Monday , January 18 2021
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Google Video Sitemap

With more than 2 years of coding, improvements, and upgrades, the premier Google Video Sitemap (GVS) wordpress plugin has just gone through what is probably the best upgrade and version thus far with GVS Version 2.29. Not only has there been an overall logic improvement for detecting videos, but also some cool added supports (see video below).

GVS 2.29 and above Upgrade – Watch My Google Video Sitemap Training Video  (popup window)

In the last few months there has been major shifts in the search engines, and particularly with regards to video, seo, and mobile (and wordpress and youtube both doing upgrades). To bring added supports in the midst of all these video seo changes, I just uploaded GVS version 2.29 (now at ver. 2.30) to the members area for customers.

As my video suggests, the added supports and improvements include premium players: The Traffic Player, Easy Video Player, and the free JW Player for WordPress – Flash and HTML.

It just rocks…! It continues to be leaps ahead of any other video sitemap generator on the market. I have never been so pleased. And when combined with my very own HTML5 compliant Traffic Player, and any of the other supported video players, it is very powerful force.

Google Video Sitemap Review
Keyword: "Google Video Sitemap Review"

In addition to being a great way to get increased exposure and traffic to your pages and posts, with the use of certain techniques, you can now get double and triple thumbnail listings. 🙂

How is your video seo? Please tell me. Make a comment below. I read them all.


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  1. Hi Mark,

    thanks for that great plugin.

    Are there any case studies of how well customers did with the Google Video Sitemap plugin?


  2. Hay Mark, I’ve only recentlr heard of this Google Video Sitemap, hense how I found you. I guess its an essential tool these days and thanks for the great share. P.s love you site, great info.

  3. Google Video Sitemap? Haven’t heard anything about it until I read this post. Thanks for this great plugin. Might as well try in my future video postings.


  4. Hi Mark,

    I use your video sitemap and I can recommend it for everyone who uses videos and wants to improve SEO. I will test new version. Thanks!

  5. wow this solved my biggest problem.. I was finding a solution of google video site map, and this one is the best one, Thankss

  6. Hi Mark,
    I’m wondering, if there any plugins (the same) but for Joomla CMS.
    Thanks an advance.

  7. Feature requests:

    1. You have made a truly awesome plugin but there are free xml video sitemap plugins out there which are capable of generating images from embedded videos. So I wish you can use those codes in your plugin and add automatic thumbnail generation functionality to your awesome plugin.

    2. When we look at plugins like Google XML sitemap plugins they will automatically generate sitemap as soon as we publish post. So I think it would be better if your plugin can generate video sitemap automatically when ever post is published.

    I hope these two features bring you more customers. Waiting to see these features added in next version of your plugin.

    • @ Hariharakumar – Respectfully, I wish you would know what a Video Sitemap does, and does not do, and what my video sitemap does, before you make comments on my blog. It does both of these. Thank you.

  8. Hey Mark,

    I was wondering if you would be willing to expand on the double/triple listing technique. You can feel free to contact me at my comment email address if you wish. Thanks very much for your time. I know you’re busy!

    – Pat

  9. Impressive post. This is another good plugin that is worth a try.

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