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Get More Traffic With Your Website Images | Image Search SEO

The web traffic is in the details, and in this case, “image seo” details. Some people use this strategy for an enormous amount every month.

Let me back up a bit and explain. To maximize your free traffic coming from the search engine of Google you will want to be holistic in your SEO plan of approach. Think of the search engines not just from a “text” standpoint, but think vertically:

  • Image Search
  • Video Search
  • Blog Search
  • Mobile Search
  • Book Search
  • Finance
  • Etc

Google now mixes all these vertical search engine results into their “Everything” search result, which is called the “Universal Search.” Most non-Googlers called it ‘blended search.’

In this posting I want to talk about using the Image Search to boost your websites ranking and traffic.

Is Your Website A Good Candidate To Be Ranked High In Image Search?

Bull Dog - Image SEO
See the Universal Search Results Place Images At Top

Before you go to the seo effort, here are indicators that your website is a good candidate and that you should not overlook some highly targeted traffic coming from the Image Search that may appear on the Universal Search:

  • Your website’s uniqueness is its images. They are unique, interesting, and one every page.
  • When I do a search query for the keywords that I target, images show up at the top of the results.
  • The monetization and products that I sell on my website has images.
  • You are into “People Reputation.” If your website has pictures of celebrities, or politicians, then a Image Search will fall into your category.

Warning: If you are an affiliate marketer and all you do is include images that everyone else is using then there is the high probability you are wasting your time doing image seo.

Image Search Optimization

Search engines cannot read images, so in order to rank images the search engines look for clues. The most important clue that the search engines use rank images is text in critical locations that is tied to the image file and that surrounds the picture on the page.

Here are two key image seo strategies to get your images in the rankings:

  1. The best chance of getting an image ranked is to have “each image on its own page.” Do not put multiple images on one page.
  2. Display your image on a page that is optimized for the keywords you want to rank for. If your image is about “dogs,” have your web page optimized for “dogs.”

For top image rankings you need to do the ‘extra’ and include these keyword image optimization strategies:

  • Image File Name – If your photo is an image of Lady Gaga, the filename should be lady-gaga.jpg.
  • Put Keyword Captions Directly Beneath or Above Images – For example, “Lady Gaga is a Youtube superstar for 21st century tubers.”
  • ALT and TITLE Tags – Use both of these. They can be the identical same keyword for both. SEO Image is a great wp plugin to do this for you.
  • Use Keyword Anchor Text Links Pointing To An Image – This is the most un-utilized image seo tactic, but highly effective. Link to an image you want to rank for with the keyword you are going after. Instead of “Click Here For Image,” use “View Lady Gaga In New York.” You can use tools like SENuke X (premium automation) or Rank Builder (solid and does the job) to build some wicked backlinks to sky rocket your results.
  • Write A Description Of The Image On The Same Page – Instead of a caption, write a full description of the image on the page it is on.

As you do your image seo, here are some additional steps to keep in mind:

  • Are your images readable when reduced to a thumbnail? If not, then crop them.
  • Make sure your /images folder is not excluded in your robots.txt file
  • If you do a Image Search and scroll over images in the search results, you will notice that that a descriptive text shows up about that image. It can be the filename, the HTML Title, or text near the image. If you currently have images in Google’s Image Search, review these images and make the descriptive text compelling. Do a search on Review your images and determine how they can be improved.

So, how are your images? Are you maximizing your images? Come On. Confess Up!

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  1. Thanks Mark for some great tips there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I optimize my images fairly well, but I learned a thing or two too! Will keep these tips in mind for an image SEO campaign. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. great info, knowledge type, where i can find more articles like this ?
    Thanks again..

  3. Hi Mark,

    Now this tip alone made my ears prick up!

    “Warning: If you are an affiliate marketer and all you do is include images that everyone else is using then there is the high probability you are wasting your time doing image seo.”

    I suppose it is really just a bit of common sense. And break away from all the noise and busy crowds.



  4. Ivan's The blogger

    that is great idea mark. A few of my blog images has go through the top with the certain keyword.

  5. Thanks Mark
    Great Information again, sometimes it is a while between emails that we receive from you but every one is worth opening unlike the other crap I receive, I was only paying attention to Alt & Title tags on my images but I will now explore further,

  6. Linking to the image is a cool idea. By the way, I am not so sure google does not know how to understand images. Picasa recognizes faces at this point right? Also, I have seen demos where your smartphone takes a picture of a landmark and can explain what it is

  7. Hi,
    I have been wondering how to rank for images. Thanks for the SEO plugin you pointed out.
    But if I am in IM affiliate marketing, how do we use images for boosting our sales?


  8. Interesting points and I did install the “SEO Image” plugin. I already fill in the Alt tags, file name and Image title with my keywords but I almost never filling in the description. You are correct some of my sites even the newer ones get traffic from the images alone.

    I was curious though how Rankbuilder can help my image SEO. It’s a article blog network isn’t it?

    • @ Get Web Traffic – SENuke and Rank Builder are desktop applications that automatically submit articles, bookmark, add RSS feeds, etc., all over the internet. In your articles you can have backlinks ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Good post Mark-I think I read somewhere that there is an XML site map plug in for images this the case?
    I get a crapload of traffic from images but I put more than 1 in each post-generally 2 or 3 but with the same key phrase(with 1 slight difference like a no. at the end eg.big-red-boots.jpg, big-red-boots1.jpg etc.)

  10. Hi Mark, this is great!
    I was just checking around on and saw lots of very competitive terms that it looked like it was a lot easier to optimize for that term in image search than in most other areas. It looks like the top ranking ones have good backlinks (hello Senukex) but some are nothing compared to standard โ€œwebโ€ category searches. Great tips!

  11. Thank you Mark for great tips!

    I have few sites with images alt & title optimization but never used appropriates names of images files.

    Now I’ll use your recommendations.


  12. Nice Mark thanks. I certainly did not know about the single image per page. Great tip. Would the same apply to portfolio pages with multiple images?

  13. Mark ~ Value packed as always! Thanks!

  14. Thanks for the info Mark. Even when I use stock photos I try to alter the image so it is unique – resize, mirror etc.

  15. David Sparkowich

    You said that if we use images already being used by other people, that it is a waste of time. Does this mean to do effective image seo, one must take their own photos or pay someone the big bucks to do it?? I really like your article but was not clear on that one point you made.

  16. Wow, awesome post Mark!

    Image optimization is something I’ve been working on over the past few days, so this has really appeared at the right time, haha.

    Will be implementing the stuff I’ve been missing right away.

    Thanks again!
    – James.

  17. Hey Mark, great post.

    I do local and I always rock the images for SEO. You get local meta data into your images too. Use jpegs to do it. Click on properties and then edit the info about the images. Or an easier way is upload to picassa and enter all your location and then download to your computer and add to your site. now you image will tell the serp’s where it’ from. another cool thing you can do is leverage microworkers or mturk to trigger images into the serps. hire some mturkers to search a term then click on image then click on your image, it can start to trigger google to display images in the everything search results. and take it step further to watermark and maybe even make a call to action or offer in your image(s). images & video are often much easier to SEO over regular content.

  18. Hi Mark, Great information as always, I just downloaded
    SEO Friendly Images(Compatible up to: 3.0.5 |Last Updated: 2010-10-20).
    Any idea about the frequency of the updates of this plugin. If it is not too much, it will be nice if you could incorporate this to your video plugin without having a code bloat.

  19. This will make a few of us think again about images and their value, thanks for sharing this with us Tony

  20. Mark:

    You info. is much appreciated. Is there anyway you can do a video illustrating the steps one can take to accomplish this objective? I learn best via example-a picture is worth a thousand words.



  21. Digital Bionic Hearing Aid

    Well one can always learn. I have never understood this before. When I see images showing in my searches, I have always wondered how come those images there? I plan to use this strategy and see what happens. I have also bookmarked this page to come back later in order to reference it from time to time anytime I put up another post on my blogs.

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Lose Weight Fast


    Thanks so much for the info. Personally I upload the images using the add image in wordpress post. Do you mean to say that we have to ftp the image instead? Pls clarify.


  23. I realized this past Christmas how easy it was to get traffic if you SEO images properly. I have a few Christmas sites that got a lot of traffic due to images of Christmas items being SEO’d properly.

  24. This is the only place I like to repeat myself again and again and never regret: Thanks for the awesome tips, the valuable information and thanks for sharing them with us.

    Google and our site can become a love story but we need the right information for that. And these postings really sound always like a manual for a perfect relationship between our site and Google.

    Google likes pics like everyboy does. And when we put some appealing on our pages we may be on the top of Google. Some of mine are there because I’ve got the right information.

    Thank you for spoiling us rotten, I enjoy it over and over again


  25. Pedometer watches

    Hi Mark, thanks for a really interesting post.

  26. domain buying black belt

    Cool stuff Mark!!! I have been looking with great interest around image SEO myself. It seems to be a great way to also grab traffic but as you mentioned – if your image is unique enough etc.

    Thanks for the info. There seems to be a library of good stuff on your blog, keep the good work coming mate!

  27. Pictures are important in bringing traffic to your site. But It’s hard to look for a catchy photos. Thanks for your tips Mark! Your blogs are all very helpful.

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