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Onsite List Building Methods: Free High Converting Popup

If you are wanting to build your list with “like minded” people, and they are visiting your website, then you, then you want to do everything that you can to get them on your list before they leave.

Some people get annoyed with seeing popup after popup. I’ve seen some who have 3-4 exit popups…one after the other.

Ya, it is pretty annoying if there is too much hassle just to leave a site, but what the heck…they are leaving anyways, so you may as well try and get them to optin….right?

Perhaps wrong. What we are starting to see is “exit harassment.” Okay, I just coined that phrase….

What I recommend is a respectful optin and exit strategy that puts the optin and squeeze offer “front and center,” but it doesn’t take 20 clicks just to leave your site. Poor returning website visitors: they always are presented with this “exiting harassment.” If you are wanting a ‘one time visit,’ perhaps maybe (I never actually look at the offers of all those annoying offers…do you?), but with a site that gets visited again and again by the same person…forget it.

Here is a few cool strategies. If you visit my site right now at Network Online Secrets, you will see two scripts: a popup optin script that shows up when you move your mouse to the top of your browser, and a exit script that shows when you actually click to leave the site. I think is cool, but anything more than this is annoying.


DOWNLOAD OPTIN FORM AND GRAPHICS HERE – I use my own product giveaway as the offer, but you can use any offer you want by simply replacing the image.


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I have this plugin optin and find it to be very powerful, and high converting.

Obviously, you need a good autoresponder. I have both Getresponse and Aweber, but I like GetResponse better because I find their user interface is easier to understand, although both are very reliable and very low rates.

But that is not all….

There are other methods that I personally use, and after much testing, have found these work great for me.

  • Use a Exit Splash Page script with a free incentive to subscribe
  • Put a optin box in the sidebar, and on front page, of your blog
  • Use a footer slidein to popup after a few seconds with an incentive to subscribe
  • Use a comment script that automatically subscribes people to your list when they make a comment to your blog posting
  • If you use video on your site, you can put a optin form at the end of the video presentation using Easy Video Player (yes, inside your video display area).

If you are serious about building your list, these are some pretty cool tools:

  1. Exit Splash by Dave Guindon – This is so powerful. You can add a exit page and offer a free giveaway, or a downsell, and invitation to a webinar, etc.. Pretty much every serious online marketer is using this today.
  2. Ultimate Footer Ad 2.0 – I absolutely love this script, simply because it is so subtle and works awesome. You will see it on a few of my website. It is easy to install, and you simply copy/paste the code before the closing ‘body tag’ of your site, and you are set up.
  3. Viral Inviter Tell A Friend Script – Norman Freeman has the best Tell-a-Friend script, and if you want viral explosion in your list building campaigns, then this certainly will help you.

There are many other scripts out there, but these are the most stable, most widely used, and will do the job.

Disclaimer: The product links above are paid products of which I earn an affiliate income.

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  1. Hello Mark – These last few weeks – I have been enjoying your posts enormously and absorbing some incredible content, tracks, tactics and for that thank you.

    Yes I agree – some of these guys go silly stupid crazy with exit upon exits and then more exit pops – When Dave Guindon created this I am sure he was not aware it was going to be used in such an obtrusive way.

    Thanks for the great bonuses as well


  2. I’ve just visited the url that you mention and that is the way it was meant to be used – tastefully.

    I am sure people appreciate it.
    Scrupulous marketers spoil it for everyone else who have decent ethics in marketing.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I like the phrase ‘Exit Harasment’ because you’re absolutely spot on. It pays to be subtle, I hate the marketing guys who are ‘in your face’

    Thanks for the bonuses, keep up the good work.


  4. I’m quite into being as aggressive as possible on specific landing pages, but for general blogs I quite like the Aweber ‘light box’ one – and then I set it to display every 5 days on one of my better sites or every visit on a more spammy site.

  5. Hi Mark,

    You always amaze me with valuable content that I can use right away. Can you explain the difference of TrafficGeyser and SEkule ? Which one do you think is better?


    • @ Jocelyn – Thanks for the nice words about the content of this blog. I try my hardest.

      Traffic Geyser is strong in video submissions, and bookmarking. Because you upload all your videos to Traffic Geysers server, you are able to blast your video to over 30 sites at the push of one button. The same thing with bookmarking.

      As well, with Traffic Geyser you can convert your video to a mp3 and rss feed and blast it to ipod directories. These are some of the most common uses of Traffic Geyser. They also have template squeeze pages you can use, etc.

      SEnuke is a backlinking automation tool. It’s strength is taking an article, spin it, and then send it to over 30 social networking sites (free blogging platforms), etc. You can also bookmark all these sites, and then take the rss feed of these sites and add them to rss directories. There is also a web 2.0 profile backlink that you can do. This is the basic function of SEnuke. The video submission is not all that great because, unlike TG, you have to upload your video one at a time to video sharing sites (as opposed to uploading to TG server and pushing one button).

      SEnuke is not a “one button” backlinking automation tool. It is a process, and for one campaign, can take a couple hours at least, if you want to do it properly.

  6. Gee Mark, I am glad I’m around people
    who sound like they know the hard trail.
    All this info is worth the word of Thanks Mark!
    Keep trackin’, Cheers, Freda

  7. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the great info. I’ve already installed the popup and it works great.
    Keep up the good blogs!

  8. It’s warm and we have summer in the city but at the end of the day I feel as if we would have Christmas.

    Strange world, isn’t it?

    Yes, indeed. But this is because I am in the internet world of an online marketer who literally brakes down all borders. I am in Mark Dulisse’s marketing world and there dominate other rules:

    There you get an enormous amount of highly qualified and useful informations, fair and squar and never hyped

    Written in a clear and understanding way and in a tone that touches your heart, because the words are high of trust

    And you always get presents, valuable presents for your own business in order to succeed faster.

    What can I say? Nothing! Better is dancing and singing all day long.

    Or perhaps:

    I don’t know who is more blessed. He, because he has such an outstanding and peerless character or me, because I get all his informations and goddies.

    I think we are both.

    Thank you


  9. I hate pop ups when i click to exit. Exit Harasment’(good saying sir) it should be stopped.

  10. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the great optin form, just what I’ve been looking for, got it up and running too.

    I use a different autoresponder, so changing the code was a bit tricky, can’t get the thankyou html to work but it does confirm subscription using my responder template so, if it works don’t fix it.

    I’m happy so many thanks, this gives me the confidence to roll it out on my other sites and with practice comes perfection.

    best regards

    Fraser T

  11. Mark
    Getting a fatal error , and page won`t load message, when I try to access your page.

  12. Hi Mark,
    I would love to know your opt in rate on your exit page. It is a nice page with a good offer. Thanks for letting us use this page also.

  13. I found this blog from taking a trial at google slapper! I don’t like reading too much online, but I feel I really should subscribe to you. Your teachings on this blog seems very open and unbiased, different from other marketers who don’t really tell you what you really need to know.
    Glad I got that trial. Thankyou.

  14. I agree with @nick. I’d really like some numbers to benchmark some of my pages against for opt-in. You can look at trends on your own numbers, but it really isn’t the same thing as comparing to someone else in real terms.

  15. It is also important to have the closing X visible, some sites hide it really well which is very annoying. Good marketing is finding the balance between revenues ans user experience.

  16. Thank you so much for this tips I am looking forward on learning more about LIST BUILDING tips so I can share with others.


  17. I personally never click on exit pop ups, but they work well enough to be employed. But as you say, don’t take it to the point of harassment.

  18. Great Article Mark , i have been following you for a quite time and i am really impressed by your excellent marketing techniques.
    The thing about this pop up said is really strong and i completely agree with this because it really helps in gaining some sales or a better approach to users.
    In the end , i again want to say, you are great … Love following you

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