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Affiliate Marketing Trick To Build Your List Fast

Hello fellow affiliate marketers, I got a lot of comments asking for a video tutorial on my posting,  “Do Not Make This Affiliate Marketing Mistake.” This trick is lethally effective. It will not only help you to build up a list fast using THEIR hyped up product launch, but it will also allow you to protect your existing list from …

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An Open Letter To Every Stuggling Internet Marketer

Dear Struggling Internet Marketer, Can I have your attention for a moment and speak candidly with you? Life as a internet marketer is fun, exciting, and full of possibilities…the sky truly is limitless to how far you want your business to grow. However, life as a struggling internet marketer is down right horrible, full of empty promises and dreams unfulfilled. …

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The biggest LIE the “gurus” told me…

When I was just starting out my online business, I quickly discovered something that still bothers me to this day. I was a single dad, trying to get myself and my kids off of welfare and be the provider I wanted to be, and every slicked-back guru out there was telling me: “Be an affiliate marketer! It’s the easy way …

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How Video Marketing Is Changing The Game For Internet Marketers

video marketing

There is a growing trend of change in the internet marketing sales process…and video is the game changer. In the past, internet marketers have hidden behind text and long salesletter copy and have for the most part avoided the youtube and social networking scene.  However, times have changed, and a new era for the internet marketer has dawned. I first …

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January 2010 Hottest Internet Marketing Products

January is typically a hot month in the internet marketing industry. Cool new products, new and advanced marketing scripts released, a lot of energy to make money after the holidays. I personally see three products that are worth taking a look at. There are so many ways to make money online, but at the end of the day, it all …

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