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The Top 7 Premium WP Plugins That Will Make And Save You Money

Are you a wordpress user? If so, then you want to check out these top 7 premium wp plugins that will make and save you money. Period. Not only will these plugins make your site sizzle with excitement, but more importantly, they help you communicate your blogging voice a heck of a lot more easier and with power.

I endorse the following premium wordpress plugins. They will pay for themselves a hundred fold over as they make you money, or capture leads, and save you time because of their simplicity in helping you managing complex marketing strategies.

1. WP Link Engine

This is the “grand daddy” of link cloakers. If you are into any type of affiliate marketing, or CPA offers, etc., then this is what you will want. Check out the features:

  • Create clean cloaked links
  • Rotate destination URL’s
  • Have geo-targetted destination URL’s
  • Create multiple destination URL’s with just one link
  • Ability to restrict and control destination URL
  • Powerful and sophisticated cloaking scripts
  • Keeps track of click statistics
  • Ability to track sub-campaigns with ease
  • Full tracking202 or prosper202 compatibility
  • Able to set an expiry date for URL links
  • Autogenerate keyword links
  • Enables you to manage affiliate networks
  • And much, much, more….

—>> WP Link Engine WP Plugin

2. Viddymatic

I absolutely love this plugin for embedding videos and playing them, and I use it most often. The pop-up feature is delightful. You simply have to visit the link below to see all the features. You can also use viddymatic on static html sites too.

—>> Viddymatic WP Plugin

3. S3 Flow Shield

For those using amazon s3 and perhaps cloudfront for speed, protecting your videos is crucial. This wp plugin will embed your flash videos on your blog but also protect your videos. The most important features are the following:

  • S3 Bandwidth Protection
  • File Protection
  • An Advanced Custom Flash Player
  • Supports Multiple Video File Extension Formats
  • Ability To Use Any Flash Player
  • Also Allows Embedding For MP3 Audio Files
  • Commercial Flowplayer Integration
  • Ability To Create Download Links With Ease
  • And much, much, more….

—>> S3 Flow Shield WP Plugin

4. Optin Advanced

If you are looking for a plugin that will add a popup optin form on your blog, then Optin Advanced is the best, particularly the upgrade version which gives you the ability to rotate different popups each time a visitor hits your site for split testing. What I also like about the features is that the popup can be at exit, or during loading of the browser. You can also control where the popup will be displayed on your site – on top, bottom, left, right, center, etc…. Additionally, you can control the background color and have a shadow effect. This plugin is cool. You can see how I use it on my site at Network Online Secrets.

—>> Optin Advanced WP Plugin

5. ReviewAzon

Selling Amazon products on your wp blog has never been easier than right now. For a VIDEO presentation, including a 20% coupon code and exlusive bonus by Brad Hanson, click on my link below:

—>> ReviewAZon WP Plugin (20% Coupon Code plus bonus)

6. WP Robot 3.0

WP Robot 3.0 is the best  auto-blogging generating wp plugin. This plugin will auto generate content onto your blog, putting it on autopilot, and drip feed content at a set rate that you determine, and based on a keyword that you choose.

What is nice about this plugin is that you can select to get content from a number of sites, including eBay (and auctions), article directories, youtube, clickbank, amazon, flickr, rss feeds, and yahoo answers.

There is also a cool “translate” feature that will translate the content from all these different sites into a language of your choosing that is on your site. This is very handy for non-english sites.

—>> WP Robot 3.0 Plugins

7. WP Incentive

This little nifty plugin will turn your wp comment section into a list building tool. Encourage your readers to make a comment by giving them an incentive. If they take action and make a comment, this plugin will send them a free bonus…and if you are smart, you will have them submit their name and email onto your autoresponder to get your bonus. Thus, a great list building too using your comments section.

—>> WP Incentive WP Plugin

There you have it, my top 7 premium wordpress plugins that I use.

What do you think of them? Do you have others? Please leave a comment and I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. I read them all.

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Thanks, Mark

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  1. While not a single plugin per say, rather a powerful software and theme combo for seo results that I constantly experience superior and quicker serp ranking when using – is semi logic pro ( is the sales page but you can use a lot of the plugins freely too, you can learn about it and download directly stuff at – though I recommend the paid version – and I’m not suggesting this with any affiliate benefits of my own here btw – those are the official sites not some redirect, it is just a great product).

    As a designer and digital artist traditionally I have had a hard time not getting bogged down in trying to beautify all my sites, but (and partly from advice talked about in your videos Mark – I have your advanced senuke training and it is great BTW) I have realized finally the benefits of getting more done quicker and trading looks for results and productivity… the semi logic pro combo of theme and plugins consistently gets me superior rankings and seo benefits with minimum effort. Some of the plugs included like their silo widgets are awesome… its not a cheap package, $299, but worth every cent for people who use wordpress for marketing regularly.

    • Hi James, thank you for your comment and encouraging words on my SEnukeSEOTraining course.

      Regarding Semiologic theme, here are my thoughts on it. I also have this theme, and it is on my sites.

      I was fairly active in putting this site together, but I stopped, and it was mainly due to my issues with Semiologic. Every time WordPress did a upgrade, and semiologic did a upgrade, I had to totally redo my customizations to my theme. This was very frustrating to me.

      As well, while the theme is nice looking, and a lot of different style options, it is not very friendly to customizations, and what are now called “hooks.”

      I started to use the Thesis Theme, and it was a breath of fresh air. Totally customizable, and every time you do a upgrade you don’t have to reinstall scripts, and customizations.

      Additionally, you don’t need any seo plugins with the Thesis Theme, but seo is build right into the theme. I think if you took a survey of the best theme in the wp blogosphere, Thesis would would certainly be on top. I realize Semiologic has its fans, and it is a great theme for someone not wanting to customize, but for the reasons I have stated, it was a exercise in frustration for me.

      FYI – I have a developers license, so if anyone is reading this and wants a install of the latest Thesis theme, if will only cost you $40 through me. Send me a email at for your request.

      Any other thoughts out there?

  2. Awesome list… will blog about your post too.


  3. I use Thesis extensively… but I actually disable all of the SEO settings and use Platinum SEO or even All-in-One SEO. Those have more options, although in the end… I’m not convinced they make much of a difference.

    BUT… I’m comfortable with them 🙂


  4. Mark
    I am aware of WP Robot but I am concerned about Google seeing the drip feed as duplicate content with other sites. So I have stayed away from using it.
    I use Thesis on a couple of my sites. You almost have to become an expert with Thesis before you can use it easily.


  5. Hey Mark nice list indeed. But do you’ve any experience with ReivewAzon plugin? does it allows you to make money be referring to Amazon Web services such as S3 Cloud and their CDN services like CloudFront etc?

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