Sunday , March 7 2021
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Video SEO – How To Get A Google Double Listing

Video SEO is an integral part of any well groomed SEO Plan. Using text alone in your seo efforts simply does not give to you the full spectrum of Google’s free traffic and its Universal Search results.   The goal of your video optimization efforts is to gain a video thumbnail listing for your business within the standard web search …

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Top 10 Video SEO Best Practices (self hosted)

Video SEO is the talk and buzz at webmaster and marketing conferences worldwide lately. While video marketing certainly has become the mainstream for most salesletters today, there is little known about video seo. I have been preaching for months now on the importance of video for organic traffic and for sales, and my voice is not alone. Here are the …

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Video SEO | How To Give Your Videos A Traffic Boost

Greeting my internet comrades, Today I want to share with you a very powerful way that will boost your videos in Google’s search engine, will bring more google juice to your sites, and ultimately, help flood more visitors to your web promotions and offers. As you know, I have developed a premium wordpress plugin called, Google Video Sitemap. It has …

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How Video Marketing Is Changing The Game For Internet Marketers

video marketing

There is a growing trend of change in the internet marketing sales process…and video is the game changer. In the past, internet marketers have hidden behind text and long salesletter copy and have for the most part avoided the youtube and social networking scene.  However, times have changed, and a new era for the internet marketer has dawned. I first …

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