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Google’s SEO Blackhole – And What To Do About It!

You know what a blackhole is, right? Sucks everything in with a force so powerful. And, once you are inside, you cannot leave. The gravitational pull is so strong that you are trapped inside. Even a rocket blast will not get you out.

Google is doing just that. The term ‘Blackhole SEO’ first was coined by the writers at SEOBlackhat and it refers to massive websites that get an enormous amount of links coming in, but they offer nothing going out…except perhaps a ‘nofollow’ attribution link.  In fact, the only ‘dofollow’ link juice they pass around is the massive ‘internal linking’ structure that these websites have. We have seen the Blackhole SEO strategy played out with sites like Wikipedia and the New York Times. And what results do these sites have in the search engines? Well, it is obvious. search for almost any key phrase (ie, internet marketing), and wikipedia most likely is one of the top results.

Google has been busy lately.

Matt Cutts, Google’s chief engineer, stated only two weeks ago that Google has done a huge algorithm shift:

…in the last day or so we launched a pretty big algorithmic improvement to our ranking—a change that noticeably impacts 11.8% of our queries—and we wanted to let people know what’s going on. This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.1

In other words, they only want unique content and websites that offer value, not spam blogs and copied content. The really don’t like it when webmasters try to artificially boost their ranking in the serps using spam blog farms or forums, or using copied content.

But, is not Google artificially boosting their own Youtube rankings in the serps? Isn’t it interesting that Google is in fact creating a massive seo blackhole with themselves as the sole beneficiary. With today’s GOOG last trade on NASDAQ at $609 USD a share, when will it ever end….

I’ve never seen nor read anyone talk about this, but they are.

Let me explain…

1. The two largest search engines in the world are and The two of these crush any other competitor. Bing, Yahoo, Ask, do not even come close to the volume of business these two search engines do.

2. Google and Youtube are tied to the hip in the search engines. Do any universal search, and what videos are prominently displayed? Youtube videos. Do a video search, and what videos do you see? 80% are Youtube videos.

3. Google has monetized Youtube with adsense, CTA Overlay Ads, pay per view videos using Google checkout, sponsored videos, Youtube partner program, etc…. When I visit the home page, I wonder what the cost is for that huge banner ad on top. It must cost someone a small fortune….almost as much as a 30 second Superbowl TV ad.

4. Google is shareholder money hungry, and they have the monetizing incentive to put their own Youtube videos in the universal and video serps more than other video sharing sites. In other words, they are greedy or smart – probably both.

How has Google been able to do this? is using’s huge seo blackhole to dominate their very own

This is how it works. Just like Wikipedia or the NT Times website, Youtube does the very same thing, but it is more hardcore…and it is monetized like crazy.

  • Youtube offers embed code on all their videos. Do you realize how many websites and web 2.0 properties have a Youtube embed code on them? Millions! This counts as a backlink to Youtube.
  • SEO people will backlink to their Youtube videos, or Youtube RSS Feed on external websites to boost their video rankings in the serps. This again is more backlinks to Youtube.
  • Youtube videos, and Youtube links, are all across the internet…everywhere. Even on (a pagerank 10 site).

Okay, now watch this…

Youtube takes all this pagerank passed to them from other websites, and what do they do with it? They keep it. They tell seo experts not to over do it with ‘no follow’ attributes on their websites, but then if you go to, you will see that every link going out is a ‘no follow,’ except one – they offer a ‘dofollow on your channel page for your Website URL…and it is a raw url link.

One raw link they give you back. Big diddly squat!

This is where it gets interesting…and this truly IS Youtube’s seo power:

Youtube’s SEO Internal Linking Is Powered By Its User Generated ‘Buzz’ System And It Is Woven Together By A Social Community Platform

We would be wise to follow their example on our sites….

Whenever you subscribe to a channel, make a comment on a video or channel page, accept a friend request, create a playlist, add modules to your channel (Other Channels, Subscribers, Friends, Subscriptions), you are creating a massive internal linking powerhouse for Youtube.

How does this work? All internal links on Youtube are ‘dofollow’ links, and channel usernames are ‘dofollow.’ This basically means that pagerank freely flows within Youtube’s internal linking website. The following are some of the ‘dofollow’ links:

  • Channel Titles
  • Video Titles
  • Channel Usernames
  • Playlist Titles

All of them are dofollow and pass pagerank.

A case in point…. As an example let me use Lady Gaga’s Official Youtube Channel.

As of today, her Youtube channel has these characteristics:

  • Pagerank – 7
  • Subscribers – 416,200
  • Friends – 52,600
  • Comments – 89,900
  • Total Uploaded Videos – 24
  • Total Video Views – 135 million views (wow)

So, her channel alone has 500,000 internal links, and if we factor in her 24 videos pages and look at all the comments on those video pages, as well as Subscriptions on people’s channel who have subscribed to her, we can probably add another 400k. Plus, on each video, she has thousands of Likes, and Favorites.

This Is Where The Magic Happens: We Use Google’s Own SEO Blackhole To Our Advantage

When you massively do some internal linking on your Youtube channel and videos (subscribing, friend request, commenting), and there is activity happening, your Channel and video pages will get Pagerank fairly quickly. Every time you add a new video to your Channel list, your video will be in the top of the search engines, both Google’s and Youtube’s search engine, because your channel has authority in Google’s eyes. If you do a video or channel and title it “iphone g3 accessories” and the do some powerful internal linking and creating Youtube activity, when you make a new posting on your channel with a new video and keywork, your video (with title) will be high in the serps.

Okay, this is where I self promote. Hey, it’s my blog….I can do whatever I want..right?

Tube Fool Youtube Marketing Software which I created with my genius marketing partner Alex Goad will automatically scrap hundreds of thousands of Youtube users and videos, and then will do internal linking for you with mass subscribing, friend requests, commenting, video sharing, etc… This will bring you a ton of activity to your channel and videos. The more Youtube activity, the more Google authority. Your channel and videos will become a SEO powerhouse that takes advantage of Google’s seo blackhole . When you upload a new video to Youtube with a keyword title you want to rank for, your videos will be high in the serps because of your Youtube authority. And high in the serps means high clicks and traffic.

Where else can you get thousands and thousands of backlinks for free, and on autopilot? Tube Groove will do that for you.

For a Detailed Demonstration of Tube Fool Click Here

Okay, so tell me what you think. Please make a comment. I read them all.

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  1. It definitely works, Mark. I’ve got a channel
    for a niche with over 19,000 friends, close to
    1,000 subscribers, and it generates 5-10 leads
    every day with Tube Fool.

    I did not realize that the SEO benefits were
    that major though. Killer content man.

  2. Is this the same software that you give-a-way during a previous launch. I have it on my hard drive. Does the free version still work or what? Or do I now have to pay for it. What is the deal. I agree with you post about

    • @ Greg – We gave the beta away last November for a few days. Youtube, and Tube Fool, has had changes. The friend request probably does not work on that beta as youtube has made changes. Take a look at the tutorials at and you’ll be able to see all the features now, which is the paid version.

  3. I’ve considered TubeFool but not taken action so far. Your logic just blows me away! So it’s time to jump into this massive SEO vortex and grab some of that power for my own.

  4. Mark, I have been doing this for years, not to mention that I have been telling them for that long too..ahaha Now with the latest PageRank update my channel went from 0 to 6 overnight, now the videos I release now all rise to the top of the results, even though I only have a few views, compared to someone who has say 2,500, all because I have a PR I have done the same for a number of other clients, and now they are seeing the benefits too.

    Now, on the TubeFool front, this is killer software, I have grown my channel to over 3,600 pretty exciting, as well as other clients now have over 8,000 views on their videos, and have made a number of sales from them now. 😉

  5. Hi Mark,
    Hands down, Tube Fool is the best SEO tool as far as effectiveness, value and back end support. Not content to rest on its laurels either, there have been half a dozen or more significant updates in the three or so months Tube Fool has been released. For proof that it works, do a YouTube search for “small business seo.” Thanks for making me a hero with my clients.

  6. Google is a self perpetuating advertising machine without a doubt, and, at some stage will no doubt become subject to Monopoly investigation. However, what are the competition doing, they are capitulating, they use Google information, they assist Google by not researching and introducing new search methods, they fail to capture the imagination of the public.

    Google maps was a genius move, you want a route, use Google, you want people to know where your company is, use Google, buying a house, looking for a Museum, GPS on your phone, all Google maps.
    Then they have Adsense, Analytics, Keyword Search, Google Translate, YouTube, Android phones, Google talk, all of which promote Google, and the competition just sit back and watch.

    The only way to beat Google, is to use Google, find the ways they work as you describe above then use it to your advantage. Put your details on Google Maps, get your site on Google Android, Get the links from You Tube, connect to other YouTube channels because that is easier than trying to generate links from other websites. Use their own system to work against them, because they use to their own advantage wherever possible.

    Thanks for the write up, look forward to reading more.


  7. Dr. Marika Zoll

    So Mark, I always appreciate what you say. I feel that you are the “authority” and there is no BS, so I am listening, hard! But I am confused, because I am using your GoogleVideoSitemap pluggin which forgoes using my videos from youtube and I instead take them from my own hard drive. Am I mistaken, or would I benefit from instead taking them straight from youtube? I have several sites that are climbing fast. I hate article marketing. I want to know about this. So you can be sure I am going now straight to the link about the Tube Fool. If you want to set me straight about GVS then please do. I admit, I am a newbie. I will listen to whatever you tell me to do. Thanks. I do like the way you explain things.

    Dr. Marika Zoll

  8. Hi Mark
    You are the man!

    Soon I will be taking tubefool for a big spin
    Phil Tozer
    Twitter philtozer

  9. Eric : Manila Blog

    Honestly, I haven’ tried YouTube for my SEO task.

  10. Mark,
    Excellent post.
    I thought the term Blackhole seo was coined by Eli from BlueHatSeo. Anyway, I knew about wikipedia, but your post was an eye opener about Youtube.
    Also this is a perfect example of how to promote a product. Provide highly useful information on a common problem and offer a solution in the end.
    Very well done.


  11. Just a typo – “automatically scrap hundreds of thousands ..” you mean “automatically scrape hundreds of thousands …” right?

  12. thanks for aware about Backhole SEO.

  13. What niches work on youtube? Youtube is mostly an entertainment platform and getting page rank is good but acquiring customers from youtube is another thing. I know that makeup lady gets a lot of traffic but heck I am in the make money niche and that is a challenge with YOUtube.

  14. Google is a real B!TCH. I think I am gonna concentrate on my youtube campaign more… 🙂

  15. Mark,

    I am torn. I am thinking of getting your Video Sitemap Plugin since I have a lot of videos on my main fitness blog using EVP 2.0.

    Any reason I should go for both?


  16. Hey Mark,

    I have been using Tube Fool since the inception of Dominating Video and see some amazing results with it. I have over 1000 friends, tons of subscribers and getting some really high views on both my channel and videos. I normally did this manually and now can’t live without Tube Fool. You have created a very valuable tool, well worth five times what you charge for it. Armed with a tool like this anyone can take advantages of the opportunities laid out in this post.

  17. Wow I’ve never thought about this, and you’re exactly right. Mind = Blown…

  18. I had read about this shift in google results and am interested to see how this might effect my search engine rankings.

  19. Great post, but how safe is to use this Tube Fool tool? Does anyone has some experience using it?

  20. WWOOW. your article blew my mind. I love my alexa toolbar. I need your product and I really need to get on youtube in a major way


  21. What a great write up on YouTube’s black hole. They really gather links. I’m a little unclear how this software helps in SEO of a site other than in building your YouTube channel out. I guess that is the point.

  22. I knew Google and Youtube were doing something but I never knew what until now. Thanks Mark you really helped me open my eyes to what is actually going on and how I can improve all my rankings.

  23. HowToLiveHappily

    Thanks Mark! You never fail to amaze me.

    Can’t wait to watch the Tube Fool presentation …

  24. Consider this: You want enter a niche without a list, without content, just zip. But you do have Tubefool. You do research if the niche you are looking for is a niche on YouTube too (not always the case!). Say it is.

    TubeFool let’s you gather, within few hours, an enormous list of prospects / like-minded people and contact them (subscribe, comment, video share). All on auto pilot!

    It let’s you gather video content to rehash.

    With TubeFool you save time and make more money. Mark has done a wonderful job here. I’ve been with him since Google Video Sitemap and where he has taken it from there is simply amazing. I have never seen any other tool for YouTube even come close to this.

    If you use a software that gets your YouTube account banned (yes, it happened to me 1 time), you know instantly that YouTube recognized it’s power. It proves it’s power. Use it wisely and responsibly, with a solid strategy (my 2011 word) and become an authority in your niche in no time.

    Strategy is what will seperate the men from the boys in 2011. For that, TubeFool is highly recommended.

  25. Hi Mark
    Think I’m an outside runner but working to catch up, as usual your posts are both interesting and logical….ah but you gotta love the science eh?

  26. Ettienne van Staden

    That is so true, there are so many duplicate and “cut and paste” sites out there and people do not realize how bad it is to own such a site and believe you will make money, original content wins every time.

    Good post

  27. This is an eye-opener for me as well. I haven’t done much with Youtube and video marketing, but this should give me a push. I have the tubefool beta version when it was given away, but hadn’t touched it after a couple of times before. If some of the features don’t work anymore as you say, I may have to check out the paid version. Thanks for the article.

  28. I don’t really have a problem with Google fudging the numbers in their favor. It’s their business and their right to do so. Business-wise it’s a perfectly legit thing to do. They made no promises whatsoever about the search results they offer. The question becomes, is it a wise-business move for them to do so. I say no. If users get tired of Google’s stacked deck search results they’ll become open to other alternatives. There are many players nipping at their heels, eventually one might find an advantage and take it.

    Google’s a proud company. Pride comes before the fall.

  29. This does sound very interesting. Why would you let anyone know about it, much less the whole world?

  30. Richard Charlton

    Hi Mark

    I got the old free version of tubefool and am probably going to upgrade to the new version as soon as I have finished creating some more vds on one of my new sites that has a big existing market with many vids in youtube already.

  31. great info Mark. I knew the potential with YouTube but never realized the credibility and SERP success it brought. I think it’s a great way for certain niches but what about those that provide web services as opposed to products? I think this benefits certain types of companies more than others.

    I would love to sit down with a script and make videos pertaining to my business but finding the time and resources to do so is another matter.

    And regarding the Google business practices it’s really no different than any other big time company. Think Microsoft and the IE inside the OS debate a few years back. People were crying saying MS had an unfair advantage in the browser market.

    If you have the money, power and are a leader in your industry you can pretty much do what you want. Google is no different.

  32. young drivers car insurance

    Thanks for sharing another great method. I have several of your products and you always suggest new ideas for getting more results.

  33. Mark, as a DV member I believe I have learned more from you than just about any online marketing pro out there – particularly regarding video creation, marketing and SEO. Thank you for the up-to-date and highly informative blog post. It’s always a chess match with Google, isn’t it? Full speed ahead with TubeFool.

  34. Related question – How do I stop leaking my page rank to YouTube if I have embedded videos in my blog? Reading your excellent post up there I just realized I am giving my PR back to YouTube, something I loath to do. Looking around the web it appears that javascript links are now follow by Googlebot. Without resorting to some unsavory method is there a way to embed videos on to a site that Googlebot cannot parse?

    My site was demolished by the Farmer Update. Of course I don’t know why really since Google did not see fit to tell me how I became a content farmer over night. One possibility that came to mind reading through your post was that I have a bunch of videos embed.

  35. Is this an alarm for VTool? I hope not. That is one of the best tool I ever used.

  36. Truman Anderson

    Very interesting, Mark…

  37. Youtube leads never convert well for me. prove to me they do then maybe I’ll consider

  38. Our team has really been working on maximizing our SEO performance. A few of us have dipped into YouTube…some more than others. I’ve been reluctant but know this is something I’ve GOT to get on my site,, ASAP. Great article!: )

  39. I have never heard one person explain link juice with youtube before……this is amazing stuff…….well done.

  40. That is definitely something good to take advantage of. 🙂

    However, with regards to the SEO black hole phenomena, previously Google stated that no-follow links now don’t help to retain link juice. The link power that would have been retained now just disappears into thin air.

    So, there’s really not a big difference as to whether the link would be do-follow or no-follow for YouTube, except that no link juice gets out and you don’t get to benefit from it…

  41. This is a good light into the unrealized Blackhole phenomenon.
    I realise that during health search there are few websites that dominate each and every keyword making it impossible to any new or even unique blogs to get good traffic.
    Wikipedia,emedicine,wrongdiagnosis,patientcouk etc
    Are they all using the seo blackhole technique ?
    I know they are good content sites but still do they use this method?

    Medchrome last blogpostAcne : a common teenage problem

  42. So isn’t this another reason Google should be investigated by antimonopolists federal agents?

  43. Great article! But does it mean that there is no hope for the small internet marketing folks!

  44. Hi Make,
    Quite interesting analysis there. I was not aware of the youtube/google dance you described. It makes a lot of sense. Also I heard about your tubefool software but haven’t really given it a try yet. I will buy a copy and test it out. Any discount codes for me? Thanks man.

    • @ Mike – Tube Fool is discounted already at its current price. You’re getting a 50k+ software tool for what the price is today.

  45. Hi Mark,
    It is terrific but it doesn’t beat free gas and food. Two things we all need everysingle day!!. Thanks Sara

  46. Small Business Internet Marketing

    Mark, thanks for a thought provoking post that not only drew attention to Google’s exploitive tactics but shows effective ways for the website owner to benefit his business. I’m an avid user of your GVS product and find it very valuable. Thanks for your work as a marketer…


  47. Wow
    I have to admit to using at least to some degree most other marketing/seo channels on the net, but I don’t really use video.
    Your post has really opened my eyes to something that I have thought about in the past but never done anything with.
    Now on my list of things to do.

  48. Your right, Google is a clever giant on the web and prefer to their own befits,

    they focus just on revenue

  49. BV Cures - Mafer

    GREAT POST Mark!!! as always.

  50. Well, what can you do… I hate G sometimes, but I love and respect them most of the time. They provide great services, and let you monetize of their monetization, from which they monetize from you again. It’s brilliant!
    But who knows what the “New Kids in the Garage” is up to? Ten years from now everything might be very different…
    Personally I think Google will maintain it’s role as a major player on the internet for a long time into the future.

  51. Having used Tube Fool for not yet a month, I am amazed what it gets done mainly in the background down at the bottom of my computer. Anyone who doesn’t try out this software is just a “Plain Fool”

  52. Greenville Computer Repair

    Great Article! I had no idea how Google was using its own internet properties to build a powerhouse behind it’s brands.

  53. OK,youtube is much more promotional tool than fun tool

  54. What a brilliant article with lots of useful and excellent informations.

    I like the expert knowledge about the linking structure of Google and Youtube. But I like most the proposition of how we can use it for our advantages. And I appreciate that there is an easy solution presented called “Tube Fool” to get all these wonderful results in a short time.

    I would like to let it run on my computer, but gues what?

    My country put it on the black list. So I have to emigrate first before I can use it.

    Sounds stuid?

    It is stupid.

    It’s Germany

    Happy marketing

  55. iPhone app design

    That’s the first time I have heard about seo blackholes, but I just didn’t know how it is called, but I saw them in the Net. And it was very interesting to fing out more about the relations between Google and Youtube.

  56. I came here from V7n forum.
    I just heard about back hole.
    here i got full information about it.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

  57. Jarod Billingslea

    I gotta admit. This is SMART. lol.

  58. Interesting stuff Mark. And calling it blackhole seo pretty much sums it up. I’ll have to re-work the video strategy now.

  59. Your post clearly explains what SEO Blackhole is all about. Nice article. 🙂

  60. Hmmm.Very Interesting stuff.
    I’ve been looking at Tube Fool over the couple of months and never realized the significance of what it can used for since I’ve never made a video due to the slow connection speed within the region I live.
    It would take forever to upload.

  61. This is a very interesting article. I only wish that the exact functions of the new Google algorithm were made available to the public. It is difficult to understand why some websites are being effected positively while others are being effected very negatively in the search rankings. When the information is just not accessible enough for people to make strong determinations of understanding. But thank you for your interpretation on the matter. It has clarified a many of things for me.

  62. Wonderful article Mark, and an eye-opener.

    Part of me loves Google, because of the services they offer and the way they always put their advertisers first, from a business point of view they are so professional.
    The other part of me hates their double standards, secrecy and algo changes that can ruin a site overnight.

    They have just got too big and powerful and are probably seen by governments as unofficial guardians of the internet and it is unlikely to change now, despite the fact they are almost a monopoly.

    I blame it all on Yahoo, they had the opportunity to at least a 50/50 split with Google, an messed it up with, adverts and crap all over your pages, and more email spam than you can shake a stick at, no wonder people switched over to G, it strikes me they have suffered poor management in the past that they cannot recover from.

    Anyway your article here is really interesting, and it is something I must look at in the future because I am aware YT gets millions of hits a day, even a crappy video cannot really fail (I am sure mine would fall in this class) I will be sure to follow the above seo advice above as I’m sure used properly, YT is a great medium.

    Anna recently posted about natural acne treatments

  63. computer engineering jobs

    Normally I don’t read post on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very great article.

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