into mobile and web-ready formats automatically for you.

    And as for HTML5 on the desktop – for the small percentage of users who have Flash disabled, or don’t have it at all – we are already working on an effective way of falling back to HTML5 on the desktop with ALL of our functionality baked in as well. This will, of course, be a FREE upgrade to EVS very soon. The reality is, the reason this was not released already is because the percentage of people who NEED it is so low.

    This article tries to make it seem like EVS using Flash on the desktop (which can enhance and speed up video playback and seeking dramatically with a service such as CloudFront) is actually a negative. It is not. The Flash vs HTML5 discussion that readers will be aware of relates to mobile compatibility of videos, and HTML5 for mobile compatibility is fully supported in EVS (and EVP2 if you pay attention to your video conversion, which again we are happy to help with).

    It seems to me that not only is this article a misleading piece of marketing for a new product, that MemberPlayer is pretty much a simple wrapper for the open-source player FlowPlayer. It looks like you’re even using some of their images on your site for MemberPlayer, Mark. For instance, the branding feature you have which you showcase using their demo logo, and the images from their own website to advertise the Google Analytics, keyboard shortcuts and fullscreen abilities that they worked hard to create.

    Here at WebActix, we believe in making the best possible product for the user, and our users will testify to that. That is why we have continued to develop and improve a marketing video player solution since 2009.

    • Hi Marc Fowler,

      Thank you very much for your points. It is good to know there is patch for EVP2 to make it responsive. I didn’t know that. Thank you.

      As for Easy Video Suite not being HTML5, but Flash, I can categorically state that this is a disadvantage moving forward. In fact, Adobe themselves are abandoninng Flash and moving towards HTML5, as browsers have already moved to HTML5 support, especially mobile. Thus, not sure what you mean. My article title is: “Is your Web Video Player A Antique?” In my professional view, Flash is already on its way out, and HTML5 is now being fully developed by everyone: web developers, software engineeers, etc…. Even Google themselves are the chief architect of WebM project and supporters, and which Firefox supports as well.

      It is good that you agree that Easy Video Suite needs updating to HTML5. I am sure your customers looks forward to this. In the meantime, EVS is way behind the 8 ball on this and is already an antique with regards to Web Videos Players. Serious web video are players like SublineVideo.com, Wistia.com, Video.Js, and HTML5Video.org. and my very own MemberPlayer.com that packages this into a nice wp plugin for everyone with different styles.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Is your Web Video Player an Antique? HTML5 Vs FlashMy Profile

  25. When will the ability to embed YouTube video be added to Member Player?

  26. Hello, Mark
    Thanks for this post. i earned many idea from these discussion. We are Web Designer. your informative discussion will very helpful for us, i think so… πŸ™‚
    Keep writing post like this ,
    Moqtadir Rakib

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