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3 Traits To Look For In A Internet Marketing Mentor

Do you have a internet marketing mentor?

Without a mentor, you are dead in the water before you begin.

Sure, there are those who rise above without a mentor, but these types are the exception to the norm and usually succeed in any occupation they enter.

There are normally 3 types of internet marketing mentors:

  1. Mentors who are making a significant income online themselves
  2. Mentors who have trained others on how they make money online
  3. Mentors who have trained others, and those students have in fact made a significant amount of money online from the direct tutelage of the mentors.

The internet marketing community is flooded with #1 and #2.

Someone discovers a “system” that makes them money online (it is nothing new, but just new to them). They decide to put together a “how to make money online” product showing people their strategies. They get some testimonials from buddies, they put it on clickbank or paydotcom to sell, and then finally they lure some affiliates and jv partners to promote so that they can make more money. This in a nutshell is what 99% of people do who call themselves a mentor, and people flood to them for support and training.

There is even a sobering dark side by some….

(true story) In fact, I have seen huge guru’s promote products like this to their list where the product is not even real, but is written by a ghost writer, and his testimonial on the salespage was completely bogus. I wrote this guru a email, and he could not understand why I questioned his integrity to his subscribers. (I then discovered his own product was being promoted on the Thank You page…yuk).

Then there are mentors who make a lot of money, and who have also trained others who are making a lot of money. These are the one’s we want to look at.

What Are The 3 Major Traits Of A Internet Marketing Mentor?

1. An internet marketing mentor is highly focused in his/her business systems

It does not take long to spot a “money grab” marketer and a “true internet marketing mentor.”

If your internet marketing mentor is “all over the map,” and sending you information to buy on clickbank marketing, then ebay marketing, then mobile marketing, then amazon marketing, cpa marketing, ppv marketing, then blah, blah, blah…, and they have never done it themselves with these methods, then this mentor is all over the map, and is leading you down a rose garden path that ends with thorns & thistles with you being broke, busted, and disgusted.

My advice: Get on some email lists, whether they be super affiliates, or smaller internet marketers, and over time you’ll see if they are focused or all over the map in their tutelage. Look for a mentor that is highly focused in his/her business systems.

2. An internet marketing mentor is “independent” in his/her ability to make money online

The majority of large marketers and so called “guru’s” are like dependant infants, not able to stand on their own two feet. They seek “inner circle” partnerships and the only way they make money is when a jv inner circle partner emails to their list.

This “dependency” marketer is like a leech, and offers no true mentoring value other than the ability to teach you to kiss someone’s buttocks. They are not able to teach you ‘in the trenches’ internet marketing because frankly, they know nothing about it.

Additionally, they will never let you inside their inner circle, and so because of their own insecurities and greediness, they will force you not to rise to their own level of income.

I can remember chatting on skype with a large so called guru, who claims to be making $50,000 per month. All their money and sales comes from launching products and the inner circle promoting to one another. I asked this person, “Have you ever made money ‘in the trenches’ by driving traffic to an offer via search engine optimization, adwords, blogging, or social media marketing?”

The answer was NO. And this person even has a high end coaching club where he mentors others to make money online. I’m still scratching my head wondering what material he has swiped and stolen to teach his members all about online marketing.

My advice: Make sure you are being mentored by someone who is genuine, and not caught up in the “inner circle” crap game.

3. A internet marketing mentor will challenge you…even at the cost of losing you as a student

If you apply the 80/20 rule, one can assume that only 20% of the people will do the work required to make a significant income online. If we are talking about executive wages, the percentage is even less. I would guess that only 2%-5% make a decent living online.

What happens to the other 95% who fail, or simply limp along? Well, they keep “hoping, and learning, and giving, and pushing, and buying, and doing, and spending,” but never really make it. Much of this is self imposed failure, but a large part of it also has to do with the fact that they picked a crappy mentor to follow who neither challenged them, nor taught them internet marketing.

A true mentor, when chatting with you, will not hold back any punches in teaching you. He/she will be candid about your skill set, what you need to work on and improve, and if you are simply lazy, they will tell you to get off your rear end and work. Plain and simple.

You see, a fake mentor will want to keep you in the dark, because frankly, they don’t know what to tell you, and all they want you to do is buy more stuff from them.

My advice: Follow someone who will speak truthfully to you. Only when you are faced with the realities of your situation you will be able to rise above them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this….

Tell me what you think? Please make a comment.

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  1. Mark, couldn’t agree with you more. The main problem is there is just so much junk and so called gurus pushing it. I know when I first started I threw a lot of money at the latest greatest IM product with very little success. Thankfully I finally got hooked up with some pretty good gurus that actually gave me more info for free then they ever sold me.

  2. In absolute agreement with everything you have written. After nearly two years of searching, buying, trying, buying, crying, searching,etc, etc…you know the rest….I found him !! And so did 23 others – he has created a dynamite program that we are working through as Beta Testers and he will become public in a very short while.

  3. Mark, I have to disagree with point #3, at least as far as I have personally seen it applied, almost across the board. A mentor should challenge the student yes but the mentor, in order to really *BE* a mentor, responds to questions the student has. If the student is attempting to apply what the mentor is teaching, the student cannot be accused of just sitting back and doing nothing; quite the reverse, the student *IS* doing something, is asking questions of the mentor, but IF THE MENTOR MAINTAINS SILENCE to hose questions, then the mentor DESERVES to lose that student, even if it means loss of income or refund of a product, because the mentor is not living up to his job. It is a two way street — the mentor cannot teach if the student does not get it, but if the student is interested and asks questions, prompts the mentor, only to get silence in return, I submit the mentor should get out of the mentor business.

  4. Your blog was excellent.I get a kick of IM’s that use a successful marketer’s name to promote there product and they’re not even associated with that marketer.I’m just checking out how internet marketing works and when I learned enough from people like you I’m going give it try.

  5. I have two words for you mark… Amen Brother! I have been studying and trying different things for some time (Years) and there are definitely people out there that do not want you to be successful. There are great programs out there but not everything work for everyone. The dirty little secret is that it takes time to learn what works and what doesn’t for you and most people need to put in the time doing not reading. IM is work but can be a great lifestyle once you find your groove.

    Thanks Buddy!


  6. I think that a important factor is the mentor/student fit.
    This could be the personality compatibility, or product or systems fit.
    Or even work/time availability of both partners.
    Before buying into the coaching course, one needs to look around to determine the best possible fit.

  7. Rusty - Fitness Blog Training


    I especially agree with you about having the ability to be successful without having to rely on JV’s. I have made a full time living in the fitness niche for over a year and still haven’t done a JV mailing.

    People who can’t teach building a legitimate business from connecting with customers…and only rely on JV’s, shouldn’t be teaching IM…period. Too much of that happening in my opinion.


  8. Well, I do think that you need to work with someone as a mentor who walks the walk and can show social proof of stats. I don’t have an issue with these guys having the JV partners because it sure does help sales on a launch. As long as the product is ethical and they are actually getting those results, then you’re talking about someone worth looking at. I don’t know of anyone who would say no to having one of these guys support any of our products.

    On the other hand, there are some that are just not genuine-Let’s face it if anyone tells you you’re going to make money on autopilot by sitting in your underwear working from home, know they are lying. Period.

    I actually have several high profiles Guru’s as clients. They’ve not only let me in on the inside of what is happening, they really know their stuff…

    That said, I suspect these guys are the exception, not the rule.

    I do like what you’re doing Mark–the plugins are great. I wrangled one that you wrote for one of the Guru’s a few years ago and it worked like a charm until WP 2.8.

    My .02


    I HAVE TO AGREE WITH YOU.I dont have a mentor yet.But hope to find one soon

  10. Mark,
    Paid authoritative recommendation/training/coaching is, imho, the fastest way to Internet Money Making Nirvana. Although, also imho, there are just too many “instant experts” for my taste. (“instant experts” can anyone say – oxymoron? Also, I’m amazed at how many people (the UnGuru) profess their disdain for all those other GURUs that are just scamming you – sure. If you haven’t as of yet, you need – really – to read Blair Warren’s One Sentence Persuasion Course – buy the audio version at his site – a goodwill recommendation – you’ll understand the strategy of condemming other people. Yep, in it you’ll find the strategies used to persuade, entice, coerce people to do as told whether it’s in their best interest or not. Yeah, one sentence. Just Google it and you’ll “get it” – get it? You’ll never look at a sales pitch the same way again).

    I’ve taken your survey – now – may I ask you who you feel is the best straightforward facilitator of I.M. (or marketing in general) knowledge on the ‘Net. Just let me know who your mentor is, if you’ve learned everything through trial and error or a combination of both. Plus, what credentials did you have before entering the Internet Marketing Arena. What did you do for a living. It matters.

  11. hey Mark,

    I am on in my first year doing IM personally. I have seen #1 and #2. My question is how do i how do i establish a mentor/ student relationship with #3 without paying high end cost?

    i thank you Mark for the knowledge in the course, the upgrades, the questions you have answered and the free information you have provided.

  12. Hey Mark,

    I have to say I love so much of what you write. You really share your knowledge freely and know what you are talking about. I read a TON, but I almost never respond, but finally had to. Thanks for your honestly and ethics in a market filled with scammers and people filling those with false dreams. I have been pulled in by some you mention and wasted money, but thankfully now I believe I know better.


  13. Personally, I believe that a mentor is just a crutch for those who either don’t want, (or are to lazy) to learn, think and create on their own….sorry, but that is MOST of you.

    I also think that right off the bat, just the fact that you believe you need a mentor is the first thing that sets you up for failure. “Oh that’s right…the reason you didn’t make any money AGAIN this time was that you had ANOTHER bad mentor!”

    My wife and I have made a full time living online since 2001. Nobody mentored us at any point. We have multiple online busineses…as well as selling our own manufactured products, we market other people’s digital products……and on and on.

    Everything you need to know to succeed is available on the net for FREE. Just go get it yourself! You don’t need any of these guys. NONE of them. (they just package it up and sell it to you, usually over and over, with different labels). Most of all….JUST DO SOMETHING…TAKE SOME ACTION…..AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES…

    The internet has made having your own business easier than ever before. It has levelled the playing field. No longer is a global presence restricted to corporate giants with deep pockets….you have that same global reach from day one of your new business! Your parents never had that!

    Consider this: If your parents were entrepreneurial and started a business (there was no internet), their marketing reach was usually restricted to within a 50 mile radius (that’s being generous) of the physical location of their business. They had tiny advertising budgets, little to no control over demographics…and get this: I doubt you ever heard them whine about needing a good mentor! They just did it….they took action…opened that bakery, restaurant, men’s wear store, drycleaners, show repair shop, -what have you. But……. the thing they didn’t do was raise self sufficient kids….they spoiled you…they did everything for most of you, and because of that, you are still, in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s…. looking to have everything done for you. Shame on you.

    Lose the herd mentality…..don’t be afraid to do something different…be an Edison, not a Joe Smith….FAIL FORWARD!

    Michael Rytter

    • Hi Michael, it is great that with all your experience since 2001 you are doing well online. Perhaps you are part of the minority in my statement, “Sure, there are those who rise above without a mentor, but these types are the exception to the norm and usually succeed in any occupation they enter.” Congratulations.

  14. This Article hit me dead center through my heart. I learned this the hard way. When I first started in the Internet Marketing Game. I was like many others jumping from one thing to another and never settling down to actually follow through with anything.

    What I did find is when I finally slowed down I met Three Internet Marketers that have taken me under their wing and have challenge me all the time. The great thing about these guys is that they have grounded me and made me learn the right way. Even if it meant that they can lose me as a student. They were not afraid to give me their personal email, Skype, and Phone numbers. Real Marketers dont’ need to be afraid of chalenging their students. I believe that if they don’t challenge them they will just move on to the so called “biggest next best thing”, never do make any money and eventually quit.

    You know what I found out because of all the challenges they have thrown at me. I’ve learned more and now I’m seeing a stable income from what I do. I wish someone would of posted this three years ago it would of saved me thousands of dollars and time.


  15. And Mark (You really got me started! LOL!)….do you have a mentor? Or did you “rise above the norm”? I think you did (rise above the norm), and I also think that your “dead in the water without a mentor” remark is so far off… it is actually negative programing for these folks…

    Mark, each and every one of the people on your list is an individual capable of succeeding without a mentor, of “rising above the norm”, and you know it. They just need to change some of their perceptions…they need to simply things….they need to realize internet marketing is NOT anywhere near as complex as **AHEM** “those folks selling internet marketing courses” would have them believe….

    Michael Rytter

    • Hi Michael, thank you for your comment.

      Personally, yes, I do have a mentor, someone that I will go to for advice that has experience beyond my skill set. But I also have the skillset that came through hard labor.

      I remember listening to a tape by John Maxwell on leadership when he says, “Set them up for a win,” for those you are training and mentoring, so they can get some wins under their belt. Don’t just do it for them, but let them do it for themselves, with your guidance.

      Perhaps in a next posting I do, we can “set someone up for a win?” The universe is big and there is a lot of money for everyone.

  16. Anyway, Mark, I actually like your stuff, (you are one of the “good guys”!), I am on your list, I read your emails, and well, I’m here on your blog! (LOL!)

    You got me here with your “stirring the pot” lead-in on your last email! I didn’t mean to stir anything myself…but I am pretty passionate about this!

    I will admit that you are PARTIALLY right, one of the things that initially helped with our success…in fact DROVE our success, wasn’t entirely normal: DESPERATION! When we started in 2001, we were desperate, it was do-or-die….and not everyone has the good fortune to be in that situation!

    I rest….

    Michael Rytter

    • You and I have a lot in common.

      I had 3 babies to feed, a single dad, bankruptcy, and food stamp line ups. During these times I turned to the power of the internet, and I HAD to make it work. But I also recognize good people who helped me.

  17. Truth be told you don’t need a mentor. You need a solid plan and you need to work on your plan. Making money online is simple. Find a niche and send traffic to it. There is plenty of free information which teaches you how to do just that. Remove yourself from most lists and focus on your business.

  18. Mark, yes good article. While there are 1001 different people out there who claim they are experts it is few and far between to find a good mentor that will give you a bit of tough love in order to get you over the obstacles / blockages. Yes I do have a mentor, but they are not for IM, it is for life, so whenever I deal with a life issue, it then overflows into my business (and other areas of life), and the interesting thing is that we really have not dealt with many business issues, mainly personal ones, that effect other areas of life, then my business flourishes as a result.

    While I agree with a lot of what Michael has said I have found the opposite, yes there are certainly some shonky people out there (who just wanna scam you – I have seen plenty of those come and go; since I have been online since 1996), but I do believe I have found a “gem”.

    Michael seems like the person who is the go-getter type, where as the 98% of us that may not fit into that category are not so go-getter, we do need a bit of a push sometimes (the right kind of push with these types of people can still get outstanding results). But none-the-less what the right mentor has done for me is similar to what my coach did for me when I played football…got me into the right mindset, gotten rid of a lot of bad thinking / bad habbits (mainly from parents generation – get good job, work for them for 40 years know the story) so that I can be clearly focused on achieving the goal. That is why when I meet and coach / mentor others now, I can understand a lot more about that person and what they need to overcome to achieve their goals. Most often times it is just a small tweak that will get them to overcome to go on to great things.

    And I do agree with the desperation example, most people are not there, as some are — no doubt in a comfort zone (safe secure job etc), and they just want to make “some” income on the side, and NOT in a position of “If they don’t make rent, then they will be kicked out of home”.

    I do teach a lot of people that have been burnt out from all of the so-called guru’s and find a lot of what I teach them “refreshing” cause I tell them not just the “How-To” but the “Why-To” (Why they are doing something. You just see the penny drop with them once they understand WHY, that I found has been a huge key to them succeeding). And while most have gone on to do something great with their businesses (I have a number that have now gone on to start 2-7 other businesses), the fact is there have been several that simply did not want to change regardless of what I tried to do (even a bit of tough love), so they are out there too.

    But the best thing about this is I have never advertised but simply live from referrals (all without me coaxing them to do so, they do at their own free will)..and most of my students / clients have been with me for an average of 2-10 years.

    As you yourself know that if you provide a good quality / service & over deliver then people do what to reciprocate all without convincing.


  19. “You and I have a lot in common”…

    Wow, you got that right Mark!

    The following is really long. If you want to remove it after you read it, I don’t have a problem with that…it is kinda windy!

    Just a couple of caveats: We are not in the “marketing internet marketing stuff to internet marketers” niche. We had a PLR article site for a few years, but no more. Nor do we, nor are we, interested in mentoring. We are just not that good at being entertaining…and that is what most of the mentors today are: Entertainers. (Ever been to one of Frank Kern’s dog and pony shows? THAT my friends, is ENTERTAINMENT! LOL!)

    We would rather inspire…..

    Our own personal story illustrates the internet “work from home” lifestyle you probably hear and read so much about. We really hope that our own personal story will convince you that this lifestyle is acheivable and “DO-ABLE” by anyone…..but…. HEAR THIS….. While it is not rocket science, you do need to be willing to take action, and do some SERIOUS initial work and planning.

    I have become a fervent believer in planning, (I learned this the hard way as you’ll find out below!), from life plans to business plans, to yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily planning…..write it down! Or even follow someone else’s plan! Either way works!

    The following is proof of the incredible changes and powerful results having a plan and TAKING ACTION can bring!

    Let me show you a timeline:

    1992….Freightliner reposessed….yep…I was a trucker…!

    1995….Formally “Bankrupt”… Things Got worse right about here!…

    1996….Formally “Discharged from Bankruptcy”….starting over from scratch…

    1997….Purchased first home ever, also got $20,000 personal loan, both mortgage and loan were through regular financial institutions, with normal interest rates, no co-signers, nada. Exactly one year after discharge from bankruptcy. HOW?! …. Marketed selves to credit unions as an extremely UNIQUE commodity…people with good income, no credit cards and absolutely NO DEBT! In fact, because of our recent bankruptcy, we were able to show them on paper how they couldn’t lose, that as recently discharged bankrupts, my wife and I had a lot of disposable income….and no debt! (How’s that for Turning a “negative” into a “positive”!)

    1999….Had baby girl, premature (27 weeker, birthweight: 1lb, 15 oz)

    2000….Sold home for exactly what we paid for it in ’97. (That was a struggle…we were lucky.) Purchased another much newer, much larger home in a much smaller city out in the country, away from Vancouver, (Chilliwack), for the same money.

    2001….finally out of trucking. Bought small tree service, (very old busted up ugly 1970 Chev 5 ton truck with hyab and a chipper), was going broke very fast as we never did a market analysis prior to jumping into this, (read: HAD NO BUSINESS PLAN!) and the market in this area was already saturated, there were absolutely no margins. Looking for a fix, (had to be a darn quick fix!), wondered what we could do with the beautiful trees we were constantly taking to the dump. Processed some of these trees into small woodturning blanks, guitar blanks, and lumber, and an aquaintance who had a previous wood business, came in as a partner and marketed the wood to some of his customers in the U.S. and the U.K.

    As he had other interests and our business ideas were polar opposites to his, he soon went his own way, taking his customer list with him. He didn’t do anything wrong. It was his list! We had an argument, he decided to leave. Simple. Except….UH..OH….Dang!…He was our entire sales dept! (My wife and I were the labour end of things…real big outfit huh!:-)

    We were going under. A THIRD TIME! FAST. We had no idea how to promote our wood….And worse than that…..We had No customers!

    One evening my wife stumbled over this beautiful guitar blank we had leaning against the wall in our home office for about the 20th time. She decided that was enough… she was going to put that blank on Ebay. I laughed at her! (We had never bought OR sold ANYTHING online before.) When that curly maple guitar blank sold as fast as it did for as much as it did…..we never looked back! We kept putting more wood on Ebay….and the wood just kept on selling! (There was a learning curve here, but the key is to just keep doing it…you’ll get better and better, the more you keep doing something….adjust and refine, adjust and refine…and KEEP DOING!)

    Like most people, I wrote my first BUSINESS PLAN ONLY because, to continue this, I needed to try to get some money for proper equipment.

    To my great surprise, that plan actually got us a loan! And now, because we had it anyway, we started actually following and using that plan…the very plan I originally wrote with the sole intention of impressing the heck out of bankers to get a loan…and by following that plan, the business grew…and kept on growing!

    We (jointly with my Father), had purchased a 1 acre property with a small rental house on it, and a shop.

    Next we purchased more equipment. And more equipment. And then even more equipment! We are still following that plan, though it is constantly changing and evolving as we go along!

    2003….Everything paid for. (except shop property) Now marketing our wood thru our website and directly to our list (Thankyou Ebay!) We have left Ebay as it has changed dramatically, and…well, we just don’t need it anymore.

    2004….Now doing instrument wood for world famous luthiers, some of whom custom build guitars for some of the biggest Rock acts in the world……also found out some of our wood was put into the handle of a knife presented to George W.Bush after his inauguration. (Rather dubious claim to fame, but… 🙂

    2004….Bought another property… this time an 18.9 acre development property backing onto a Golf course. Shortly after purchase, Famous Australian golfer named Greg Norman landed there in a helicopter to a media blitz and announced to the world he would be redesigning the Falls Golf course into a world class course, making it one of his signature courses, and now….. (Check out “Real Estate” in the menu).

    2005….luxury homes and vacation condos are springing up all over the Falls area. Pro soccer star from S. America is building a multi-million dollar soccer school up the hill from us. There is also a ski resort going in on the mountain behind us. The Gondola that will carry the skiers up to the resort will be built just down the road from us. On paper, we are now millionaires. Or multi-millionaires. (Or could be if we liquidated) Funny….we don’t feel any different. Thought we would.

    2006….Sold the 3000 sq. foot house we owned “in town” for almost triple what we paid for it 5 years prior, and moved out to smaller house (1100 sq ft) on the mill property. (Talk about downsizing! Had to buy 40 ft shipping container just to store the furniture and accumulated “stuff” overflow!) Nice commute to work now, though! Down the hall or out into the yard or shop!

    Falls property is now mortgage free. Now exploring other areas of internet marketing on the side. I can see that if we get serious, it will eclipse anything we have done to date.

    2007….Have now built a second shop on Mill property.

    2009….Economy collapsed… wood biz has slowed due to big guitar manufacturers like Gibsons and PRS putting year long moratorium on all wood ordering….not our market, but now the big wood producers are now moving into our market with their large inventories….not good!

    2009, November… launched. Have been studying wood chemistry since February….have purchased bits of equipment from here and there…all over the USA, and we have now started our own chemical wood stabilization business. (Impregnating wood to the core with plastic…makes the wood last forever, makes it impervious to water (you can put it in the won’t absorb water, and it still looks like wood!) It has taken off with a vengance, even in this economy, so we may never go back to doing instrument wood!

    2010….Stabilized wood biz has grown…is now larger after 7 months than the 9 year old instrument/turning/craft wood biz was even at its peak.

    Oh yeah…the 2010 Olympics were just here, (Vancouver BC), which caused our local economy to spike when the rest of North American was having a rough time. That has settled out a bit now though. (August 6th today)

    The above isn’t meant as bragging. It is meant to demonstrate that we learned thru adversity how to see opportunities even in the most adverse situations (It’s ALL ABOUT PERCEPTION!), also, how having a plan to follow has made such a difference in ALL aspects of our lives! (Compare this: without a plan we ended up in bankruptcy at one point, and almost went under again with the tree service… with a plan, we ended up with the successful online wood business and our Real Estate “mini empire” LOL!)

    There will still always be some things and events over which you will have no control, but having a plan considerably reduces the frequency of such occurences! 🙂

    Creating a plan for our business gave us the ability to see the actions required to achieve a desired result.

    We received this education by falling so far down financially, we had to look up to see bottom! And when we were “planless”, we almost made the same mistakes twice…actually 3 times…first the bankruptcy, then the tree service nearly took us down again and then when Dave left, the wood biz almost did us in a third time…..!

    We are also admittedly very blessed, personally, as well as in our business life. Our little girl who was born so early, was on full life support for her first 4 1/2 months…we were told in the beginning that she probably wouldn’t make it, that if she did she would certainly be severely disabled, as at birth her lungs weren’t developed enough to function, and she initially was diagnosed with a grade 4 brain bleed. This turned into a grade 2 and finally disolved. By age 4, she could read (and comprehend), scholasticly at a grade 7 level, (12-13 yr old). This was tested by Sunnyhill institute. They followed her very closely for her first few years. Now a grade 4 “A Honors” student, and eleven years old, she totally runs our household!

    Please keep in mind, if you look back to the beginning of my timeline, we weren’t always this charmed. Though we were terribly fortunate with our child’s health issues, the “good luck” on the business side didn’t really begin to happen until we developed a plan and followed it.

    Corny as it sounds, success has a lot to do with mindset too, but you’ll find that the right “mindset” seems to show up when you begin to create your plan; new possiblities just seem to open up before you.

    Anyway, I get writing and I can’t stop! (Always been like this!) The point of this whole diatribe is, (there are two of them I think), no matter what your business or personal situation, you need a PLAN! And not just the one you’re carrying around in your head either! Even if you don’t need to get any money….. If you are going to do business, you still need to write a plan! And Set Goals, both business and personal. Lay out the steps to acheive those Goals. Get it down on paper.

    And…..(second point)….if you do need money for your business…well, there is no way in Hades you will ever get money without a business plan unless you have a rich gullible relative, somebody dies, or you win the lottery! Trust me on that one!

    So “Google” “business plan”, “internet marketing business plan”, or something along those lines, get yourself a guide or outline of some sort to help you along, (There ARE plenty of good FREE ones out there), and…. get exactly what you want to do and how you are going to do it, down on paper! It will provide clarity, and often the very act of writing down or even just following someone else’s plan generates new ideas as well as solutions to potential problems that sometimes wouldn’t have otherwise even been visible or noticed.

    And yes…find somebody like Mark to help you along. (But YOU make YOUR plan…!)

    The term “Internet Marketing Guru” hadn’t been invented yet when we (my wife and I) started…..there really wasn’t anybody around to learn from, at least not that I noticed…There were a few folks selling “How To Do Ebay” ebooks, and there was Mark Joyner (whom I still “don’t get”! LOL!)

    Anyway…Trust me. Having a plan will make all the difference in the world…in our case, the difference between success and failure!

    Just take it from some folks who failed completely once, and then nearly twice more while “planless”! 🙂
    I rest.

  20. Having been at full time for 24 month and not yet past go I more than most understand I need help. But where do you turn.

  21. I thought I had found a mentor about 15 months back when I was still fumbling around on the internet (still am – but it seems to be a little more ‘organized’ fumbling) and paid $3,000 to join two of his programs.

    1) He didn’t teach it himself. He had two ‘assistants’ do it.
    2) After ten days I hit a snag (it was PPC and I was totally green) and they NEVER got back to me with my questions.

    Needless to say I got a refund immediately and now every time I see his name I click ‘delete’. He is obviously very ‘in’ with the inner circle because all the ‘big names’ are promoting his stuff. (Which makes me question their integrity). He has a big traffic program out now and it just makes me sick to see good money being thrown at this XYZ!

    It has put me off frankly although I do realize it will be beneficial to have one. As Wai K also points out, there also needs to be a ‘fit’. Guess you need to do a lot of sieving through the crap before you find the gem.

  22. Hey Mark.
    I think most of us realise what a good mentor is. Unfortunately, if like me you’re a little slow sometimes 🙂 it can cost you a lot of money before the penny finally drops. No pun intended.
    I have about 5 guys that I follow and take what they say seriously. The way I judge it is this. If they send me an email every day promoting this and that I unsubscribe. If I get a promotion email, especially from a product launch and the people are using the swipe file emails, I unsubscribe. Because if they can’t even be bothered writing an email, they probably haven’t been bothered to even look at the product. In my book they have lost my trust and to me trust is very important in this game.

  23. Hi Mark,
    I agree very much with Michael, probably because I suspect he and I are very much alike and because I have seen many of the emails and web pages of the “Guru”s and most strike me as flamboyant sleaze. There are a few emails that I pay attention to because what they say seems to me to be honest. When I have time, I read yours, and three others, even though I am on about 20 or 25 email lists at the moment (I consider it to be background research).

    I have never had a mentor, yet I manage. My Ph.D. adviser wanted to be a mentor, I think, but didn’t know how to be. I have had several successful, non-internet businesses over the years before I choose an academic career at age 41. I am now a newly retired professor and starting businesses again at 58 (long story short, my first wife passed away from ovarian cancer and I remarried and relocated), and one of these businesses is an internet business (not the URL I included though) .

    Yes, the internet learning curve is steep, but the information needed to get started is freely available to those who have an ability to sort out the good from the bad.

    I suspect that many of the people who are drawn to the internet are drawn by the urban myth that you can just toss up a website and do a couple of simple things and voila–make a lot of money. I suspect none of this group could have passed even my lower level college courses. I think this is the same group that many Gurus fleece.

    One of the things I tried to impart in my classes was the need to develop competence in what you do. I think, without solid internet competence (I am not there yet but I am learning), no one can succeed on the internet. Much like playing a musical instrument, no one can reach Carnegie Hall and stay there without a through grounding in the fundamentals (and talent).

    To develop competence, you must thoroughly understand all aspects of what is is that you do. You can’t just memorize the answers and jot them down on an exam. Nor, I think can you develop internet competence by simply applying the steps in any system without studying and experimenting to understand the principles as you go.

    I also agree with You Mark, in that only a small percentage of people have the drive, ability, talent, and/or appropriate desperate situation to succeed without guidance and that guidance is important for those who need it. However, the students that honest gurus should be looking for are those who will take what they learn, dissect it, experiment with it, and make the knowledge their own. Then, when things change, and change is constant, they will have developed a strong foundation in the fundamentals as well as an awareness of ongoing trends and how to react to them. I doubt this is more than 15% of the population, but I hope it is more.

    I suspect that a true guru, like any good professor, will want to avoid folks with a cookie cutter mentality like the plague, and work only with those who will truly learn. Don’t ask me how to easily identify these folks. I don’t know.

    In any event, I enjoyed your post and all of the comments very much.



  24. Wow, reading the comments here, especially from Michael, have really stirred the pot and gotten the mental gears in motion. Instead of searching for a mentor who will inevitably let me down again regardless of the price, or paying out money for an offering only to find that the seller does not provide adequate, sufficient, or *ANY* support is actually *MY* problem for trusting people that I had no right nor reason to trust, outside of their squeeze page. (And any 12 year old worth their salt can put up a decent squeeze page these days, promising to get whites whiter, colors brighter, etc). The vast majority of offerings out there (and Rusty, *not* limited to JV’s but MANY marketing their OWN stuff) seem to vanish into thin air when you have questions, need support, ask for clarification, etc, as long as you the customer have paid your money at that point. If you cannot actually *USE* a product just based on PDF’s or videos and the seller (whether owner or JV) will not help with that, then the seller deserves the refunds and bad press they get. Having the next big idea is not what it’s about, it’s providing the SERVICE and SUPPORT that sets one apart, and there are sadly very few that offer that today.

  25. Fabulous post here brother. I think that it’s great information, because like you said there are a lot of #1’s and 2’s. I can say honestly I do everything I can for others and that’s why my down line/family cares for me the way they do. When you become a leader and train others, those people become like your kids. Its great to see your kids grow up to be something great. That’s what any real parent would want. So keep on parenting and teaching brother we need more mentors like yourself. Great post, I’ll be watching for more.

    The Blakester
    Robert Blakely

  26. Hi Mark, the thing that irritates me most are the Guys that promise the earth,and you pay for thier product, then you find that they have only given you half of the story, or theres a bit that you dont understand, and you cannot get hold of them. I believe that a mentor should give you his private email address, I´ve even tried to contact some of these people through there contact form on there blogs, and still not had a reply. recently I have gone my own way, stopped spending money, and now I am starting to see some results after a lot of research on my part.

  27. David, can you elaborate on that? I too have been searching and have not yet found him/her.

    > In absolute agreement with everything you have written. After nearly
    > two years of searching, buying, trying, buying, crying, searching,etc,
    > etc…you know the rest….I found him !! And so did 23 others – he has
    > created a dynamite program that we are working through as Beta
    > Testers and he will become public in a very short while.

  28. Let’s chunk this up. A mentor (theoretically) provides guidance and education. So, what you’re really talking about in this post is that people should get good quality guidance and education that will result in an outcome.

    If that’s the case, then whether you get “guidance and education” from a “person” or “the internet”, both are “mentors”. And both cost money – because time is money and you can either pay someone to guide and educate you with $$$ or spend hours on the freakin’ internet searching for stuff – and for newbies this can be just as wasteful and hiring a poor mentor or buying a shit course.

    Saying that you ‘did it on your own without a mentor’ and promoting this as the way everyone should do it is niaive. Imagine the discussion of a pre-med student who says, “I don’t need a teacher to become a doctor – and I don’t need to pay for any courses – in fact I;m going to drop and because it’s all free on the internet so I’m just going to teach myself – having a teacher is a crutch”.

    Let’s look at this from an ROI point of view. Outsourcing is one of the great leverage points in any business. Why spend hours learning something yourself, when you could pay someone who already knows it to spell it out for you in an hour. I know what I’d rather do.

    Business concept: Anything you are doing that you could outsource for less than your hourly rate – you shouldn’t be doing – and that includes education.

    Some of the best lessons I’ve learned have been explained to me by people who ‘teach’ but don’t ‘do’. They’re so busy being great teachers that they don’t have the time to apply what they teach. Conversely, some teachers are teachers because they can’t “do” – but this aint no blanket rule either.

    Do the nations best athletes have coaches? Have the coaches necessarily been champions themselves?

    Mark, I know what you’re trying to get at here. I reckon there are quite a few more variables in the mix though.

  29. Hi Mark
    The road to internet success is strewn with failure due to the hype, damm right lies, and internet scams that are out there. No wonder 98% fail!
    It’s hard and you have to be determined not to give up and carry on until you achieve success.
    If you do manage to find a mentor who will guide you without ‘selfish’ motives – then I guess you should count yourself somewhat fortunate!

  30. David:

    I am one of the 23, but for me, our DavidB isn’t a mentor, he is simply a teacher, albeit a great one! He is someone who is teaching us something new. Similar to what Mark does for many folks.

    DavidB is teaching the mechanics of selling physical products online via specific vendors, (Amazon, Shozilla and Bizrate), using his software. And yes, it is great stuff. He is the real deal as teachers go, not to mention a smokin’ programmer! Remember grade school? There were teachers you connected with, and there were teachers you didn’t. David is one everyone really connects with.

    I think Mark here is the same. I have never taken one of his courses, but I read everything he sends, and I do suck up his free stuff!! 🙂 But again, like David, Mark is an instructor. He teaches the mechanics and technical aspects of certain areas of internet marketing. Not a mentor, but a teacher…like one who teaches English, another teaches math…..

  31. What an article, I love it, I love it.

    And even if the author had only written the sentence: “Without a mentor, you are dead in the water before you begin” I would have liked him. Because this line is so candid, so provoking and with the idiom “dead in the water” so colloquial – my dictionary calls it vulgar – that it makes me laugh only when I think about it.

    But there is also another reason because I can laugh: I have a mentor. And I have no idea how I would have survived without him.

    Some people think they do not need a mentor, and I think they are right. Not everybody does.

    Since life itself is their mentor and teaches them the lessons: it lets them go broke, leads them into the hands of a fraud or ruins their life completely. Life is not unfair, it only teaches them the lessons which they were never willing to lean by their own choice.

    But if you are on the bottom of the pit you will appreciate a helping hand. A helping hand like: informations, tips, articles or a course which leads you to success. And it really doesen’t matter how you call it, it only matters that you are finally able to find the right information.

    But right informations are written by a mentor or they wouldn’t exist.

    Bottom line, everybody has or had a mentor.

    And if you ask me, I prefere a guy who tells me the truth before my life is going to correct my errors and mistakes, because it is so much more comfortable.

    Thanks this is a great article

  32. Uhmmm…Nic….a mentor is much more than “guidance and education”… what you are describing is a teacher. The internet is also a teacher. Not a mentor. You need to pick up a dictionary. A mentor is much more than that.

    If I send you a pdf on how to change the oil in your car, would you now consider me to be one of your mentors? I truly hope not. That would be very naive of you, wouldn’t it?

    A teacher at med school is just that..a teacher, or a prof, not a mentor.

    However an experienced doctor who works with you closely AFTER you have left med school, when you are actually applying what you have learned at Med school in real world situations, on real people…that person might be considered a mentor. Can ya grasp that, my learned friend? He or she would be a mentor. If you had a problem in the middle of a baby delivery, he or she would know exactly what to do to fix it, whereas those people who ‘teach’ but don’t ‘do’ , the ones that you seem to prefer, might not have a clue.

    We saw and tried things other people were doing, picking and choosing, adapting and adjusting whatever we tried, until it worked…so when I say we were self taught, I am not saying that we were without teachers, though those we learned from were mostly unaware of it. We mostly looked at what others were doing and applied it. I am saying we didn’t seek out a mentor. The teachers we had were people we watched…We SPIED!

    Anyway, it’s all semantics! (LOL!) I say potato, you say patoto. (Is that how that goes? 🙂 )

    And yes, nowadays, I do buy courses, not because I have to (we could do the research ourselves and figure things out!), but because they are there! Different things interest me, and buying a course is an easy way to investigate something new. For example, we are presently learning how to do Google News sites, so I purchased a course on it. Is it good? Mostly…though my research on Google News won’t stop with this course, and we will definitely play with, and try to tweak what we learn to make it work better for us.

  33. And one more point (and then I’ll quit….I PROMISE! LOL!)..

    We are DEFINITELY NOT the sharpest knives in the drawer. I mean look at us. We went bankrupt! And then almost crashed and burned twice more, due to lack of thought/planning. So in other words, we are people who don’t learn real quick! But what we had going for us at every point was desperation, (we were desperate when we went bankrupt, we were desperate when the tree service went sideways, we were desperate when Dave left, and we were desperate when the economy went flat!).

    We took action even when it was wrong, (wrong to go bankrupt, wrong to blindly start tree service without plan or due diligence, and… wrong to let Dave leave!) andthese were all “education” for us.

    And….we didn’t ever quit…

    OK, for what it’s worth, that’s it! (Please forgive the multiple typos and gramatical errors…’s wrong to not proof read! LOL! 🙂 Mark is probably gonna ban me from commenting on his blog….I killed off his readership because I bored them!)

  34. Hi Mark,
    Great thoughts. You obviously have done a great job building up the people here. I think your Maxwell quote is spot on.
    All the best,

  35. A lot of IM is turning to shit with the gradual rise of these type of marketers.

    There are people who have made it on their own, but they promote anything with 2k plus ticket on it to their list. Frank Kern is one of these guys who really doesn’t care about anybody he promotes to.

    I’ve seen a lot of other marketers follow in his footsteps and completely disregard their lists.

  36. In actual fact, the greatest guru will never teach if marketing is their best skill to earn 6-7 figure. Do you ever think you can learn investment skills of Warrent Buffet and George Soros by reading their book or interviews ?

  37. No kidding Jason. Kern is just an entertainer. He promotes EVERYTHING that crosses his path it seems. Have you ever attended one of his seminars? You’ll have a blast, but you probably won’t learn a thing. He even throws money at the audience. It’s just like a game show. Jeff Walker re-releases Product Launch Formula “For The Last Time” every 2 months……and so on.

    But..we like to be entertained, and we like likeable personnas…so “we buy their shit!”

    I should correct what I said about buying courses in my previous post. I don’t usually purchase “Marketing” courses per say, what I go after are more the “technical” courses… the one I just bought about getting your site into Google News. It’s mainly about the mechanics and physical site prep more than anything. That sort of thing. Oh, and if you go looking for it, DON’T buy the course a guy named Ben Shaeffer put out. It is a rip of the original course, and it’s only half there…for twice the price! (No, I’m not an affiliate for either! LOL!)

  38. Jillian M.O.B.S.ter!

    Have to agree with Michael in some respects, half of the problem is that people often don’t differentiate between a mentor, and someone who sold them a bunch of PDFs and shoddy videos.

    So, their understanding of the phrase “You need a mentor to succeed” will be coloured by that lack of clarity.

    We’ve finally arrived at the point where we don’t believe we need to buy more and more “training”, but would like to have a real mentor.
    Having someone offer a helping hand when you need it, and a verbal shake when it’s necessary too could just be the difference between years of struggle and short months to success.

    I’m glad Michael got where he is on his own, that’s great.
    But it doesn’t mean those of us who believe in mentoring aren’t equally prepared to work hard, we’re not talking about being spoon-fed here.
    Just using sensible planning to utilise others’ experience. 🙂

  39. Right on Mark!

  40. beware of the smarmy B S pirates with rotting teeth, bad breath and silver smiles , luring you inticing you with bogus treasures. They steal original work then B S repackage it and lie about it. Sell for 100 time more to line there rotting month with silver! buyers beware!!

    Cheers to Mark ! one of the good guys! I see he is a geniune, caring,marketer .Always sharing honest online advice with tools available to those that seek to make there way online.

  41. Nice reading Mark,
    Its the first time that i read one of your posts, i knew about you because of your wordpress plugins.
    I agree with you about what a real mentor should be, i also know of lots of clickbanks products that have the same information over and over and those guys called themselves mentors, some people dont even know that tons of them just go to Flippa or master-resale-rights to buy a website or product and then resell it in Clickbanks Marketplace.
    We all need a mentor to start making real money online, and those who really are mentors are really easy to find once you being here for some time. Like you said they already made money online, and their students too, unfortunately in most cases the cost is a little higher so not everyone can afford them.
    But as you also know Mark, the way they made their money is the same, and have being the same for years, you could say NO but google maps, of SEO, well it is all known. PROGRAMS? well those programs only help us gaining time, but we know that everything can be done manually, and most Gurus never use those programs they arrive to the point of having VA, virtual assistants so they do all the hard work right?
    Nice read Mark, sorry if this was too long but can write a lot more about it.

    Mafer V.
    Resveratrol Select Review

  42. Based on these 3 criteria:
    1. An internet marketing mentor is highly focused in his/her business systems
    2. An internet marketing mentor is “independent” in his/her ability to make money online
    3. A internet marketing mentor will challenge you…even at the cost of losing you as a student

    I only know of one internet business model that fits this to a “t”. As for not having a mentor, show me an olympic champion who does not have a coach.

  43. This is good content. Some so-called mentors like Rynn diese was a marketer who promote their products by paid traffic and pretty much hated SEO but suddenly he turns out to be a master of SEO by giving away his new product “Perpetual traffic” … seems dull for me…

    But I really like what Gauher Chaudry is doing… he knows what he’s doing .. now thats a ‘GURU’ I really like to recommend

    So again Mike Dulisse, thanks for the info above, look forward to read another good content

  44. @Nic, right on 🙂 That’s right NOT everyone fits into the box of “You don’t need a mentor, and they are a crutch”. It is like saying I don’t need a parent when you’re 16 cause you THINK you know it all already!! hahahaha Only to find out how much you really don’t know (how do I know this? cause it was what I did at that age).

    But I think the main issue is ESPECIALLY in the Internet Marketing realm (Yes Michael, there are so many show ponies, and quick fix peddlers wanting to sell you their next cure all potion) – is that everyone seems to be confused between a teacher and a mentor, and they seem to be misguided on what is GOOD info and what is a sham (The person who can do this will certainly reap the rewards). Cause when I got online (1996), the only IM’er I found Cory Rudl (r.i.p) – and maybe a couple others, but Cory bought out his competition some years later. But after that, every man and his dog was considered a GURU (others were self-proclaiming and self-appointed).

    So, what I think needs to happen is to clarify BEFORE YOU TAKE ON ANY ONE AS YOUR MENTOR (OR CALL THEM YOUR MENTOR): Here are some GUIDELINES……I think the same thing needs to happen with someone you learn from….like a teacher.

    Let me also point out something: When you went to school, did you ever choose your teacher for a particular subject? I certainly didn’t, you just trusted that the school employed the best teachers for their particular subject. Boy things have certainly changed.

    Now, let’s not go pointing the finger here, or name drop (even though some of them deserve to be round-house kicked in the head to knock some sense/cents into them), but if you provide a “Here’s what to look for” and “If they have these qualities” then they MAY fit the mold as a coach / mentor (then you can make a decision after that), but if you’re looking for a teacher and HOW TO DO STUFF, then here are the criteria, and this is what to look for. So what we are teaching people is what to look for, then it is up to the individual to make a decision from there, but they have enough info to make a decision (you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink), rather than looking up to every Tom, Dick and Harry or you change mentors like you change your underpants.

    The same goes for internet marketing courses / products; here are the criteria…….and list some points on what to look for / what it SHOULD contain and what it shouldn’t. Then, leave the decision up to the person, as well as what they do with it…and if they do choose to still go ahead and buy and it is a flop, then show them how to learn from their mistakes..don’t CLOBBER them over the head with the mistake, as it’s their journey and they do need to understand how to overcome these situations on their own (ok, I made a mistake, how do I recover and overcome this).

    For example my mentor has NOTHING to do with IM (thank goodness), but they are an astute business person, but they don’t just teach about business, its more about life mentoring and how to get the most out of it. So a lot of what they impart is principals, like “Here is the water, you need it to survive, but now its up to you do drink” (like I mentioned above). In other words they don’t do everything for me (so they are not a crutch), but lead me to making a decision, and say “Based on what I have been imparting what will you choose in this situation, and what will be the ramifications of that decision?” So, its like helping me make right decisions, then once I have those principals in place I can then call on those many years later and for what ever the situation. Also, it’s not just about making the decision, but what that decision will effect in other aspects of life? eg. If you choose to go down this path, then how will that effect time spent with family? or if I am to not drink that water they led me to, what will be the results of my decision?

    I believe another part of the equation is – teaching people WHY they are doing something, and not just the HOW (as mentioned above in the leading them to the water example). eg. Why you need to do this particular thing is because of……? If you teach them the WHY first, then the HOW will most times take care of itself, cause you know WHY you’re doing it.

    @Graham this is another key (or requirement) “If you do manage to find a mentor who will guide you without ‘selfish’ motives – then I guess you should count yourself somewhat fortunate!” (I do)

    Selfless!! Are they in it to be promoters of themselves or are they genuinely want to help you succeed regardless (like a parent; as Robert mentioned).

    Another key should be how much do you pay them? As the old proverb goes – A worker is worthy of their wages. I must admit my mentor is not like all other other ones when it came to this area because they leave it to me to decide (Now, that is trust). But the thing is they have taught me to be generous, and since there has been so much increase within my business and my life I have also increased the level of my giving. But as I said my mentor is not like all the others that are out there. One thing they did look for was consistency, honesty and being a person of my word.

    So, Mark in fact, in my situation (and I am sure there are others out there) I have broken the mold in some way on what you suggested as the types of mentors that are out there.

    1) My mentor does NOT have an online business NOR made any money online, yet, I have made significant money online as a result of what they imparted.

    2) Yes, they have trained others, but not always to make money online, that has come as a result of their coaching

    3) And yes, they certainly fit the #3

    So in summary (if you’re NOT looking for or believe you don’t need a mentor, then this may NOT apply to you, but if you feel you need one then hopefully this will help),

    – a mentor does not (always) have to be someone who is online and making money online
    – selfless, they have your best interest at heart in wanting you to succeed (like Robert said, what parent wouldn’t want their child to be, have and do more than them.)
    – Can help you get to the heart of the matter and help you overcome obstacles, remove limitations, remove bad thinking, bad habbits etc
    – leads you to the water (and no they do not do the work for you, like)
    – have some runs on the board (have a “consistent” track record)
    – they are a fruit inspector, meaning, what they teach you should be producing fruit within your life (or business). So they can evaluate the consistency, type and quality of the fruit. And if you are not producing the fruit (while all the other mentorees within that group are), then it may be a problem with your understanding or your implementation of what they are imparting, or you’re simply not taking action on what is imparted.
    – They impart practical lessons and not some abstract theory
    – The should be able to help you think for yourself, so if they make you reliant on them, then you should cut that relationship or look at someone else
    – Be humble enough to say that they were wrong in a situation, even to say sorry. So you don’t drop them like a hot potato and move on to the next mentor if they do just 1 thing wrong (especially when there is a lot of water under the bridge)!!

    If you notice that most of what I mentioned here in the summary was NOT HOW to do stuff.

    Plus I am sure there are other criteria that others could add here.

    @Nic hey what a brilliant idea – outsource your Doctors degree to someone overseas..hheheeheh

    And finally, as a coach myself, one of the biggest things that pleases me more than anything is when one of my mentorees (children) overtakes me, makes more money than me and does more / goes the extra mile with what I have imparted – that is what I called being fulfilled (as a parent or as a coach).


  45. ps. And to add that your coach is not an ABSOLUTE KNOW IT ALL…and they do seek help themselves…so they can become a better coach.



  46. Great thoughts Carl.

    My perception of mentor may be quite skewed, though if my perception of the term is correct, you yourself actually do have a true mentor. You are fortunate. VERY few people have what you have.

    I always thought of a mentor as being a live person, who, yes, is an expert at whatever you are trying to do, but is also MORE than a teacher to you…I always thought of a mentor as someone who takes you personally under their wing, someone you spend a lot of time with, someone who has a vested interest in making you a star.

    Not someone who sells you a PDF or a video, and the closest you get to them after that is their support desk. That is merely an information aggregator. Online, these are what 99% of the folks perceive to be mentors.

  47. Yes, I do treasure what I have..and I do wish more people would take the time to understand what it is to be (or take on) a true coach / mentor (in every sense of the word), and not just look up to every Tom, Dick and Harry that is warm and breathes and try and cling to that. I do also wish that more people will find what I have but I do know that is not always possible.

    They do say when the student is ready the teacher / mentor will appear? This was true for me, and have now been the longest serving mentoree to that person (just turned 10 years).

    I do find a mentor is like a parent in a lot of ways:
    – Want the best for you (typically with NO personal gain what so ever)
    – If I get knocked down they are there to help get you back up
    – They are your biggest cheerleader, not just cheering you from the sidelines, but right there along side you (in the game)
    – Impart wisdom so you don’t keep banging your head against a brick wall wondering why you can’t get breakthrough in a particular area(s). Cause 100% of the time I have not seen what I am getting stuck on (not often obvious when you’re in the thick of it), so they see it from a birds-eye view and help you get over, under, around that obstacle.
    – Give you enough wisdom to seek out how to do it on your own, by making your own decisions based on the info they have taught you (like going from a child to an adult – you don’t need to be bottle fed any more as you can feed yourself, which is a sign of maturity. Imagine a 45 year old still whining to momma saying give me bottle, change my diaper/nappy?).

    Unfortunately that is some of the IM’ers out there!! Sad but true, they never grow up and want all the GURU’s to do it for them, or try and blame them for their own failures, and not taking responsibility for their own actions of failings!!! Just look at some of the IM forums out there, they are full of this stuff.

    So I am pretty thankful for guys like Mark, and a “very” small group of others who won’t lead you down the garden path with a bunch of balony / hype etc.



  48. It seems we are confusing two different issues. One issue is that of a person who accepts the role of teacher or mentor, and yes there is a fine line there but for the sake of argument let’s say they are nearly the same thing; ie, one who teaches a particular method or strategy *AND* coaches or helps the student along with learning it and understanding it. I personally have yet to meet or find one of those, regardless of whether the price tag is $3 or $3k, and I’ve been to both extremes. Paying more for a product does not mean you are going to get more in terms of learning how to use it; in fact, quite the opposite, since the bigger the price tag, the more complex it is, and the more OBVIOUS it becomes when the seller, whether it is his/her own product or a JV, is not providing the all-important component of teaching the buyers how to actually USE it. The simple act of having the charge authorized on your credit card does not mean that the buyer already understands it — if that were the case, the buyer wouldn’t have bought it in the first place! The buyer assumes (wrongly from what I have found to date) that the purchase also entitles the buyer to ask questions, get those questions answered, and acquire an understanding of the product/software/stragegy/approach/method.

    Is that wrong? Shouldn’t the buyer be able to expect that the purchase will be supported and questions answered? I’ve gotten more support and help from $27 and $47 purchases than I have for purchases that were an order of magnitude more. Or should the buyer not expect to have questions answered from a purchase that was in the big buck category? Videos alone don’t cut it — if the answer was obvious there, I wouldn’t have asked the question!

  49. Hi Mark,
    I like what you are saying, I’ve wasted fortune on online products over last year in an attempt to try and get my life back on track. I got sucked in by some of those inner circle gurus and the stuff they offered at the start seemed great.

    I’ve got a couple of those pre-built websites that would make me some quick wealth, did it happen? No and I’m I surprised ” a fool and his money are easy parted”, however I have always moved on and learnt from the experience.

    I found another product some time ago, which promoted the frantic building of mini-sites and I set about that like a man possessed, creating some 28+ sites to date.

    I made up my mind a while ago that when you get an idea that works online to keep working on it, tweaking, testing and improving and not to get distracted by the hype of the next product launch.

    This seems to have started to payoff for me as I’m now seeing small returns nothing great but pays for my domain names, web hosting, so I suppose making a profit is a great achievement against the failure of others.

    Nearly all my sites have the same layout, when I see results or something thats working, I roll it out across the others, conversions are not staggering and workout around 3% on both affiliate offers and adsense.

    I get traffic via search engines and a few backlinks that I have aquired along the way, strangely no matter what I do to improve my keyword stategy or seo I still end up with the same volume of visitors which is never more than an average of 5 a day.

    What is puzzling me more is that following said mentors methods sites that he owns are getting 600+ per day, so why don’t mine. I’ve got about a dozen sites that rank on the first page of google, yahoo and bing, some are even in the top 3 for my keywords, I’m I happy, yes over the moon,
    making money or sucking in visitors. No.

    I would love to move my business on, as it looks like the only opportunity for a nearly 50 guy, currently I can’t spend any money on anything and have to rely on testing out your advice and that of other although without trying to suck up, some of your free tips are pretty good.

    Especially the swipe of the info prodigy landing page, which I haven’t used yet, but will, I’ve no doubt (as I managed to get a sale of the back of the recent mobile XXXXX launch, not mentioning as I’m not hear to plug anything.) When the next big launch appears, which is always soon.

    The internet is a big learning curve and even if you do get a mentor that you can trust this stuff takes time to learn, there is no quick fix. folks are always complaining about info overload and sure what do you expect, building sites, seo, writting articles, finding affiliate offers to promote, creating backlinks you don’t learn that overnight.

    You do need to action and thats what I have done start at the begining, do the research, build a site and just keep learning and improving, this is real work, frustrating, fun and you can make money doing it too, I put in about 4 hours a day sometimes more, but getting started is the key, adapt, adopt, improve is my motto. Just keep moving forward and learn something new to try everyday.

    I have almost reached a stage where I don’t know what else to do and thats what compelled me to write this on your blog, Yes to be successful you need a mentor who know this job inside out and is on trend.

    I’ve gone through all the materials that I’ve bought before and keep finding new information to work with and putting it to work, I’m a long way from perfect and know my weak areas but not what to do to fix them.

    Yes I’m looking for help and will listen, but have been let done so many times. I am determined though and will stick by my guns to be successful at this..


    Fraser T

  50. Before anyone chooses an Internet marketing mentor it might be a good idea to read the following post. It is quite an interesting read and everyone should read it before buying any IM products…

  51. Hi Mark
    Marvelous post, I know exactly where your`e coming from, Don`t know how many of these dirty rotten liars scams I have fell for. The thing for most of us when we take the plunge into IM is knowing who to trust,we get so many emails free ebooks vids etc that it really can take 6 months to go through, before you actually find out its old rehashed cack, that they`ve banged up from old 1.0 nonsense. It all sounds so good with the sexy sales copy, till you get the wrapper off it, and then you realise they don`t even know how to teach the stuff themselves, let-a-lone teach you the regurgitated crap . Me. I like to listen to all the webinars, take notes, and go try out some of the stuff you get. But you’ve got it right as far as I`m concerned. Get a good mentor and stick with him, I got lucky with my guy and his stuff is a hundred times better, and 100 times cheaper than all the wise guy Gurus out there. If you fork out anything more than a hundred bucks for a decent course to wet your feet youre in for a very rough start.
    Best Mike

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