Friday , February 26 2021
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WARNING – Don’t buy my WordPress SEO Plugins…

I wanted to warn you that for a limited time, you should NOT buy my premium WordPress SEO plugins separately!

I’m running a special launch promotion for my “Dominating Google” SEO course – and bottom line, you can get ALL 3 of my premium, exclusive plugins TOGETHER…

As they say on TV, “BUT WAIT, There’s MORE!” 🙂

You ALSO get my elite course for building a website that ROCKETS to Page 1, grabs MULTIPLE listings, and LOCKS them in place!

In other words, it puts those plugins to good use!  This course is EVERYTHING I know about Dominating Google with SEO and making money with FREE Traffic.

And you get it ALL for LESS than the price of buying JUST the plugins one by one!  That’s why I said NOT to buy them without hearing about this deal first:

Save $100, PLUS get exclusive training, ONLY with “Dominating Google”

If you don’t know which plugins I mean, check them out:

* Google Video Sitemap – This plugin sells right now for $97.  It can get you double listings, video search listings, and even thumbnail video results in Google – all linking directly to your main money site!

Check it out here – Google Video Sitemap

* RSS Optimizer – This plugin will soon go on sale for $97 as well.  It makes a unique feed URL for every post you write and will auto submit it to 13 RSS aggregators automatically!  This is an automated backlink-building machine.

* SEOPower – This plugin does an advanced SEO task for you automatically.  It combs your logs for keywords that Google has sent you traffic for, then tags ALL content that contains that keyword.

This reinforces your site for accidental organic traffic AND it tracks the results so you can SEE it working!

You can get THIS plugin for FREE right now ($97 Value) as part of the “Dominating Google” release, and I encourage you to install it and try it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The SEO Power plugin includes a special “SEO Suggestions” section that analyzes your website and tells you what other plugins you should get and install.

If you get the plugin package with “Dominating Google” you should know that I actually TRAIN you on how to use all those suggested plugins for MAXIMUM rankings, traffic, and profit.

“Dominating Google” is not just SEO, or a “how to make money” course – it’s a combination of EVERYTHING I know about using Google to get free traffic…

…AND then USING that free traffic to earn myself 5 figures a month as an affiliate, and EVEN MORE money as a product creator.  Google has basically built my customer list FOR me.

All for free.  Learn how AND get all my premium plugin tools INCLUDED, for less than buying just the plugins.

To Your Success,
~ Mark Dulisse

P.S. If you have any questions at all, just ask in the comments on my blog here

That will help me answer them as fast as possible for you.  Thanks!

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I just bought your Dominating-G course …. looks good, thanks.

    I have a question on WordPress permalinks … From an SEO standpoint, Is is better to have it as:
    a) /%postname%/
    b) /%category%/%postname%/

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Mark, am considering dom-g but not sure. except for the video sitemap thing, do the other tools do anything that senuke does not do since i am already a member of senuke? and re the video sitemap thing, i have absolutely no expertise in creating videos of any even marginally acceptable quality, so how would that help me??

    • I go into depth on wordpress training, on-page creation, as well as off-page seo.

      Regarding your SEnuke, my course has nothing to do with SEnuke.

      SEnuke uses a lot of web 2.0 properties for backlinking, which do not really have much google juice anymore.

      I show strategies of backlinks and seo that is automated, without any automation software…lol.

    • Hi Jon,

      If you are not using video in your marketing efforts, you are not being effective as you can be as a internet marketer…period. Do my videos look high quality? Hardly! Youtube style works best.

      Regarding your SEnuke question and Dominating Google…they are totally unrelated products. Plus, I show you a automated backlinking method that is on autopilot, whereas SEnuke requires you to constantly submit.

  3. nice posts. great plugins. thnx.

  4. It’s so kind of you to give these away at a better deal. Your DomG course is very essential to anyone who wants to make a living online. The Google Video sitemap is enough for me but I’m recommending all of these to my friends.

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