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The Myth of “One Button” IM Automation

If there is a new and cool software script out on the market that makes internet marketing easier for me, I want it. 🙂

My hard drive is full of practically every internet marketing tool there is, and I have access to some of the most powerful web based tools. Unquestionably, they are all useful, but let’s get back to reality.

Sometimes, not a lot, but sometimes I get emails from people who subscribe to SEnuke, or Traffic Geyser, or some other tool out there, and they say the are disappointed. They were looking for more automation, and the tool was too difficult to work, from their perspective.

I believe that most of us have been fed the “easy button” lie of internet marketing.

Perhaps you used to work a 9-5 job, or you got laid off at work, and you turned to the power of the internet to make money online. You subscribed to a few lists. You started receiving emails from guru’s saying that you can make a fortune if you buy thier “easy formula product” for $77. You purchased, and your purchased more, but at the end of the month, you were more confused than when you started.

I don’t know if we are lazy and afraid to work, or we simply love living in an illusionary state of mind. We think we can simply purchase a software tool, enter a bit of data into some fields, push one button, and the money is going to start rolling in. The reality is, internet marketing is hard work, and if you want to make executive wages, you’ll need to work executive hours. There is no magic one button push software.

This is all background to bring up my real topic: the myth of IM automation.

There are a variety of tools out there that claim to automate our business. These are SEnuke, Traffic Geyser, Web2Mayhem, Unique Article Wizard, and many others. The list is huge. Here is my take on all these tool:

There is not one tool that does it all. This would be impossible, for internet marketing is so complex these days.

Every automation tools is really only semi-automatic. The one’s that claim to be automatic usually have glitches and snags that arise during the running of the program which makes your human action necessary.

Because the internet and technologies are constantly evolving, there will never be a “one button” software tool that will do your seo and marketing.

Here is another reality check: Internet Marketing is highly personal, and the marketers that make the most money are the one’s who get it. They realize that you need to connect with your audience, and you can’t do that by pushing a seo software tool button and spamming the bookmarking, video sharing, and article directory sites.

Internet Marketing at its best needs to be “focused,” and you cannot do that on autopilot. When I use SEnuke, or Traffic Geyser, or Web2Mayhem, I always do “focused” seo and marketing. In other words, never will I click the “start” button and simply blast my links all over the web. Instead, I will focus on content first, and then take snippets of this content and syndicate it across the internet at key spots that offer the best backlink to my site.

In summary, there is no one button IM marketing tool that works without glitches and snags. But don’t be discouraged, because the most successful internet marketers today don’t push a software “start button” and then sit at the pool all day long. They may want to give you that illusion so that you can purchase their hyped up product, but you and I both know that this is only a dream, and not reality.

Tell me what you think about this posting in the comments section.

Yours in knowledge,


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  1. Excellent post. Very true. Never seen before by me anywhere any other post that would tell people about the reality of IM. Thanks. I just came from my vacation where I had time to re-evaluate what I do and where I should go with IM and realized the same thing. And I also wanted to write a similar post that $77 will not get you far. You need to work and work smart, and learn lots to make it look like it is an “easy formula being used”. Nice to meet you, Mark.

  2. You are absolutely on the money Mark. Life will be a lot easier if these so called Gurus start to get honest and tell people the truth instead for giving out false information like a successful politician. Yes, they tell you their software is push button and you spend a whole year looking for the button…

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