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Backlinks Using Free Autoblogging Method

There are really only two methods to get backlinks: (1)  Linkbait – this method is where you post great content on your site that webmasters will want to link to; (2) Go Out And Create Your Own Backlinks – this method is used by most of us who are into search engine optimization.

There are pro’s and con’s to both methods.

As for the linkbait method, creating great content is time consuming and the process is slow to get a lot of backlinks to your site using this method alone. Of the positive side, Google prefers the linkbait method, you tend to get good quality links, and is the most “natural” method of building links…albeit it can take forever.

Most webmasters will go out and create their own backlinks. This is done by link swapping, buying, begging, and posting content in a variety of places with a backlink to your site (ie, article directories, press release sites, bookmarking, etc.). The positive spin on this method is that link building is a lot quicker when you go out and create your own, but on the flip side, it is frowned upon by the search engines.

I do both. I create great content (at least I try to), and also I’ll create my own backlinks.

Watch this video…it will show you a system on how to get thousands of backlinks on complete autopilot using free blogging platforms:


This is what I recommend, visit the web 2.0 free blogging platforms, and you will be able to quickly see which sites have the “Email to Blog” feature. Then, get to work :).

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  1. Dee infidelitysurviving Alexander

    I get so much junk in my mailbox this was a refreshing tip. I would like to know if setting up all of the self hosted wordpress blogs on the same ip address would be a problem – do you suggest that the blogs are put on 2 or 3 different hosting accounts?

  2. Does Google count all 13,440 links?
    Or does it look at them as only 20 sitewide links?

  3. sc online marketing

    Hi Mark, this is really awesome, but I’m running into some problems setting it up. I have pop3 enabled on my google account and under writing on my wordpress site, I have port 995 my login as my gmail email address and the password my gmail password. How long does it take for the email to post to my site. I even tried a plugin called postie which was logging into my gmail, but it keep saying I had no new email, when clearly I did. I hope you can help me I so want to get this working. Thanks

  4. I found this:

    But i think we need some more details

  5. Autoblogging is a quick way of getting backlinks especially on WP

  6. sc online marketing

    Ok got the email to post to, but now I signed up to google groups and when I setup my emails to forward google wants me to type in the confirmation code they sent to the forwarding email address. How do I see the email they sent to the secret email address generated?

  7. Buy Here Pay Here

    Has anyone got this to work? I have been having trouble trying to forward the emails from gmail to, because google wants me to input the verification code they emailed. That email is not posting to my blog so I can see the code.

  8. I would also like more information on how to set this up. Thanks Mark

  9. All sounds easy enough but I can see it unleashed a few monsters. Great video Mark and I’m keen to give it a try. I guess using your domain email account forwarded to Gmail the re-routed will at least leave a copy of verifications on the domain pop3 account.
    Thanks once again

  10. 1) So you’re saying that 10,000 links coming only from 10 different domains have more value than 10 links or 100 links coming from 10 different domains? Doesn’t Google discount ‘the other’ links coming from the same domain?

    2) How is this content unique? Yahoo Answers are all over the place in Google results.

    3) What’s the difference in autoblogging with other scripts and posting links inside the posts?

    Trying to understand how it’s better than other types of autoblogging.

  11. I think I have found the answer to email forwarding issue but it will cost you $5 a year. answer =

    Let me know if you figure out a free option.

    Also you may want to use to convert an rrs feed into emails.

    Best of luck.

  12. Hi Again Mark,

    Another interesting and useful post 🙂 … I just love learning twists to enhance link building efforts. I’ve just started using this approach on one of my sites with Posterous to receive the email post then it re-posts automatically to a series of Web 2.0 sites (including blogs and micro-blogs). A very cool strategy! Thanks 🙂

  13. Thanks for this Mark. Backlinks have been a real problem for a newbie like me. I built one of my sites up to 2500 backlinks and then over a 3 week period while I was working on another site they just faded away to 160. What a drag.


    So,did anybody else make it? I’ve tried it too but doesn’t really work,cause google asks for a verification code they’ve sent it to me and I don’t know why but I can’t see it. What’s the problem? What should I do further? Thanks!

  15. I know I’m not the only one a little frustrated here Mark. I know you give away some wonderful information and your intentions seem to be all good, even though the “road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    It’s like a flashy product launch. I saw a glimmer of hope in this strategy, but then realized that there was something missing in the set-up. It’s actually more frustrating, as a good hour was just spent trying to set up the auto-forward portion of the process with a Gmail account. …Still lost with some missing steps here. I can’t see how to set this system up with Gmail.
    It appears others are having this problem as well.

    Would you please follow through with a more detailed walk-through in Gmail and Blogger?

    • @ Jon

      I am not going to spend a lot of time on this.

      Example: Gmail and Blogspot

      Step 1 – Set up Gmail Account
      Step 2 – Set up Blogspot blog
      Step 3 – Inside Blogspot, go to: Settings/Email & Mobile
      Step 4 – Enter a special key in the field (ie, – test123 is the special URL key
      Step 5 – Select Post Emails Immediately (if the emails coming to the blog need to be tweaked, have it saved as draft first)
      Step 6 – Click “Save”
      Step 7 – Go to Gmail/Settings/Forwarding & POP/IMAP
      Step 8 – Click on “Add a forwarding address”
      Step 9 – Enter Blogspot email with special key (ie,
      Step 10 – Click “Next”
      Step 11 – Click on confirmation link on posting at blogspot and delete post

      Here is one that I just set up, with confirmation email still undeleted

      Good luck,

  16. sc online marketing

    I guess blogspot is the way to go. I did the exact same thing with my site and the google confirmation email never showed up, but if I sent a normal email it did.

  17. Thank you, Mark. I really do appreciate your time.


  18. Mark,
    I want to apologize if I seemed a little harsh. It turns out I had the the set-up correct the whole time but there was a space in my email address when I added it so Google could not verify it!

    Thanks again for the walk-through, as it did force me to go over it again and not drop the whole strategy all together.

    I hope this helps the other readers in some way if they were at first having problems.

    Best regards,

  19. Hi Mark

    nice post but i have a question

    can i setup all my autoblog on my blogger account or i need to setup individual blogger account for each one


    Louis Martel

  20. Just want your confirmation on this – is this sth you have tested over and over again successfully or is it an idea you haven’t tested yet much?

    In short – have you tested that 10K links from 10 domains have much more value than 10 unique links from these 10 domains?

  21. Hi Mark, thank you for this. Any chance of you doing a demo video of exactly how you do this? I am very much a newbie and as much as I would love to try this I really don’t know how. Sorry to be so thick. The other question is does Google penalize you for doing this i.e. the dreaded “sandbox”. Thanks

  22. one gmail/ each blog, with 100 blogs= 100 gmail accounts
    May raise some flags with Google??

  23. Hi. It is a cool backlink tactic but site-wide links are not given a lot of weight by Google and I seriously doubt you will get all of the content indexed.

  24. I like what you said about Backlinks Using Free Autoblogging Method. This may be a little off the topic but I heard this new Blog Blue print that’s coming out soon is really good. I’m tired of getting ripped off with IM products do you know anything about this?

  25. Wish I knew about the mystery bonus as I just got that blogging blueprint.
    Also, thank you for this method. Normally people would make a course out of this 🙂

  26. In creating backlinks, oftentimes we should consider the quality. Based on experienced, quantity is not the case here and no matter how many links you’ve created if most of them are just crap without you knowing then it’s useless. Make sure that you set standard to what you are building and make sure it is white hat. Whether you are using traditional or modern way of building links for as long as you didn’t spam sites you will go places.

  27. Mark great tip I will start using it…

  28. Very Good Tip Mark cant wait to implement it.

    Keep them coming – while everyone else wait on the side line analyzing I am going to start backlinking…

  29. If someone has any doubt, this system do work!! and is truly free… nothing left to say, but thank you Mark!!


    thanks mark, for clearing everything up!

  31. Mark. This is really smart and you explained it well. I can’t remember how I stumbled across your blog but after seeing this I just subscribed to your list (and no, not to have something to send to an autoblog for links)

  32. Mark, thanks for this – you have been really putting out some solid posts in the past 3 months – waiting for your next one.

  33. Great video. Will give this a try. We shall soon see if it will work for me.

  34. I gonna try this method. idea of generating massive backlinks is really great. and it become better when we use free method like you mention in the video

  35. Honestly, I think forced linking is the way to start in the market of blogs. In my experience getting autolinks is not that good. But what really works is reaching first spot on any keyphrase and once there natural linking is an every day free task.


    Very nice post but that kind of link generation must be carefully checked first. I wouldn’t apply it on any of my moneymaking websites. If your site is flagged just once than you have an open issue with G. I’m going to try it on one of dead websites that I’m not using currently.

  37. Mark,
    I plan to try this on one of my less popular sites and see what happens, I did a similar software and had trouble with using g-mail, very good directions on how to set-up, Thank you. Sadac

  38. Very nice post, i maneged to setup with Gmail and Blogspot,

    i am trying to setup on with gmail and hosted wordpress on my server with gmail with no luck.

    has anyone managed to setup gmail with wordpress.

    Thank you.

  39. Link bait is a good strategy for web seo but not everyone has a site that can have a subject which is “good” enough to be link bait. This is why having a blog is good. On your blog it is much easier to great link bait as you can write on a wider range of topics.

  40. Great setup for getting some quality backlinks quickly. There’s definitely a decrease in “value” of backlinks from the same domain,,, but,, having that quantity will definitely be excellent for focusing keywords and building keyword target specific backlinks.

  41. JamestheJust on Elance

    This sounds really great – but there is a hitch. The problem is that with the site-wide links, you’ll only get 2 links / 2 keywords per blog. So 250 x KEYWORD 1 and 250 x KEYWORD 2 looks about as natural as the noses in Beverly Hills from Google’s perspective.

    Also, checking Google Webmaster tools and Analytics, you’re not going to see 100k backlinks or what not, especially from the same domains, using the same keywords.

    A natural linking profile contains a number of “click here” and “http:….” type of links. This would be over-optimizing and unnatural…just my thoughts.

    Thanks for taking the time to make the video – not trying to be a wet blanket, but I think you need to be clear in matters of SEO. Webmasters who don’t know better are taking a risk – especially in view of the fact that Google is now in particular cracking down on non-unique content (see the recent official Google blog posts from Matt Cutts).

  42. Wow, This is amazing Mark….Why didnt i think of this first? Since 2008 or maybe 2007 i got this system working for me on a weather blog, but i never link back to me from this site, WHYYYYYYY. i just dont know.

  43. HowToLiveHappily

    That’s an interesting idea.

    I made a bunch of blogs, and I’m feeding them with email subscriptions.

    The funny thing is, google is totally ignoring them.

    I wonder if it’s ignoring them deliberately.

  44. jane from faux floral arrangements

    Interesting suggestion which I will try, but surely this just results in lots of duplicate content around the web. Wouldn’t it be better to modify yoour emails and send them one at a time?

  45. Thank you for the video.. I’ll try to create the autopilot blog using this method.

  46. This method is very interesting, but as others have said posting content from Yahoo Answers etc will result in duplicate content. I’d like to get your take on that.

    Also, in answer to another comment regarding a number of self-hosted WordPress blogs on the same IP, you said that it would be OK but if you want to get ninja you can use unique IP’s.

    It’s my understanding that if you use the same IP you will leave a footprint that Google will pick up on. Are you saying this is not the case ? If you use unique IP’s will you get better results ?

  47. Hi Mark, that’s a another great video..i think i’ll give it a try

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