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Google Indexing of Youtube Embed Videos | Website Traffic

In this article you will learn the incredible news of Google Indexing of Youtube Embed Videos on your websites, and how you can take advantage of this.

Google and Youtube, partners and co-conspirators of search engine domination, continue to bring havoc on SEOs and webmasters worldwide with their recent move in their verticle video search engine technology.

This is the biggest shake up for 2012 thus far.

You thought Google’s spam team is busy penalizing webmasters with their Google Panda and the new Google Penguin doctrines?

This is nothing compared to the shake up (and opportunity) in video seo and marketing…and many of us have not noticed. And what makes matters worse, is that as soon as I am done writing this blog post, Google most likely will be changing this loophole or pandora again….

Let me get right to the crux of the matter….

Google now allows you to embed a youtube video on your website (using iframe or embed code) and this video will show up in the search engines with a thumbnail pointing to, not Youtube, but to your website.

What is more staggering is that you can take other people’s videos on Youtube, iframe it on your website, and the video will show up in the search engines with a thumbnail pointing to your domain.

And it gets better….

You do not even need a video sitemap for this to work! Nor do you need a markup schema as was previously suggested by Google Video.

And it gets more awesome! Even many self hosted videos are presently getting in the search engines without a video sitemap. Check out this image of one of my websites in the serps. I have highlighted the videos with “YT” that are youtube videos:

Youtube Embed Indexing

Now of course, many of you will test this and say, "my videos are not in the serps." They will be if your website has authority, relevancy, and is not brand new.

Video SEO History Lesson:

Back in 2008 when I first started online with my business, I did a massive amount of video marketing on Youtube and embedding my videos on my websites. However, the Youtube video in the search engines would never point to my website, but would point to Youtube.

In 2009 I created the Google Video Sitemap for self hosted videos. I extensively tested putting Youtube videos on the sitemap (which you can easily do), but the Youtube videos in the search engines would mostly always point to Youtube, not my domain. I say “mostly” because out of 50 Youtube videos embedded on my website, and on my video sitemap, I did have 1 Youtube video in the serps pointing to my domain. However, I felt this was a random mishap, and I could not replicate it.

Mark Robertson at ReelSEO and myself conversed by email in 2009 on what Google is doing at the time, as he was having similar results. Our conclusion was that self hosted videos is the surefire way to get your videos in the search engines pointing to your domain using a Google Video Sitemap. This still holds true today. What has changed is Google’s recent inclusion of embedded Youtube videos pointing to your own domain, without the need of a video sitemap. Mark Robertson gives evidence of this at ReelSEO as well. When Mark first wrote the article, Google was still making changes and so I sat and waited for the dust to settle.


Watch out for scam profiteers! I laughed when I saw Alex Goad and Bryan McConnahea launch a Warrior Special Offer at the Warrior Forum selling a video sitemap wordpress plugin and stating that their video sitemap puts Youtube videos in the search engines. Let me repeat. You do not need a video sitemap for Google to index your embedded Youtube videos on your domains. Google does this without a video sitemap. Anyone who tries to sell you a tool that does this is a scammer.

Google has enhanced their ability to index videos without a video sitemap, both self hosted videos, and Youtube videos. For example, has anyone noticed that the Duration of the videos is automatically inserted in the serps now? See the Video Duration in the serps:

Video Seo Duration

What does all this mean for us as video marketers and webmasters? Should we now all go out and post embed videos on all of our websites, and/or replace our self hosted videos?

This is my humble opinion on what you should do for Google Indexing of Youtube Embed Videos….

  1. Google and Youtube are STILL making changes. The results you saw last week for your videos in the serps are not the same today. Youtube alone is going through upgrades at an outrageous speed.
  2. Be cautious! Do not go and delete all self hosted videos and set up all Youtube’s on your websites in the hopes that they will forever be indexed in Google. Google has not formally given us announcement on this. Are they testing? Are they fixing? Are they researching? Have the messed up? We do not know.
  3. Self Hosted Videos with a Video Sitemap is still the best and surefire method to ensure your videos are in the search engines.
  4. Protect your own YT videos by disabling the ability for others to use Youtube embed code function.
  5. In my mind, Google needs to link up Google+ verified websites and authors, and have their Youtube channels verified, and then allow embedded Youtube’s to be indexed. This will help for any copyright issues, or swiping/stealing in the search engines. Perhaps this is what is coming shortly. So get prepared now!
  6. Currently, if two separate websites embed the same Youtube video, which one will be indexed? Google will surely sandbox one of them so their users will have good search results. The best optimized website wins out. If the YT URL video and channel is better optimized, it also will win out in the serps. Video seo is an extension of regular seo.
  7. Build up your Youtube channels. Google and Youtube videos will continue to dominate the search engines. Youtube’s search function alone is the 2nd largest search in the world for traffic.
  8. Embed Youtube videos on your websites for indexing, but be prepared for quick changes.

Why is the video on this post above not using Youtube embed but is self hosted using my Google Video Sitemap?

It is because Youtube can unilaterally delete my channel, particularly if they are targeting direct sales types of videos. Self hosted videos gives me more control, and when it comes to online marketing, you don’t want to leave anything to chance and fate, or what if’s…..

So, tell me what you think!

Is the new Youtube embed indexing friend or foe?

Make a comment, I read them all.

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  1. Excellent information. This is a huge incentive the make video a pillar in the marketing mix for small business.

  2. That’s wicked Mark, thanks for that. I’m having a lot of fun at the moment with self hosted+sitemap results showing up. Also loving the G+1 author thumbnails too – when you get both it really does look like something worth clicking in the SERPS.

  3. Hello Mark,

    Great info!
    What do you think? Does this mean that if I embed a lot of highly ranked videos in the same niche (such as zumba), then it will mean more backlinks and increase in SERPs for my web page embedding those videos?

    Thanks again for the info?

    • @ Csaba – If you embed a lot of youtube videos on websites, it will count as a backlink for that youtube channel owner, giving them more seo juice in the search engine.

      • Hey Mark,

        Wouldn’t the webpage the video is embedded in – and that the video now links back to – also get some seo juice for search engine ranking? Am trying to figure out the best way to optimize websites, their embedded videos, and backlinks in their YT channels…

        Great info! Thanks!

  4. Great news for me, I’m useless at video!

  5. Anther great video on Google SEO. Keep up the great informative Google videos!!

  6. This sounds like a good deal for those of us who do video in order to get visitors to our website. The best of both worlds. I hope you are right. Thanks for the info.

  7. It’s only going to your site because you searched using “site:” in the query. If you were simply searching for that YouTube title, the YouTube links will always take priority over your own page. For example… If you searched for ” DKJ Google shadow Bonus ‘free offer here’ “, you would not even see your own site show up in the search results. I tried it myself and your page never showed up in the first page of results… after that I didn’t even look. So the point you are making is kind of pointless because if they already knew your website address, why wouldn’t they just go there instead? Sure there are results that point to your own page but it wouldn’t matter if all the youtube and dailymotion stuff is showing up high priority over your pages anyway.

    • @ John – Thanks for your input. Please read my point number six in my post. My old site is bad example because I used Traffic Geyser back in the old days and spammed the serps with videos. 🙂

      But here is another website search result where if you search for the title, the youtube video does show up:

      • But still, we are talking about an exact match search using quotes. I mean who does that and who is going to know the exact term being used unless they already know where to find the video anyway. I am only discussing this on “practical terms” not “probability terms”. This kind of information is virtually irrelevant from a professional point of view. I mean, yes, GREAT that they do link your own site rather than YouTube’s when finding these links on search results, However, let’s put this into perspective by showing us stats and analytic based on this information. The fact is, I’ve known for a while now that they did this but I still don’t much practical use in it unless two things are considered. 1) The searcher must put in the exact search term that you have as a title to your video and 2) your title is a rare one at that (meaning; no other video has that same title as all). In which case if it were that rare, it would also be even more rare that it would be searched for.

        Let’s not get too defensive here… I am only try to help this conversation and trying to just be difficult. We can’t all be right about everything all of time you know. If you can’t show some sort of analytic or stat response based on this post then the post is merely speculative as best. Good info to know but not very practical when it comes to traffic. You’re best traffic is always interactive content sharing and viral content with direct traffic. I have had far better experiences with that then relying on corrupt search engines to get the job done. You are right about one big thing though… they are co-conspirators (and I do mean CONSPIRATORS)…

      • @ John – Love the input. Okay, here is Universal search, and is not an exact match but broad search, and video on first page (noahsdad):

        It all comes down to seo and keyword research.

      • I believe my rambling may have caused you to miss the primary point of my reply. The link you show me provides me with a great example on how your own page is high up there in the search results but it doesn’t tell me the original point I was making…

        How does the issue with the embedded videos help in SEO and site traffic? To see your page up there and the videos inside the pages is vague. Most sites do hit the results in Google when they have 7 or more long posts on their pages (which also slows the loading process of your site by the way) with a lot of relevant text as well. BUT… I was wanting to know HOW do these embedded videos have anything to do with… other than speculating or telling us what is SHOULD do… do you have any way of showing us that its actually the videos bringing in these results… for example, analytics that display the keywords being used to bring traffic to your site.

        So basically I am saying that even though you’re right about a lot of the post here, it is STILL a matter of SEO, Page Content and relative key words and phrases in order to optimize the page to even show up. The video issue is no more different than if this post were talking about embedding images with seo properties attached such as alt text and so forth.

        ALSO: So what happens if you are not the only one adding the video to your own web page? If we aim to make such great videos, we can assume that other people are sharing and embedding these as well. Yet still another point as to how this is not practical because this just means that not only is Google taking people to your site, they are also taking people to other people’s site who have your videos embedded also.

      • @ John – I would not assume that you are making such great videos that everyone is embedding and sharing them on their websites. 99% of YT videos are not, unless it is the owners websites themselves.

      • Rachel Stevens

        John is absolutely spot on. What you are showing with is simply that your pages have been indexed in the big G. It’s exactly the same for pages without video. There is no SEO benefit other than Google or Bing for that matter knows the pages are there. You still need to get the same link juice to them if you want to rank them higher than someone elses search for the same topic.

      • @ Rachel Stevens – Yes, no one suggests otherwise.

  8. Great news thanks Mark I have blog that I need to redo and will just have to use more videos thanks Paul

  9. Hi I was curious, do you know if the video needs to he embedded? What I mean is that I use shortcodes to put youtube videos on my posts. Do you know if that does the same thing?

  10. Great information and post Mark! So far, for me, you’re the first one to reveal this.

    It’s an exciting discovery to see that youtube videos can get indexed and point back to our sites and opens up many strategies but I wonder how long it will last.

    It seems we can use this new revelation to develop a video marketing strategy that attacks from two fronts. Create a group of videos that are purely of marketing purpose, designed to get traffic to your site. These would be expendable. And….our other important videos, that we need to self host…..we can be in control of the video and not fear its deletion.

    It’s all a matter of control. I know several people who had marketing videos on youtube and used them for various purposes, one guy had a membership site full of video content from youtube only to have the account deleted. So…as you mentioned, we just can’t put all our eggs in one basket and trust Google for anything. Our philosphy should be to use Google 🙂

    It would be awesome though to know that Google was going in this direction and handling videos in this way permanently.

    I understand the reason to stop people from sharing your youtube videos, I have an offline customer that gets a bunch of busniess from allowing others to use his youtube videos on their sites…..will have to think this one out.

    Anyway, thanks for the headsup. Really good stuff!


  11. That’s interesting, but who knows how or when it will change. All the videos on my sites, including ones from now defunct channels show up pointing to my sites. I don’t think too much about all the changes and “new greatest thing.” Posting good content on a regular basis is all that matters as far as I’m concerned. Google seems to love what I do, so…

    But I’m just pushin that broom.


  12. Hi Mark

    I must be missing something. First you say that embedding someone else’s video on my site will get me a link, then you say later that the link will go to the video creator’s channel. So does it go to both and if not what is the point in allowing embed codes on your video?

    Hope this makes sense!
    Thanks – Wendy

  13. Which would you suggest to better rank a youtube video (my own video) embedded in a blog: 1) build links to the youtube video or 2) build links to the blog page ,

  14. Mark,

    I am using your traffic player to embed my YouTube videos. They are showing in the organic search but pointing back to YouTube. I’ve had them up for a little over a week. Seems there may some embedded age factor before they point back to the site they are embedded on vs pointing back to YouTube. Will keep you updated. Thanks 🙂

  15. Hi Mark

    I saw this a few months back … but only with the odd video of mine which was hosted on youtube but had the search url pointing directly at my site.

    I just checked about 10 videos and all are still directing people to youtube, so not sure which sites will have this benefit, but it would be cool if they implement this across the board and bypass the youtube channel. But then again, you get comments and social proof at youtube also so there is a benefit both ways.

  16. Very interesting. This will certainly boost a lot of video activity in the IM space.
    Thanks for the info Mark.

  17. Great share mark. I wonder if seo optimized titled posts with youtube embeded videos will out rank other sites without the videos?

    Even if they don’t, the fact that their is a thumbnail should get more people to click through.

  18. wealth2xtreme review

    You know what i like about you Mark? as well as always giving great SEO advice you tell it ‘as it is’ with no fluff like the so called SEO Guru’s you name above that try to sell rehashed PDF’s on subjects you share with your readers for free!

    Keep up the good work Mark!

  19. rochesterwebmarketing

    This is very interesting. Seems like the changes at Google have been really major in the last few months. Hopefully they will settle on some things so that all of us doing SEO can settle into what works.

  20. Shelbyville TN


    Yes, I noticed that when I posted a a Youtube to my site a few days ago and it pointed to my site in shelbyville tn. I use video sitemaps for my other videos hosted via amazon s3.

    One thing I have noticed, When I update the video sitemap using non-hosted Youtuve videos in webmaster tools, it takes a very long time for the video to get indexed after submission, is that normal?

  21. Vince Czaplyski


    Super information, thank you. The tip to disable the ability for others to embed your YouTube videos is excellent.


  22. Mark,
    Wowwy! Thanks for the info! I have to wait to buy due to unforeseen costs in my budget. :(… Hope to get as soon as I can though.
    Thanks for helping your fellow marketers!
    To Your Continued Success!

  23. This is an awesome news, ranking without the sitemap is going to bring some more traffic for sure.
    I have been using your video sitemap plugin on my self hosted videos before and the results were great.
    I agree that self hosted videos are more secure than youtube videos.
    Good Job Mark!

  24. yea, ok but there are no YT embedded videos showing up on my site: doing the search; then ‘video’.

    what’s the deal with that?

    So I don’t need a video ‘sitemap’ to get those embedded videos to show up. Then what do I need?



  25. Bauser Moretti

    Hello Mark,

    That’s good news.
    I have always loved you input on video.
    I purchased your course on “Dominating Video” when it first came out, and loved it.
    Your knowledge and training on video is the best.
    I have purchased other video training since then, but yours is still the best.

  26. Yes Mark this very good indeed for a marketing added VALUE……. especially when you can instantanuously grabe any video thats applicable to whatever niche or catagory!

  27. Hi Mark, this is very interesting indeed. I have a lot of Youtube videos, and I embed them on my own sites, but I’ve never heard that I should stop other people from embedding them, as per your statement: “Protect your own YT videos by disabling the ability for others to use Youtube embed code function.”

    So I get this right – when I disable the embed code on each YT, I won’t be able to embed the YT version on my own sites, but I can self-host a copy on Amazon S3 etc. Is this what you recommend? (A ton of people have my YT videos on their websites now – and many of them copy/paste my Description & URL too.) Is this a bad thing? I was thinking it was a good thing. It would be a ton of work to go back and change this, but if it’s a good way forward I can start implementing today for any videos I post on YT from hereon in. Thanks again!

  28. Thank Mark for the update on Video SEO. As a purchaser of your Video Domination product am thankful for your updates on what is going on with video. You are an incredibly articulated mind on seo from any of the sources I follow.

    Do VD members get tubefool 3.0 upgrade? Thanks again for your talents


  29. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the post. Great information in a timely and professional manner.


  30. Great Post.

    This makes sense in weird kind of “googly” way.
    i.e.- it will promote embedding, and views (and google revenue) might explode.
    IMHO, the vast majority will NOT set their videos to not allow embedding.

    Reading your post made me wonder –
    what effect (if any) will this have on Local SEO Crusher methodology.
    (Heavily reliant on video I believe?)


    P.S. Now that you’re naming the scammers – watch yer back. 😉

  31. Excellent. I had already benefited from one of my videos on the manner you describe. But did no actually rationalized it until you wrote this blog. Then everything made sense. I firmly believe you are right. It is consistent with the intention of Google to give the answer to a search.
    Those web masters that do exactly as you describe will profit extraordinarily if they act fast. Thank you for this article. Regretfully I can see that most people will not fully comprehend the gargantuan favor you just make us–for free. Too bad for them. Very good indeed for you and for me.

  32. Great post Mark. Shoot you could have hyped this up and WSO’d out. Time to start pumping and posting some vids. Come to think of it putting together a strategy from your understanding for great traffic would help us all. Do this, do that, make 20 videos for this, make 20 for that… post it here , there… Chris

  33. Great news,Mark,I think the new Youtube embed indexing is friend not foe,It’ll be definitely beneficial to a niche site.

  34. I am puzzled about how this will help us for SEO. I can see a lot of YouTube videos listed for some of my sites now for the “Site:” search string, but only very low down on the SERPS and ONLY when I use the video tab when searching. I doubt that many people use the “Video” search tab, especially in my technical niches, and then all the big sites are clearly ranking for their videos before the niche sites like mine, which are buried at least 50 pages deep. Unless there is an easy way to lift our embedded YouTube video listings up the “Video search” SERPS, OR, Google starts to link embedded videos like this on the ordinary SERPS results I don’t see how it helps us get traffic.

    So, my view is that it IS a big change, but I remain unconvinced that it will be an important one for getting traffic.

    • @ Steve Symes – Video seo is an extension of regular seo for your website. Follow the same rules. Keyword research, title tags, description, keywords, permalink url structure, video url as keyword, etc, etc.. If your domain is suffering from seo, do not expect your videos to be magical in the serps.

  35. Brian Chambers

    Certainly an interesting development. I am developing some niche specific sites in the next week or so and I will certainly experiment with this to buttress the rankings. Great info. Thanks for the share.

  36. This is fantastic information however if your site or sites are having problems with Google’s latest updates this isn’t going to do you any good. In other words if your rankings have fallen off due to the recent updates this is not going to help you at all. The indexing of Youtube videos on your sites. This strategy will only be effective to people that have not had their sites hit by the recent Google updates…. If your site is doing poorly in Google because of recent updates this won’t do any good or be effective….

    • @ Ed Jones – if you were hit hard because of Google panda and Google penguin, it is for a reason. If you feel it is unjustified, you can ask Google for a reconsideration. Just Google it for a submission to them. For me, my rankings have improved. 🙂

  37. This is a great move from Google. As you mentioned, it should have a verified account detail for Youtube and website to index to point the video back to the website. If this is not done properly, there will be a chaos for people to protect their videos.

    Also, I will think Youtube would like more people to embed the video so that the video can go viral and people don’t need to worry about the indexing issue as long as they are the creator and credit will be given back to their website.


  38. Great information – and I want to thank you for sharing via the video. very, very helpful. Plan to share this with others – directing them back to this post.

  39. Great information in this post. I have still to start my own videos but will certainly be more diligent about finding appropriate videos on youtube.

  40. Hi Mark,

    This is a very interesting discussion and I appreciate your thoughts and input. There is a temptation to go through all our sites and add youtube videos to them, in the hope that they will all get indexed quicker and higher in the SERPS. However, I have seen one channel being deleted in the last week, which could raise a very important point – if you have a video on your site and the channel gets deleted by youtube, does this change the potential positive into a negative?

    I would love to know the answer. I also realise that nobody can give a definitive answer yet, but it would remove one of those mysteries that Google throws at us regularly.

    Have a great day,


    • @ Barry – As you can see in my proof image on this posting, the very first result in the search results takes you to one of my pages where the YT video is in fact been terminated, but the video thumbnail is still in the search results pointing to my website. Yes, bizarre I know. Can I explain it? No I cannot. The negative is that the user does not get a video when they land on your page, which increases bounce rate, which will lower your ranking. I use self hosted videos with my Google Video Sitemap for this very reason, in case my YT channel does get unilaterally terminated. My personal blog is too important to me to let YT be in control. 🙂

  41. Vikrama Aditya

    Thanks Mark!

    You shared many of the things that can guide about new trends. I value your advice highly.

  42. Hey, Mark. This is a really good post. You actually answered my question as to whether or not you had to make your own videos. Somehow, I don’t think this is going to last, though. It almost seems too good to be true.

  43. I find this very refreshing. I know you sell the video sitemap plugin, and I know that if this is all true and follows the possible path you’ve outlined (lots of ifs, ands, buts I know), it means you’ve potentially eliminated an income stream by telling us this. Refreshing indeed.

    If I’m following this correctly, it is really more of a traffic strategy than an SEO/Ranking strategy (strategy’s not a great word to use here, but I can’t think of another). If you happen to be the only “embedder” who uses a particular keyword/phrase, then you’re the one most likely to turn up in the video part of the search for that keyword/phrase. Correct?

    Earlier you replied “@ Csaba – If you embed a lot of youtube videos on websites, it will count as a backlink for that youtube channel owner, giving them more seo juice in the search engine.” My question is – Will this create a cyclic effect? In other words, if by embedding the video you’re giving the video juice, will that juice then be reclaimed by your spot in the video search? Will giving the video owner a backlink make “your” use of the video better? (Boy, I hope I asked that right).

    • @ Wally – It endorses the use of Google Video Sitemap. I have not done testing on this, but certainly submitting your video sitemap to Google webmasters and now they see YT’s, this gives them notice of your website even more. They need to link all this together with Google+. That is what I am waiting for.

      • So, I guess your suggestion is that posting the YT videos and then adding them to the video sitemap would be like a “double whammy”?

      • @ Wally Day – adding YT’s to video sitemap will have no effect. Google is indexing them already.

    • @ Wally – If you use iframe, it does not count as a backlink (debatable and mixed results right now), but a embed does. Giving someone’s else’s video a backlink will help improve their YT video ranking, not yours. But, if your website is seo enhanced, this is easily overcome, unless you are competing against a YT video and/or channel with huge authority, video views, likes, comments, etc.

      • Well, in theory (why is all this suddenly theory?), iframe is not supposed to be “read” by googlebot. So, if that’s the case, then the bot would not know about the YT video. Can’t see how that would help. Unless the link to the video was inside the tag. So, it would be necessary to use embed for the bot to know about the video (in theory, again). What I’m wondering is if the video itself carries its own PR. Sounds like G is heading that direction.

        I’m also wondering how this can work into local seo.

      • @ Wally Day – Google does follow the links within iframe for link juice, we think. 🙂

        Barry Schwartz at SERoundtable did a test on this and stated that iframes do flow link juice at:

  44. Thanks for the awesome tips Mark.
    These last changes really shook up the SEO world. My sites weren’t affected that much and it gave me good incentive to keep doing what I do now.
    I have notice that apart from videos, Google reward authority root domains such as Yahoo!answers, Wikdots and others.
    Have been testing Alex Gold’s plugin and refunded it immediately. You are right, a real waste of time. Thanks for your constant support

  45. Wolfgang Bloomfield

    I noticed this a little while ago and wondered what was happening, but it seems not all of my video’s are pointed back to my site, so it’s probably in the proccess.

  46. Very nice idea Mark, but I hope that G. doesn’t notice that in the short term and bans users taking advantage of this feature.

  47. Am I missing something here… why would you want to disable the ability for others to embed your YouTube videos. Surely if you want to benefit from viral traffic you would include your site URL as a permanent watermark in all of your videos. The more people that embed your video (and others who re-embed you video after having seen your video on someone elses site) then the greater the exposure your video and your URL will get.

    Why try to second guess Google… Google is fickle and what works today in SEO may not work tommorrow. A home-made (non spammy) video on the otherhand which is informative and educational, or funny, or simply has some amazing content, will spread around the internet without the help of SEO.

    I would rather have my video embedded on 100’s of sites than continually fight with Google for better positioning in the SERPs!


    • @ Dmdata – You would disable the ability for others to embed your YT for privacy reasons, or for a particular brand video that you only want on your Youtube channel. Not anywhere else. Many music professionals will do this.

  48. That’s a very useful insight Mark. I can see that there are a few whiners that really don’t get the bottom line. Text, image, video won’t matter a shite if it isn’t decent quality any more. The bottom line is that we all have to up our game. Even where a website has crashed following recent changes, I would anticipate that you can recover if you follow Mark’s advice and try to get rid of the crap on your website (and offsite) and do the work. Mark’s advice will work if it is used in conjunction with other good practice. SEO is no longer a one trick pony. Bit of an ouch but that’s what it will become.!

  49. Ha ha, didn’t even know until I did the google video search on my site but they are indexing to my domain a good handful of videos from youtube that are embedded on different urls on my site. Although I am a bit confused because I really don’t get much, if any, traffic from it through the serps as far as I can tell in my analytics. So what good is this for just backlinks?

  50. I have been a big user of self hosted videos with a sitemap, but I am going to try some YT embedded videos. I suspect that new pages will be ranked after with YT embedded vids.

  51. Great post as always,

    What is your opininion about using a self hosted video AND a YT embedded one in a blog post. Can it be a more sure way to be able to put your site with a video thumbnail into the G SERP?

    • @ Otto – It is recommended only to have one video per page/post for seo purposes. You can put self hosted on your website, and still put video into Youtube, and both can be in the serps. You can see both of mine here #1 and #4:

  52. Thanks for your valuable insight. There are so many offers that come through Warrior Forum that it is hard to keep up with what is needed and what is hyped up money makers. I appreciate your efforts in keeping us informed.
    My question today is how do you insure your video brings people to your site and not theirs as your stated?

  53. Mark,

    The comment by Otto about using self hosted and imbedded YouTube videos seems to makes sense. Would you agree? Trying to keep up with Google’s changes is becoming a full time job.

  54. Alan's Internet Marketing

    Thanks for sharing this. I have a hobby type site and the easiest way to convey information is using YouTube video’s and adding text commentary. Will be interesting to see how this catches on and if the ability to embed YouTube videos starts to slow.

  55. So if I have a youtube channel with my own videos I should not embed them on my site? If this is true what good does it do me to have that channel?

    • @ Lant – Just the opposite, you do want to embed for backlinks to raise your channel and YT videos.

  56. Hi Mark … watched your info above …. when I went to check out my 6 videos I found they point to youtube and not my website. Shall have to figure out how that is done … or maybe you can tell me.

  57. Hi Mark,
    Very useful post! At these days I am working on series of video for my websites and your ideas help me to make right decision. I wanted to know: Is there any rules about size of YV and on what part of post should I put my video – at the beginning, in the middle or at the end?
    I appreciate your time to answer this question.

    • @ Tatiana – Above the fold will get Google’s bot attention more. As for size, size does not matter for seo. But it does for user experience.

  58. Hunter Williams

    Once again, brilliant thoughts and insights. I have used some of your hidden video code to have Google see two videos but the page only shows one. Do you see any complications/fall out for using that strategy?

  59. Its amazing Mark, i just checked it with my site as well and exactly what you showed in the examples…. videos that are not mine have been indexed with my my url. I hope this stays long. thanks for sharing

  60. Another great article and discussion. The irony is that I first received the email about this article on my mobile. Unfortunately the video on this page would not show on my iPhone due to Flash, so I had to wait until I got to my PC to check it out – I am a fan so I went to that trouble. I believe the most important priority should always be the user experience followed by the search engines. In my experience, the YouTube embedded videos get picked up and shown in the SERPs much faster than self-embedded ones, even if you use a video sitemap for the latter. Our stats on the linking still show a significant ratio pointing back to YouTube, however that seems to be shifting with newly published content.

    • @ Tim – thank you for this. I see that. It works on mobile when you view video from homepage url, but not post url. Either theme or player. I will do fix.

  61. Hi Mark,
    Great info as usual. This is pretty cool. I will have to check out and see what’s going on with my videos, plus I have a bunch I need to upload to Youtube. Time to get moving with this!

  62. Matthew Hunt From Small Business Online Coach


    awesome update! great news. but as you said I am sure they’ll connect it to G+ and you are right self hosting with video sitemap is always the best way to go to protect your brand.

    • @ Matthew Hunt – Yes, I hope G+ verifies YT’s. I have suggested this to Matt Cutts. Whether he reads or implements this, I have no idea. 🙂

  63. Thanks Mark for this info. Very valuable.

    Question: if I embed my video on my site and would like to stop that others can embedd it. I guess this is not possible. It is either embed for all or not embed. do I see this right?

  64. Will Cunningham

    Hey Mark, this is awesome news! I purchased your Tube Fool video site map a long time ago and ranked for my niche videos with your advice, and it never made much sense that Google would not do this. I am glad and I honestly think that this is a good thing – even if my videos are being embedded on other peoples sites and there sites are ranking higher than mine, it is still my video and my message. I like it! I suspect you will come up with some training, right?

    • @ Will Cunningham – I am hesitant to do any updated training on Youtube SEO right now as I think Google is doing algorithm fixes on a number of areas right now. We shall see.

  65. This is a great post and an interesting thing they’re doing with video. Not sure I agree with disabling embedding, but it’s probably something to consider on a case-by-case basis.

  66. Reno Computer Repairs and Website Development

    Mark, great points about SEO and youtube videos. I just noticed that my youtube videos also point back to my website as well!

  67. Hey Mark,

    Thanks for sharing this video, you never seise to amaze me with the cool things you post on your blog.

  68. The issue I’m having with all this for the past couple of weeks that it has been going in. Is that everyone is using a site: parameter. That is restricting it to the site, but you are not getting a link to your site in regular serps.

    From what I can tell it’s just a catalog feature where it’s saying hey this video is being shown on the site but under regular rankings, even just using video rankings “without” the site parameters it is reverting back to the original location where they video is hosted on.

    • @ Maxp – This is not the case. We have discussed this on this comment thread already. Please see below my samples. It all comes down to keyword targeting, seo of your website, relevancy, authority, etc….

      • I understand the site search that it’s listing the video I see that even on my own authority site. But when I research other high authority sites they have the same listing of the videos with the Site: . But when you look at the regular search and the same video appears in the search it is showing the you tube link. I’ve been looking at various keywords and I’m finding this to always be the case the video listing with site is showing the way you show in the example but with out the “site:” it shows the original source.

        If this was showing up in regular search results where the site is ranking for and the video was not owned by them and it links to there site in universal serps be it in the video section or everything then that would be a problem, but so far I can’t find one live example that it’s doing this outside of site:domainname

        That’s what I meant to say, This would be very alarming and it would be a copyright issue if they allow it in normal serps which it has not. What I would like to find instances where this is happening without the site: that’s what I am more interested.

      • @Maxp – We gave you universal search results in this comment section. Google is still making changes on this issue and results jump around day to day. I posted a live search result on this comment section above 3 days ago with a result in universal search pointing to a domain. Today it is not.

        What bothers me is that you asked this same very question on another blog, and I answered you there, and now you come here and ask the very same thing. If this happens again, I shall ban you from commenting.

      • Hi Mark,
        It’s the first time I’d heard of this and it sounded great, but from my research it appears that you’ll only see this when searching and viewing the videos.
        They would not appear in any WEB results for any phrases, all thumbnails would be linked to the Youtube video page.
        After going over most of the comments I see you said “See examples below” but I couldn’t find any.
        I also know that this was posted about 4 months ago.

  69. Hi Mark,

    I have a question : how is it possible to embed my YT video on my blog
    if I protect my own YT videos by disabling the ability for others to use
    Youtube embed code function ??


    • @ Ludovic – Not possible. Youtube does not know that it is your website as creator of video. This is why I have asked them to link up to G+ to change this.

  70. Mark you have done it again. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with the most current information. I’m going to start using this today in checking the status of my videos I’ve made for my clients online.

  71. Hi everyone, keep an eye on your video results. Things are changing again today. Is it the Google Peacock? 🙂

  72. Christa Herzog

    I have not so many videos yet. I publish them on YouTube when they are content only.
    I am letting others post my videos. I have often the URL of my website in all my video.

  73. Hi Marc,

    Thanks for this post. It explains what I noticed earlier in the week: I posted a video on YT that went to no.2 on p1 of Google within 36 hours and very much to my amazement pulled up my blogpost to p1 as well (it’s the latest post on my blog right now). Now I have 2 entries on p1 above the fold :-). Fabulous. Let’s hope it lasts.

    Thanks for all the information and freebies you are putting out. Great job and much apporeciated.


    • Just a brief update, Marc.

      After my comment here a couple of days ago I checked my video again today, just for fun (vanity??). 🙂

      After entering the keyword I couldn’t believe that my blog post had now overtaken my video and sits at no.1 on p.1 of Google, both in the UK and the USA, without(!!) me having done anything to promote it. The video is no.3 on p.1. How to dominate without really trying, at least keywords that are not highly competitive.

      Long may this last!


  74. Hi,

    I have noticed that Google Indexing my Amazon hosted videos too.
    (better than Youtube videos right now).


    • Yes, my videos using amazons3 and my Google Video Sitemap also are having better than Youtube rankings. 🙂

      • Hi,

        The strange thing is that I have no “Google Video Sitemap” installed on my blog…
        and all my Amazon Videos are indexing in the Google engine.

        My question is : is your “Google Video sitemap” pluggin really needed ?


      • @ Ludovic – Like everything, if your website is authoritative in Google’s eyes, their crawlers are visiting your website often for indexing. If your domain authoritative, videos have been on the website for a long time, then they probably will be indexed. But, a video sitemap does a lot more. It speeds things up and helps Google find your videos. Google tells us to have one to help our video seo. Same as a regular sitemap, it helps Google find your content.

        But there is more. A video sitemap will also help you with meta data, and give to Google additional information about your video, from category, tags, a specific title or description, and more….
        For example, we all know that Google will index a webpage on its own, but we use ALL in One SEO pack to optimize our website for the search engines, and we put a regular sitemap on our domains to help Google find our content for seo purposes.

  75. Christa Herzog

    What happens when you post a video from your pc? When it has its own URL on your website and is posted on a page?

  76. Hi Mark–just a FYI, the DCMA in yr footer goes to a Thesis 404…am implementing DCMA on my sites as have tons of my original content appearing on scraped blogs. Thanks for the great post.

  77. this is the best from google, i like it

  78. Ethan Poltrack

    Hey some great information, thank you. What I have found is linking to a youtube video and even creating one linking back to my site helps them get indexed fast. Iv gotten a brand new site indexed in under 48 hrs doing this method. A site indexer is what I use now to help outsource the task. Thanks again.

    • @ Ethan Poltrack – Hi Ethan, I have removed your video and affiliate link. Any site indexer software is a sheer scam. You do not need to tell Google to index your website, that is what it does already and are good at it. If you want fast indexing, just Digg it once.

  79. Brilliant post Mark, I have seen much argument about whether to self-host or embed from Youtube – there are pros and cons of both. Self-hosting requires higher overheads, but if as above your self-hosted videos get listed you are promoting your own site and driving traffic to it. However Youtube embeds enable you to build up organic views and following which ultimately lead to higher rankings within the universal serps.

  80. That’s amazing. I didn’t know about this indexed youtube embed videos, but I certainly already caught a few of them among my searches… Of course it’s an incredible feature and quite advantageous! It’s great publicity at the very least 😛

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