Friday , February 26 2021
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Golden Opportunities Lie Buried Deep Inside Your Sites

Sometimes as marketers, we focus so strongly on SEO that we forget that indexing is something that happens even to sites that don’t use SEO at ALL.

When Google crawls your site, they crawl the WHOLE site – every single word. And then they use all of that content to GUESS what your site is about.

When we optimize, we try to make Google FAVOR us for certain keywords on purpose. We try and FORCE their algorithm instead of allowing it to “guess”. And if you’re good at SEO, it works!

But they also will give our pages rankings for MANY keywords and phrases “accidentally” – phrases that we weren’t TRYING to rank for, but still lead stray searchers to us.

Now one by one, these search terms are not used very often, and that means they are not very competitive. Which means you can DOMINATE GOOGLE for these HIDDEN phrases.

And even though one by one, they don’t equal MUCH traffic, the more content you post, the more of these secret, exclusive rankings you secure. And they ADD UP over time.

Now, as you might imagine, if you hit a very VALUABLE accidental ranking, you need to act quickly to take action…

First, you need to dig deeply into your analytics data to find the unexpected search terms that are bringing in your traffic…

And then you need to spend the resources it takes maximizing your site to take advantage of that “happy accident”, right?

But this can be a VERY tedious process. Because until you get a LOT of traffic from a certain keyword or phrase, it can be extremely hard to measure whether it’s a VALUABLE one…

Just because someone FINDS you doesn’t guarantee they will BUY from you. So you have to do this frequently – mine the stats, get the keywords, optimize the site, over and over.

On what’s essentially a gamble. And it DOES PAY OFF enough to make it worthwhile. But it’s typically WAY more work than most of us can afford to do ourselves when we’re starting out.

And it’s typically WAY more work than we can afford to do ourselves when we’re finally making progress – both cases have us busy focusing on other, more important things.

Often the ONLY SEO practitioners who take advantage of this hidden goldmine of goodness are HUGE sites that have staff or outsourcers to throw at the tedious tasks involved.

For the BIG guys, this is just a little extra butter on the toast. But if a SMALLER guys could capitalize on this opportunity… they could BECOME one of the BIG guys. FAST.

If that’s a diagnosis that fits you, this awesome FREE WordPress plugin I want to tell you about is JUST what the Doctor ordered!

I have been quietly building a reputation as a top-notch SEO educator and coach and trying very hard to communicate only the best and pragmatic approaches to free organic traffic – and this is even more dramatic and REAL because of my true rags-to-riches SEO success story!

Now, in order to better share my SEO powers with the world, I’m releasing this plugin called – you guessed it – SEO Power!

It’s like having your own SEO person on staff, working 24-7!

Not only will it AUTOMATICALLY mine your site logs for incidental keywords that bring you visitors from Google, but it will AUTOMATICALLY tag ALL content on your site for you!

Plus, it’s got handy stats that show you where you ranked for that word when the tag was first created, AND where you are NOW, climbing higher and higher… yeah, you guessed it: AUTOMATICALLY!

This is a TRUE no-brainer. It WILL improve your SEO, just by plugging it in and turning it on. You just keep on doing what you were already doing!

(But I’ll tell you a secret: if you use this as part of a deliberate, ongoing SEO strategy, you won’t BELIEVE how quickly you start DOMINATING GOOGLE with not just top ranks…

… but with MULTIPLE listings! SHHH!)

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  1. I love this plugin. So many internet searches are unique or very low volume. If add these together though they can add up to something meaningful. Even better if they are buying keywords. I love that your plugin just adds these as tags. Stealth seo.

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