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The Triple SEO Threat That Can Hurt Your Website’s Success

The ‘triple threat’ that can hurt your website’s success. But what is the triple threat?

(1) Link popularity, (2) anchor text and (3) keywords create the “Triple Threat” to a website’s success.

Lets see how this can happen.

Link popularity is great for search engine optimization, but only when you do it the right way. There are certain things that you must avoid doing to turn this benefit into a threat. They are:

  • Don’t go asking just about any site to link to yours. If an unrelated site links to you, then Google might actually punish you for this. That’s why we keep emphasizing on relevant sites.
  • Forget about sites that are loaded with advertisements and affiliate links. Why get punished by Google for no fault of yours?
  • Avoid ad farms or link farms. These are pages that exist only of advertisement links. This can be dangerous to your website.

You have to be careful about posting your website in too many places across the web, resulting in too many links one day and nothing for the next week. Google views this seriously. Worse still, you would be labeled as a spammer. It is better to be linked to gradually than in fits and spurts.

The next threat on our list is anchor text.

What should you do to avoid anchor text posing a threat to your website’s success?

First, what is anchor text? This is the text where your website URL is embedded. Most people use the phrase ‘click here’. This is fine for your visitors, but Google doesn’t know what you are saying. Instead, vary your anchor text with text like ‘Tips on ….” Or something that relates to your site.

Also do not use the same anchor text for all the websites that link to you. If all your external links point to the same anchor text, then Google frowns.

Another thing here is, people often tend to put their keywords only in the anchor text. Here again you must make it different. Google can actually penalize you for using the same anchor text everywhere.

Next come keywords.

If you do not conduct your keyword research properly and use the right keywords in the appropriate places, your website could suffer.

Keyword research impacts link building in a big way. This is why we suggest the use of relevant keywords that describe the link instead of just saying ‘click here’. This makes your links user-friendlier, while helping the search engine know what the link is connecting to. Your page rank will depend on this.

By using keywords in the right manner in your anchor text you can achieve a higher ranking for those keywords.

When you use keywords within the anchor text for links pointing to your website, that’s even better. Therefore, in your link building campaign, do write various options for the title and description of the link that points to your website. It follows from this that the title, which is the hyper linked text, must definitely contain your primary keywords.

So now you see how you can avoid link popularity, keywords and anchor text from being the triple threat that is dangerous for your website.

What else can you do in link building to drive massive traffic to your site?

Give me your input and make a comment. I read them all.

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  1. What is the benefit of having more sutures on your leg than hair after a surgery? You can make a print of a posting, stay all day long on the couch and read it again and again without having a bad conscience.

    And this posting came just at the right time, because it is a tricky one, at least for me. You read it, you think it is good and you put it aside.

    Wrong. Totally wrong.

    Only because this text is clearly and simple written does not necessarily mean it is easy to remember. No. There are to many crucial points. And the worst thing about them is, you have not only to know them, you have to learn them by heart, so that they are able to become your second nature before you start a campaign.

    So, tip of the day:
    Print this posting out lie down on your couch and enjoy both.

    Happy weekend to all couch potatoes

  2. Anthony Murphy

    Hi Mark,

    I’m just starting out with my blogging so Its great to have come across this early on. These are very easy mistakes to make early on in your career, being oblivious to the negative effects. You just saved me alot of work.

  3. How does this work? Suppose that I have site about car repair. I am tooling around the Internet and see a blog entry about weight loss. This interests me because I fight the battle of the bulge, and I want to comment on this blog.

    Suppose it has a PR of 2 and uses nofollow links. Should I?

    Not leave a post, or leave the resource box blank if I do a post?

    Should I leave a post and instead of using my keywords as anchor text, just use my signature , “Old Guy, http://www.oldguy.con“, so that my keyword is not associated with this post due to a lack of relevance but I still sneak in a link?

    Should I go ahead and make a comment and use a keyword for the anchor text, like usual?

    Isn’t a PR 2 link from anywhere (reputable sites, not spam and link farms) worth something or at least have a neutral effect on your site.

    What if it were an EDU or GOV link, even unrelated? If my son at college sets up a blog about college life, and he links to me because I am his father, will this hurt my rankings?

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