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Traffic Is Not The Holy Grail – What Is?

Mark here with an important marketing tip.…

Most people think that Traffic is the Holy Grail of Internet marketing. And it’s true: if you get more traffic, you automatically increase your sales!

There are a lot of courses on traffic. Some are good, some are bad, some under deliver and are over priced, and some are under priced and over deliver. Some is just a bunch of marketing hype, and some are pure gold. Whatever you find about the topic of “traffic,” I can assure you of one thing:


The root formula for online success is: T + C = S

T stands for Traffic. But that’s only part of the formula…

C – Conversion is really the critical part of the formula because it’s the one thing that you have the most control over.

Conversion happens when someone visits your website and takes a specific action that you recommend:

  • They optin to your newsletter; or,
  • They buy a product from you

Let me tell ya, when I first started as a internet marketer, I really sucked at conversions. I could send 2000 visitors in traffic a day to my website, but was converting very little.

Just think, if you send 100 people to your squeeze page and 20 join your list, you have a conversion rate of 20%.

Now if you can tweak your page and increase the conversion rate to 30%, you’ll get 50% more subscribers from the same number of visitors.

I really good optin rate will get you around 50%. This means that if 100 people visit your site, 50 will optin to your list.

How to you get these great ratios? Here are some tips:

  • Have a great optin squeeze page
  • Have an Emotionally Charged Headline
  • Have 2-4 great bullet points of benefits, benefits, benefits
  • Give away something that they will need and want
  • Ask them to subscribe

If you are right-brained and have a hard time with the emotional type of language, visit this website here, insert some sample headlines and bullet points, and see how you are doing:

—>> Headline Analyzer

Don’t Forget About Your Backend Funnel

This is where so many miss the mark. After a person subscribes, and they click the “submit” button, don’t simply use your autoresponders default confirmation page. Instead, create a basic “Thank you for subscribing page.” On this page, tell them to check their inbox for their gift, but also put a BIG FAT LINK so they will check out your cool offer or product that you recommend.

Your squeeze page will be ultra specific. Therefore, if your squeeze page is on “How To Grow Your List,” and you offer them a free report on ‘list building,’ and a person subscribes, then you know this person wants more information on how to build a list. Simple enough!

This is where your backend offer comes in. On your “Thank You For Subscribing” page, show them the tools, resources, and strategies to help them build their list. It can be an affiliate offer, or a product you personally have created.

Okay, here is a real treat for you. I wish I had this when I first started out.

I’m giving away three very cool squeeze pages. Just for reading this post. All you have to do is use an html editor like Nvu (yes, it is free, do a search for it), or dreamweaver, to edit your page to your liking, and you are all set up.

Make sure to change and insert your title, description, and keyword tags, in the html source view.


Happy marketing…

Please, make a comment, and tell me, “What Is The Holy Grail Of Internet Marketing?”

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  1. Hi Mark – once again you have posted excellent comment and gone the extra mile with these squeeze pages.

    I think that building trust by offering honest content in the spirit of giving is also part of it. Of course you are in business to make money, but soooooo many marketers blast my inbox daily with offer after offer – they don’t really care about their subscribers – just selling more “stuff.” I’m very glad you are not like that – I believe you care about your students.
    Thank you!

  2. Mark,

    Thanks for the analyzer resource or free templates! Appreciate all your help with Dominating Google and your helpful free stuff. I’ve been looking to improve my optin page. This should be of great help.

    Mike Sweeney

  3. Hey Mark – That “Headline Analyzer” tool sure is fun. Thanks. Of course the post was informative and concise. I always enjoy your stuff. And you don’t constantly pitch stuff to me… THANK YOU!

  4. Well, maybe now people will get more serious about writing ad copy.

    I’m also noticing a trend in “comment on my blog” give-a-ways… 🙂 But you’ve already given me everything I need for success…. so what more is there anyway…

  5. Mark ~ Thanks for all the valuable tools, courses, and content you add. Know that I appreciate all that you do! Chris

  6. I’ve always said the holy grail of internet marketing is viral but all the user driven promotion in the world doesn’t mean squat unless it converts.

    More simply put, traffic is just promotion. Getting someone to say “yes” takes real marketing.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post,


  7. self improvement books

    I agree with Maury that trust is the “holy grail”. When you form a relationship with people and help them to achieve, you only then have to continue to make it easier for them to achieve, by staying in touch with what they need, and you continue to succeed yourself. Of course initial traffic is the first step, conversion is a second, continuity is a third and trust is the last. And none of it is easy, but your readers comments here indicate you might have achieved it. Thanks for your example as well as all the help.

    It is a quest! You bring me back to earth when I’m tilting at windmills.

  8. Dear Mark:
    Wednesday, July 29th, 2010 at 2:06pm Yokohama, Japan

    I started following your work after Mark Hodgetts gave one of your products a thumbs up endorsement.

    Your blog posts are clean copy, easy-to-grok and to the point.

    I am gaga, a.k.a. really impressed, with the Headline Analyzer! Why don’t we build out an im marketing e/m analyzer as well? It would be better tahn White Smoke and could carry the imprimatur of someone like Marlon Sanders or Fladlein.

    Thanks for the quality Squeeze Page Templates too. I am going to have to put you on my Good Guru List.

    In the how to improve category, I suggest that you show us a comparative example of 2 thank you pages: A) does not do the tie in follow up offer well and B) a thank you for subscribing page that does do a very good job of ” telling them to check their inbox for their gift, but also put a BIG FAT LINK so they will check out your cool offer or product that you recommend.”

    Now personally, aggressive product promotion on this page turns me off if the link takes me immediately to a product for sale, especially if I don’t know the reputation of the marketer selling the product very well. In other words, my trust/confidence level is fairly low.
    But I imagine I would leave with a good feeling if the thank you page provided some unexpected new free valuable information like the squeeze pages you are giving us or links to valuable resources related to the subject matter at hand.

    So what I am saying is: create a great Squeeze backed up by the free report and then offer additional free resources/links on the thank you for subscribing page.
    Most of the big gurus start pushing paid products right away on the thank you page under the theory that they want to offer them now when the reader is presumably in the mood to buy.
    Perhaps this works for younger buyers and impulse buyers of all ages but I submit that with the ever increasing number of effective online IM marketers rising everyday more people are starting to analyze these marketers pluses and minuses.
    One way to do this is to stay on a guys list for a few months before buying anything.
    Another way is to check them out at
    Best wishes,

  9. Great stuff! Internet marketing is certainly a learning process! Once you figure out how to get traffic, then you have to solve the next puzzle – conversion. Then you have to build more products to sell to your list…ah, never ending, but always fun 🙂

  10. The holy grail for me is customers wanting what I’m offering.

  11. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

    I guess I would have said traffic X conversions (times, not plus) but maybe that is the same thing.

    I guess you still need traffic first… ie if traffic is low, it doesn’t matter your conversion percentage.

    Great blog, design and content-wise!

  12. Thank you for a free templates.

  13. Is True, I have no proof, because I had no access to the product before to launch for try it, but the model works, that is why you found me on the first page of google, Turbo Traffic System works with the same model. My goal is just to promote effective products, I am very selective to promote products and not just be an affiliate, which is why my page is not full of them all, my goal is to have access to all good products that I can and show the evidence of their operation.

  14. It is not traffic but targeted traffic which is the holy grail!

  15. Small Business Marketing Expert

    Hi Mark,
    There is no Holy Grail. In my view making a sale is a continuous process that starts with ‘the conversation in the prospects head’ and ends when they have completed your upsell process & received their goods.
    Each part of that process can be identified, measured and improved, but if any part of it is missing you won’t make the sale. It is therefore foolish to believe that one product is a Holy Grail and will transform a non performing web site into a sales success. It may well improve it’s part of the chain, but if another link is broken it wont do you any good.

  16. I think that traffic vs. conversion is an example of “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”.

    I have heard that you want to focus on traffic first in order to be able to measure conversion, and improvements thereto, in a statistically-significant way, and I would have to agree with that, because you could put up the best squeeze page on earth that would be worthless but for your ability to drive ANY traffic to it. Once you’re getting traffic, then yes, you want to focus on conversion to maximize that traffic as much as possible.

    However, looking at the bigger picture, many marketers might say that the holy grail of internet marketing is “hungry customers” who are absolutely rabid for what you’re selling, but I would go beyond that and say that the ultimate answer is perhaps “raving fans”.

    Because once you’ve got traffic and conversion up and running, and you focus on creating TRUE raving fans who generate boatloads of referrals, you’ll never really have to worry about traffic again, will you? I would venture that the percentage of marketers getting this nailed totally right is pretty damn small.

  17. Hi Mark,

    Enjoyed your post and many thanks for the freebies. 🙂

    Totally agree with what Hal wrote. There is no bigger turn off for me than someone pushing their paid products just after you have signed up for their newsletter/blog.

    Another huge turn off for me is when you purchase a product or access to a membership site and then under “unannounced bonuses” they push other peoples paid products! To me an “unannounced bonus” should be free as most times you have already paid out a substantial sum for the original product.

    Most of these “unannounced bonuses” either turn out to be old re-hashed purpose built lead generators or worse totally unrelated items to the original product.

    Sorry about the rant but Hal’s comment just struck a cord as I was in the middle of my daily subscribing from various no-worth emails when I read your post. 🙂


  18. You’ve just gotta love formulas 🙂 Great post Mark


  19. Easy Guitar Lessons

    Thanks for these Mark. They’re pretty cool. I’d say the Holy Grail is not just in delivering great value to your prospects but also in communicating that value to your prospects so they know what they got. That way they will appreciate it more and it will build even more goodwill.

    For example if I had to get these Squeeze Pages designed it could have costed anything between $47-$97 I guess depending on the designer.

    Thanks for that!

  20. Really appreciate your generosity Mark. Our site really needs a squeeze page so these will come in handy. Simple, clean and precise.


  21. Thanks Again Mark!
    Your Awesome!
    I think that the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing is when you finally get 90% of your entire business on Auto-Pilot and or Outsourced!

    Which reminds me… MAN! I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO! ;->

  22. Mark, thanks for the insightful article, and for the free squeeze pages. The point you make about conversions is so important it can’t be stated enough. With all the talk about traffic going on the last few days, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that you need the whole equation.

  23. Mark,

    Thanks for this tool. It will come in handy when making squeeze pages. Keep up the good work.


  24. LearnAffiliateMarketing

    The piece about the back end funnel is a key to making incremental sales. It is the perfect opportunity while a person is already in the “I need information mode” to give them something they want.

  25. Mark,

    Great information provided. Learned a couple of things as well. Thanks again for sharing. I second the Headline Analyzer tool.

    I do however side with Hal regarding the ‘in your face’ product promotion. But I also believe that if used with the correct target audience it can be an effective way to sell product.

    I’m thinking it would be beneficial to show example squeeze pages for various audiences. What better way to test than with all of us? 🙂

    And lastly I’d like to know what you think about this?
    Mentions that Google is going to start discounting the rankings of these pages.

    Could these actually ‘hurt’ your site?

    • Hi Chris, there are search engine friendly squeeze pages. Just make sure all the meta tag information is present, and you have some good footer links (contact, TOS, About, DCMA, etc).

      As well, instead of having the squeeze page at front, you can use Exit Splash and have the squeeze page at exit.

      Additionally, there is more traffic available than just Google adwords and serps. There is traffic from email marketing, solo ads, article writing, video marketing, etc…

  26. Hey Mark,

    As some of the previous posts have stated, we, marketers, constantly receive so many emails pitching and promoting stuff. Most of them just are simple erased without actually being open/read as most of them provide no real value.

    Your emails are the kind of emails that always draw my attention as there’s always good content as this particular post, where you offer not only good advice, but very useful resources. Good for you! (and for us)

    Keep up the good work…

  27. Bravo, bravissimo, this is a wonderful post.

    Yes, the Holy Grail for IM is “traffic that converts into money”.

    Sounds easy, but is it that simple? No, of course not.

    Hence it becomes easier when we choose the right road and know the secret. The road is called “work” and the secret is “to have a great leader”.

    This article seems to have both: Great tips that we can implement in our marketing efforts and a leader who is interested to lift us up and gives us valuable presents.

    We could do worse, couldn’t we?



  28. Somewhat reiterating what others have said parts of… but in me own way o’ course…

    Turning prospects into clients is a more complicated formula. I know you know this and were simplifying for effect; however I think that too simplified explanations sometimes are misleading. Here’s my simplified version…

    Online success (Profit) = Prospects with a need (x) product that meets need (yours or someone else’s) (+) traffic (paid, seo, social) (x) conversion (-) costs (hosting, dev, ads, copy, link building, affiliate commissions, etc )

    Many commenters are stating what I feel and also think is a growing trend – people are subscribing to a useful offer to get the info and see if they want to participate… then they are treated like an effing cash machine – affiliate offer after affiliate offer, hammering away about the latest and greatest “hooha” that will solve all your problems.

    It’s effective since I think there are so many looking for an answer right now, but it’s killing the golden goose for IM’ers. Whatever relationship capital has been built up erodes with every affiliate promotion you must buy buy buy! I’m unsubscribing because it’s become OK to hammer me with affiliate offers each week just cause I bought something from someone. What happened to the 10 to 1 rule?

    And aren’t squeeze pages like shouting at people “Buy Now, Buy Buy Buy or You’ll Die, Feed Your Kids, Be On Our List!!” the moment they walk into Walmart? Would you leave if they did that? I would.

    Will that continue to work online? Optin rates are dropping…

  29. Houston-Tx-Mortgage-Lender-Guy

    You had me at Squeeze Page! The Headline Analyzer is a really cool useful tool. Thank you for being so helpful and open to sharing your knowledge.

  30. I’ve been using the new Maxblog press plugin to get people to sign up. So far it’s working great. It uses a number of soft-sell and one more aggressive tactic that hopefully doesn’t offend readers. But I am getting a decent response.

    It helps to have a give-away people are looking for.

    MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnate

  31. Florida Internet Marketing Guy

    As always you deliver no BS just pure content stuff. I love the way you offer real information for Free and I have the utmost respect for all the products you create. You are a shinning star in market full of wanna be’s!

  32. Hey Mark,
    I think your right all the way traffics is a must but it has to convert to sales and thanks for the squeeze pages.


  33. it umbrella companies

    Fantastic Mark,

    Thanks, the headline analyser allowed me with a few simple tweaks, to get my headline fron 24% up to 80% but the real test will be when I split test my banner ad campaign starting soon.

    This post will also be my first link back to the new site also.

    Dominating G is awesome BTW – worth the price for the plugins alone
    Warmest regards

  34. Hi Mark,

    I would like to thank You for Your advise, the content is always great.
    It’s true on the web we can find some golden nuggets. I worked on the web for a long time before I found a few. Yours is one of them.

  35. Hey Mark, I wanted to thank you for the awesome tutorials that I purchased regarding Senuke. I used your methods on my very first ever
    prelaunch ( and achieve #1 on three different
    keywords. Thanks Dude YOU ROCK.

  36. Wpf developer anubavam

    Great marketing tips Mark, this makes my brain sharper in ‘conversion’ part to my website.

  37. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the squeeze pages they are great and so was the post. Mark I have learnt so much from you and you are one of the few people who do not hammer my inbox with offers. I agree with all the posts on this page and now unsubscribe to all those marketers who treat us as Cash Machines.
    Thanks again

  38. So there are many ways to get or improve optin rates.
    I would like to know the process (in enormous detail) of how to build a relationship with subscribers so that they warm to you and then buy from you.
    The new program Affilojetpack has the idea, but somewhat over my price range at $500

  39. Hi Mark,

    I love the headline analyzer. Thanks for the squeeze pages, These will help with my Facebook lint building campaigns. I’ll post my results here.


  40. Thanks for all tools and free templates you have added.

  41. Awesome Free Templates! I’m totally using this later. 😀 THANKS

  42. Thanks so much for the good info AND the templates. What you’re saying makes a lot of sense – it’s not who you get, it’s who you ‘keep’.

  43. Mark, you continue to deliver honest information. You are the exception and therefore I will read anything you write.

    My latest discovery is blog talk radio for anyone reading this. It is easy and it has brought me to the top of page one. Number two actually for my choice keyword phrase. Exciting to watch my site crawl up like that. This is before a serious back link attempt. Only ahve 25 back links.

    I need to learn now about conversions as I am getting the audience. What am I doing wrong. I imagine eventually I will get this information through your words of wisdom.

    Dr. Marika

  44. Holy Grail of Internet marketing – there isn’t one, it’s a figment of the imagination. Having said that I agree with those that suggest ‘trust’ and the laws of ‘The Go Giver’ determine success in this business.

    “Your true worth is determined by how much you give” – I would add “how much you give in value”

    Good work Mark

  45. Maybe, it is the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing. However, it is not the always the basis of a good marketing strategy. You could research more deeply in your search engines how to make your site more competitive through search engine optimization, which can be acquired inhouse or by outsourcing to improve search engine optimization.

  46. Mark
    Good tools indeed, great giveaways, keep up the good work, the holy grail, is what your doing, build up client relation. You got a good chance of me buying a product. This sites great for newbs, save them a fortune, and really educational. Rock on.

  47. Interesting post! thank you for sharing this information. really got under my
    skin, bookmarked… Keep up the good site…

  48. Thank you for the great info, Mark!

    My journey to affiliate Marketing has been a beneficial one with info sites like yours, hope to read more from you !


  49. I really think that you have something going here. It doesn’t matter how much you increase twitter followers, or your facebook friends, you have to have them take action. It really does come down to that, if they see and read something it should have a call to action with it as well.

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