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What Is The Biggest “Make Money Online Scam” In 2010?

This is somewhat of a somber article because it involves being ripped off by internet marketers who know better.

Have you been scammed by a “make money online” product?

Online make money scams are everywhere. What is troubling is that the one that I believe is the biggest scam holds itself as not a scam…and even the big name marketers will sell it. Why? Because of huge commissions.

First of all, let me clear the air….

There are thousands upon thousands of make money online programs, everything from data entry and online surveys, online mlm programs, online gambling, to even – and this is where it gets closer to home – clickbank ebook and video series.

Many of these are legitimate and offer real proof of earnings. Others are a bit shady and the salespages look too hypie, and the testimonial earnings look pathetically fake. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “If it quacks like a duck…it is a….” Hopefully the new FTC rules will straighten all this out and give consumers more confidence.

(side note: online gambling is a huge scam to me, and I would avoid it at all cost)

What I do want to point out to you is what I believe to be a online scam that is appearing more in the internet marketing community. It looks like a sheep, but it’s really a snake. It appears to be legit, and the promises of making a fortune are very appealing, but at the end of the day, it will leave you more broke. Sure, there may be 1 out of 10,000 who make money, but it will be highly unusual…meaning this person  worked the program plus added something else.

In a nutshell, the biggest make money online scam is:

“Buy My Program/Software And It Will Make Money For You On Autopilot.”

These tricksters offering huge returns for your investment are expert marketers. Not only will they convince you to pull out your wallet and buy, but more importantly, they will convince you that the reason for your failure with their program is your fault, not theirs.

There are many forms of this scam:

  • “I will make money for you”
  • “Push One Button Automated Money”
  • “This ‘New and Never Been Revealed Tool’ will make you a millionaire”
  • “Automated Money System”

There are a lot of variations in the sales presentation, but the scam is the same. They want you to believe that their software or program is a “one button” solution to automated money, and will basically make money for you while you sit on the beach somewhere.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is:

  • Making money online is hard work
  • Making money online takes great marketing knowledge and skills..which cannot be purchased
  • Those who make a lot of money online have years of experience…it is a building process.
  • Those who make a lot of money have built an entire team with outsourcers
  • Those who make the most online “personally brand” themselves, and this takes time.
  • Those who make the most online have a huge subscriber list of repeat customers and buyers.

Be very leary of being sucked into the “let me make you money with my ‘one button’ software that has never been revealed before.”

If you do come across this type of scam, and still wanting to test it, make sure there is a money back gaurantee, and that the person’s reputation is such that they will back up their guarantee.

But, at the end of the day, even if you tried it out and failed, the time invested is still money to you. And, if it involved PPC or media buying, you are out of more money too.

Hence, don’t spend your last dollar based on these types of products, hoping that “this will be the one” to make you a online millionaire in 12 months.

Instead, take the steady approach, and build your business from the ground up. Learn the marketing skill-set yourself, like I teach in IM Niche Formula. Then, you will not be dependant upon any guru or automated money system. Why, because you have become an independent internet marketer.

Tell me your thoughts with your comments. If you make 5+ comments on this blog, your links become “dofollow” 🙂

Yours in knowledge,


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  1. Well there is a bribe to comment on your blog if ever I saw one.

    I read somewhere that it should be one guru one system one year.

    There is very rarely such a thing as an easy way to make money and on the internet I doubt if there are any.

    Your course is very thorough and I am enjoying it, although still not earning as much as I would like!

  2. Oh, that’s because you’re only half way through the course, and haven’t found your groove yet….lol. Need any help?

    Impatience is a terrible disease, but has its rewards. I’m very impatient 🙂

  3. Mark,

    You continue to amaze me by remaining highly competitive in the IM niche, but without being overly promotional. You provide tons of useful information and value to your readership, and I believe that is part of the reason you experience the success you do.

    I learned a lot from you last year simply by following the process you use on this site, as well as a few others I discovered that were created by you.

    Regarding this post – you have nailed it. So many people are looking for the easy way to achieve wealth and success. The truth though is that successful and wealthy people with very rare exception worked hard, developed systems, set goals, and took action every day to achieve those goals.

    If there was a real “EASY” button for making money, I wouldn’t spend my time teaching it to other people. I’d just be pushing it incessantly, and counting the money. There are systems, and methods that can be successful, but as with everything in life – you get what you put into something out of it.

    Heed Mark’s words folks. Don’t get sucked into the scams. Set some goals for this year, and go after them hard.


  4. hi Mark it s very true what you said i try hard to make some cash but everything goes wrong

  5. Susan Owen-Thursfield

    Nice post, Mark and I wholeheartedly agree.

    I’m afraid that those most guilty of this are the ones with the biggest names. I suspect that the biggest names (unconsciously) select a handpicked few, and groom them to succeed with specially arranged jvs and free promotions to their own (huge) lists. This way, the names have the evidence that their methods work – yet no-one mentions the fact that without the special jv and list promotional help, the method would not work. So most people – the unselected buyers/students/investors – are left feeling cheated at best with yet another failure and money spent.

    You use the word “scam”. I’m sure the big names would argue strongly against this, but I think you’re right. It is almost a case of the “Emporer’s New Clothes” even amongst the “failures”. And I genuinely believe the “names” believe what they are doing does work because they do not see that they ARE giving additional assistance to the favored few – rather just deciding to jv with a student.

    Sadly I think everyone has to experience this for themselves before they can understand it fully,g et over it and move on. There are some very convincing names out there who in other areas do provide very good stuff. You cannot teach common sense. And advising people that these sorts of schemes do not work, will fall on deaf ears. Hopefully your post will help someone to recognise what has happened and stop them from falling for another scam.

    And if I sound like I am talking from experience, there’s a good reason for it.


  6. I guess on the 5th comment I will have to change my name to a keyword. 🙂 🙂

    I like the IM course so far. There are many things I was not aware of so even if you have been kicking around for a while this has got some great advice and will really zero in on the key points.

    Great article to. I think we have all fallen for the snake oil now and then to.

  7. Hi Mark,

    I really enjoyed reading your article. The only thing I kind of disagree is when you say “Making money online takes great marketing knowledge and skills..which cannot be purchased”. You are right, there is absolutely no product out there which you buy and automatically give you those skills. It takes a lot of time and effort, but… in my opinion you do need to purchase some IM programs to learn the skills. Otherwise, making money online would take centuries instead of years!

    • Good point. You do need to acquire the skill set, and that takes learning, and that means learning from people who teach it as a profession.

  8. Hi Mark,

    I appreciate your tips and instructions. As others have stated, you are doing well with what you have learned and promote without a lot of hype.

    Impatience? Who of us suffers from that??? LOL

    I agree, persistence, learning, and applying techniques takes time, and only those who avoid the scams like you mention will make it. I’ve seen too many give up who are a matter of a month or two from breaking through.
    If I’d listened to my wife and friends months ago, I’d be kicking myself now, after seeing the fruits of my labors grow.

    Keep up the good work!

    Paul Klein

  9. Mark,
    Of course you’re right on, and I have to agree with Alex (as you did, too) that you must purchase SOMEbody’s programs or courses now and then just to learn the ropes. But of course, there are no easy-street solutions, as a rule. Occasionally, someone does get lucky, and the “gurus” jump on that as “proof” that anybody can do it.
    However, there is one more point I’d like to throw in, and that is, that not everyone is looking for the easy way out, but for them what may seem like the ONLY way out, because they feel they just can’t learn it. I also believe there are a few marketers who really want to help by not only teaching others as easily as possible, but also by really providing all the steps… the DFY (done for you) systems. I can name a couple that are good, but this isn’t the place for that. I can also name one that I got badly taken on last year, and for legal reasons won’t say who that was.
    Your comment about still wanting to try some but ‘look for the guarantee’ is helpful, but that brings up a serious point: That’s how I got took. The product was not delivered in time to test it, and thus, it’s so easy to be outside the guarantee period. I got nervous and requested my refund just a day or so before the 30 days were up and was “granted” a refund, but I have not seen it yet.

    So, it’s truly buyer beware out there, and it pays to stick with a mentor you know or who comes highly recommended… like you!


  10. article submission review

    I like the comment bribe, I guess I’ll use a keyword then to get some link love for a new site I’m working on.

    I have to tell you Mark, your emails are some of the few I actually read anymore. I appreciate the value you provide. I’m on the list of all the big name marketers out there and most of them just promote 100% of the time these days and provide ZERO value.

    I first found you through your SENuke video training and it really helped.

    Keep up the good work!


  11. Mark – thanks for the post. We want the magic bullet, and marketers know that we want it. It is not restricted to IM – fat loss, learning a new language, etc.. everyone advertises a quick solution. I really don’t like it when the gurus, even those that are successful, say marking money online is simple. It is like Joe Montana saying QBing is simple… yes, after years of experience, it can be.

    It is both sides… the consumer for being gullible, and the marketer for captalizing on those desires..

  12. Hey I thought it was funny that at the end of this post there is a somewhat hypey advertisement for IM Niche Formula. Nonetheless, you remain the man.

    I just thought the whole “cash on demand” line seemed along the same vain as some of what you were protesting in the content of the post.

    • Yes, I do teach that you can make “cash on demand” in my IM Niche Formula course, but it is not automatic, and takes work and a proper foundation to get to that place. I’d say 3-6 months. There are methods to make “quick cash” in your first month…but that is another course. The quick cash is good, but you need to do the same thing the following month to do the same results. With a steady and stable online business, you get to the place where making money is no big deal, and is secondary. When you first start out, you are starving, and making cash is your primary thought. When you become a business and stable, your primary focus is customer satisfaction..while at the same time not being taken advantage of.

  13. Oh, I really like this post. If anybody is looking for a summary of an IM-Bilble, that’s it:
    ” – Making money online is hard work
    – Making money online takes great marketing knowledge and skills …
    which cannot be purchased
    – Those who make a lot of money online have years of experience …
    it is a building process.
    – Those who make a lot of money have built an entire team with outsourcers
    – Those who make the most online “personally brand” themselves, and this takes time.
    – Those who make the most online have a huge subscriber list of repeat customers and buyers.”

    Bottom line: It takes time!
    And I’m glad I’m not the only one who is impatient 😉

  14. Time! Sometimes it feels like eons! But then if people told us how much time we would spend learning the ropes we’d be more wary of starting in the first place. Once hooked by the lure of making more money than we currently dream of, after spending money on courses and ebooks and working 12-14 hour days (not 2 hours in the morning and spending the rest of the day lounging on the beach) we discover a stubborn streak in ourselves. If a 12 year old and a 17 year old and a 77 year old can make it work then I can too dammit! Luckily there are some marketers who don’t concentrate on OTO tricks and list spamming but are consistently generous with what they have learned in the school of hard knocks.
    Please don’t change Mark.

  15. quick money making

    I am new to online marketing and I heard that because of the internet nowadays, people can now acquire earnings that they can't gain from their 8-hour day job. Could anyone provide me some insights on various money-making opportunities being offered in the internet? Some tips on how to setup quick money making business online will do. Thanks.

  16. Hi Mark,
    In my first few years online, I think I fell for everyone of those scams. Duh!

  17. Hi Mark,

    I have found that there are so many great resources in IMNicheFormula that it is overwhelming, to say the least.

  18. “quick money making” schemes on the Internet are almost invariably scams. Making any amount of money on the Internet is hard work and very time intensive. Most 9-5 jobs pale into insignificance when compared to what is required to match or exceed the income from a job via the Internet.

  19. Rob Metras"

    Thanks for the straight talk about the scams. I do hope the FTC does take action on scammers. What bothers me is that these tactics are effective; but they constantly let down in the delivery. I just did a blog post ” Deliver What You Promise: Avoid Bait and Switch on this kind of thing without naming the marketer.

  20. Thanks to Justin above, the best advice I have read in a long time is:
    “one guru one system one year. ”
    many thanks.

  21. Hey Mark, I am also taking your IM Niche Formula course and I have to say that it is very content-packed. I have learned a lot from it and I think what you are saying here is absolutely true. There are way too many gurus out there taking advantages of people’s greed for the “one button” solution. The more I get into “the game”, the more I realize the entire industry is never-ending learning experience.

    The one thing that I will add on top of what you are saying here, is that action is also very important. I am actually a newbie myself but I find that actually implementing the steps and running into errors is often much more rewarding that just sitting there watching videos. Yes some of the methods take some investing, but I think it’s well worth it.

    Kudos to you and your very educational IM Niche Formula course!

  22. You would think with quality post like this and with a little search company called google I think it is that people would wise up to what these scams are just scams.

    Does it work that way offline?? So why do people suppose it’s any different online? Everything that equates to success there applies here hard work, proper mindset and the right tools. The only people making an easy living I guess would be the scammers.

    Steve Shoemaker

  23. It is amazing looking back on all the sales pages I’ve read recently how many claim to ‘make money on autopilot’ with just the ‘push of one button.’ It is like the big bad wolf dressed as a sheep. The BS o meter will certainly be on when looking at sales pages now.

    Thanks Mark

  24. Hi everyone, enjoying the conversation very much. Will depart from
    others who are praising Mark, even though I love Mark, his products,
    his blog, his emails etc…..but I figure he may be tired of hearing that
    stuff so he wont hear any of that from me.

    I am a newbie, looking for help and guidance. I did not come to the
    internet looking for a push button income. I came looking for a way
    to make a living after having been laid off from several fortunate
    500 companys and after being the victim of age discrimination where
    people refuse to hire you despite years experience in a particular

    The thought that someone would lie to me and cheat me out of my money
    was not prominent in my mind when I came to the internet. Give the
    newbie a break. We are not all thieves and liars. The idea of
    fast easy money was put into my head by marketers. Fortunately my
    financial circumstance did not allow me to fall for too many scams
    and fortunately, with the exception of two products I purchased with
    a pay pal payment to the marketer – both scams I might add – I only
    purchase through clickbank. When the product does not meet my expectation I return it and get my money back. I have returned most of the products I have purchased.

    Don’t be deceived about Facebook, the FTC and Google. Don’t look to
    them for help. Google was started by the CIA and they still run it, the
    owner of Facebook calls his subscribers F..king fools and the FTC is a tool of International corporations and the banks.Their goal is to put people like
    us out of business.

    We all need to wake up, not just the newbies.

  25. Well in my opinion i am not trying to hide things from others but the blog writer told you all at max, therefore just try to read what he said. Hope you all got all ideas as i just founded this site is valuable for everyone. Thank you
    Mazher Rasheed

  26. Dinero Con AdsSense

    It is not easy to make money online, if you don’t learn how to do it well, you will waist your time and money and never make a cent.

  27. Sullivan County NY Real Estate

    Goes back to the old saying, “if it were easy, little old ladies woud be doing it.” Scammers have been round long before the internet came along.

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