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Top 8 Social Media SEO Tips For More Traffic

Almost un-noticed by many webmasters and seo specialists, Google has come out with a major shift in thier ranking signals as of last December, 2010.

The question was put to Matt Cutts, Google’s search engineer, “Does Google use data from social sites [Twitter, Facebook] in ranking?”

He comes out and states that they do in fact use Facebook and Twitter as a ranking signal, but he goes a step further. Google is now stating a major shift, and the shift is that they are listening to the Buzz and Chatter going on at the social media sites to figure out the “reputation” of a author or creator on Facebook or Twitter.

Β If you are wanting to catapult your Brand, or Company, or Name, in the search engines, then you want to incorporate a social media seo strategy into your overall game plan.

The SEO GAME is no longer just about:

  • Creating unique content (although great unique content certainly will be shared, if asked)
  • Online seo and then getting a bunch of backlinks at free blog sites, press releases, and article directories (which Google has recently punished anyways).
  • The pagerank of your website and the pagerank of your backlinks
  • Making sure you have incontext anchor text backlinks

You can do all the above and still your website is not high in ranking.


A key incredient in today’s seo game is the ‘reputation’ and ‘buzz factor’ that your website and name/product is having in the social media circles.

Google uses their “Real Time Search Engine” to monitor the buzz being created on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc. I did not pay much attention to many of these sites from a SEO standpoint because most are ‘nofollow’ links, but apparently, Google does…and now I need to fully change my seo strategy for Real Time SEO.

Here are 8 tips you can do right now to drive more traffic to your websites using the social media buzz and give Google what it wants with Real Time SEO.

1. First, Create a Social Media Advanced Segment in your Google Analytics Account

2. Secondly, drill down on your keywords using Google’s Free Keyword Tool

3. Put Your Keywords In Your Title and Description (this is key)

If you look at the REAL TIME image above you will see that Google hyperlinks your TITLE and USERNAME of the social media site. Hence, you want both of these as a keyword. Many people use a John Doe as their username at Twitter, but if they want to brand a company or product, use the keyword. You’ll also see that Google includes the DESCRIPTION. Both the title and description are the two most important tags in Real Time SEO.

4. Make Your Title and Description Interesting And Clickable

If you want your clicks to increase, make the title very interesting, and use the description as an opportunity to wet the appetite.

Instead of the title: “Real Time SEO For Webmasters:

Change it to: “Top 5 Methods To Drive Traffic To Your Websites Using Social Media”

5. Put Social Media Icons For People To Share Your Content Clearly Visable On Your Blog Or Website

I have a few scattered on this blog here. I recently did an overhaul of my Network Online Secrets blog. You’ll see that I have the same premium WordPress Thesis Theme as this blog, but also a custom Thesis Awesome Skin (top row, in the middle)

6. Ask People Who Visit Your Website To Share Your Content

7. Use “Social Locker” feature of Viral Social Pro and force visitors to share your page

8. Share content yourself. When you see a great article, or blog posting, tweet it, Facebook ‘Like” it, Stumbleupon it, Digg it, etc…..

There are some ways you can start right now to increase the buzz and build up your website reputation. As you do these strategies, Google will take notice and give you your reward…which is higher ranking.

Please make a comment and tell me your thoughts.

Are you using Real Time SEO as one of your core strategies for seo??

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  1. Great post, Mark. πŸ™‚ Those are some tips that I will have to start implementing as well.

    I do incorporate some of these strategies, but I guess I’ll need to work more on them.

    By the way, I think you have a typo in your first sentence. πŸ˜›


  2. Thanks, Mark, really valuable. What is your opinion on statement that having google analytics on your site can negatively impact rankings due to them being able to spy on you?

    BTW still waiting for you to finish custom blog order for



  3. This was VERY helpful Mark…thank you for prompting me to this post! I just set up my advanced segment…very easy to follow directions.

    I also just learned of the Pay With a Tweet function yesterday and it’s so cool…I’ll find a way to use it as well πŸ™‚

    Great post!

  4. thans for this,,i need to do this,to bring more traffic to my

  5. Thanks a lot for this valuable information. I’ll start to do this SEO for my sites.
    Health Product Reviews

  6. web page designer

    Hi Mark,

    Yes, I am using Real Time SEO as one of my core strategies for SEO. However, I do wish it were easier to convince the small business owners with websites that they too need to be using Real Time SEO. Many STILL insist it’s a real waste of their time.


  7. Hi Mark,

    Yes, using Twitter and Facebook as part of corporate strategy for a while. Twitter has been an awesome source of leads, but is loosing it now due to all the noise. FB is another story…

    I use linkresearchtools a lot. Those guys had proven in January Likes and Retweets matter. So focus on those in your strategy.

    Up to me it’s still all about quality content since it’s that content that gets likes and retweets most. Quality in a sense of being hilarious, entertaining, instructive or just good value for money.

    Viral quality content is key and that’s something you need creative people for, like you and me. Keep m coming Mark!

  8. I enjoyed your little video here but it raised another question in my mind. How does google or the social network know there is a ‘bot’ in the picture? How do we as website owners distinguish between bots and ‘real’ links or followers?
    Sometimes the email doesn’t exist when I reply with a thank you but with the social networks….?

    • Google will know there is a bot by the ‘regularity’ of your system, or by the crappy content you are spamming the search engines with. Unique content is best for traffic.

  9. Make Money With Facebook

    Once again mark you deliver with excellent content and some fascinating tips that I am eager to start using ASAP. I’m taking note of Tip 7 and posting a link to this post on our social media facebook page. Hope that’s ok with you?

  10. Hi Mark

    It makes for interesting reading, I guess I’m guilty of not using enough social media enough although I do tweet regularly

    It is amazing how far the message spreads and how quickly

    So clearly food for thought and I will go away and work on some of the ideas I’m not currently using

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  11. Terrific post, Mark! Thanks for sharing.

    Steve Hawk

  12. Your insight is very helpful Thanks for sharing these tips!

  13. I’m starting to incorporate this social buzz idea in one of my websites. I still have to see any significant change in the SERPs, but I guess it will take a while. Apart from the Google ranking benefit, having counters (Facebook likes/Retweet counts) also serve as social proof and can (theoretically at least) help with conversions.

  14. Thank you very much for all your help. Tubefool and all the ongoing training including information like here.

  15. Hi Mark,
    this is one awesome post – thank you so much for pointing us toward “Pay with a Tweet”, I find the concept absolutely fantastic! And I was not really aware of such a shift in Google’s ranking algorithm, but it makes complete sense. Great post!

  16. Hi Mark, Thanks for this incredible information on SEO social media, I came to know the site paymytweet only through this post. Thanks for excellent work.

  17. All these time I thought I already know all social media tips that can boost traffic going to a website, but reading your post gives me more ideas. Thanks for the share.

  18. Hi Mark,

    I had no idea about “Realtime”, how important role its play for the ranking and traffic to your site. Thanks for sharing such essential information about new techniques which Google consider now.

  19. Hi Mark,
    Although I did not know this, we have been using facebook to link back to our own website on a virtually daily so I guess we have been doing something right. In light of what you say here, I guess it’s also important to make sure that we’re posting on twitter too? Also, does what you have said lessen the importance of acquiring tools like SENukeX?

    • SEnukeX will actually speed up the process by dropping more links. I’m doing a series of videos on SEnuke X right now actually. Get on my list here to see them.

  20. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for sharing this..will implement on my site soon

  21. SEO Tips Blogger

    Theres obviously some serious weight for social media backlinks in the future, great post btw. Google is placing more weight on social interaction and reputation in their algorithm, so I use a service like Onlywire for submissions. Works well for me, but backlinks are fairly slow to be recognized without pinging..

  22. Thanks, Mark, for another valuable training post and keeping us up to date!

  23. Thanks for your tips Mark, I’m looking forward to watching your other videos about SEO nuke. I expect it will be useful for my small business marketing clients.

  24. Holy merde! You es une bloody genio!

    Excuse my Frensh but when I’ve read this post I was so thrilled that I forgot all my good English.

    This is a killer post.

    – First of the catchy headline:
    Strong appeal, who wouldn’t be interessted in reading more about getting
    tips for more traffic? Bevor you think about it you find yourself reading it because you unconsciously know if you gonna miss out on this you must be a fool.

    – The video of the Google’s search engineer Matt Cutts:
    If there should be any doubt on the believabilty of this stange sounding issue that “Google use Facebook and Twitter as a ranking signal” they are removed by this video. Removed by the original source: Google itself, whom else would you lend more credibility?

    – Demonstration of “Pay with a tweet”:
    This is a stroke of genious itself.
    The author talks about buzz and how to get it, and at the same time
    he gets the buzz because he entices us with an awesome video which we can watch after we created the buzz for him.

    – 8 Great Tips
    and all are free, yes, free, free, free!

    People will cheer on you and create a lot of buzz as long as you feel writing such marvellous postings.

    Congratulations and
    standing ovations for such a great lesson.

    Thank you

  25. I saw you Social Media SEO Tips video it is very nice and good for seo boy. I like it. I came to know the site paymytweet only through this post.I expect it will be useful for my small business marketing clients.

  26. yeah, so….i’m a little new to all this. This blog was more than informative. I recommend this reading for EVERYONE’S business. Helping you make your business stand out on top of search engines is the ONLY way to make it work on the internet, and all the advice one can get helps! πŸ™‚ thanks!

  27. los angeles seo

    Social Media delivers direct traffic. Facebook and Twitter has been the core of many success stories in search marketing industry.

    But still there are arguments if Google really use social media signals on ranking websites.

    I believe it was December when Matt Cutts answered to the question if google use social signals via a webmaster central video. Then came March SMX and Matt was asked to confirm twitter mentions (social signals) contribute on ranking websites and all he said is he asked Amit Singhal, the head of Ranking team in Google to confirm it. But Amit confirmed links in tweets is not currently part of Google’s rankings”

  28. I currently use for my social media submissions. It is a little difficult to setup at first, but in the end it does a great job of social bookmarking. Thanks for your tips, I found them useful and might implement them into my own strategy.

  29. Great Mark,
    loved you post and it was a real eye opener of the value of social media for SEO.
    One question though on the “Pay With A Tweet”. How do you provide them the download link after they clicked the “tweet this” button?

  30. Excellent Article some great tips here thanks πŸ™‚

  31. Awesome post, Mark. I like the Pay with a tweet idea. Thanks for your tips, I found them useful and might implement them into my own strategy.

  32. I think it was December, when Matt Cutts replied to the question of whether social signals use Google through a Video Webmaster Center. Then came March SMX and Matt will be asked to confirm the terms on Twitter (social cues) contribute to your website ranking and all he said was asked Amit Singhal, the head of team rankings in Google to confirm. But Amit confirmed links in tweets is now part of Google’s ranking.

  33. Mark:

    Thanks for the great tips on SEO, I know Google has been changing the game from just content to Social Media too. I wish I knew about the User Name being your keywords before I set-up my accounts, great idea.

    Take care,


  34. Social Media Marketing - Laurent Lama

    amen Mark,

    Funny how people will claim that search marketing is dead
    and then use sEO to rank content on social media.

    grate post Mark,

    Pay with a tweet has proven either very successful or
    a dud. depends on the market i guess


  35. Great article, especially the video you put in regarding creating a custom segment within Google Analytics. That will convince people about the strength of social media as they are seeing directly the traffic it brings!

  36. And if you thought, like Cutts says in the video, that Google uses Twitter and Facebook in search engine rankings, you’d better believe that their +1 button recommendations now figure into the mix…

  37. As time goes by, the SEO game keeps on changing and it gets even harder to compete. But I guess, with dedication and commitment, this will not be as hard as I thought. Should start with creating a social media advanced segment in Google analytics. Thanks for the steps that you’ve provided. That will be really helpful especially for those who have been trying to look for alternatives on how they can get more traffic.

  38. What may be true about SEO 6 months ago may be an obsolete tactic now. I agree with you, as SEO competition becomes more challenging, having a quality content posted in ones site may not be enough. The provided steps are helpful in generating massive traffic to a webpage.

  39. Great tips Mark! Together with this, IMO Google is also trying to push Google+ and so far they are doing a very good job leveling things up with facebook and twitter. I agree that social media sites can really help big in driving targeted traffic to your website or blog but I doubt if it can help with the ranking of your keywords.


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