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Is Google All Washed Up?

Is Google all washed up? Are they still the number one search engine for traffic, and the top spot for internet marketers?

The answer to these questions has huge ramifications for the internet marketers who make a living online.

We recently saw in the NY Daily News how Facebook recently surpassed Google in the amount of web traffic in the U.S., for an entire week.

There has recently been a big push by big internet marketers to get traffic from sources other than Google’s search engine’s. I can still hear Ryan Deiss in his recent Facebook Ads promotion start off his video salesletter with, “Google Sucks….“.  This was a powerful presentation, and many sales were made by Ryan Deiss.

Here is my professional opinion as a “in the trenches” internet marketer

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, are all second fiddle players in the search engine business for the internet marketer. In fact, they’re not even close to beating out Google.

Do we really think people are going to Twitter Search to find products to purchase? Hardly! These are people looking for information on Paris Hilton or their favorite Twitter hashtag.

Do we really think people are going to Facebook search to find products to purchase? Hardly! People are looking for a old college classmate, ex lover, or social friend. In fact, the business on Facebook is minimal comparatively speaking.

Here are my 3 points of advice for every internet marketer:

1. Internet Marketers whose primary focus is on social media traffic are wasting a lot of time..and time is money in this business.

Social media (ie. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace) is about friendships, networking, and building a community. The social media marketer is ‘relationship’ oriented.

Are you online to build a bunch of relationships and friends, so that you can convert them to customers? In my opinion, this is a shallow based friendship in which you are simply “using” people for your own gains, disguising yourself as a friend, but only wanting to make a buck.

Network marketers focus on building a MLM following, and portray themselves as wanting to build a relationship with you. However, once you give them your hard earned money, you will quickly see just how shallow this relationship really is….unless you are a top producer in their downline.

The internet marketer needs to be ‘transaction‘ oriented, with a robust customer service and support practice. This, in my opinion, is the best model.

The message is this: “This is your need, this is my product and solution to your need, and here is my customer service and support.” The “I want to be your friend….” message given by social media marketers is hogwash and seeks to deceive the masses.

2. Internet marketers whose primary focus is on Google for traffic, leads, and sales, are positioned correctly in their online business.

Let me clarify, Google is the “main player” for search engine traffic. In fact, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc., do not even come close. And social media traffic is super duper non-targeted.

Check out these stats taken from Marketshare Stats:

dominate google

If you look at these stats you can clearly see that Google dominates and presently touts a 86% market share compared to Yahoo, Bing, and others. Ryan Deiss may think that Google sucks, but his motives are suspicious and sales driven.

Do not be fooled by a slick pitch to steer you away from 86% of the traffic market share.

3. Internet Marketers who become a “Google” traffic professional will make a lot of money now, and in the future. Period!

Traffic from Google’s search engine is comprised of two main elements: (1) organic search results, in which you need to learn ‘seo;’ and (2) Google adwords, in which you need to learn pay-per-click.

My advice is this:

I have made oodles of cash focusing on Google’s search engine. In fact, I only use social media and other search engines to raise my website’s authority in Google’s eyes. Why and how I do this is one of the keys to my income success.

There is nothing more rewarding as a internet marketer than seeing your website on the first page of Google and having hordes of buyer traffic clicking on your links.

  • Have you been focusing on social media traffic, only to lose time and money?
  • Has Google lost your internet marketing focus? How come?

Stop listening to social media tribe MLM sales pitches, and focus on Google to sell transaction based product and give awesome customer service and support.

If you have not the Oprah Winfrey personality magnetism about you, then you face an illusionary dream as you buy into MLM hype.

I find it interesting that even the social media MLM stars like Jonathan Budd and Mike Dillard, who focus on selling social media products, will say that their main focus in getting leads is Google’s organic search and adwords. Ironic isn’t it!

Tell me your thought by leaving a comment. I read them all.

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  1. I’m with you Mark.
    Traffic on Facebook is nothing like traffic on Google because Google traffic is SEARCH traffic- they’re looking for something. And in fact, by targeting the right keywords, we can be quite sure that people who find our pages via search are actually looking to buy something, in contrast to Facebook browsers who are looking for people.
    Yeah, money is being made via social media, but Google still rules.

  2. What do you think of a statement I just read that when it comes to traffic Google only represents 20% of existing.

  3. Hey Mark 😉

    I am glad you touched on this topic. It is one a lot can be said about. In truth, the “turn” towards social media traffic took place on a wrong premise that traffic is traffic. Just because a resource is visited a lot that doesn’t, at all, mean that that traffic will ever qualify for sales. Business wise, social traffic is truly secondary to G traffic.

    A sample I can share based on experience…

    Social traffic in adsense geard income model converts a whooping (being sarcastic here) 0.1 % as opposed to search traffic that converse from 0.70 to high 7% (with a hyper quality site).

    Search mentality in acquring a client IS Extremely important.

  4. I am new to the internet marketing business but it seem to me that a targeted buyer is worth a lot more than a “friend” looking. But as I said I`m new.

  5. Useful post Mark… thx. I was involved in MLM for a while and I never fully bought into the whole “building relationships on social media” craze. Thanks for posting great content like this.

  6. Right on the money, Mark!
    Traffic is not where it is… but targeted traffic… people who are looking to BUY!
    I see people in Facebook trying to sell MLM especially and trading on friendship.
    I was so uncomfortable with that that I finally just got out and started my IM business
    which I like very much and having fun with it. not making a lot of $$ yet, but I will.
    No, dont think Google is washed up!

  7. I got that Deiss email. He’s just trying to sell his latest product by denigrating Google.

    I’m sure a lot of newbies will buy into this and Deiss will make a pile of dirty money.

  8. I agree with Mark. You should go to “where the money is” and that’s Google. Since I got involved with IM two years ago, I’ve seen so many successful internet marketers base their success systems on how to give Google what it wants as the best way to succeed online. They don’t focus on Yahoo! or Bing. But Google. That’s not to say there’s not an opportunity with the other two since everybody is focused on Google, making the competitive level high. But right now Google is King.

  9. Nice post Mark – very timely with all the discussion regarding the Facebook “Like” button, and the privacy backlash against Facebook.

    I think that Social Media, as a tool, can be used to increase conversions, and also enhance relationships with existing customers.

    I really like your point about shallow friendships though. That is a reality check…

  10. Hey Mark
    As you know I reletively new to online marketing and have been bombarded with ‘Twitter this’ or ‘see you on Facebook’ I have to say that I skipped your section on Twitter altogether.
    People that are buying anything at all as a result of visiting these sites probably ‘bump into’ the product rather than search for it.
    I can, however see that MLM would have a reasonable presence here though?
    Anyway that is now off my chest!!

  11. Mark,

    there is additional source that can not be neglected:
    and this is Youtube
    Of caurse, secondary to Google.
    Youtube searches are targeted as well. And the number of searches starting on Youtube (I mean skipping Google at all) growing each day.
    For the social networking – I totally agree with all said above


  12. Excellent post, hits the nail on the head with what I was thinking. I’ve not made any money with social media, but like you said use to get better ranking with google and just to ad credibility with potential customers.

    using social media I got a site indexed and PR with google and alexa in 3 weeks obviously 1st page too.

    thanks for the post, it has reinforced my thinking.


  13. Now, after watching Ryan Deiss vidoes, I feel like the Facebook is something worth trying…

    From the other hand, even thought you can target your ads audience in very accurate way, the MOOD of the people on facebook is not the buying mood. On Google they ACTIVELY search for solution, information, product (preferably with credit card in the other hand…), but they are not mentally ready to consume on Facebook

    But from the other perspective, all those thoughts are worthless if the facts show the opposite… So, we just have to test. As marketers, we have to be open-minded and just test…. Not to loose the focus, stick to the main activities, but carefully try additional marketing scenes.


  14. Well If google wasn’t so quick to delete accounts without any explanation and being unable to get any response from their helpdesk there might be a few of us out there that would not be touting the google sucks song. I have tried on several occasions to reopen my account after it was banned for I do not know why not have I been able to find out why and have had no success at all. I can only imagine that Google is only interested in the big accounts and all us newbies can just go elsewhere. If you have any ideas of how to get to use adwords again please let me know. otherwise it is facebook ads which have been working well for me and cell phone ads ppv and other advertising message,. Google sucks as far as I am concerned

  15. Uri - Pay Per Performance SEO

    First of all.. Social Platforms (Facebook Included) would be nowhere without Google as Google USE TO index all there pages. I mean how did they get traffic in the first place..

    That being said, I have seen conversions as high as 7% for some of the campaigns I run for my customers. and NO.. that is not converting a facebook visitor to connect or fill out a form.. It is actual visitor to purchase..

    So it certainly depends on what & how you are using social platforms.

    Facebook, Twitter & Social Bookmarking platforms are great to run contests, build brand & collect a bunch of backlinks for seo purposes… 🙂

    I just wish people would JUST stop reading their emails about the latest & greatest ebooks, tools & programs and just start implementing, testing & optimizing…

    Except your stuff Mark.. 🙂

  16. A sound position well supported.
    Your student, Mark S.

  17. Love Handle Workouts

    All good points Mark.
    I have a question for you as an expert in this IM world.
    Google is known to “change the rules” every now and again. I find it odd, since it both relies on internet marketers and yet treats us like crap in many ways.
    So, how do you go about protecting yourself (your sites) from changes Google makes to the equation? Any good company, knows not to have all their eggs in one basket and unfortunately, with most of us concentrating so hard to succeed with Google, well… all our eggs are basically in one basket. Any ideas?
    By the way – loved the senuke coaching course and I hope you update it with new videos as they improve that product and you identify other techniques.

    • Hi John,

      When you get to the core of Google’s SERP’s, they have not changed the rules at all. The rule has always been, “create unique and quality content, with a well organized navigation site, and you will do well in the SERP’s. As for linking, natural linking is what Google says they want.

      It is when marketers try to manipulate the SERP’s that Google changes things to cut off their tactics.

  18. I agree with you Mark. I read his sales copy and the first thing I thought to myself (after noting that his sales copy was good) was that people do not go to facebook to buy anything. They are there to “chat” so to speak and if anything is going to sell on facebook it will be impulse type items, like they do at the grocery store checkout line, or products related to relationships, like “How to get your “Ex” Back”

  19. So true Mark. I think with the level of competition it is important to optimize and track clicks on adwords and absolutely test, test, test but remain with the Big G. It will be far better to invest a little bit of time tweaking your campaign instead wasting time and money on facebook.

  20. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the great post. After all this social media push a “new report” will be released (oops, rehashed) by all the ‘gurus” — Search is the next big thing! That’s right; forget Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and think search! LOL!

    Search is, has been and always will be the #1 place to put your pages and links. BTW, I read a recent article about FB and how they’re really cracking down on affiliate/cpa advertising. If you’re interested you can check it out here;

  21. Hey Mark,

    It was about time that someone with autority say the
    truth about social media.

    Social media is for relationships, and organic traffic is for

    A friendship is a friendship and a business is a business.
    With this i dont say that everyone should cancell their
    twitter or facebook accounts, but don´t rely on social
    media to bring the majority of traffic to your site.

    This is a great post Mark, really good information.

    Joel Rodriguez

  22. Totally agree with this…

    …and I’ve learned this from experience, it was a semi-painful experience. If it gets me to understanding how sales are made online then it’s worth it!

  23. I also agree Mark. However, if you have noticed Facebook is trying to get more personal information to target their ads. It does appear that they are working on their demographics in order to make Facebook a more profitable advertising model. I am still not sure that will allow Facebook a viable place to make money.

  24. Is Google all washed up?

    Sure. At least in my dreams as a wannabe online marketer or as an opportunity seaker. Because Google is a huge monster and I feel overwhelmed and inferior in comparsion with it.

    And when somebody is out there and tells me: “Google is all washed up” I believe them. Then now when Google’s days are counted I will be able to dominate the web via Twitter, Facebook or whatever and become successful, I mean really successful.

    Sounds great.

    But wait a minute, there is a saying: “Nobody will desceive you more than yourself”.

    When this is true I have to change something. Perhaps I have to change something to the opposite and try it this way.

    So, I’m going to change:

    1. “wannebe online marketer” to “online marketer”
    2. “my dreams” to “reality” and
    3. add a “not” to the Google sentence: “Google is not all washed up”.

    Now I have two nice statemaents, and I think I like both.

    What do you think shall I try both?

  25. Yes your are so right! Google is far from being washed up. When you add the YouTube search and the fact that it is very targeted all the search options would not catch them on a bad day. I must admit I almost fell for the social search as the way to go. But really it is the only the second or third choice for the bulk of my traffic.

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