Sunday , February 28 2021
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Increase Quality Score With Footer Links

Google is currently reviewing many new adwords campaigns, including your landing pages.

I recently added a number of “compliance” and “cover your butt” footer links of some sites of mine. One in particular was a site I use for one of my adwords campaigns. By placing these links on my site my quality score greatly increased.

If Google Adwords likes these footer links in your landing pages, you can bet that the big “G” also likes them in your webpages for the organic listings too, especially if you have affiliate offers on your site.

This is an important element to your website/blog whether you are looking for a higher ranking in the SERP’s or wanting a higher quality score for your adword campaigns.

Additionally, these pages also will protect you against any DCMA complaints, and will keep your lawyer happy :).

Add these pages, with links in your footer for more seo and quality score power:

–>> Footer Links Download Zip File

  • TOS (terms of service)
  • DMCA Notice
  • Privacy Policy
  • Anti-Spam Policy
  • External Links Policy
  • Contact Us
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Terms And Conditions

Simply copy and paste, and don’t forget to use the Edit>Replace feature in Notepad to replace my domain/product with your own in the text documents.

–>> Footer Links Download Zip File

Yours in knowledge,


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  1. Thanks Mark, you always put out quality stuff that people can put to good use.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Just want I needed, much appreciated.

  3. Great post Mark.
    Thanks for the up-to-date info.
    I will now be adding a couple of extra pages to my sites.



  4. This is really useful. Google loves this so why not work with them when you can.

  5. Thanks for the heads up Mark..

  6. Article Submission Services

    Good tip! It’ll be interesting to see how this affects organic listings.

  7. Thanks a lot . i like it, ii downloaded it and now all i have to do is add them in. I figure any little bit of juice can help improve my income goals so thanks again. I will let you know if it helps

  8. Not only is this a great tip, but thank you so much for sharing the content. I never would have thought of some of those links. The “about us” and “privacy policy” are no brainers, but the “dmca notice” and external links pages. We have to keep our backsides covered these day. Thanks so much.

  9. Mark,
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  10. Very useful download – just wonder if there are any plans to make it as a WordPress plugin.

  11. Mark
    Thanks again for the quality information. Every thing I can do to improve the way my sites look to Google can only be better. I always look forward to your emails.

  12. Thanks, Mark, for the timely quality info you pass along! I’ve been wondering (I don’t have a lawyer) if I’m fulfilling all the new requirements. Di

  13. I have been looking everywhere for a “keep big G happy” do it all
    footer. Again with the great free stuff Mark. The most valuable being your knowledge. many thanks

  14. THIS IS WHY I LOVE VISITING YOUR SITE……..Always over the top material to keep us safe and profitable……

    Thank you very much Mark!!!

    your fellow hockey fan,

  15. This is great ! I have been looking for this, even thought of buying some generator that is being offered to create this type of pages. I didn’t expect to get them for free ! Thank you very much.

  16. Hi Mark

    Awesome info! Really appreciate your wisdom mate.

    Quick question – do we have to worry about duplicate content (copying your same content onto our own money sites) and should these pages have ‘noindex” in the source or will that affect this working properly?

    Cheers dude 🙂

    • Good question Antony. If you view my source code, you will see that I added the “rel=nofollow” attribute to each footer link. I would not worry about duplicant content, but you want to be preserving the link juice on your home page to more worthy links that you want ranking for. My adding the “nofollow” attribute, pagerank will not pass from the home page to the footer link page.

  17. Awesome content mark. Though I believe google has officially pulled the plug on the “nofollow” attribute and now ignores it because too many people were abusing it. Or so I heard a while back…

    • Thanks Dima. There are a lot of rumours on what Google officially does. Have you come across an official Google source on this?

  18. Great thanks

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