Sunday , March 7 2021
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Guide to HTML5 Video Encoding – MP4 to Webm

Nothing is more frustrating to the internet marketer than video encoding. Okay, learning php/html is a bit intimidating, but let me tell you…video encoding is a different animal genre altogether. If you are creating and producing online web videos and self hosting your videos on amazons3 cloud and using a HTML5 video player like my very own Covert Player or …

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Install your own URL Shortener to Cloak and Track for Free

For us who do online marketing, using URL shortening services is an everyday event. Emailing a link that is 500 characters long is not cool. Additionally, if it is an affiliate link, you certainly want to hide your affiliate id from being hijacked. There are plenty of free online url shortening services, that are hosted elsewhere. There are 100’s that …

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3 Traits To Look For In A Internet Marketing Mentor

Do you have a internet marketing mentor? Without a mentor, you are dead in the water before you begin. Sure, there are those who rise above without a mentor, but these types are the exception to the norm and usually succeed in any occupation they enter. There are normally 3 types of internet marketing mentors: Mentors who are making a …

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How To Fix Your Hacked WordPress Site?

Recently there has been a onslaught of wordpress hackers who are out to destroy your marketing efforts on your wordpress blogs. These people are usually disgruntled bloggers who enjoy hurting others, instead of actually helping the online community grow and prosper. Their modus operandi is to destroy. Being the psychologist expert that I am, these people have very low self …

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Increase Quality Score With Footer Links

Google is currently reviewing many new adwords campaigns, including your landing pages. I recently added a number of “compliance” and “cover your butt” footer links of some sites of mine. One in particular was a site I use for one of my adwords campaigns. By placing these links on my site my quality score greatly increased. If Google Adwords likes …

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The Myth of “One Button” IM Automation

If there is a new and cool software script out on the market that makes internet marketing easier for me, I want it. 🙂 My hard drive is full of practically every internet marketing tool there is, and I have access to some of the most powerful web based tools. Unquestionably, they are all useful, but let’s get back to …

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