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Youtube Directory Trick for More Traffic and Views

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The 2012 Social Media Industry Report (PDF is here) states that 76% percent of marketers plan on increasing their use of Youtube and video marketing this year. eMarketer also has reported that online video is expected to grow 55% this year and is the top format for content marketing. These fact alone easily makes Youtube and video the top marketing strategy to invest in for 2013.

Is video your top content and branding strategy for 2013? If it is not, it needs to be. Youtube is a force to be reackoned with if you are looking to legitimately BRAND your business online. Many online business and careers have been launched and developed simply by the power of Youtube’s leading marketability.

The Youtube stats are staggering…

  • Youtube still is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.
  • Youtube is the World’s Largest Video Sharing Platform
  • Youtube has over 800 million unique users, receives over 4 billion video views daily.
  • In 2011 Youtube had over 1 Trillion total views. That’s over 140 views for every man, woman, and child on earth.
  • In One Minute Online there are 2.8 Million videos viewed on Youtube.
  • In 2010, Youtube saw over 1 million views per day from mobile devices. In 2011, those tripled. Today Youtube is available on over 350 million mobile devices.

From a marketing standpoint, it is fascinating that video now converts more than text.  iMediaConnection confirms that with a 41% higher click-through rate than plain text, video is predicted to reach 90% of all web traffic by the year 2014.

What does all this mean? If you are not focusing on Youtube and video marketing for your content and branding strategies in 2013 and beyond, it is time to get ambitious.

Here is one ACTIONABLE step you can take right now to increase your traffic, views, and subscribers.

I’m not sure if anyone noticed or not, but if you do a quick Youtube search on some of the most popular Youtube channels will often see that the top users are doing a sneaky little trick at the end of their videos referred to as a “Youtube Directory.” Simply, the “Youtube Directory” is a 10-15 video clip that is placed at the end of each of their channel videos with Annotations.

Watch my video below to see….

If you click on the thumbnail video images below, you can watch a tutorial series on how to exactly do all of this. And to make it even more convenient for you, I have included below a Template in PSD format (Photoshop) that you can easily change your Youtube Directory to fit your needs.

This Youtube Directory demo video has no volume, and it shows how if you hover over different parts of the video you can see it will redirect you to other videos and even subscribe you to my Youtube list.

And now for your bonus that I promised you above. For a short period of time, I am providing a link to the PSD file of my Youtube Directory. You can easily change yours and make it better than mine.

–> Download 100% Free – PSD Youtube Directory Image

Go for it. Spend time on your video marketing starting right now. Learn the skills. Do the work. Yes, it is work…you are not afraid of that, are you?  For those who do consulting and work for local businesses, this is one more content marketing strategy to present to them to add to their branding and online business. It will add value to them, and to you as a professional.

Now for the good stuff. Tell me your thoughts by writing a comment below. I read them all.

Is video marketing your content strategy this year? Please, take action. Show my your videos you have made for yourself or your clients. Tell me what you are doing right and what is not working. Please share for all of us.

Please Make  A Comment! And “Let’s Make It Happen!”

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  1. As always, great content Mark. I have noticed this on some YouTube videos but wasn’t sure how it was done. I do now! Thanks

  2. James McCanless

    This is so cool, Thanks
    Did you generate 3 separate lines of code with Covert Player in order to build this post? or just open Covert player 3 different times in the same open create a post window?

  3. Such a great idea and tutorial.
    Thanks Mark, I love it. I am pretty sure soon you will come some Video Software who can build all these in all-in-one interface 🙂
    … or at least I give you the idea 🙂

  4. Great stuff Mark.I do lots of video creation and VSEO for my clients. Is is always nice to leran new tricks.
    I don’t have Photos Shop but will Gimp work in it’s place?

  5. David F -My Vacation Buddy

    Mark, great stuff. The only thing missing is the “Ice Cream” Truck Jingle when ever I get your emails. Awesome stuff.

  6. Thanks Mark. Here’s a power hint to complement your training. Once you become even the lowest level of YouTube Partner AND monetize any of your uploaded videos, you can set the clickable link on your annotation in that video to take your viewer OUT OF YouTube. Your MarkDulisse.com spotlight can link directly to MarkDulisse.com, instead of to your Channel page! Isn’t that cool? If you implement this out-linking technique, keep it kosher. Do not link to an affiliate site, only to your own site.

  7. Mike McLoughlin

    Is there a way to add the annotated end video to existing YT videos?


  8. Great Tutorial Mark. Will definitely use this technique on my video’s. Thanks!

  9. I was wondering about how to build those links inside a video. This was very useful information for me. Much appreciated! I’m also pleased to know that Gimp will work in the place of PhotoShop. Now I just need to learn how to use Gimp. 🙂

    I haven’t used video myself for anything other than personal enjoyment, recording music mostly and sharing on Facebook with my friends and family. Recently, though, I had a chance to make a very simple intro video for a friend of mine who developed a tool for affiliate marketers to make product displays. I assume it’s ok to leave a link to it since you asked to see our stuff? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96eUxiQe2Gw I used Open Office to make the presentation slides, then I used the snipping tool to create .jpg files which I imported into Windows Live Movie Maker. I know there are easier ways to do this, but I was in a big time crunch and was learning Windows Live on the fly, so I went with what I already knew I could do in order to avoid having an even steeper learning curve.

    What I think I did well was tell the story. What I wish I could have prevented was the red squiggly line under the non standard words like Squidoo, Weebly, and NetLeeks. I added them into my dictionary but that didn’t remove the red lines so I left them in for lack of time. I could have, in retrospect, imported into paint and manually removed them, I suppose, but I didn’t think of it at the time and I was, as I said, in a big hurry to deliver a video by their launch date.

    So, thanks for the info on annotations. I will be experimenting with this I’m sure.

  10. Awesome strategy Mark, thanks you for sharing this.

  11. The video in this post doesn’t play for me. Below my scroll bar is the message, “Done, but with errors on page.” I’ll check back later from my own computer.

    I’m just starting to learn how to set up my first WP site, using Dominating Video, then will bring in your more recent products. This sounds, as all you do, Mark, like big help, though somewhat down the road for me at this point.

    Thank you for thinking of us. First time I’ve been to your blog.

  12. Awesome stuff Mark, really great strategies for video promotion. You could also put banners up there or anything you are promoting and that will drive traffic from one video or site to another, not to mention quality back links.

  13. Laurence Chilcott

    I’m very much a non-techie ,however I need to tell a story -I think using Utube videos –
    a story that takes pet owners from dis-belief to an understanding that their pets health issues
    can be overcome with a medically proven natural health supplement- so I was thinking a series of
    videos might encourage them to purchase?……..so my question is which of your software programs will
    enable to to create such a WordPress site?
    Thank you for your wonderful support and generosity
    Laurence Chilcott

  14. Hi Mark,
    I have to say I really appreciate your info. I have unsubscribed to many lists because of the blatant salesiness of the promoters. I have always found the info I get from you is current and relevant and for that I thank you.
    I have just started actively promoting with YouTube and am still learning the ropes but I can tell you from just the initial numbers the click through is amazing. Hopefully sales to come!

  15. Great info. Mark, are you the one who created Tube Maker Pro?

  16. Great stuff as always Mark – dumb question – I went to subscribe to your Channel through the link in the video and I was greeted with a box asking me to confirm my subscription – is this automatically generated when people click through to subscribe or did you set this up somehow?

  17. This is really great information before me and my husband had our website all of our Local
    Marketing came via our one You Yube Video.. Now we are doing much better and will be adding this tip to our next video… Thanks Mark, if you are ever in Naples, Florida look us up “Ivena’s Cleaning”


  18. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the valuable info. This is the reason I don’t hesitate purchasing
    your products: you alway give more than you get.

    More power to you!


  19. These are some great ways to brand yourself. I knew about annotations but not the link. Plus I see another way to use covert player, very cool.

  20. Wow! Great information for the newbie like me 😉 I have always wonder how people can created boxes of annotation with clickable link (although some are real annoying for covering the Whole Screen) and you have showed me today. Besides that, I learn another promotional tricks from you.

    One clarification though, that End 10 sec video is used to append on whatever video that I am creating and which I have the intention to upload to Youtube right?

    Cheers and appreciate your valueable info as always!
    William Siong

  21. Thanks. Really good, hands-on info.

    I realize there’s a LOT more to be done in the video marketing department than I’m doing right now. You just pushed me in the right direction. So thanks again! 🙂


  22. Hi Mark
    Got your email today. First time on your blog, wow this is powerful. Thanks v much. God Bless 🙂

  23. Great info on how to do the split screen. It looks easy when you do it. But may take a while for me or get someone from one of the EDesk kind of places to do it for me.

  24. Thanks Mark! And in the spirit of supporting progress and change of ever increasing videos, YouTube’s release of their new one channel layout: http://www.youtube.com/OneChannel will support better responsive adaptation to mobile devices; unique styling of playlists; video content curation; and more. There is really no better time to market on youtube!

  25. Good stuff as always Mark!



  26. Mark i love what i’m reading so far ,i need to spend some time with this info . I just launch an ecommerce site
    and i really need some help getting traffic and visibility ,i need your help.

  27. Thank You Mark.
    I Watched, Downloaded and Implemented.
    Fantastic Value.

  28. Hi Mark,

    Great tutorial! I’m not sure if I missed it in your videos but may I know how do you add the Camtasia clip to the end of the Youtube video? Is there an option for that on Youtube? Thanks!

    All the best,

  29. Thanks Mark! It was always a dream of mine to have clickable links to my sites at the end of a video. But I had no idea how to get it managed. Now I’m glad to know it. Wonderful, thanks

  30. Hi Mark,
    it was alway a dream of mine to have clickable links to my sites at the end of a viedo.
    But I didn’t have a clue how to get it done. Till today, thanks Mark
    it is wonderful and I hope everybody likes it like I do.

    Have a successful day


  31. Mark, this is great content as always, I have noticed the “trick” already sometimes, know I know how to it. Thanks a lot.

  32. Hello Mark,
    I think this is great will be implementing shortly. I have SalesPressPro and am totally impressed, I have been trying it out and using UVC (not your plugin) However I seen the Covert plugin tonight and now I think I should have bought that instead of UVC. I will in the near future be purchasing Covert Plugin as well as a few other items of yours. Just tonight I had a chance to checkout all of your products and now I will be following you more closely, Keeping up with what you are up to. Wish I had seen Covert plugin before UVC, but you get that sometimes. I have recently become unemployed for the first time in my fifty years, and am going to give internet marketing a real tryout instead of just dabbling like I have been in the past, and after a lot of investigation I think your products are the best choice to make that happen. I should be able to get something happen as I have been around computing for quite some time, have done advanced diploma in C/C++, have written in php and have done REDhat (linux) certified engineer training (mind you this was quite a few years ago. Anyway thanks for all the great products you have produced and I asure you you will be seeing my name crop up a little more. Any advise you could give to someone wanting to really make a mark in this industry I would accept with great pleasure.

    Wayne Rosa

  33. Hi guy’s,
    I am a Mac user so I use ScreenFlow instead of Camtasia – I believe it to be much better than Camtasia as well as cheaper. However I also use Handbrake to shrink the video size it’s free and works a treat, available for mac windows and Linux I believe. Try it and see what you think.


    Wayne Rosa

  34. Hi Guy’s I am Back!

    Just in case (like Myself) we have some gimp users here I have recreated in very Similar fashion a Gimp.xcf file to replicate what Mark has so kindly done for us. This was done because Gimp does not like to edit Text done with Photoshop. .xcf is the Gimp version of a Photoshop .psd file…..

    It can be downloaded from http://www.workingwithwaynerosa.com/downloads

    Oh Mark
    Just a quick one – when editing text Styles with the popup font thing-a-ma-jigy when selecting alignment I find it a bit strange that the left justification selection is to the right of the center justification selection, stuffs me up every time. I’m now 50 years old so that’s 50 years I have been used to the left being on the left of center. 🙂

    Not complainin Just sayin

    Wayne Rosa

  35. John Witherspoon

    Hi Mark,

    Good stuff, but I got your email earlier about an upgrade to Traffic Meme Pro. So I uninstalled ver 1.0 and uploaded ver 1.1 and search for some images – seemed to work but, I can’t add text to the image.

    Got any ideas?


  36. Mark, this is brilliant. Thanks for sharing with us. By the way what theme are you using here? Is it Sales Press Pro?

  37. Mitchel Reverra

    Great Tutorial Mark. Will definitely use this technique on my video’s. Thanks!

  38. Hi Mark
    great tutorial.
    which Camtasia version is it you’re using?
    I’m using 7, is it possible to do video layers on it to?

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