Friday , February 26 2021
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Video SEO | How To Give Your Videos A Traffic Boost

Greeting my internet comrades,

Today I want to share with you a very powerful way that will boost your videos in Google’s search engine, will bring more google juice to your sites, and ultimately, help flood more visitors to your web promotions and offers.

As you know, I have developed a premium wordpress plugin called, Google Video Sitemap. It has many bells and whistles.

In this posting I want to show you how powerful this method is, and how to get your videos higher rankings in the search engines using the Google Video Sitemap.

Here is a small list of sites to submit your Google Video RSS Feed


RSS Submissions and many other tasks can all be done on autopilot using SEnuke SEO Software.

You like this idea? Please, make a comment.

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  1. Good tip but for some reason none of my videos are getting indexed with the sitemap I guess because I tried 5 domains that had videos on them and nothing showed up.

    These are all youtube videos embedded on my domain.

    • Hi Chris,

      Put the videos as mp4 flash, and use your server or amazons3, for best results. I’m sure Youtube videos on your sitemap has issues, regarding duplicate content, etc.

  2. Mark that is awesome, I never thought of doing that. I’m a Howie Schwartz disciple so you can be sure that I’ll be sticking my RSS feeds into Howie’s Pinger which is like a really evil Pingomatic on steroids and also submits to about 200 RSS directories – my competition won’t have a clue what has hit them!
    Rick Lomas

  3. Thank you Mark, this is very valuable information.

  4. Four out of five my mp4 videos are in indexed, none with youtube embedded. But it is so much easier to use the embedded code instead of uploading to the server, etc. Can you do something about it ?

  5. I got something coming down the pipe that is even better. Can’t tell you now, but it will be rolled out by end of the week.

  6. Devin the Travel Writer

    Hi Mark,

    Interesting tip. I did notice that only a few of my videos came up this way. Not on my site or via youtube. It did work with the videos that did show up. I also added the do nofollow plugin. But I see that is just remains on until I turn it off. So the blue link simply goes away once I turn off the plugin. How is this good?

    Thanks for all of your help.

  7. Thanks Mark, we all need some extra google juice. I like having my videos on first page google and I almost wish you would keep this plugin under wraps
    I put up a new blog yesterday with 1 video and that video showed up first page google for that keyword today. I simply love it

    Debra Garrison

  8. Great stuff as always Mark. Your plugin is superb I have to say and very easy to install and configure. One question I keep trying to find an answer to is how often should you submit an RSS feed to one of the aggregator sites? I know it will update whenever I post but is there any value in resubmitting the feed again every week or so or is that a No No?


    • Thanks Neil. I would only submit the rss feed once per aggregator site. I don’t think you can submit the same feed twice.

  9. I didn’t have a clue. I didn’t know about video site maps until you talked about it. Now I am pretty excited about the link juice that RSS feed must give. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Thanks for the info. Look fwd for more knowledge in online business from you in the future.

  11. Mark ~ Again thank you for ALWAYS putting such value rich content out for us.. your the best!!

  12. Thanks Mark, Been following your eMails for a while. But haven’t been paying much attention to your blogging.

    That just changed=will continue reading eMail +now will be stopping by your blog at least once a wk…Great Information…

    Hoping your recommendations concerning Systems & Strategies are as Informative & Innovative as this Gem.

  13. Hey Mark – Some fantastic tips and tactics these last few weeks.
    Have picked up some great ideas. Thanks

    By the way Can you tell me if the WP plugin will work for videos that you have posted on your own blog which are originally from You tube or not.


  14. Thanks for the reply Mark. I thought that was the case but have struggled to find an answer anywhere – one of those things I guess nobody mentions. Hope the camping trip went well!

  15. Hi Mark,

    I haven’t bought any of your course yet but I tell you I’m learning a lot from you than the other guys out there who are selling their programs way too high.

    I’m glad being part of your mailing list.


  16. Scratches his head and wanders off to somewhere else. I’m sure somebody could explain that better to me. I got NFI.

  17. Thanks for the info., this is very helpful for internet newbies. I’m learning a lot from your post.


  18. Marilynn Williams


    I am looking to host videos on my own server for the first time (always used youtube before). But now i’m quite over making youtube famous… could you recommend a server spec that would be sufficient for a 10K visitors per month site? Also, what player should I use in your experience?

    Thanks, any info would be much appreciated!

  19. @ Marilynn I understand that the whole Amazon S3 service can look a bit daunting at first, but it really isn’t. Even better if you use EVP (Easy Video Player) it really does make it very easy: you set up your Amazon S3 account, put the details into the settings of your EVP setup, then you upload a video and copy and past the code – that’s it! FYI EVP2 is out tommorrow and I’ll be offering some cool bonuses over at

  20. Mark
    The Free “Flash Video Player” you talk of is it the one made by contus support,? or the plugin made by Joshua Eldridge.?


  21. Affiliate Dynamics Revealed

    Hi Mark,

    How could I miss this one 🙂 … another unique rss feed to help boost rankings and creating those all import one-way backlinks, on autopilot.

    I wasn’t aware there was an rss feed right there from Google themselves. Gotta love this!

    Works like a charm.

    Thanks for sharing

  22. I have visited many of blog but did not get such impression with content creation and information as here. Thanks for share mark

  23. Ive always thought that this will be complicated but the demo that you ahve provided encouraged me to do it myself and I have to say that it is easy to install. Im just wondering if this could also work with WP.

  24. I think the above comment shouldn’t have got thru Mark – he clearly didn’t read the post you wrote – i.e. most WordPress plugins with WordPress, I’ve never met one that hasn’t 🙂

  25. Mark,
    I have purchased many of your products and trainings and have had great success. Thanks. I have one question now to load the right tags in my videos. The old technique of tag ripping is not possible. Have you a better solution?

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