Friday , January 22 2021
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How To Syndicate Your Articles All Over Internet

I don’t know why I haven’t noticed and been doing this up until now, but I sure am now. This is a great tip, especially for all you automation software users.

Individual articles do not have their own specific rss feeds. That is why automation software like SEnuke will not give you an rss feed of your submitted articles to article directory sites.

First of all…let me give you a little sermon on the importance of article writing:

I personally dread writing articles. It is labor intensive, time consuming, and you actually have to “think” about what you want to write. I would rather make a video or audio and just start talking.

However, writing articles is paramount to internet marketing success. Google’s spiders recognizes text, not flash videos. So, why not make the most with our articles.

Now you can syndicate your articles all over the web with this little rss trick

For SEnuke Users Only: If you are using SEnuke to post content to article directory sites, you will notice that if you open up the URL Manager, only social networking sites will give you a rss feed, not an article directory site. This is because your rss feed at article directory sites is at the “username” or “profile name” level, not the individual level. This is a tremendous opportunity for “dofollow” Google juice backlinks to your sites, and traffic. Simply grab the rss feed of your profiles at the article directory sites and submit them to rss aggregators. If you have SEnuke simply get your rss feed from the article site and RSS Nuke it.

If you do not have any automation software, then do this manually with these steps: (yes, it really is worth it)

1. Write a good article.

2. Next, spin your articles so there is no duplicate content – use The Best Spinner – it really is the best!

3. Set up a username and submit your article to these sites:

4. Get the rss feed as shown in the video above, and submit it to the following rss aggregator sites.

There is an added benefit here. Your page views at the article directory sites will increase because of the increase in traffic through the rss feed. Getting your article in the “Most Viewed” section of, for example, will get your article noticed and read by many…which means traffic to your landing pages through the resource link.

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  1. Awesome tip Mark,
    I am visual learner and appreciate the video explaining this.

    Question: Can we use a tool like RSS Bot to submit those feeds, and secondly can we also use a service like RSS mix to combine and mashup all the different feeds from all the article sites into a master feed, and then resubmit that…for extra links?

    • Hi Anthony, thank you for your encouragement.

      Yes, you certainly can use a rss automation tool to submit those feeds. Regarding a mashup using rss mix or yahoo pipes, etc., you can certainly do this. It makes it a lot better submitting. SEnuke has a rss mix generator inside it’s software that will automatically combine all of your feeds into one, and then RSSNuke it.

  2. Do you have a different article directory account for each niche or do you have just one account for all your niches?

    • Hi Louis, when I just started out I put all my different niches into one username, but I don’t do that any more. I recommend having a different username for each niche you are into, even with a pen name if need be. This way, it looks like you are an expert for that one niche, instead of just a pitch person on any topic under the sun.

  3. Thank you Mark, this is great content!

  4. Mark
    You do not waste any time in providing more solid content for us IMers to grab and run with.


  5. Article Submission Services Reviews

    Good tip Mark. I use SENuke, I’ll have to start nuking the RSS feed of my article profiles. Sometimes that little extra step can make all the difference!

  6. Great Tip !
    Just one question, do you need to submit the rss feed of your profile each time you add a new article to that profile ? Or just one time ?

  7. Mark, Thanks for your great blog post here! and the rss aggregator sites.

  8. thanks mark for sharing the tips.

  9. HI, Mark: I just found your site and it is a GEM. You give great info and I really like the videos… they clarify and simplify. The RSS aggregator tip is something I have never done… but that will change today.

    Thanks a million!


  10. Very well said. Honestly I am doing all of these strategies.

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