Friday , February 26 2021
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Video Sitemaps and The Future Of Google TV

There has been a lot of discussion lately by Google about their launch of Google TV later this year. No question, Youtube is not the only video viewing experience, and there is a ton of videos spread across the world wide web.

Google is now say, “If you want us to see and index your videos on your website, then you need a video sitemap.”

In fact, Matt Cutts, software engineer at Google Inc, was a keynonte speaker at the SM Expo and said,

“Video site maps is something that we’re probably going to look at a little more closely. If you tell us where your videos are, we will try to index them a little bit harder,” Cutts said. “For example, if you think about things like Google TV, coming out in the fall, it’s in everybody’s interest that all the videos that are on the web be able to be very discoverable and very searchable. If you produce videos and you haven’t done a video site map, that is something that I would definitely recommend.”1

If we are wanting to Dominating Google then we certainly need to pay attention to the reference being made to having a video sitemap to get our videos indexed. Additionally, videos will be more of a presence in the SERP’s in the days ahead.

I was able to create the Google Video Sitemap WP Page Generator as part of my Dominating Google product line up and course.

Google Video Sitemap will recognize flv, avi, mp4, or wmv flash extension. No, it does not recognize a Youtube video placed on your site. Youtube has their own sitemap. Additionally, it does not matter where you host the flash video, as long as it has one of the 4 extensions mentioned above.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Does this plugin work automatically/seamlessly with Easy Video Player code placed on my pages and posts?



  2. uri - performance marketing

    Interesting concept this Google TV . Didn’t Microsoft try something similar in 2000? it bombed.. hmm let’s see how this flies..

  3. Site map for video sounds logical, anything thats seo and helps
    Im in.
    Best regards
    Bob a Phoenix Handyman Az

  4. Hey Mark,

    I actually have a question about your video sitemaps plugin. I’m wondering if it allows us to pick which form of permalink URL we use for each post. For example, I would like the URL in my regular sitemap for Post A to look different than my URL for Post A in my video sitemap.

    Lately I’ve been using other free video sitemap plugins that use the same URL that the static page uses. This causes my original listing in Google to be replaced by my video listing (as opposed to getting a double listing). I don’t think Google will allow two results that have exactly the same URL.

    Thanks for your time! And sorry for the long post.

    – Patrick

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