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Mobile SEO Tips and Google Mobile Traffic

Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming increasingly necessary as website visitors increasingly use mobile devices (including tablets) to visit your sites. In fact, 25% of all search engine traffic comes from mobile devices. The real question is, what should I be doing to increase traffic to my websites for people who are using mobile devices?

Here are 5 Mobile SEO Tips to help you get more free traffic from the search engines.

Tip #1 – Stop Building Mobile Sites

Yep, you heard me right. Not only do users dislike mobile sites, but so do the search engines. Even Larry Page, co-founder of Google, said in a earnings report that he did not like mobile designed websites because they are small and confusing. What is Google’s solution then? Keep your websites just like they are. Avoid adding a Mobile Sitemap unless you are sure your website is only serving mobile device visitors, otherwise desktop users will not see any results. Google, all by itself, transcodes (modifies) your website for mobile viewing.  To ensure the best experience for mobile devices, build your website with a ‘responsive design‘ and follow Google’s recommended best practices for building mobile optimized websites.

Retail searches are normally the only one’s who benefit from a specific mobile site, but even then, all mobile searchers want are Directions and Hours of Operation, a Google survey revealed. Thus, if you do Local SEO for Businesses, and you are setting them up with a mobile site, be cautious. Your customers will be paying you money for less results, which leads to your seo credibility going down the drain.

Tip #2 – Use Video SEO Best Practices To Stand Out From The Crowd

A Video Thumbnail in the search results stands out from the other listings and gets you more clicks. Period. The great news, is that Mobile Video SEO is an extension of regular Video SEO Best Practices for your website.

I have seen some ridiculous products for sale for video seo, including mobile seo.

Want to see another WSO Scam? This guy, no idea who he is, other than his skype id has the name ‘reilly’ in it. Anyways, a few months ago he sold a product called WP Media Sitemap as a Warrior Special Offer Here, and he touted he sold 1400+ using JVZoo as the marketplace. It was being sold as a Mobile Video SEO Sitemap. Even had other warriors giving testimonials. Hmmm…makes me wonder! This is hilarious really. His proof shots on his salespage are search engine screen shots of Youtube videos in the search engines. Hmm….that is funny…Youtube indexes their own videos. Don’t need a video sitemap for that. This guy was making money “selling ice to Eskimo’s.” And, he was touting that his was a ‘mobile video seo sitemap,’ as though a ‘video sitemap’ was not enough. Interestingly, the WSO is closed, and his product is no longer for sale on JVZoo. I guess it doesn’t work! 🙂

The fact is, you do not need a video sitemap for your Youtube videos. And, there is no such thing as a ‘mobile video sitemap’ edition.

To Rank your Self Hosted Videos in Google’s Desktop Search and Mobile Search, you just need a Video Sitemap…NOTHING MORE…NOTHING LESS!

Watch this video for some cool tips on “How To Rank Your Website On Mobile Search”:

Here is some proof of why my Google Video Sitemap continues to be the Number One Video Sitemap WP Plugin on the market. With the click of 1 button, this wp plugin will scan every page and post on your blog for self hosted videos and will create both a videositemap.xml (for Google) and videositemap.rss (for Yahoo and Bing).

These video sitemaps are automatically created with my Google Video Sitemap.

What is more cool, I just added support with the video sitemap and my latest and greatest Covert Player wp plugin.

Here is a screenshot from a Ipad showing one of my posts on this blog with a Video Thumbnail in the search engines.

video seo tips for ipad

Next, here is a iPhone screenshot of the same post from this blog with video thumbnail in the mobile search results. Once again, proof that all you need is my Google Video Sitemap.

Mobile Video Tips

And to get even better, here is proof on the MRSS video sitemap url working in Bing’s search results with Video Thumbnail in search results…

Bing Video SEO Tips

Isn’t that just awesome news! The search engines are doing its job and indexing content for mobile search.

Tip #3 – Take Advantage of Local Business SEO For Mobile Search Results

If you have a local business with a business local, you need to do Local SEO for your website so that customers and prospects can easily find you, and you get prominence in the mobile search engine. Zain Shah wrote an article on the 5 Easy Steps of Local SEO, as well as Jayson DeMers on the Definitive Guide to Local SEO.

Tip #4 – Have Strong On-Page & Off-Page SEO For Your Website

Once again, mobile seo is an extension of regular seo. The same principles apply. Some of the basics are:

  • Canonical URL Structure
  • Easy Navigation (all pages/posts accessible within 2 clicks)
  • Browser Speed is good, and even better, fast. Don’t have a ton of images and flash. Text is better.
  • Unique Content: Do what I do. Text, Video, Images, Social Shares, Comments, all one each page/post for best results.
  • Image SEO with Alternate and Title Tags
  • Video SEO with Google Video Sitemap and Video SEO Best Practice Tips
  • Have a Google Video Sitemap
  • Add Rel Author Google+ Support to your website. Get Free Rel Author WP Plugin Here
  • Social Sharing Backlinks
  • Anchor text backlinks from authority sites, including DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, .Edu and .Gov sites, forums, blogs, and more.
  • See video above for keyword tips. Have main keyword as home page keyword and long tail keyword as inner pages, pointing back to home page. 🙂
  • Visitor Engagement with Commenting
  • This topic can be an entire post all on its own. These are the basics.

Tip #5 – View Your Websites and Videos On Mobile Devices, on Various Browsers, and Bring Support To Them

This sounds really simple, but you’d be surprised how many people do not do this. Test your websites on both Android and Apple Mobile Devices (ipad, iphone, etc.), and on all the browsers: firefox, chrome, opera, etc…

If you are using self hosted videos, and are using a HTML5 player, have both a mp4 and webm video file, as this will cover 99% of all browsers.

So there you have it, some really cool tips on Mobile SEO and how you can get more traffic from those doing searches on their mobile devices.


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  1. Great information, thanks Mark.
    Clears up a heck of a lot of generated confusion on a number of subjects !

  2. Very helpful article for mobile seo.

    Thank You

  3. Dead on, Mark. I think Google now prefers responsive sites over the m. subdomain or .mobi domain approach because it means it’s not necessaryto maintain one search engine devoted to universal search from deskktop devices and a separate one devoted to universal search from mobile devices. As a user – with reading glasses – I hate responsive sites. They’re slow and information-clogged. Even if a multi-column desktop-optimized design is reduced to single column for smartphones, who wants to scroll through an entire site on a tiny screen, particularly when you’re usually only looking for directions, address, or coupons? But the one-site-for-all-devices approach offered by responsive design certainly simplifies SEO, particularly when combines with your products and your approach to SEI. You’re one of the most pragmatic software developers out there. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Stan,

      I personally don’t scroll through any website using my iphone. If I do browse, it is only to look for a location or phone number myself. This is why, for local businesses, they should put their phone number, addresss, and hours of operation, etc, at the top of their sites for easy access. I don’t use my smartphone to do research on topics. Bu that is just me. My eyes are going blind fast enough as it is. On the other hand, I do use my ipad (tablet) to do more reading and research, and for this, responsive sites are great.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Mobile SEO Tips and Google Mobile TrafficMy Profile

  4. Thanks for a very enlightening article! A great step by step guide.

  5. Mark this was an eye opener. A real shocker. I have been buying WSO after WSO and chasing all the shiny object. Buying the tools and “getting ready” to do something. Most of the really cool tools I purchased are mobile site related. It is a service I wanted to offer local businesses. There are some other things I would like to do for local businesses like push notification, virtual presenters, and apps but I thought the mobile site would be my foundation and foot in the door. I have purchased much of your stuff also and highly respect your opinion so when you says do not have a mobile site, it was a shocker to says the least. I would like to buy your Local SEO Crusher and have some real skills to offer local businesses, but I am product rich and money poor. I will have to save up for a few weeks or just keep reading your blog.

  6. Great Post Mark, and a great video. I am glad I have your products regarding video players and the like. Not only are they awesome, but great for display and the like. I now have to go and create the webm files.

    But it’s been a busy year, but I need to get back to my unfinished site, but your demonstrations hit dead on…and I think I have to learn more about canonical urls, I edit the options and what not, but I need more info on that, and will have to look more into it, as I read earlier on a post that if they are weak, they can be attacked…

    Just keep on posting Mark, and I will continue digesting and using your information!

  7. Venkatesh Iyer

    How do you set up a Google Video Sitemap?

  8. Mark, Thank you for this posting. It is succinct and apposite. lt belies many hours of research and experience. I, for one, am grateful for your having taken the time to draft it and be willing to make it publicly available. It has convinced me that I need to change direction. Chris.

  9. Hi Mark:

    I don’t care what topic you write about because one thing I can always count on is for you to say exactly the way it is!

    It’s rare to come across marketers with the level of integrity that you display and possess.

    Great post… very informative, and a real eye opener!



  10. Chukwunonso Nwankpa

    Quite an awesome post. Am running head long to start generating traffic from mobile users now!

  11. Thanks,Mark, for the great post and video here.But I agree with Stan that the responsive sites are more friendly to Search Engine,the mobile websites are more friendly to users. so between these we should optimize the websites for both search engine and the users(viewers) right?

  12. Mark, I appreciate your knowledge about mobile and the great information about it that you are sharing here. Obviously, I’m not the only one in the dark here about conforming websites to meet the needs of all. The comments speak for themselves. I have yet to read the link “5 easy steps to local seo” and the “definitive guide to local seo”, but am heading there right now. Sounds like a topic that I could learn more about.

    Thanks again,


  13. Hey Mark, great as always. I have been following your advice plus purchasing your awesome products for a long time and plan on doing this for as long as you keep offering it. Truly the best around.

  14. John McKilligan

    I have been selling mobile websites to local businesses. These businesses tend to have a lot on their regular website – but a mobile visitor mainly just wants a phone number, location, map, hours of service.

    So are you saying they should be using a responsive website? And not a mobile website?

    • Hi John, yes, this is what I am saying. With responsive website, put phone number, etc, at top and easily findable. Plus, we all know, setting up a
      mobile website, and doing any type of redirects (which also is full of inconsistencies with browsers), is a sheer hassle.
      Mark Dulisse recently posted…Mobile SEO Tips and Google Mobile TrafficMy Profile

  15. Learning Curve Indeed!

  16. Hey Mark, incredible job. Loved to read informative writing. It solves many of my marketing issues. I professionally deal with developing web application but it seem this is also a part of my process and i should be well aware with this. Before few days i have given advice to one of my client of responsive web design instead of having mobile website and now i think i am right on the way. Thanks a lot for great post…

  17. Joemer Gregorio

    Great tips!! SEO can be so confusing sometimes and I have plenty to learn. Thanks so much for these wonderful, easy keys for success.

  18. Thanks for sharing these tips Mark! I like the valuable information you provide in this article.This is a great blueprint on how to get started using mobile for business.

  19. you just need a responsive template for mobile phone. great article and tips. mobile these days are vast.

  20. Your tips are unique and helpful, but I agree with Julius here, these days a responsive theme does wonders, we just need one responsive theme that beautifully re-sizes our site according to the device screen size, be it notebook, iPad, or an iPhone.

  21. This is a very informative video about Mobile Seo, now a days searching on mobile is increasing day by day, trand chnges,

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