Sunday , February 28 2021
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Google Video Sitemap

With more than 2 years of coding, improvements, and upgrades, the premier Google Video Sitemap (GVS) wordpress plugin has just gone through what is probably the best upgrade and version thus far with GVS Version 2.29. Not only has there been an overall logic improvement for detecting videos, but also some cool added supports (see video below). GVS 2.29 and …

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Video SEO | How To Give Your Videos A Traffic Boost

Greeting my internet comrades, Today I want to share with you a very powerful way that will boost your videos in Google’s search engine, will bring more google juice to your sites, and ultimately, help flood more visitors to your web promotions and offers. As you know, I have developed a premium wordpress plugin called, Google Video Sitemap. It has …

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Video Sitemaps and The Future Of Google TV

There has been a lot of discussion lately by Google about their launch of Google TV later this year. No question, Youtube is not the only video viewing experience, and there is a ton of videos spread across the world wide web. Google is now say, “If you want us to see and index your videos on your website, then …

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