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Search engines love blogs, and back-links posted on authority blog spaces will give you instant search engine “juice”, with very little work involved.

When it comes to generating back-links with blogs, you need to:

1) Find blogs that provide a ‘do follow’ (the only kind of blogs where a link back to your site will count as a “vote”.)

2) You explore and read the blog and then you make an insightful, useful or relevant comment to the post that is likely to be approved by the blog’s administrator.

3) Include your back-link with relevant anchor text on the blog.

4) Rinse & Repeat

Gaining Backlinks From Blog Comments

When creating your back-link, make sure that you use anchor text to describe the website where you are directing people to.  To do this, you need to include a bit of HTML code to create your back-link with anchor text:

<a href=””>Keyword</a>

You want to make sure that you include relevant keywords within your actual anchor text so that you can rank for specific keywords. One thing to keep in mind as well is that you should never use keywords that are already a part of your website title or domain name but instead, focus on including keywords that you hope to rank for but are not already optimized or included on your own site.

For example, if I were leaving a comment in order to generate a back-link to the website the keywords included within my actual back-link would instead include alternative keywords that are relevant to my target audience, such as Golf Beginner Strategies “How To Improve Your Golf Swing”, which would direct people from the blog that I posted on to a specific post on my own website.

When searching for blogs to post your comments on (and build your back-link campaign), you should always focus on relevant blogs that carry the same or similar theme as your own website.

Since you will not only generate traffic from the increased exposure within the search engines, you will also attract attention from blog visitor’s who read your post, you want to make sure that you spend your time posting on blogs that are likely to draw in targeted visitors.


1) Download the free Firefox plugin available from SEO Quake and use it to locate blogs that allow back-links (dofollow):

2) Create a keyword swipe file of relevant keywords and phrases relating to your niche market that you can use within your blog comments.

3) Create individual pages on your website that feature high quality content and articles that are likely to attract attention from visitors to the blogs that you post your comments on.

If you take the time to create articles that offer information on specific topics and then post a comment (and leave a link) on related blogs, you will be able to begin generating targeted traffic faster and easier than if you post on unrelated blogs OR direct people to a “money” page (salespage).

4) Focus on posting your comments on blogs that contain a higher page rank than your own site.  A blog with a page rank of 3-5 will offer a higher value back-link than a low (unestablished) blog. You can determine the blog’s page rank by using the SEO Quake plugin.

5) Use the free Comment Hut software to pinpoint blogs based on keyword and customized search terms to quickly locate relevant blogs in your niche market (all of which offer do follow back-links)

6) The Top Commentators plugin offers frequent blog visitors with the opportunity to be showcased on every page of the blog, as a way of thanking you for your contributions.   Consider including as many blogs that feature this plugin as possible and if you end up being in the top commentators listing, your website will be featured site-wide, generating a back-link from each and every page on the blog!

The easiest way to locate blogs that utilize the Top Commentator’s plugin is by downloading a free trial copy of the Comment Hut software. (see above)

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for these tips, I am going to impliment a couple of these as soon as I can, I sure like the follow/nofollow add on.

    Thanks much.


  2. Could you go into more detail about how to use SEO Quake to find blogs with “do follow” comments. I have the plug-in, but I don’t really know how to use it other than to view stats on listings in search engines.

  3. Thanks for the information here. I am inspired to learn more.

  4. Devon Caravan Parks

    Excellent blog and great posts.I really liked the way you present your ideas to the readers.

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