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Advanced Search Authority Codes by Mark Dulisse

Google’s Advanced Search enables you to enter variables which will give to you many great places to drop a link. Make sure that if you are getting backlinks from blogs, forums, or anywhere, not to spam these sites.

Here are some examples of what you can type into Google search to find them:


MYTH – .gov and .edu backlinks are not 5x more powerful than a .com backlink. A Link Is A Link. It just so happens that many .gov and .edu are high pagerank.

  • site:.edu inurl:wp-login.php +blog
  • site:.gov inurl:wp-login.php +blog
  • site:.edu “your keyword”
  • site:.gov “your keyword” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
  • site:.edu “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
  • site:.gov “no comments” +blogroll -”posting closed” -”you must be logged in” -”comments are closed”
  • site:.edu “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
  • site:.gov “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
  • site:.com “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
  • site:.org “powered by expressionengine” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
  • site:.edu “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
  • site:.gov “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
  • site:.com “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
  • site:.org “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”


  • “powered by wordpress” your keyword
  • “powered by wordpress” “your keyword” (this is looking for an exact keyword match with the quotations around keyword)
  • “powered by wordpress” intitle:your keyword This targets pages that have your keyword in the url of the page.
  • “powered by wordpress” inurl:your keyword


  • “If you have a TypeKey or TypePad account” your keyword


  • site:blogspot.com your keyword

If many of the blogs have the comments section closed, you can exclude those from your searches using the following search commands:

  • “powered by wordpress” your keyword -comments are closed


  • intitle:add+url “your keyword”
  • intitle:submit+site “your keyword”
  • intitle:submit+url “your keyword”
  • intitle:add+your+site “your keyword”
  • intitle:add+site “your keyword”
  • intitle:directory “your keyword”
  • intitle:sites “your keyword”
  • intitle:list “your keyword”


  • “Powered by SMF” your keyword
  • Phbb your keyword
  • “powered by IPB” your keyword
  • MyBB your keyword
  • “powered by PunBB” your keyword
  • “Powered by Phbb” your keyword
  • “Powered by vBulletin” your keyword


  • site:squidoo.com “new links plexo” “add to this list”
  • site:squidoo.com “your keyword” “add to this list”

Many don’t know this, but Squidoo has some really high PR lens’ and they allow you to add your own incoming links with anchor text and description. Pretty much all are do-follow and require no moderation. Make sure you are logged in to your squidoo account so you don’t spam, because you will get banned if you do spam. Click on “Add to this list” Module and enter your url, anchor text and description.

Inside my Dominating Google course, not only do I show you “how to search for quality backlinks,” but I also reveal to you sites where you can get quality backlinks. How nice is that 🙂

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  1. Nice list Mark, Still figuring out the larger focus building a travel site and trying to get beyond PR3. I still want to add a “link” page for back links but not sure if this is a good idea. Any thoughts, and is it a good idea to start a “links” page?

  2. North Tahoe Hotels

    Hey Mark, great info. I was right in the process of looking for information on these kind of back-links when your email landed in my inbox.

  3. Ken from Advanced Market Training

    There’s something needing emphasis here when it comes to getting back links. It’s not so much getting a back link as it is getting credibility for yourself and your links. Having a relevant comment approved and included on an authority site like an .edu or .gov holds a lot of weight, yes, but it also includes you into a conversation with other who carry their own authority.

    What the search engines are looking for is activity, both on your own sites and how you interact in discussions on other sites. They’re looking for real connections they can make to bring more information to a search query.

    So the real benefit to getting a comment on an .edu or .gov site is because the material and the conversation resulting are of a higher caliber than a normal blog, and thus more valuable to the search engines.

    Page Rank really then has little to do with the value of your comment on sites like these. PR is more of an end result of good moderation and intelligent material.

    In this social age, it’s best to think like a human than an autobot 🙂

  4. I found this article on backlinks absolutely fasenating. I am going to start using thesse methods right away. Thank you very much for the post.

  5. kitchen bar stools

    Nice list of google search terms for backlinking.
    On a lighter note what do you think will happen if someone actually figures out to do search based on site relevance rather than link quality/quantity.

    The countless man hours and cash spent backlinking really is a useless practice and is only worthwhile because large G having proclaimed itself god of search if not all of www land has said it must be so, the reason being that like the wizard of OZ their success lies in their ability to speak reality into existence.

    I think it is about time the plebe web masters took matters into their own hands and said NO to the G man.

    The only question that remains is whose going first, not me I hope!

  6. I must say that i have learned a great deal from this post. Some say that it does not matter if the link is dofollow or not. Do all of the spiders obey that command?

  7. Hi Mark,

    Bit of a thorny subject. Seems you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.Of course Google love having us dancing round like headless chickens, just do not get all the politics here.

    Great site Mark
    Warmest regards
    Eric Breeze :o))

  8. BlueKarma Local Marketing

    I just plugged a code from authority codes and look who came up! I am still reading the report but thought I would say thanks now. I can already see it will be a great help.

    Thanks again,
    Doug Jackson

  9. This article is just copy from the report that Ryan gives away for free “Authority Codes”


    Mark Dulisse … greatest copycat on earth

  10. Mark,

    Thanks for this list of search techniques on google. It’ll definitely come in handy for me.

  11. Graphic Tablets

    Thanks Mark , I did search on some of these and you do have to look at bit in the results to find some that accept links. It seems some of the .edu and .gov sites have disabled websites in profiles, or disabling the linking.

    The squidoo one is really interesting and I will try that out.

  12. Mark from 2GSM.Biz

    Good tips here Mark. Gotta be good, starting off with a great name, 😉
    Links can be tricky, like you said. Finding the right places and adding quality comments are what makes them all worthwhile. That is one of the reasons I use the Intense Debate Plugin to manage my comments (along with Akismet of course!)

  13. Soccer Fiedl Diagrams


    Great list, will be a nice reference. I always wondered about those .edu links. Now I know.

  14. Recently commented on Ryan Deiss’s blog, now I see your answer to his report.

    Sure it’s not a copycat since these are pretty well known footprints used widely among more smart SEO guyes )

    Thanks a lot for mentioning Squidoo backlinks, I didn’t use these. Btw Mark, I’ve seen a comment on Ryan’s blog telling that web 2.0, blog commenting etc backlinks are so called low authority ones. In fact, as I love to scrape links from my competition, I sometimes see top 1 rankings for very competitive terms just with blog commenting and profile linking strategies.

    I think a lot depends on the competition for targeted keyword, and many courses aren;t tanking this into consideration, they just offer specific strategy and forget to mention that this strategy may not work for hig levels of competition…

  15. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your responses, but not sure who you are talking to in your replies.

  16. Hey Mark,

    This is a great strategy to get quality back links. I knew about some of the search queries that you have mentioned above but not the squidoo ones. I am definitely going to check those out. Your Google course looks pretty good. I will have to check that out as well.


  17. Absolutely awesome Mark. Here I was thinking there were no quality blogs in my niche industry on which to comment, and now I’ve found hundreds. Thanks for the awesome video sitemap plugin and the freebies you keep throwing our way.

  18. Wayne The Internet Marketing Guy

    Mark, Awesome stuff and will certainly try these and the squidoo links especially. My question is: how important is it to have the keyword in the name which gets the link. As you can tell, I am including internet marketing in mine to boost that in this case, but often bloggers are watching for spam and will not approve a comment with a blatant attempt to get a backlink. Comments on this? Like the hybrid approach?: Mark the SEO Guy kind of thing? Thanks for everything! Loving your course too. – Wayne

  19. Thanks Mark, BTW I love your dominating google course – so much super content. This just adds to all the other places we can get backlinks.

  20. Thanks for the tips on getting backlinks with some juice! I will be sure to utilize your tips for finding quality links! Thanks again and I look forward to more great posts from you!

  21. Thanks Mark,
    You certainly give us enough food for thought, ie projects to keep us busy on our
    way to the Golden Goose.
    I am still trying to figure out LOCAL SEO on Market Samurai… Not enough numbers
    to come up with significant keywords for my field.. I haven’t finished your course so , hopefully, LOCAL will show up soon

  22. Thanks Mark
    By far the best backlink advice I have read. This will greatly help me get some better links.

  23. Hey Mark this is kid of off subject. I wrote you the other day at mark@markdulisse.com regarding this video I saw of yours on someone’s Youtube page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt9ZcT7ZbuY

    Basically, midpoint in the video you mention that the custom template/iMacro you demonstrated was available to those who signed up on your list. Well… HERE I AM (*jumping up and down*) LOL!

    No seriously, how can i get access to that great iMacro resource?


    • That macro was from well over 6 months ago, and I think about a year ago. Hence, it is not workable now. It was basically a macro that did your logins and submits to bookmarking sites, etc. But, social media sites change all the time, and macros have to be updated constantly. That is why automation software with autosubmits (really just a macro) have a monthly fee…because they require a lot of updating and supports.

  24. Mark, thanks for these queries. Not only are the effective, they are a pattern to follow. We can use this to find drupal, phpnuke, or any other type of site we want. Just look for the footprint

  25. ahhh dammm… well that’s disappointing.Will you be creating another anytime soon?

    Thanks for the quick response

  26. Andy, SEO Company, SEO Services

    Hey Mark,

    Always like the free training you provide. It’s a strange coincidence to Ryan’s free report, but I’m sure this is common knowledge to every seo guru for a long time. While there are fair amount of similarities for .edu, .gov, .com, i think you’ve touched on several others e.g forums and Squidoo. so i’d say i’ve benefited from both.

    In addition, some blogs doesn’t allow for URL/Website, so perhaps we could include “url” or “website” into the search command.

  27. Excellent information, I have been wondering how to find a simple method of getting back links. Thanks for the info.

  28. What an awesome list that allows us to leverage the tactics of these big SEO guys.

    Thanks, I’ve found it really helpful because it works over here in Germany as well, and I really appreciate it.

    But I found something else really interesting in this posting, particularly in the comment section that – I think – is really Germanic:

    “Mark Dulisse … greatest copycat on earth” by “ew 12”.

    Sure, the words are in English but the attitude behind these words is kind of Germanic. Sorry, to be so blunt, but most Germans are dominated by this attitude.

    Since I can think of I was fascinated by this attitude and finally I wrote an article in a newspaper with the title: “Smart Aleck, Crank, Constant Nagger”. And in this article I tried to exlpain one of the reasons why people become so negative run others down, and criticize their work:

    People who envy each and every during their youth or early adulthood become fanatic nagger when they are getting older, because deep in their subconsciousness they know, evny is a bad characteristic. So over the years they cloak it and transform it unknowingly to criticism, because criticism is socially acceptable.

    “ew 12” if you think you would be more happy in a country of constant naggers, let’s exchange our residences and we both would have the feeling to live in paradise.


  29. "Wolfie" Wolfgang Bloomfield

    Hello Mark, just to let you know that I am very grateful for the advice and tip´s that you have been giving me. It is only recently that I have sarted to take SEO more seriously, and have been doing a lot research on it, but I have to admit that I still have difficulty understanding a lot of what I am reading. Thank´s again.

  30. Thanks for the info,let us now see if an edu. backlink is golden .{now i that i see how it is done.

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    Thanks for the valuable information. I could immediately found out many backlinks where I can comment. It’s just great. I read few links and tried before and also found worthwhile. But here the list is extensive and much more useful. Thanks once again.

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    Great information! I have been looking for an easier way of getting high quality links back to my websites. This looks like it will make my life much easier. I’m going to spend a few hours today working on creating links for all of my websites and see how it works out.

  33. Great article. Not sure where I picked The Authorities Codes from but many thanks. It is a really clear guide with excellent screen shots.

    I will copy your techniques and hope it boosts my ranking.

  34. I am just starting out and it is very difficult to sift through the many conflicting posts about quality links. Very helpful post. Thank you.

  35. I have looking for this for a very long time! I know it can speed up my searching time and such, but I never had the chance to know what search query should I type in google. Glad I found your post. Thanks lot!!

  36. Mobile Monopoly Bonus

    Great list, Mark. You could also use advanced search options with google to see only pages modified during e.g. last month.

    Yet another backlink source: create your own hubpages blog and then comment on related blogs.

  37. Mark,

    This is great. This gives a better insight and goes right along with Ryan’s report on the authority codes. I just hope all this doesn’t start a flood of spam posts too much. Content is king and everyone needs to remember that when they go through and start posting on blogs. The key to gaining more traffic is to contribute something amazing and getting attention to yourself.

  38. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  39. Thanks so much for the codes!!! I have been playing around with them and these are a great way to get links! 🙂

  40. Hello Mark!
    First time commenter here.
    Anyone else try using the authority codes in CherryPicker itself?
    That kind of worked for me.
    I also edited my own authority codes for really small niches by taking out the top level domain name at the start of query to do all 4 queries at once.


    P.S. More tips and Tricks on my blog: http://travismoise.com/cherry-picker-software-review.html

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    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for sharing this great list of codes.

    I am one of your new subscriber for about 1 month now, you always deliver some great content.

    Thanks again for this great list, time to go find some place to drop my link 🙂

    Cedric Aubry

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    I always think about it. finally I get information, Thanks

  43. James Morgan - Puritan Financial Advisor

    Thanks for posting this list of Google’s Advanced Search For Finding Quality Backlinks.

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    Comparing this with Ryan report doesn’t make much sense. This list is much more advance then Ryan’s. I use this methods to get backlinks for years and in most cases I got the result. Specially if I comment on high pr blogs/posts. But make sure your comment have some value else you will be moderated.

    Thanks Mark for squidoo idea, I overlook this one. Much easier then creating own lenses.

  45. Reno Computer Repair

    Great tips.
    A few things in there I have not read before.

    Great job!

  46. Thanks for sharing such a lovely and meaningful information.I used this methods to get back links for years and in most cases I got the result. I also edited my own authority codes for really small niches by taking out the top level domain name at the start of query to do all 4 queries at once. Regards..
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  47. I find this information very useful! This list would totally help in getting backlinks. Very informative for all readers. Thanks again!

  48. sconlinemarketing

    Thanks for this backlinking info. I’m going to bookmark this site to reference this info. Thanks again.

  49. Hey Mark,
    This is good info, I was told that .gov and .edu were the sites to focus on, but I’ve been wondering about that seeing as everyone is always telling you that it is google page rank that matters more. I will defenitely stop focusing on .edu and .gov links so much 🙂

  50. Ever wonder Mark if we focussed on creating good quality content that was relevant to what the searcher was looking for that we would not need to do all the work with the gov and edu sites. I appreciate this list above as a checklist.

    Could it work if we did it by relevancy first them the extras. What say you?

    I will owe you a brown pop at Peakes Quay the next time I’m on the Island.


    • @ Rob – For competitive terms, on-page seo is not enough. Off-page seo and link popularity is more important for top ranking. The most votes, or links, wins.

  51. This is a very valuable information. Loaded with things that I need to know.

    More power to you.


  52. Thanks so much for this Mark. I too was told that .edu and .gov were invaluable but I do have a few and haven’t seem my PR jump at all. I appreciate you posting the Google authority codes because I am much more interested in connecting with quality sites that have the same related information as my own, and starting up ongoing conversations.


    Nanci Murdock

  53. Thanx a lot for this info..I sure need this type of information to target where to send my links…Keep up the good work.


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    I must say that i have learned a great deal from this post. Some say that it does not matter if the link is dofollow or not. Do all of the spiders obey that command?

  55. Thanks for sharing your Google footprints – most people like to keep these to themselves. Your Squidoo suggestion is an absolute gem.

  56. Andrew - Calgary Internet Marketing

    Hey Mark, thanks a bunch for these codes. It’s actually pretty funny that your website is ranked at the top when we use them too!

  57. hello mark,

    this is very help. in just one search of these codes I could find tons of site to create backlinks.


  58. The product launches guy

    Thanks for shining a bright lite on link building short cuts. I learned a recent trick to take these site selectors and use seo quake to put your PR scores to the top of the page. book mark the site you find, reach out with a comment and write a great article on your home site and then point a link back to the great article you bookmarked with a positive spin on it to start a great relationship hopefully with you and not just a free link. go litely with this tactic as you can attain a lot of high quality links to your site asap and Google red flags that stuff fast…

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    This blog has almost provide the same information without any cost..
    Without any doubt, i must say thank you very much for productive information about backlinking.

  75. This is a good info, I was told that .gov and .edu were the sites to focus on, but I’ve been wondering about that seeing as everyone is always telling you that it is google page rank that matters more. I will defenitely stop focusing on .edu and .gov links so much 🙂

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    this is true but squidoo are now regulating these as the “add to this list” is now “nofollow”, plus doesnt squidoo have one known ip? classing this as diminishing the more you add your link?

  77. Thankyou so much for this! Link building can be so long winded and this cuts so much time sourcing opps. Thanks again!

  78. Mark, this post was extremely informative. I believe it’s going to help me out a lot for my SEO strategy and link-building tactics. Thanks so much for the Squidoo suggestions and information as well..I’m going to try using that site very soon.

  79. Thanks for all of the codes, Mark. I’m kind of new to using the codes for blog commenting, and I’m definitely going to reference back to this post in the future. Thanks again.

  80. Backlinks are so important to search engine optimization. The problem is that the internet is so vast that it is sometimes daunting to figure out how to search it to find relevant, high quality sites for your backlinks. Luckily, we have some ways to cut through the sea of information – search operators. We can use search operators to search a specfic site, look for words in urls, look for anchor text, etc. We can even use more advanced techniques by combining a couple of these operators to pinpoint even more pertinent sites for our much needed backlinks.

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    Is it better to comment directly on the blog or on the Google+ link? What do you prefer as the author? Which facilitates a better conversation?
    Thanks for the encouragement!

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