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Video SEO – How To Get A Google Double Listing

Video SEO is an integral part of any well groomed SEO Plan. Using text alone in your seo efforts simply does not give to you the full spectrum of Google’s free traffic and its Universal Search results.


The goal of your video optimization efforts is to gain a video thumbnail listing for your business within the standard web search results in Google and Bing.

How To Get A Double Video Listing In Google’s Universal Search

Resources Used:

Here is why Video SEO is absolutely necessary for your SEO Planning:

  • Videos stand out in the serps like a sore thumb
  • Over half of internet searchers are looking for videos.
  • Videos engage more senses and engages the website visitor
  • A great sales video is known to shoot your conversions through the roof
  • You do not have to be a professional video maker. A simple slide presentation or home Youtube style video rocks.

A Video Double Listing Rocks. My good friend has been using my Google Video Sitemap WP Plugin and my other traffic getting softwares with incredible results. A few months ago he showed me what he was doing to get Double Listings with my video sitemap. Watch my video above to find out what Carl does.

Using the DDET code, the Expanding Text Plugin, my Google Video Sitemap Wp Plugin, and Tube Fool, Carl Vanderpal is crushing it for his keywords.

Carl Vanderpal Used Google Video Sitemap For Double Listings

Video SEO Strategies really boils down to two approaches:

  1. Sharing Your Videos For Webwide Distribution – This is done by uploading your videos to video sharing sites (like Youtube). Once uploaded, you can get the embed code and put the video on your own website, but the video listing in the search engines will point to the video sharing site, not your website where it is embedded.
  2. Making Your Videos Available Only On Your Site – This is done by hosting the videos on your own website, or using a video hosting service like amazons3. It then involves creating a video sitemap to help the search engines find your videos and deliver searchers to your site. The huge benefit here is that your video listing in the search engines takes searchers directly to your website, where the money is made.

For Youtube SEO & Massive Traffic:


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  1. As usual, great stuff, Mark. By the way, using your TubeFool software, I’ve managed to get some double listings from just my YouTube videos (off of one YouTube channel).

  2. Hi Mark, so if I were to switch around the order of videos, like put the youtube embed code between the DDET codes, then the you tube would be invisible. Important to understand for those of us that LOVE LOVE LOVE your GVS pluggin which shows a thumbnail image. I don’t want to loose that. I only care about the double listing.
    Dr. Marika

  3. Also, for those of us that bought lifetime Senuke, when do we recieve the tube fool bonus? This reminded me of that. I can’t wait to discover its power.

    Thanks again.

    Dr. Marika

  4. Mark this is brilliant!!

    Thanks for the info on another great way to climb the ranks of the Google Rankings for my videos.

    – Steve Dougherty

  5. Hey Mark,
    Thanks for sharing that, I’m sure the DDET plugin could also be used for many other seo related reasons.

    Looks like the main benefit of this is to boost your Youtube views etc.

    I personally dislike embedding youtube videos because I feel to many people head over to youtube and checkout other videos on your channel then end up getting distracted.

    I wonder if doing what Dr. Marika said switching the hidden videos and embedding an auto play video would count a a view?

    Would be interest in seeing how google spider reads the page, guessing it’s going to leave a footprint if that make sense?

    Anyway thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey Mark, thanks for the plug πŸ˜‰ ya I have done this for clients as well, and they typically just sit there dumbfounded as to why they are getting all this traffic.

    I did it for a client in the holiday/vacation niche (packages ranging from $2k – $10k per person, and we are beating out high profile, high traffic holiday booking sites, and have tripled their business in about 3 months. They had so much business this last season they can afford to close this season to do major renovations. But the leads continue to flood in, even while their competition is now closing its doors cause they are not getting the business to stay open.

    Hope your guys have fun with this ninja tactic – and get some excellent results.

  7. Thanks once again Mark for sharing such powerful information. My insight has grown in the short time I have benn following this blog and receiving your emails.

    Dennis O’Brien

  8. Hi Mark,

    The ddet plugin is a very useful plugin for on page seo purposes as well as what you are doing with it.

    But you must be very careful doing it this way. It is most definitely hidden content and against Google’s TOS. Hey, I’m not pointing any fingers here. I’ve been using the ddet plugin in various ways for about a year and a half.

    I’ve put hidden content in the form of text and video and images, all for the purpose of giving good on page relevant stuff to Google but shielding from their eyes the content that I didn’t want my visitors seeing.

    But I have seen at least one person be reported by competitors for hiding content and getting his site banned. So use this technique with care.

    The best way to do it and still be “gray hat” with much less risk is to leave the link that allows visitors the ability to open it. Now, you can certainly put that link in an inconspicuous place on your page. It will work for your purposes no matter where it is on your post. You can even put it in a widget with the proper html code (still using the plugin).


    • @ Jack – I’ve been observing this for months. From what I see, the Youtube embed finds its source file at Youtube…, and has no SEO connection to my site at all. The flash video on my site that is in the serps, Google picks up from my /videositemap.xml where the video is not hidden at all.

  9. @Craig Smith
    – “I personally dislike embedding youtube videos because I feel to many people head over to youtube and checkout other videos on your channel then end up getting distracted.”

    There is a little bit of code you can put in the YouTube Embed code to prevent your visitor from clicking on the videos and being whisked away to YouTube.

    Here is a short video showing what I’m talking about:

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    – Steve D.

  10. H Mark
    Many thanks for that fantastic tip.

    I’d seen that plugin previously at that site but never thought of using it the way you desciribed it – Very creative I must say.

    By the way – I was reading the comments and I noticed the comments about readers being whisked away and Steve was kind enough to comment on what I was going to say – But…

    I was on Lon Naylors blog a few days ago and he was doing a case study of the MSMM launch Of Fusion and he mentioned the fact that Mike and his team were using You Tube Videos on their Launch Pages – but they were using a special code to hide all the You Tube details and thereby getting a 2 pronged advantage –
    Here is the link to Lon;s Video – where he explains how they did it and gives access to the new iframe code πŸ™‚

  11. Hey Steve

    I went over to watch the Video about the You Tube “trick” and I think it goes to a different video on Screencast – Itls about Cloudberry Lab – I still watched it as I had never seen the cloudberry app before – Thanks

  12. OOoops!
    Yup I posted the wrong link on how to add the code to the YouTube videos to prevent the visitors from clicking over to the YouTube site when they click on the YouTube videos you embed on your site.

    Here is the correct one…

    @Hamant – I actually mention in the video I posted (the correct link that is…), that you can even add a snippet of code to make the YouTube video not even look like a YouTube video and I got that from Lons’ video about the MSMM Launch.

    Very cool set of videos from Lon Naylor.

    – Steve D.

  13. “I went over to watch the Video…and…it goes to a different video on Screencast”

    Ditto on that and yes it was an interesting video showing a great way of using Amazon S3 for file sharing which was a bonus.

    Maybe you can do a post on that code as a follow up to this one Mark πŸ™‚

  14. @Hamant – I actually mention in the video I posted (the correct link that is…), that you can even add a snippet of code to make the YouTube video not even look like a YouTube video and I got that from Lons’ video about the MSMM Launch.

    LOL…posted as I was posting so you can remove that last one of mine

    • @ Dennis – Hey everyone, interesting thread. Perhaps I’ll do a quick video.

      This is a real easy one. No magic at all. Youtube gives us all the information that we need to do this, whether it is have no controls, autoplay, set as HD, hide info like title and logo.

      Here is their parameters page:

      To use this, I would use the iframe code, instead of the embed…but both work. The iframe will give you that cool stop effect, etc…if my memory serves me correct. Ages is creeping up.

      Anyways, you simply copy/paste the code (iframe or embed) and at the end of the video url you add your parameters, on top of each other..each separated with an “&.”

      For example:

      rel=0 – “no related videos at the end”
      autoplay=1 – “video will autostart”
      controls=0 – no control bar
      showinfo=0 – title will not be shown
      hd=1 – HD playback will be forced

  15. I delete 60% of my in box daily BUT I always open anything from Mark Dulisse. Thanks for always delivering quality.

  16. Mark,

    So are yiubsaing to get better results to upload YouTube rather than use easy video player?

  17. Is it possible to have a video thumbnail in the search results, that links directly to a facebook page, using iframes , wordpress and video site plugin ?

  18. I would prefer to do it the other way around; show the flash video and hide the YouTube video. That way they won’t be able to click on the YouTube video and go to YouTube distraction land.

    Trevor Harris

  19. this sounds like a short term tactic that will be banned soon, isnt it better to focus on other lasting strategies?

    @carlvanderpal what will your clients say if one day all that traffic is gone…

  20. Is having a link to your facebook page from a video link not even possible with redirects ?

  21. Hi,
    nice and interesting article.

    “How To Get A Google Double Listing”
    – I prefer: how get a Google single listing.
    Is it possible with your Google Sitemap plugin to get one listing only about the video what point to my website and no to youtube?
    If yes, the youtube embed code must be into my website? Or I can get youtube embed code from a chanel of Youtube no mine?


  22. That’s a pretty nifty trick. Good info as usual. And thanks for all the comment posts related to customizing the YouTube coding. Very helpful.

  23. Hey Mark

    I did look at your software – Google Video Site Map Plugin when you launched it and I was tempted but I never did Video marketing at that point and am considering it again and wanted to ask you – if you cover any tools and tactics to uncover keywords and phrases that would be easy to dominate using a Video –
    Personally I am useless creating videos but thought of outsourcing them for sites I have in multiple non Im niches but the thought of creating videos without having some plan of attack looks daunting.

    Thanks again = Great thread

  24. Wanted to respond to Hamant Keval and anyone else feeling that way. I once did. This pluggin, GVS, scared the heck out of me. For a total newbie it feels scary, but aren’t all wonderful things? Don’t pass it up. It is beautiful. So beautiful, with the thumbnail of any choice of any picture in its place on your site. And now I laugh at myself for really it is not hard at all. In the example of the pluggin in this post I will opt to have my sites video show over the youtube video becuase it is so much nicer looking than youtube with that thumbnail and I want people to come to my site. As for Hamant, or anyone who doesn’t know about it, there are two easy ways that I have found to make nice videos without having to be a techy. My favorite is Go give it a try. 30 bucks for the whole year.Really surprising videos. And, for speed, I use a nifty tool called profit monarch. I probably should be an affiliate for it ‘cuase it is super. I can make 10 videos in about 5 minutes. For real! Not as “pretty” as animoto, but it does the job and is excellent for video marketing. Oh and yes, Get Marks tube fool. It is the last tool for my toolbox, after having just gotten Senuke X. Go create.

  25. Very cool ninja trick which seems to generate a lot of traffic.

    And I believe it works, even it is a little risky to get banned by Google if you overdo it.

    But as long as you have in your drawer a rescue plan, title: “How I get my site back if I’m banned by Google” everything will be fine.

    But even more intersting than getting more traffic seems to me Carl’s sentence: “and have tripled their business in about 3 months.”

    Is there another trick he wants to reveal to us?

    I stay tuned, that’s for sure.

    Thanks a lot and Happy Easter


  26. Life Change Blog

    Incredible what possibilities you have if you know the technical possibilities! Thank you for this video post.

  27. professional website designer

    Wow, thanks for clearing this up. I’ve already noticed this in my own Google searches. Now I know how they’re doing this.

    Cute… buuuut, isn’t it also considered a “black hat” technique? And, won’t Google soon catch on to this and stop this from working?


  28. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the great video on getting a double video listing. I’m definitely going to try my hand at it with a few of my websites. Excellent tutorial as usual.

  29. Why all the DoomSayers? If I create a video for my blog and also post it to my YouTube channel am I doing something wrong? If I chose to display both in a post on my blog and said “choose whichever video looks better for you to watch” am I doing something wrong?

    “Oh Great God Google, reveal yourself so I may know your wisdom”
    “Tell me of the sins I have committed”

    It’s a simple plugin that hides anything that you don’t wish to display on the page.

  30. @ Phillip George….this might sort out what your looking for. If I understand correctly you want to place a button or link in your video that will go to your facebook profile. Upload the video to your YouTube channel and go to for more on how to add the link.

    You can only do what you want to do at LinkTube using a YouTube video as far as I’m aware.

  31. Backyard Fire Pit

    Thanks for a great video. I have only one youtube video at the moment, but this has inspired me to think about doing more.

  32. @Phillip George

    You might find your answer here

    You can place a button on any YuoTube video that links to any URL.

  33. Additional video no doubt helps in the rankings. πŸ™‚

    It’s a pain for me sometimes though, with all the creation and uploading. πŸ™

  34. John "Langley Lawn Care" Jones

    Hi Mark,

    I am a GVS plugin customer and am blown away at its effectiveness. This neat strategy is incredible. This should be content that is paid for. Thank you for posting it.

  35. So much to learn. Using video for SEO is daunting as I have just started figuring all the ins and outs of text SEO. Thanks for the great post.

  36. I have heard I need to use video seo and video marketing for a long time. howevr most of the niches I am in I know little about and have no interst in. I how to work google but thats it.

    I know its my bad for going into niches that I dont have a passion for but still I cant see a way out of the box so to speak.

  37. Joomla Website Designer

    Must -follow concept! I have heard about video marketing but didn’t apply yet just because I hadn’t much knowledge about it. Thanks you have motivated me to do something different to my site.

  38. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for this great tip, I know how powerful videos can be at getting traffic, but so far have not got around to doing any for my own sites, they are just so much more visible than an ordinary SERP listing, and must draw people like a magnet.
    My only concern here is that this might be a bit blackhat, as someone commented above, which I suppose is ok if you what you are doing, but as stranger to video techniques (and BH) I would be a little scared to try it in case, I mess up and get my site slapped, also I cannot help wondering what would happen if everyone started doing it, probably not likely but…

    Nonetheless this still looks pretty powerful to me, perhaps I will try it on a crappy site first so if it gets nuked it won’t matter too much πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for info.

  39. @Mark,

    Can you just clarify this for me? Is the YouTube clip in the SERP being indexed on YouTube or is it indexed on Carl’s page but just points back to YouTube?

    Thanks, Paul

    • @ Paul – I don’t understand your question.

      Youtube videos in the serps point back to Youtube, whether they are embedded on a site or not.

      Self hosted videos in the serps, using a Google Video Sitemap, point back to your own domain.

  40. @Mark,

    Sorry , I wasn’t clear enough in my question.

    If the YouTube video is indexed and points back to YouTube, why is it necessary to hide the Flash video on the page.

    If the video is on the blog page and in the Video Sitemap, wouldn’t you still get the double listing?

    Why do you have to hide it and embed the YouTube clip?

  41. Great info Mark as always, and I actually came here to see your google +1 button in action – added bonus πŸ™‚

    Seems a bit “grey” as a tactic so it will be interesting to see if sites that have utilized this approach stay in the serps long term

  42. Thanks for more great information, Mark. And I really prefer the videos you use to explain your tips; people (including myself) really do prefer watching videos to reading long pages of text.
    Everyone at my company is a regular reader and we implement the advice in most of your posts.

  43. I cam across this post while looking for video SEO, I sure am glad I came across it. This seems like a great way to rank 2 videos on the first page leading to more customers. Can’t wait to put this tactic into action! Thanks a ton Mark!


  44. Lesley - Learn How to Write!

    This is fantastic information, and I hope to make use of it, but it’s not true that everyone loves video. It’s great for somethings, esepcially anything that can be demonstrated, but most of us read far faster than we liste, so if it’s just some guy talking, I’d rather read. It’s faster.

    I take the point though, that this is good for seo, and so I will have a go!

  45. California Marketing

    You need to post more often, this is the kind of stuff that everyone loves! Video is becoming more and more viral by the day, people need information about it!

  46. Never tried using videos on my website. This looks like an interesting idea. On one of my keywords there is an annoying video in SERPS, basically unrelated to the keyword. I’m going to try your suggestion. Thanks.

  47. Pleasanton Restaurants

    Hey Mark,

    Do you happen to know how I can get my video on to the first page of Google for my specified keywords? My video is on my homepage and my keywords are based around Pleasanton Restaurants, would mean a lot to me if you can respond Mark. Would help me tremendously in my ventures!

    Thanks a lot!

  48. Hi – great article but the video doesn’t work. tried it on several Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox

  49. Sure – no probs – look forwards to watching the video when it’s fixed

  50. wow, thanks for the unknown trick, never thought that we can get double listing by ourselves….

  51. wow.. thats amazing mark. i will try it on my wp blog. thx for share.

  52. I don’t mind paying slightly for quality. I want the evaluations to crawlable by engines like google, and if possible I want the plugin to do some IP monitoring…

  53. Surprising.
    I bought two products Dulisse Mark.
    They do not work in France.
    I requested a refund.
    No new Mr Dulisse.
    And he can say that others are scammers!??

  54. Hi Mark.

    Great video. If I understood, in order to get the double video listing hiding the flash video, I will need the google video sitemap plugin in order to hide the flash video?
    @Hammat. Great trick for Youtube Videos

  55. Mark, Just wanted to understand this properly. We need a video (self hosted or otherwise), the free plugin and the paid one (video sitemaps ) to make this happen right?

  56. But from a tactical point of view it should be two different videos, right? Because if you have one video twice it looks spammy. And them even coming from the same domain. So if we have two different videos – by hosting them on two different servers – vimeo and youtube e.g. will provide you a double result. Am I right? Correct me if not.

  57. I had trouble getting index for the video, but your tutorial is the best way for it. Thank you Mark

  58. mark,
    you are a GENIUS . I am going to buy your plugin in warrior forum.

  59. Impressive video. I learned a lot of new stuff from here. This should be shared to others.

  60. hai Mr.Mark..

    with your video i have a good learn,must try on my blog



  61. It’s a very good lesson for me,
    Trims Mark

  62. Thanks mark,
    you are a GENIUS .

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